Chapter 7   -  Into The Light Darkly

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 When a soul leaves its astral form to go into the Light, that astral form is "deactivated" in some manner. (Perhaps this can be compared to "hanging up" ones space suit in a hanger for later use.) That same form can be "activated" again at any time by the spirit that created it. (Just as one can wear ones old "space suits".) It can even, it seems, become activated by another spirit. (Rather like borrowing someone else´s "space suit".) This may explain:

  • How past life personalities (and inner child personalities) come forward.

  • How a regression to a past life other than ones own can seem so much like ones own.

  • How a spirit can be "channeled" even when the soul of that spirit is reincarnated or is in the Light. For instance, The Universal Records say the souls of Abraham and Peter, the Apostle, are in the physical body today. Yet these "spirits" are being channeled by people other than the souls of Abraham and Peter. This brings up some interesting questions: Who, really, is being channeled? The astral personalities or the Higher Selves of Abraham and Peter? The Higher Selves or personalities of the channelers? Or something else entirely? (Yes, we plan to ask Master of Light and Master of Spirit, but why should we have all the fun. We encourage you to investigate these answers for yourselves through your own inner access to Higher Spirit.)


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We think recognizing the existence of astral levels can explain many things being talked about today which are difficult to understand or explain. We don´t ask you to believe any of the following. We ask you to entertain (or at least wonder about) their possibility.

  • Immaculate conceptions are the merging of the astral energies of two people whose minds, bodies, and spirits are dedicated to a single purpose. While the physical sperm does meet the physical egg, the penis is placed near the vagina, not in it, and the sperm is guided from the penis by thought, not movement.

  • A great spiritual Master who has mastered the physical realm can, after death, imbue his or her astral body with such powerful life force that the astral body appears, even feels, solid. Often this is mistaken for resurrection of the physical body. In a sense, it is, for the physical body is transmuted, at death, into a life force that can be used on the astral planes by the spiritual Master.

  • Lesser spirits can also temporarily materialize their astral bodies by "borrowing" the life force of people in the body.

  • Recalling the dead is possible when a Spiritual Master of great life force is able to call back a soul into the physical body and recharge, in a sense, the cells of that body with his or her own life force. Highly evolved Masters rarely do this as they know death is part of the balance of life and an important part of a soul´s journey.

  • The astral levels are where The Universal Records of the soul and the Universe are kept.

  • Edgar Cayce was an extraordinary psychic, seer, and trance channel. We have, like many others, spoken with Mr. Cayce´s astral being. He told us that sometimes he would access information from the Records, but more frequently he, or one of his spirit guides, would access information from a person´s own mind, body, or Higher Self. He added he would not always ´like´ what he found in the Records and that he had, on occasion, changed the information to adhere more closely to what human consciousness could, at his time, accept. He added human consciousness has grown sufficiently to receive more in depth information from those Records. He suggested we investigate more deeply the story of Abraham and his sons. We will share what we found in Book Three.

  • Not all spirit is good, loving, knowledgeable, or tells the truth. People, and other beings, do not become evolved or of higher consciousness just by being in their astral forms or spirit state. It is important to be able to know the intent and level of consciousness of any spirit and whether that spirit is telling the truth. It is important to know when a spirit (even a spirit guide) is NOT to ones greater good. The Higher Selves can discern this. It is essential, when working with astral levels and with spirit, to be connected to Light and ones Higher Self. (Master of Light offers guidelines on this in Chapter Eight.)

  • There is an astral level in which fairies, elves, leprechauns, and other so called "mythical" beings dwell. Sometimes they materialize into the physical levels and are seen by humans. Sometimes they even incarnate as humans.

  • We define "alien" as any spirit that defines its "planet of origin" as other than the physical and astral levels of earth. Many people embodied today did not begin their planetary sojourns on planet earth.

  • There is life on other planets. On some planets the forms are astral, on others, they are physical. Many of those "alien" civilizations have developed space travel to a far greater sophistication than have humans. Many use their knowledge of the astral levels to travel through time and to materialize (move from the astral to the physical) and dematerialize (move from the physical to the astral) themselves and their space crafts.

  • Many "trips" aboard space crafts are astral trips. This does not make them any less real. Such experiences can have strong impact on the physical being, even to leaving marks on the physical body. (Remember, what happens to the astral body filters down to the physical body.)

  • Aliens have been watching humans for many centuries. Many of these aliens are advanced in consciousness and they honor and respect the human will and presence on the planet earth. Others are selfish in their motives and intent and are hopeful of finding ways of "using" the earth and humans for their own purposes. They neither respect nor honor human will. (Especially as they see humans willfully destroying their own glorious bodies and planet.) Again, it is important to use the Higher Self to know the intent of any being.

  • What many people call a "new" soul is actually a being that is "new" to the human experience. These can include "alien" beings and earth astral beings. Many "new" souls, as well as ancient earth souls, are present in body today as this is such an important time in human experience.

  • The future is not set as the future is built by a person´s ever changing thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. Most people are creating several possible futures as few people are very singular in their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. This makes individual futures difficult to read accurately.

  • The individual future is affected by the collective thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions of all humans. The reverse is also true. The collective future is more stable than individual futures, as it changes more slowly, making it somewhat more easy to tune into.

  • The future can be changed, and is constantly changing, as thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions of humans change. This is true individually and collectively. Psychics often accurately tune into the future only to have their predictions not come true as the future has shifted.


Babies and very young children are quite aware of the astral levels and can readily see them.

    Pamela: "As a young child, I was very aware of what I now call the astral world. I would so alarm my mother when I chatted with people she could not see, she ordered me to quit doing it. It was a struggle for me to separate this seemingly invisible (to my mother) world from the visible world, until I began to perceive the "invisible" world was slightly off the ground. After that, I would concentrate on focusing on the forms connected to the ground while letting the forms off the ground fade. Eventually, I succeeded in blocking out the invisible world, as do most children.

      However, I continued to let one, a grown up, visit me at night. One night, he sat on the edge of my bed and said he would be going away for awhile. I was very upset. He explained I had work to do as a child as well as a grown up. He said my work as a child would be to learn which things adults taught me were beneficial and good and which were not. When I had sorted all of that out, he added, I might change my mind about seeing the astral world again. In the meanwhile, astral beings like himself would respect my wishes, which was to not see them because it upset me to upset my mommy. They would continue to visit me, and I them, in my sleep and they would always be protecting and helping me, he said. I would also continue to hear them in my head, but I might not realize, for a long time, that it was them.

    After this, I became very frightened when I would wake in the night and see dark forms in my room (which happened frequently). I think it was because I figured, in my child mind, they had to be "bad" spirits as the "good" ones said they wouldn´t show themselves. I think now that this happened because I would be, just upon awakening, in an altered state which allowed me to see astral forms. I think my childhood experience is common to many people and I believe this is why so many people are frightened of spirits and other "invisible" beings.

    That said, there ARE dark beings and spirits in all levels of the Creator´s Creations. Dark beings and spirits serve only their own purpose and care little for the greater good. However, dark beings and spirits only have the power over us we give them. Learn to focus, at all levels of your mind, on your own positive powers and abilities and you never need fear darkness. In fact, you can even discourse with dark beings and spirits without fear of harm or influence.

    Focus is so important to obtaining the goals you seek, including the future you desire, that we must bring up now something which can greatly interfere with your focus. You have read, thus far, on how your past experiences can create programming, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that create division in your mind. You have read of the importance of clearing up that division. Now, we shall share with you about spirit attachments.

    We warned you the mind and spirit are complex!

    How could it be different in a complex cosmos?

    Spirit attachments are not to be feared. Spirit attachments are, in most cases, simply people. They are people who have, for one reason or another, chosen not to move into the Light or the astral levels at the death of their physical bodies. Spirits attach by merging their astral energies with the astral energies of those who have physical bodies. This is a hardship on the physical body and it scatters the focus of the "owner" of the physical body. Let us list a few things about spirit attachments that will be helpful to you before we share with you stories of spirit attachments:

  1. People can have more than one spirit attachment although not everyone has a spirit attachment.

  2. A spirit attachment will identify with the age, gender, and personality of the last physical body he or she had.

  3. Permission must be granted by the person who "owns" the body for another spirit to attach to that body, though this permission is often given by personalities (like the "inner child") in the subconscious levels or by abdicating ones responsibility for ones body. (Drug use, drunkedness, suicide, etc.)

  4. People frequently have a hard time turning down someone they have loved from attaching; especially if their own grief has held that spirit from moving on.

  5. Abused and/or lonely children frequently invite in spirit attachments that help them deal with their abuse and/or loneliness.

  6. Spirit attachments and the ones to whom they are attached can be very bonded emotionally. This is especially true of attachments one has had since childhood.

  7. Most often the spirit attachment is NOT granted control over the body.

  8. The exception to this is abdicating responsibility for ones body by actions that jeopardize the body. (Drugs, suicide attempts, getting drunk, leaving the body unprotected, and the like.)

  9. Spirit attachments are often drawn to people addicted to what they were addicted to while they were embodied. Such attachments can make it harder to end these addictions.

  10. The subconscious mind knows when a spirit attachment is present; though it may hide this information from the conscious levels if told to do so by levels of the subconscious mind.

  11. The Higher Self always knows when a spirit attachment is present and knows whether this attachment is beneficial to all concerned.

  12. NMR can be used to determine whether spirit attachments are present, as well as information about those attachments.

  13. Exorcising, banishing, or getting "rid" of a spirit attachment is rarely enlightened or successful if the spirit attachment does not want to go and there are inner levels of the one to whom they are attached who do not want them to go. In such cases, the spirits sometimes hide from the ones seeking to remove them or they leave and come back later.

  14. Helping spirit attachments and the people to whom they are attached understand their relationship and examine all their options for staying and going is VERY enlightened and helps all concerned. To wrest apart people (whether in or out of the body) before they are ready to let go or move on is very cruel. It helps no-one.

  15. Death happens for a reason. It is a sure sign that it is time for the soul to move into higher levels of learning or to prepare for a new physical body. Helping a spirit attachment to realize this helps spirit attachments to move on willingly once the one to whom they are attached can let go.


Sheila came to see Pamela after a gifted aura reader told her she had a very angry male spirit attached to her. Sheila was very upset and asked Pamela for NMR to know if this was true. NMR confirmed Sheila had a spirit attachment, a male in his 40´s, who had been with her since she was a child. Sheila was insistent this man be "removed immediately". Pamela explained to Sheila she was probably emotionally close to this man and that it would be better to work toward a gradual separation. Sheila was adamant. She wanted the man "gone now". Pamela suggested she guide Sheila into hypnosis so she, Pamela, could speak with this man and find out more about him. Sheila agreed, especially after Pamela said the man´s cooperation would be required if he was to move on into the Light.

    Spirits can be afraid of the Light for many reasons. Sometimes, they have been so traumatized by their emotions while in the body, they have forgotten, even at the inner levels of mind, about the Light. Sometimes they have been so programmed to believe in "Hell and Damnation" they are afraid of being judged in the Light.

    Sheila´s friend needed a little coaxing to speak When he did speak, he said he was ready to go to the Light, which he knew about, but that he doubted Sheila was ready for him to go. Pamela told him she agreed with him, but as Sheila was so disturbed at the conscious level by his presence, perhaps he could move on and watch from the Light to see if Sheila continued to work with Pamela to ease her inner turmoil. If she did, he could stay in the Light. If she didn´t, and he thought it best, he could return. Sheila´s friend agreed and moved into the Light.

    Sheila, coming out of hypnosis, said immediately, "that was a bunch of bull. I didn´t believe a word of it." The next thing she did was burst into tears. When Pamela asked why the tears, she replied, "I´ve never been alone before, I don´t think I can do it."

    Frequently, when a spirit attachment does move on, the person to whom that one was attached experiences all the symptoms of grief. Bonds ARE created at the subconscious level and letting go can be difficult. We have spoken with many spirit attachments who have told us the person to whom they are attached went to someone who "told" them to go away by using Light, prayer, conversation, or banishment rituals. Some of those spirit attachments tell us: "I left for awhile and came back later." Others say, "I ignored it. I didn´t want to go." Others say, "It really hurt my feelings." Still others say it angered them.

    It is important to realize even Light, Higher Selves, and God cannot and will not MAKE any spirit do anything they don´t choose to do. Spirit attachments cannot be forced away from people who are willing at some level to allow them to stay attached to them. There are ways to "remove" spirit attachments unwilling to go; but only if the person to whom they are attached insists on them leaving at the conscious level AND there is no one in the subconscious levels holding onto them. However, it is still better to help the spirit attachment understand the benefit of moving into the Light, or certain astral levels if they are not ready for the Light, so that they do not attach to someone else.

    We have rarely had an attachment return from the Light (they love it there), unless they have been pulled back by the persons to which they were attached. (Grief is a powerful pull on loved ones, so is helplessness and dependency.) We have had spirit attachments lie, however, saying they are in the Light; only to discover they are not. (VERY careful wording of NMR can discover this.)

    Mick was a discarnate spirit attachment. (Discarnates are spirits who have had physical bodies with which they still identify.) Mick was a spirit attachment of a special services government agent who had come to see Pamela to deal with a great deal of personal and professional stress. This client suffered from a shoulder pain ever since joining the police force twenty years before, and it had been getting increasingly worse. He also had two girlfriends and deciding which girlfriend to "choose" was contributing to his stress. With NMR, he became clearer about his inner feelings for both women and realized he really wanted to marry one of the women, but was so fearful of marriage, he used the other woman to keep himself from getting too serious with the one he really loved. He decided he was going to stop seeing the woman he didn´t love and begin working with his fear of marriage. Shortly after he left, Dr. Harmon approached Pamela. "How did your last session go?" he asked.

    "Fine," she replied. "Why?"

    "Do you feel alright?" he pressed.

    "Well, no. My shoulder hurts alot," she admitted. "That´s funny. My client had a sore shoulder. Same shoulder, too."

    "I don´t think you´re alone," Dr. Harmon said. "We´d better check it out."

    He was right. NMR indicated Pamela had picked up a discarnate that had been attached to the government agent. Dr. Harmon guided Pamela into hypnosis so the spirit attachment could speak with him. He did so readily. He said his name was Mick and he said he was very angry at Pamela. Dr. Harmon asked why.

    "That busy-body woman talked him into breaking up with Marta. I like Marta. She´s a lot more exciting than that other stick in the mud." Of course, Dr. Harmon didn´t know what Mick was talking about so he asked Mick to explain. "What´s to explain? She stuck her nose where it´s not wanted, that´s all. Goddamned women. I´ll fix her."

    "Are you making her shoulder hurt?" Dr. Harmon inquired.

    "Don´t know if I am, don´t know if I´m not. Would serve her right if I am." Dr. Harmon asked Mick to tell him about himself, especially how he died. "Well, it was damn stupid, the way I bought it. I was off duty. I´m a cop you know. I was sitting on a bar stool, minding my own business. Some damn idiot started a brawl. It didn´t look too bad so I thought I´d finish my shot of whisky. Well, some jackass hit me on the back of the head with a goddam bottle. My lights went out and when I woke up, I was dead."

    "I see," Dr. Harmon said, stifling a laugh. "Did you see a Light anywhere after you died, Mick?"

    Mick became cagey and reluctant to talk. Finally, after some coaxing he said, "Yeah, I saw a Light. I didn´t want to go anywhere near it."

    "Why not?" Dr. Harmon asked.

    "So I thought I´d hang out awhile," Mick remarked, ignoring the question. "I stayed at the bar until my young friend came in."

    "What young friend was that?"

    Mick gave the name of Pamela´s client and continued, "I liked him. Reminded me of me when I first joined the force. Been with him ever since. I´ve felt kinda bad about it at times though."

    "Why is that?"

    "That shoulder pain of his. I think it´s me. My shoulder has hurt me there ever since I got hit with that bottle. I don´t know why that should affect him though."

    "You´re in his energy field," Dr. Harmon explained. "What you feel, he feels. Your thoughts probably affect him, too."

    "Only when he listens to me," Mick grumbled. "Say, that testing your busy-body friend did with him, that leg stuff. It said he had inner guilt. Do you think that was me, too?"

    "Do you have guilt?" Dr. Harmon asked.

    Mick sighed a deep sigh. "Well, I guess I can tell you. I didn´t go to the Light ´cause I knew I´d be punished in it." Dr. Harmon asked why. "I was a good cop, don´t get me wrong. But I was less than an honest cop. I took money from time to time. Everyone did. Even took some big money once. I don´t feel too good about that."

    Further conversation with Mick revealed how fearful he was of the punishment he´d been taught to expect for his bad deeds. Dr. Harmon explained to Mick how many times he´d escorted others to the Light and that he´d never seen or heard of anyone being punished. People seemed to love being in the Light; he told him, especially when they found loved ones, or were met by greeters that seemed so happy to see them.

    "What if ya find old enemies? I was a cop ya know. Must be a few fellas up there I put away."

    "I´m talking about the Light, Mick. I think they´re smart enough in the Light to know where to take people when they first come over, so everyone can get their hard feelings sorted out. Don´t you?"

    "Yeah, yeah, I guess you´re right. Probably a lot smarter than anyone down here."

    "I think you can bet on that. You a betting man, Mick?"

    Mick laughed. "I don´t take sucker bets. Don´t make them either. What happens after you get to the Light?" he asked, clearly growing more curious, and braver.

    "Well, it seems once you´re in the Light, you´re a lot smarter about traveling in other realms, like the astral level you´re in. You lose the aches and pains you have on the earth plane, too. You can keep track of the people you love from the Light, even have them visit you when you want. Souls say they love being in the Light."

    "So they stay in the Light forever huh?" Mick mused.

    "No, they stay until they´re ready to go somewhere else."

    "Like where?" Mick asked suspiciously.

    "Like back to earth. They decide what kind of body and life they want to have and they return."

    "You mean I can have a body again!" Mick exclaimed excitedly. "Can I make it how I want it to be?"

    "Yes. But you may find you want something different once you are in the Light than you think you do now," Dr. Harmon cautioned.

    "Nah. I know what I want. Let´s check out this Light."

    Dr. Harmon mentally escorted Mick to the Light. Spirit attachments tell us when we do this they can sometimes see our astral bodies accompany them as well. We´ve escorted many spirits to the Light and we´ve asked many people, in past-life regressions, about their experiences after their deaths. People do not all have the same experiences at death or the same experiences in the Light. Many people experience meeting greeters. Sometimes the greeters are people they knew while in the body and sometimes they are not. Greeters are always welcoming and they are always respectful of the people they greet, never approaching them until they are asked to approach. In some past-life regressions, people have been so shocked to find there was no punishment for their "evil" deeds, they have turned away from the Light, vowing to punish themselves.

    Mick´s experience in the Light surprised us. Mick found a bar full of his old drinking buddies and was more than eager to stay. Pamela´s Higher Self spoke after Mick left: "The shoulder pain will begin to ease now, but the muscle has been bruised, so the healing will not be complete until the morning." The pain had grown stronger throughout the session. It was so intense following the session, Pamela went to bed. The next morning the pain was completely gone

    Two weeks later the client who had "brought Mick in" returned for another session. "By the way," he said to Pamela, as he sat down. "I don´t know what happened the last time I was here, but my shoulder felt better when I left. A week later, it was much better. Now it´s gone. It´s amazing. I haven´t been pain free for twenty years."

    We realize that the idea of spirit attachments is a great shock to many. It shocked each of us, too. Dr. Harmon discovered such attachments when, in the days before NMR, they would suddenly "pop" out during a session. At first he wondered if they were a kind of "fantasy" of the mind. But, like past-life and inner child personalities, it became increasingly impossible to deny their presence and their effect on people.

    Pamela first heard of such attachments when NMR revealed a discarnate spirit attachment - a boy of age 12 - with her. Though she experienced this first hand, she was still reluctant to "really believe" in such attachments until Linda came to see her.

    Linda was a young wife and mother of two small children. She sought therapy with Pamela because she felt she´d been sexually abused by her step-father. Pamela tested Linda at about her fifth visit to "see if she was alone". She was not. NMR indicated a 8 year old boy attached to her.

    Linda was, understandably, confused and upset. She did share, however, that once, when she´d been half awake and half asleep, she´d "thought" she´d seen a young boy at the foot of her bed, looking at her sadly. Still, she didn´t want to "waste her money on some fantasy". Pamela convinced her it would be helpful to her and Linda reluctantly agreed to "see what happens".

    Once Linda was relaxed enough to "let go", she began to cry in a small voice. Pamela asked who was crying.

    "I am. I´m lost," the little boy said in Linda´s voice.

    "Where do you belong?" Pamela asked.

    "With my mommy and daddy, but I don´t know where they are," the boy said plaintively, and continued to weep.

    "Maybe I can help you," Pamela offered gently. "What happened to your body?"

    "I don´t remember, something bad," the boy said.. "I want my mommy, where is she?" the boy demanded, stopping his crying for a moment.

    "I don´t know," Pamela answered. "But I know how to find out."

    "How?" the boy cried. "Can you find my body too?"

    "Your body is gone," Pamela explained softly "but you don´t need it anymore. You can do everything you did in your body and more in your spirit body."

    "My spirit body?"

    "Yes, the body you have now. There are places you can go in it that are a lot more fun than being stuck here with Linda."

    "No. Linda said she´d help me, and I like her." After a pause, he asked, "Like what things could I do?"

    Pamela laughed and said, "Follow me. I´m going to leave my body and show you a place a little boy like you can find lots of fun. Then you can ask all the questions you want."

    "You can do that?" the boy asked. "Will your body die like mine did?"

    "No," Pamela explained, "I´ll leave part of me in my body while another part goes with you. Come on, we´re going to fly in our Spirit bodies now. Just let go of Linda and hold my hand and here we go."

    Pamela asked the boy if he could see the Light. "Yes," said the boy, "it scares me." He explained to Pamela he´d seen the Light before, at his death, but he hadn´t known what it was and so he´d run away and gone to the first "nice lady" he could find who would "let him in". Pamela told the boy she would go to the Light with him, to make sure the Light was a good place for him, and if it wasn´t, or if he wanted to come back, he could. The boy agreed, and by mental thought, Pamela continued to travel into the Light with the boy. He found greeters who told him they had been waiting for him. They said his mother and father had been looking for him in their prayers and that he could visit them in his spirit, if he wanted, or talk to them in his mind, so they would know he was alright. They introduced him to another small boy, just his age, who said he´d take him fishing every day if he wanted. The boy, quite happily, said he wanted to stay in the Light..

    Linda was very upset after the hypnosis. She felt she´d made up the whole story; though she could not imagine why she would do so. "Maybe to please you," she decided. "Although I would never imagine a boy fishing in heaven. That´s not what I was taught to believe about heaven. And why would God let a little boy get lost in the first place!" Indignant and disturbed, Linda told Pamela she didn´t think she´d be returning.

    Three weeks later, Linda called Pamela in a panic. She was having terrible anxiety attacks, she reported, obsessing continually that she was about to die. Thinking she had cancer, she´d made out a will and scheduled a cancer exam. When that came up clean, she´d begun thinking she was about to have a car accident. "And every time I close my eyes," she said, "I see a graveyard full of graves, tombstones, and dead people. It´s awful, I don´t know what to do! Do you think the hypnosis caused all of this?"

    Pamela assured her she didn´t think so, but she was certain NMR would indicate what was causing it. When Linda arrived, NMR indicated another spirit attachment. Linda said, emphatically, she did not want to waste another session on a "fantasy." Pamela suggested that they just see what Linda´s mind came up with to explain these visions and thoughts of death. Not knowing what else to do, Linda agreed.

    In hypnosis, Kathy came forward. Unlike Linda, who spoke very slowly and haltingly in trance, Kathy spoke quickly and easily. She was 15, she said, and she´d been killed in an automobile accident. Her body hadn´t died right away and she´d "hung around" it in the hospital, hoping it would live. When it didn´t, Kathy very sadly accompanied her body to its burial. Not sure what to do or where to go, Kathy had stayed with her body all night. "It was horrible," Kathy said. "I spent the whole night in a graveyard full of graves, tombstones, and dead people. I´ve been trying to remind her of it lately. We met there the next day."

    Kathy explained Linda had come to the cemetery with her parents. Linda had been young, only three, and she´d seen Kathy right away. Kathy had asked Linda if she could go home with her and Linda, delighted to have a new friend, said yes. Kathy and Linda had been together ever since. "Now I want to go to the Light, where you took the kid," Kathy said to Pamela. "I listened to that and it sounded like a kinda neat place. But I don´t want to go alone. I want her to come with me."

    "How can she do that?" Pamela asked.

    "She can get cancer. Or she can have a car accident like I did. I´ve always taken care of her. She won´t like it here without me around. Besides, she´s not taking care of her stuff. She´d be better off in the Light with me."

    Pamela asked what "stuff" Kathy was referring to, and she answered, "You know, the sexual stuff with her step-dad."

    "Do you know about that?" Pamela asked.

    "Sure. I was there, too. He did alot more stuff than she´s telling you. It´s weird though, she says she´s forgotten it. That´s a lie. We talk about it."

    Pamela reminded Kathy that Linda was only aware of her on a certain level.

    "Yeah, that´s true," Kathy agreed. "She ignores me a lot of the time. If she goes to the Light with me, we can hang out together like we used to. She´s not much fun anymore."

    "But she has children to take care of," Pamela pointed out.

    "I know," Kathy retorted indignantly, "I play with them all the time."

    With loving reason, Kathy was eventually persuaded to at least investigate the Light without Linda. When Kathy found young people, teenagers like herself, having a party, she was delighted. "Okay, I´ll stay without her," Kathy said. "But tell Linda I love her and that I´ll watch out for her. Tell her she´s not happy in her marriage and she ought to do something about that. She ought to do something about what happened with her step-dad, too."

    "I´ll tell her," Pamela promised, even though she knew Linda was listening.

    Linda was even more disturbed after this session. "I can´t understand why I make up such things," she said. "It must be the hypnosis. Maybe your thoughts are transferring into my head."

    Pamela, realizing how upset Linda was, did not charge her for the session. "Let´s just see if the obsessions about death leave," she said to Linda.

    Three days later, there was a message from Linda on Pamela´s answering machine. It said: "You won´t believe this. I still don´t believe it, but it really happened. First off, I´m not having those thoughts or visions anymore. Second, I still haven´t told anyone about what happened. I know they would think I was crazy. Plus, my pastor warned me hypnosis was bad, so I really don´t want to tell anyone besides my husband what I´m doing, and I didn´t tell him anything about the spirits. That would really make him mad. So, what I want to tell you is what happened with my four year old. She´s been a royal pill for the past three days. Last night, in front of guests, she was so awful I pulled her from the dinner table, marched her upstairs, and threw her on her bed. ´What´s wrong with you young lady?´ I demanded. She locked her eyes on mine and with tears streaming down her cheeks she blurted out, ´Where´s Kathy? You sent her away didn´t you.´" Linda paused for breath. "I thought you might want to know about that."

    Pamela dismissed her lingering doubt about spirit attachments after Linda and Kathy. This experience did not end Linda´s disbelief, however. As we go to print, Linda still cannot bring herself to accept what she said in hypnosis as "real".

    In general, we bring up the possibility of spirit attachments with our clients when they ask about it or when it becomes a question as to whether the spirit attachment is blocking the stated goal of the client.



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