The Proclamation of Spirit, as we named it, was excerpted from a session
with Higher Spirit on February 2nd, 1993. Below is the text of that session
channeled through Dr. Hugh Harmon in an unconscious trance state.

 Higher Spirit: You may work with individuals in therapy, but this is no longer to be your primary focus.  You are to teach.  To dedicate your lives to taking the truth to the people at any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, and bodies to take action to carry this truth forward.  You must move now.  If anything is to be done, it must happen soon.  The problem is the separation of the Mind, Body, Spirit.  There is no connection among those now, for many of those on this earth there is absolutely no connection with Spirit and they live a very hollow, dangerously destructive life.  The earth is slowly dying of its own garbage.  This will kill the planet for many years to come.  It is like a death warrant being issued every day.

Pamela:  If we were to just go out and start talking about this, none would listen.

Higher Spirit:  You are probably right.  People don’t want to hear their responsibility in communicating with Spirit and are unwilling to embrace the joys that come with that.  We may wait hundreds of years before being asked to help.  Isn’t that interesting?  We are not here as symbols.  Why do we frighten people?  Why do people avoid us?  Why do the very people we help in every possible way seek to avoid us?  Maybe they seek to avoid the truth in themselves.  Maybe they refuse to recognize the Creator of the Universe and the powerful balance that’s needed in the Universe.

Pamela:  Maybe they are afraid that you are figments of our imaginations.  How do we communicate and teach that that is not so?

Higher Spirit: One of the best and easiest methods for them to assimilate and understand and embrace is the so called quantum theory.  Not the technical aspects of it, or how it was developed, but the simplicity and  practical aspects of it.  That thought affects matter.  That thought creates.  Indeed, simple, direct approaches to the people are best.  They  want a simple direct answer.  They want the truth and nobody is admitting they’re comfortable with the truth and so we find many of the controlling agencies hiding the truth and manipulating the people, causing great confusion, and eventually, destruction of the people.  The people are angry, but fearful.  And in their fear they will begin to rebel in a most negative way, perhaps destroying themselves in the process of trying to save themselves.  For they know not how to change without being combative and destructive.  You can teach them how to use the mind, as we call it, the power of the mind and their ability to focus that power as has been demonstrated many times in the past.  Why do they not observe the truth?  Why do they resist the simple, powerful, and most wondrous demonstrations they have witnessed?  Ah, maybe it is because they’re always taught it must be complicated.  For the last many hundreds of years, the industrial complexes of the world have taught scientific complications to completely confuse and suppress the masses.  At the same time using their strength and abilities to forward the cause of science and the business communication of their world and of national and international energies.  They do not match the laws of the universe.  And destruction shall be the end unless these great changes are made to align themselves with the universal energies.  Teaching the masses must be done in a way they will find amusing and acceptable. 

Note:  What follows is the part we excerpted for:

Proclamation From Higher Spirit To The Peoples of The Earth

They must learn to embrace their wonderful power and ability and

avoid the defeatism and idea their responsibility is nil or nothing.  

You all are responsible.  Many peoples are choosing to leave the earth.

For they have no faith.  We give you faith.  We provide you with  power.

You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us. 

We need your power with our power.  And this is how it will work to save

this planet earth.  Earth is a very important link in the chain of development

of the Universe.  There are other planets equally important, but they’re all

very valuable and important links to the development of knowledge and the

affinity for all things to work in harmony.  Balance is the important aspect

of these things. Move quickly please.  For our time is growing shorter. 

There is one that will guide you in your demonstrations and on your path.

This one is Light.  It will communicate with you and help you to teach

and demonstrate.  Be clear.  It is The Light.  It will bring balance. 

Let it teach you how so you may teach others.” 


Light “arrived” in February, 1993, shortly after Pamela asked if the blue light she often noticed, especially around Dr. Harmon, when channeling Higher Spirit, was connected with a spirit.  When the response was ‘yes’, Pamela asked for the spirit to ‘speak’.  Thus entered what we first dubbed:  “Master of Light.  When asked if this spirit was blue, it responded, “I am all color.  I am Light.”    When Pamela asked if this spirit was a spirit of light the response was:  “I am The Light.”   It took us some time to recognize what that truly meant.  Following are messages we received from Light in response to Higher Spirit’s message in The Proclamation.

THE LIGHT: “Everything is Light.  How can I tell you more of the energy and the power you have with Light?  Light is the source of all power.  It’s like the thought power.  Light can heal the body.  There have been studies done with light therapy that have been very successful.  Laser surgery, is that not a powerful demonstration of what light can do when it’s focused and concentrated?  And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy.  Find a way to change the vibrations of people when their vibratory rates are off and you will find a way of healing them.  Light controls vibratory rates since all spectrums of light are vibratory rates.  Change their vibratory rates, then you will be able to teach people healing and that’s a very important factor in getting people’s attention.  They all want to live a happy, healthy life.  You can do miraculous demonstrations with Light.  Many of the leaders today who claim they are wayshowers are following the path of darkness, disease, and gloom.  Paths of destruction, creating more of the negative to be overcome by your teaching of the positive.  You might use light energy to communicate with those who are tuned into that familiar feeling of the energy through the Spirit world.”

“I like to talk to you, I like to be around you, but I'm here for a very valuable lesson for you. Light is the source of energy.  Isn't that a very powerful tool then for you to use in your quest to save this planet earth?  You have to ask and take action.  We'd love to help, because actually you see, we're all working together you and me and Spirit.”

“When you call for Spirit, you get Spirit.  There are all sorts of spirit levels.  The spirit you are focused on is the one you would attract to converse with.  The Higher Self is part of the spiritual aspect of the carnal being.  With the help of your Higher Selves, Light can save this planet earth.  You’re teaching and preparing the populace of the world that they must be taking responsibility for self.  Learning about self and levels of mind is necessary before they can know the higher levels and its impresses.  You have been chosen because you know how to do this.  If you do not accomplish this, the world will experience cataclysmic destruction, and civilization as you know it now will be absent from the earth planes for many generations.” 

“Teach by way of empowerment.  Teaching people who are eager and seeking people out who will demonstrate the power of the mind, body, and spirit working together.  This demonstration gives people belief, re-excites them to be as great as they can be, encourages them to follow the principles God built the universe on, maintaining balance.  You cannot force feed anybody information, so they must be open and receptive.  Even if it seems off the course or unusual for you. Spirit can move you to greater things.  Immediate demonstrations are available to you now.  Demonstrate to them the power and the ability and the results of demonstrating the power on a world level.  You have representations of Spirit power.  You can bend powerful rods of metal, you can walk across very hot coals, you can demonstrate levitation, you can demonstrate for the people that they have been given a power greater than they earlier believed.  Demonstrate any way that empowers the people, so that they may use this power to gain the confidence and cooperativeness with each other, for as this power grows, so will the universe enjoy the fruits of their combined focused efforts.  You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest.  It WILL manifest.”

“You are to speak of what may be. If these empowered people want a goal, you may give them goals and demonstrate how they reach those goals.  Just as they find them individually, you will find them collectively.”

Pamela:  Are we to channel Spirit in front of people, that they may ask questions?

THE LIGHT: “If that will impress them and involve them, that will be a worthy demonstration.  But never to the point of excess where you become suspect and ridiculed, for that will deter others from exposure to this phenomena and practice.  Your roles are designated as demonstrator teachers, manifesters of truth, teachers of the higher level of neural knowledge and abilities that no one here even can conjecture today.  You will have these made available to you soon.  You have many who would help you at this time.  Call them.  Direct them.  Tell them their part and they will participate.  Yes, many will come forward when you move.  Many have been waiting for demonstrations to move with.”

 “Thought, again, influences the result.  Do not be confused, when you send Light.  When you send energy of Light as thought for a purpose of which you desire to manifest, then that is a choice, and that is another type of thought direction.  Why is that confusing?  It seems simple.  When you request, you request.  When you send pure energy, you send pure energy.  Why is that confusing?   People don't accept who they are and what they are.  And they selfishly worry and quiver and quake.  How great they are and how little they know of that.  When will they learn?  When they are enlightened?  That's what I represent, when I speak to you as Light and the power of thought.  The physical body is but the core, and the light energy around it exists as another form of energy, just as you witness the sun's energy in the day and the moon energy at night - it is light energy that you are perceiving as that object which you really cannot see.  Is that a metaphor that you can use?  Then let there be more light.  And let that light fill your mind and body.  For human kind has much need for their God at this time.  They will make many lesser Gods.  Already they worship many lesser Gods.  They worship beings in and out of body.  And put before them Gods of Science, Gods of Technology, many Gods.  They do not remember The Prime Creator.  They do not remember that they themselves are Spirits of Light and Joy.”

 Higher Spirit:   Signs and Omens come quickly.  And there shall be much discomfort for many.  Omens in the sky and the signs - darkness, winds, weather - all that frightens Mankind.  But Nature out of balance, which always frightens Man.  For Man is not so far removed from its primitive roots, though it pretends to be.  And yes, the established powers, shall seek to keep the calm until the signs and omens become so powerful even they fear.  And there shall be minds, mouths, and people that shall say "Come, follow me, I shall show you the way.  Come, my Spirit, speaking through me, shall help you."  For there are many powerful Spirits in the earth plane today.  Yet even these shall cry out to God:  ‘Where are you?  What is happening?’  And they will not know unless they open to the thought and the message that they're getting.  All part of that which we're trying to tell.  Why is it, we wonder, if the spirits that inhabit these bodies have totally lost their sense of spirit?  How wondrous it is that they can become so absorbed in the physical as to forget that which creates the physical. Perplexing.  You see we spirits don't know as much as you think we do.”

“The only way for one in or out of the body to perceive the message is to be completely open.  When you hear a message of any form coming to you, felt by any of the senses, don't move in the human manner of asking, ‘What's making that funny input?  but saying, 'I openly receive the message.  I am eagerly listening to the message.'  And oftimes, "I hear the message."  And then, realize the message is yours as fast as you are ready to receive it.  That which brings the message - as the crow did today - is merely an announcer if you would, a trumpeter, a harbinger, a sign, a omen.  You have the message.  It flies to enlighten you of your message, saying, ‘Listen, listen.  Caw Caw.’"

THE LIGHT:  “For, while vibration of light is much, much faster than normal people think about, it is in the balance of nature, not in the over-abundance.  So you must remember balance, balance.  Balance is the key word here.  Not to let things flow too heavy one way or the other.  But to keep the balance.  You are changing the structure of the earth's surface so dramatically by killing off the balance that things are changing for those that would live here on this surface.  You must also realize your thought processes create what you think and focus on.  It is difficult to tell people, do not focus on the problem, for that is what they have been trained to do.  That is why the people who are establishing great training for others to use in contacting the reality, the truth, are still focused on the negative, thus creating more negativity.  How will you ever convince them that you know how to resolve the problem easily and comfortably, when they won't recognize there is a challenge, thereby stumbling on to their own demise?  My, interesting isn't it?  Focus on the Light.  Send the Light.  Think not what the Light should do.  I AM THE LIGHT.  It is so simple.  Focus on Light. Only Light, not thoughts of what Light is to do or how should be done.  I will bring the balance.  Use me.”

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