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Book One -- Apocatastasis

For The Professional
This Book Offers Information On:

Icon buttonThe difference between the subconscious mind and the subconscious levels of mind
Icon buttonWhy some people are conscious in deep hypnosis and others are unconscious in light hypnosis and whether it makes a difference.
Icon buttonWhy the "inner child" and "past life personalities" seem so real.
Icon buttonWhen multiple personalities are "normal" and when they are not.
Icon buttonHow spirit attachments affect the ones to whom they are attached and what to do about it.
Icon buttonWhy knowledge of the astral levels is important when working with clients who have had extra terrestrial experiences as well as clients who have been abused.
Icon buttonThe connection between the astral levels and physical reality.
Icon button Why telling people all they need is to be "positive" is sometimes like telling people that riding half an ass will take them where they need to go.
Icon buttonThe use of hypnosis for interpreting dreams, developing psychic abilities, and accessing the future.
Icon buttonTrance state channeling of cell consciousness and Higher Spirit.
Icon buttonChildhood, birth, womb, conception, spirit, and past life regressions.
Icon buttonAkashic Soul Record Readings.
Icon buttonWhy anchoring to the Higher Self is SO VERY IMPORTANT!

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Information on using Neuro-Muscular Response (NMR):

Icon button A very refined type of applied kinesiology (muscle testing) for finding subconscious and superconscious information outside of the hypnotic state.
Icon button Use of NMR not only focuses the subconscious on where to go in the hypnotic state (which gets it there sooner), it allows the questioning conscious mind to relax sufficiently for the experience to happen.
Icon button NMR saves hours of "fishing around" in the inner mind.
Icon button Clients are so relieved to know that NMR can be used after hypnosis to discern the "facts" from the "fantasies" of the hypnosis, that they go more deeply into hypnosis, thus improving accuracy.
Icon button NMR is invaluable for all hypnosis work and extremely useful to past life work. Using it, one can find all the data of a past life; such as whether one was male or female, the years of birth and death, where one lived and traveled in that life, who in that life is in the present life, and whether that life affects the present goals. Knowing the "facts" allows the client to focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects in the regression itself.
Icon button NMR also directly accesses the Higher Self for obtaining a client's own higher guidance.
Icon button It is also used to uncover the presence of spirit attachments and other multiples
Icon button It is extremely valuable for discerning between "real" and "false" memories.
Icon button We also use NMR for future path progressions.

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