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Book I: Odyssey of The Soul, Apocatastasis
Magic of Mind & Spirit

[Here s how we pronounce it: A as in apple, po as in pogo stick, cat as in cat, then ah, then stay sis.] 

Apo - meaning opposing.

Cata - meaning catastrophic

Stasis - meaning a static or stabilizing state.

Originally meaning - the return of a thing to its original state of being. Ancient alchemists used it to name the process of restoring base metals to gold. Princes of Serendip used it to name the discovery of good in catastrophe. LIGHT Writes in Book II (below):

Apocatastasis is a word of great power. Brought from Atlantis to the North Coast of Africa and the Adriatic coastlines of Spain, the word has remained unchanged since ancient times. Although additional layers of meaning have been added, it has always been a word of magical vibrations. Like miracle, magic is a word for power that is not understood.


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* Reversing Global Warming Visualization *

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Book II: Odyssey of The Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation
A Book of Enlightenment From God's Light


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Book III: When Gods Walk The Earth
Human Spirituality & Human Passions

A true story of spiritual love and human passions that quicken the heart and lift the soul to ecstasy.

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