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   Your subconscious mind speaks to you in many ways. It whispers of the knowing of your spirit in hunches, insights, intuitions, and psychic flashes. It cries, silently or aloud, of the depth of your emotions and it speaks through dreams of the knowledge of your soul. It shouts, through the events and people it draws to you, of your inner thoughts and beliefs. It warns, through illness, injury, and disease of the need for introspection. It calls out your mission in the messages it brings.

    Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the importance or the complexity of the subconscious mind, so they fail to pay attention to its many voices. Especially since most people have forgotten that the true language of the mind is Light.

    Light is the basis of all that is for all energy is a vibration, or frequency, of Light. The mind transforms those frequencies into thought which creates sound, color, images, form, and the multi-dimensional planes of the material and immaterial realms.

    Even as we write this, physicists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center have succeeded in converting light into matter. Physicists have often converted matter into light, as in an atomic bomb, but this is the first time they have achieved the opposite. They are beginning to catch up to metaphysicians more and more, as witness this feat and Quantum Physics. Note that one of the basic tenants of Quantum Physics is "The act of observing determines the reality". What, we ask, is "the act of observing", but thought? Thus, as metaphysicians have LONG taught, thought determines reality.

    Thought is processed differently at the conscious and subconscious levels of the human brain and mind. Humans developed words as a means of consciously communicating thought even as they continue to communicate thought at the inward levels in symbolic images called thought forms. Words, therefore, are symbolic of thought, which is itself symbolic of the forms, images, sounds, color, and other vibrations of Light.

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    Imagine the tasks the subconscious mind must perform for the mind to talk with itself, let alone other minds. The subconscious must translate the words of the conscious mind´s language into the symbolic images of inner thought forms, even as it is simultaneously translating the inner thought form images into words for the conscious mind. And it must do all of this instantly.

    It will help you to grasp the complexity of this, by thinking of the word ´mother´. You have stored in your memory banks many thought form images of the word ´mother´. Each has a different meaning and many are linked with memory and emotions. The subconscious must discern, instantly, which thought form image you want and whether any of the memories and emotions linked with that image are to be suppressed and kept from the conscious awareness. At the same time as it is doing this, the subconscious must translate the chosen thought form image into words for the conscious mind. Imagine how busy the subconscious mind is with a whole string of words. Imagine what is going on in a conversation with another person! Is it any wonder we marvel at the truly extraordinary task master abilities of the subconscious mind?

    Thought forms are the natural language of the mind. Thus, symbols and symbolic language are a natural for humans. Our first written languages were symbolic pictures. Much of the history of ancient humans was recorded in symbolic stories. Myths, contrary to modern opinion, were such histories. Many people believe many of the stories in Holy Books are symbolic stories.

    The subconscious mind continues to use symbolic communication in its attempts to keep the conscious mind informed of the messages and status of the body, mind, and spirit. It is one of the tragedies of modern humans that we have forgotten this. Our attempts to understand our dreams is a dim recollection of the importance of this communication from our inner levels. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten, at the conscious levels, the symbolic language of the mind and have a heck of a time figuring out what their dreams mean.

    Dream books that supply universal meanings of common symbols found in dreams are helpful. Developing your ability to find your own inner meanings of dream symbols is, of course, even better. (One hint: In most dreams, every person, place, or thing in your dream represents an aspect of YOU or YOUR relationship to that person, place, or thing.) An excellent book on universal dream symbols and one on finding your own interpretations of dream symbols are in our book list at the back of this book. An even better method is interpreting your dreams in a hypnotic state. Since dream messages are from your inner levels of mind and spirit, the best interpreters of these messages are your inner mind and spirit.

    Joel came to us with the following dream: "I was driving along a country road. I had to turn right to take the road that led to my house, but my car wouldn´t turn. Seemingly of its own accord, it headed toward the freeway. On the freeway, I kept struggling to get back control of the car and finally managed to make a U Turn on the freeway, right in front of a sign that said ´NO U Turn´. Something else happens next, which I don´t remember."

    Joel consciously analyzed the dream as relating to a decision he had made to forgo going "on the road" giving seminars as he´d planned. The "right turn" would be to keep his regular position which afforded him the security of a steady income. Though he was certain the dream was telling him he´d made the right decision, he´d felt irritable ever since having the dream. He wanted to know if there was more to the dream than he´d already figured out.

    In hypnosis, Joel´s inner mind said: "The message is a warning that his greater purpose is to go forward. To turn from his purpose into the familiar, tried, and true is NOT the right way. The meaning of the freeway is he came to teach many. This is his greater purpose. Matters are out of his control now; his Higher Self moves him onto his path of purpose. This is the meaning of the car moving forward out of his control. He resists this. He tries to wrest control of his life back by willfully turning from his purpose. The sign [No U Turn] warns him that turning back from his greater purpose is not allowed; it is the wrong direction. The part of the dream he has forgotten is when he turns back he gets lost in the maze of unknown territory. He has great difficulty finding his way. Forgetting this part of the dream underscores or doubles the meaning of this part of the dream; which is, to forget his greater purpose is to lose all meaning in his life. He will find great loss. The message of the dream is very clear: Stay on your path of greater purpose."

    Joel was astonished at this interpretation of his dream. NMR verified this was the correct interpretation. Reviewing that interpretation, Joel remarked, "It´s true. I´ve been very anxious and tense ever since I made my decision to return to my regular position, though it is certainly more comfortable and secure. Still, I DO believe I have something important to offer to more people than I can reach where I am. I was afraid that was just ego. But it is what I want to do and I´ve always believed what one truly, deeply desires IS the right thing to do. I guess instead of letting my fears about ego stop me, I´d do better to use my ego to help me move forward."

    The ego, contrary to many "teachings", is an important part of the soul. Without ego, the variety and uniqueness of personalities and their experiences would be sadly lacking on the earth planes. To seek to lose the personality on the planes of lower spirit misses the point. Exploring and enjoying the many paths along the journey leads, we think, to greater understanding of all of Creation.

    Andrea brought her dream in to be interpreted: "I am climbing a hill with my husband and his brother. Suddenly we notice water is rising around the hill. We realize the water will soon submerge us. I head for the front of the hill, but my husband and his brother go down the back of the hill. As the water rises to where I am, I notice there is a stepping stone just under the surface of the water. I step on it and it holds me up. There is another stepping stone just to the right of me. I hesitate to step on it, because I realize it leads to the deeper waters on my right, where I can´t see any stones. If I go left, where the water is still shallow, I can just make it to dry land. I stand there, trying to decide what to do when I wake up."

    NMR indicated the dream was from the Higher Self and so, in hypnosis, the Higher Self interpreted the dream as follows: "This dream is prophetic and she has forgotten on her conscious level parts of the dream, which I shall supply. She, her mate, and his brother climb the hill to have a picnic. This signals that her mate´s brother will be joining them in their circle of love. The picnic shows this joining will be around food and that it brings a sense of family and fun each lack in their daily attention to duty. The hill symbolizes the upward climb each face in the next phase of their lives. The hill grows larger, even as they climb it; a warning that the challenges will be greater than foreseen. The rising flood waters amplify this message; the challenge is great and threatens to engulf each of them. The brother of the mate will want to retreat from this challenge. He will seek to take his brother into his retreat with him, whether she follows or not. Her mate has great loyalty to the brother. That this is honorable is symbolized by the American Flag at the top of the front of the hill. Loyalty to his brother is part of the traditional values in which both brothers were raised. However, the Flag has a second meaning. It reminds both brothers that retreat from the battle is not part of the traditions each have admired, honored, and lived in many lives. To their shame, the woman moves to the front of the battle alone. She sorely misses her mate, but she will not turn back from the challenge. She thinks she is alone and all is lost. The stepping stone assures her all is not lost, she is not alone. She is being guided and protected. The inability to see the stepping stones until she reaches them is a message to have trust and faith in the spiritual forces that guide and protect her. She has already taken the first step. But she hesitates, for she sees that the next step takes her into the deeper waters and not to the safety of land. This is where we want her to go. She must have faith and trust we, symbolized by the steps, will be there, even in the deepest and darkest of waters. She is to face the challenge and trust her guidance. This is the way. Follow it."

    People in therapy often find they have many dreams during the course of their therapy. The dreams can be disturbing, for therapy does trigger the bringing up of experiences and feelings one has long suppressed. Even dreams long forgotten or ignored are frequently "revisited" during the course of therapy. The following is a dream Mary brought into therapy. It was a dream she´d had shortly after her now 15 year old daughter had been born. It had been so disturbing, she´d never forgotten it and she wanted to know the meaning of it.

    "I am going to the parking lot where everyone in town is to gather in emergencies. Most of the people in the town have been destroyed by gases. Only some of us are left. We go underground, to shelters built under the parking lot. We know it is only a matter of time before the gases get us, too. I am holding my six month old baby in my arms. I don´t want her to die such a horrible death so I give her a pill and hold her close while I watch her die. Then, when she is dead, I take a pill to kill me."

    In hypnosis, Mary´s Higher Self was asked to give the meaning of her dream. It responded: "Mary was hidden in darkness and she needed to see the Light,"

    "Oh, I see," Mary exclaimed, in hypnosis, She [her daughter] helped me to do that. She was telling me to stop taking the drugs because they would kill both of us. That´s why she keeps telling me to quit drinking now!"

      Mary had been into drugs at that time in her life, but had, shortly after this dream, cleaned herself up at the Betty Ford center. She´d stopped drinking, as well, but had started drinking again later as she felt her drinking had never been as much of a problem as the drugs. Mary´s Higher Self and her daughter believe otherwise. Mary has developed, over many years of using alcohol to numb both emotional and physical pain, a sensitivity to alcohol that does not serve her well. It also helps her to avoid facing and dealing with the issues creating her pain. This avoidance does not help her or her daughters;. Children rarely listen to what they are taught by adults; they pay much closer attention to what the adults around them DO. Mary knows this and she is now working hard on "rooting out" the pain of her childhood; pain she sought to mask and repress with alcohol, drugs, and "feel good" food.

    Many people who are abused in childhood develop strong sensitivities which enhances psychic abilities, although, often, the desire to suppress their memories of the abuse also suppresses these abilities. (Psychic means of the psyche, or soul, and such abilities are natural to the human experience.) Mary is a perfect example of this. A "born psychic", Mary´s childhood abuse helped to hone her abilities. However, Mary´s subconscious mind knew that to open the door to her psychic abilities was to open the door to the very emotions and memories she had told it, by her words and actions, to suppress. (As with children, our subconscious minds pay more attention to what we do than what we say.) Almost all of the emotions and memories involved anger, and Mary was a great one for suppressing and denying anger.

    Mary was greatly surprised that suppressed anger was the root of her depression. Like most people, Mary thought that depression is sadness. While sadness - as well as shame, guilt, and other emotions - can be part of depression, the root of depression is always anger. (And the root of anger is always hurt.) The following dream is a dream Mary had that symbolized both her inner anger and her suppression and denial of it:

    "I was boarding up the path in the house I grew up in. I was boarding it up with boards from the back of the house to the front. There is a dog somewhere in the back, but I never see him. Suddenly, I notice a black widow spider on my hand. It is dead and I brush it off. There is an ink outline of the spider on my hand where I brushed it off. A wart starts to grow there."

    Mary asked Pamela, her therapist, to interpret her dream. While the meaning of the dream was clear to Pamela, she encouraged Mary, after a brief discussion of the dream, to interpret the dream herself. The challenge for all therapists is to NOT let their own knowledge either direct or get in the way of the client or the therapy. It is IMPOSSIBLE to know or understand as much about clients as they know and understand themselves at inner levels of their minds and spirits.

    In addition, the Higher Self of the client can best determine how quickly or slowly that client is prepared to deal with inner trauma. Pushing past the comfort and safety levels of a client´s internal defenses is not therapeutic, it is abusive. It separates the client from his or her well being as surely as the word "therapist" separates into "the rapist"; which is, in our view, what a "pushy" therapist is.

    Pamela asked Mary what she thought her dream meant. Mary said she didn´t know. NMR indicated that Mary did not know consciously, but the subconscious and the Higher Self did know. Mary mentioned, just as Pamela began to guide her into hypnosis, that she didn´t think the dog was an important part of the dream. "I never really saw it," she said, "it was just there."

    In hypnosis, Mary was asked to give the meaning of her dream. This is her response: "The dog is a wolf. The wolf is her anger. She is seeking to stop the power of the wolf by keeping it in. She is boarding up anger, afraid to let it up. The wolf has a very big head that is growing. The anger is growing. The spider is the abuse that´s died, it is [the effects] going away now. The past will always be there, as shown by the ink outline on the hand, but it is just the impressions that remain now from the abuse, as signified by the wart. She can make the wart go away. So, too, will the impressions of the abuse go away, after she lets out the wolf and faces the anger."

    In dreams, our inner guidance lets us know what our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and choices have created and are creating. We receive counsel, warnings, guidance, and messages of many kinds. Once we realize the truly astounding extent of our inner wisdom, we can begin to grasp the fact that our "real lives" are as full of signs, omens, symbols, messages, and meanings as our dreams. As one client´s Spirit Guides put it: "She is afraid we are not real. She is afraid she is making us up and this is all a dream. We say life is but a dream so what, pray tell, is the difference?"

    Katie Ann is a client who lost her diamond tennis bracelet. She also had, the night of the day she lost her bracelet, a dream about going to her garage and finding her car missing. When she finally located her car, the front end had been replaced by silly putty. In hypnosis, Katie Ann was asked to move to the level of mind that would best tell her the meaning of both her dream and the loss of her diamond bracelet. The following is from Katie Ann´s Higher Self

    "She has fear of standing out and being different. She struggles between being who she is and who she pretends to be. This is the meaning of the dream of the car and the message in the losing of her bracelet. They symbolize the stripping away of her focus on the material world, which is not where she is headed now. She gets bits and pieces and glimpses of her true path, yet falls back into the old ways. This struggle between pretending to be what she is not and her true self brings stress. She needs to learn it does not matter what the outward appearance is. The inside beauty is greater than any outside beauty anyone can attain. If only you humans understood how important it is to heal on the inside, not adorn the outside, then we would have great greatness on the earth. She will trust one day and move forward and awake as though from a dream and ask herself how it was so easy to have moved on."

    Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Angels, Astral Beings, Higher Spirit - all bring messages for the subconscious mind to either translate into words or present in symbolic form (or both) to the conscious level of mind.

    We, Dr. Harmon and Pamela, were thinking of giving a BIG seminar. We´d tired of what Dr. Harmon calls the "circuit riders"; people claiming to be healers, prophets, metaphysicians, motivators, and hypnotists who give seminars for the sole purpose of "panning gold". While many are sincere in their desire to help as well as make money, and most offer, in part, valuable information, few are truthful or knowledgeable in their entirety. Mike Todd was right, "Americans are suckers for a good cause" especially if that good cause is a "quick fix".

    We wanted "big" money as much as any "circuit rider" or the conglomerates behind them. We felt our cause was worthy. We would make the money to publish and promote our book, which would tell people what they really needed to know in order to empower themselves. At the seminars, we could first offer the "quick fix". After all, we are as masterful at hypnosis and motivation as anyone, even if we do tell the truth. Next, we´d tell them why the "quick fix" would work for some of them and why it might not work, or last, for others. They wouldn´t like that part, of course, but we felt that truth, alone, would be worth the price of admission. We planned to charge a small amount, maybe $25, as we were planning a BIG seminar with LOTS of people.

    As we begin to plot our promotional investment in this "big" seminar, the tires and wheels on our new car parked in our driveway in "safe" Rancho Mirage, California were stolen. Pamela insisted we find out from Master of Spirit why the tires were stolen as we know nothing ever happens by accident. EVERYTHING has a message and a meaning. Master of Spirit, when asked about the theft of the tires and wheels, responded:

    "Unknown persons used by your mind to bring to you an important message. The message is that if even one thing goes wrong a powerful vehicle can be stopped from going forward. You have powerful teachings to share. The manner being considered in which to teach them will only be successful if everything goes perfectly. You do not have the resources, at this time, to take this risk. You need to gain money, not lose money. This plan is too risky. It is better to plan smaller meetings you can afford. Build your finances in a smaller, safer way. This is the message of the tires being stolen. Your finances, which must take you forward, are vulnerable."

    We heeded the message, practicing what we wanted to share with the greater public through small, intimate, weekly group meetings. It´s good we did, for we saw how unpopular, even unbelievable, our message is. Despite the fact we are very successful at what we do, many people refuse to believe what we do works, or if it works, that it can work for them. They especially don´t want to have to deal with any "inner stuff".

    A person came to see us from the meetings. She asked for a consultation with us together, as she wasn´t sure which of us she wanted to see. While she´d come in for an emotional problem, she mentioned she had an incurable condition, adding, "I´d give anything to be free of this curse."

     Thinking that hearing from someone who had already healed the same "incurable" condition would encourage her, Dr. Harmon slipped away to call a former client and asked her if she´d be willing to come in and share her healing experience with this woman. She graciously agreed, even bringing in her medical records as proof of her success.

    Our prospective client listened to this woman politely. Then she examined the medical records. When she was done, she lifted the records from her lap, handed them back to the woman, smiled thinly, and said, "I´m sure you all mean well, but I don´t believe a word of it. This condition is incurable. Everyone says so." She got up out of the office chair and left without another word.

    We were in shock. Dr. Harmon´s former client calmly remarked, "That´s why I don´t tell anyone about this anymore. They never believe me. Even my doctor thinks we must have made a mistake in the original diagnosis, despite all the blood work that proves we didn´t. He said maybe the lab made mistakes." She shook her head. "I´ll write a testimonial for you guys, but I doubt anyone will believe it. Just don´t ask me to talk about it any more. I´m never talking about it again. I´ll start to doubt myself and there´s no way I´m taking a chance on reversing my healing. Besides, I´m tired of being thought of as a fool or a liar."

    We´re not even going to tell you the condition this woman had. If we don´t, you might be inspired to seek healing for an "incurable" condition you or someone you love has. If we were to tell you the name of the condition, you would be likely to think, ´Oh, maybe that condition is curable, but I know this one isn´t.´ (Besides, if even a person´s own doctor won´t believe his or her own medical tests, what good does sharing such stories do anyway, except to inspire?)

    We prefer you realize ALL conditions are curable if the Higher Self says it is. Sometimes, the Higher Self says one must live, or die, with a particular condition or limitation in order to grow or to provide an opportunity for others to grow through it.

    Healing and transformation, even when the Higher Self says they can be accomplished, often take hard work at the inner levels and change in the outer aspects of ones life. People don´t want to hear that. They want to believe they can accomplish anything without having to deal with their "emotional stuff" and without having to "look within". We wish that were true. It would make it easier for us, too.

    Looking within is often exciting, frequently awe inspiring, sometimes painful, but always enlightening; even when long cherished beliefs of the conscious mind are rejected by the inner mind in favor of startlingly unfamiliar notions. Like you, our clients are often confused by the vast array of seemingly contradictory information "out there" on what is "good" for them. Everyone seeks happiness, fulfillment, and well-being, yet many people are uncertain as to their best choices for gaining them.

    No-one knows you and what works for you better than you. No medical researcher or practitioner, nutritional expert or physical fitness guru, can possibly know what would best heal or transform your individual body and cells than your body and cells. No therapist, motivational expert, or counselor can possibly know what will unblock or galvanize you better than your own subconscious mind. No spiritual leader can possibly know your unique spirit and its purpose better than your own Higher Self. No psychic, seer, channel, or prophet has greater access to your inner levels of knowing than you do

    We share in these pages some of the information some of our clients have found within their inner levels of knowing. While we could fill all three books of this trilogy with the astounding and astonishing information our clients have brought forward in trance states, we won´t do so. We want to present just enough to inspire YOU to seek your own inner truths.

    It is worth noting not all clients follow their inner wisdom; far from it. Many do not. On the other hand, many do. We note that the degree of success in healing, transformation, or positive achievement is directly proportional to the degree of subconscious belief and conscious action. Helping people change their subconscious beliefs is fairly easy with hypnosis and regression therapy. What people choose to do or believe consciously about that change affects everything. It can even reverse what has been accomplished.

    Many people have great difficulty believing that "simply talking" can heal or transform their bodies, minds, emotions, behaviors, and reality. Yet, if thought creates reality, then changing thought changes reality. The Yellow Emperor in 100 B.C. wrote, "The one who heals the mind by talking is the superior doctor, and by talking only, the superior doctor can heal all the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit."

     YOU are the superior doctor for YOU and by talking with all levels of YOUR mind, body, and spirit, YOU can accomplish anything

    Following, we share information brought forward in trance states by clients. Our words are in (parenthesis) and instead of using the names Dr. Harmon or Pamela, we use "therapist". All names used are, of course, fictitious.

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