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   There is a part of you that knows everything there is to know about you. It can tell you why you are in this world and where you were before you came here. It can state both the Universal Truths and the Personal Truths you need to know to get to where you want to go. It can talk about your future, your present, and your past. It can tell you about the people in your life ~ why you are involved with them, what you might want to learn from them, and what you have to teach them. It can help you become closer in your relationships or help you cut the ties that bind you to them. This part knows a great deal more about you than any psychic ever could. Further, it can heal you instantly, although it may take you longer to allow, or even hold onto, the healing.

    This part of you is the you that always was and ever will be. It is your Higher Self, though others may know it by other names. God Self, Over Soul, High Self, Atman, Spiritual Self, Whole Self, True Self, Guardian Angel - by whatever name you choose to call it, it is very real. And it is you. It is the you that has never lost its divine connection to or awareness of that which is greater than Man and Woman and the Sum of their Parts and their Works. That which is the Source, The Prime Creator. Your Higher Self is that which was created, in the beginning, by The Prime Creator. It is of the same likeness as The Prime Creator. It is a Master of The Universe seeking ever greater Mastery. It is Spirit.

    Spirit is the unseen essence of all that is. Your Spirit is of such magnificence and power the whole of it could never be contained in the physical dimensions of your body. That is why only a part of your spirit is physically embodied. This embodied spirit is your soul. Your soul and your Higher Self are both spirit - they are simply different aspects of the same Spirit.
    Think of a tornado. The top of a tornado is vast and it remains in the heavens generating powerful energies which spiral down into a more narrow, yet still powerful, focus on the earth. This focus - the aspect of the tornado that touches the earth - does the physical "work" of the tornado.

    So it is with your spirit. Your Higher Self is vast and it remains "in the heavens" (spiritual realms) generating energies that spiral in decreasing vibratory rates into the more narrow, but powerful, focus of the soul. The soul does the physical work of the spirit. The Higher Self and the Soul remain connected through the Mind.

   Mind, Soul, and Spirit consist of subtle energies; energies that vibrate faster than the physical eyes can see. However, like the subtle energy waves of radio, television, and radar, they can be detected, researched, and utilized. Though Western Science is increasing its efforts in such research, much of what is found is not revealed to the general public. Moreover, as long as Western Science remains largely dependent upon government funding and resources, this is unlikely to change.

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   The reason is power. Governments and those they govern are in a continual power struggle. Governments must institute control of the masses in order to govern efficiently. The masses are wary of this control, and rightly so, for it easily leads to abuses of power. Therefore, citizens of a government must institute and maintain control of systems of checks and balances of power within their governments. Such systems fail when citizens abdicate this responsibility.

   When those who govern become accustomed to unchecked power they begin to fear its loss. Corrupted by fear, they consolidate power by manipulating the masses with that which the masses fear most - loss of security. Convince the masses they are dependent upon those in power and those in power gain what they continually seek and crave - more power, more control, more tenure.

   Those who love power have much invested in denying the empowerment of others. They have much to gain by keeping others "in the dark". People who are without light fear everything, including their own power. Those who fear are easy to control and manipulate.

   Knowledge of the mind and the spirit illuminates the ability of every person to move beyond fear. Such empowerment allows the masses to access their own innate abilities to govern themselves through truth and right action. Such knowledge is unlikely to reach the hands of the masses if it must first pass through the hands of those who love power and control.

   Nevertheless, scientific research on the mind and its energies continues. Information does filter to the public. Though largely unheralded in the popular media, books on such research do exist. For instance:

   Dr. Harold Saxon Burr researched what he called "electrodynamic mind fields" at Yale and published his results in The Fields of Life (1972).

   A colleague of Dr. Burr´s, Edward R. Russell, in his book Design for Destiny, (1976), wrote at length about his research in these mind fields and included extensive research done by L.L. Vasiliev, a professor of Physiology at the University of Leningrad. Russell cites compelling evidence that thought is independent of the physical brain and exists in a field which he named the "T Field".

   Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist at the University of London called these same fields "morphogenic fields" , which he described as "fields of reality into which everything that is done and thought is fed and which, in turn, influences everything that is done and thought".

   Richard Gerber, M.D. in his book Vibrational Medicine (1988) compiles extensive information and knowledge from the physical sciences about the subtle energy fields of mind, body, and spirit.

   Fortunately, humans enjoy a long history of not waiting for science or research studies to offer proof and documentation of the existance of energies which are often felt, and sometimes seen, by many. Shamans, Kahunas, Yogis, Spiritualists, Medicine Men, Medicine Women, Sacred Healers, Witch Doctors, - all tribes, cultures, and ages have had those who have knowledgeably used (as well as misused) the subtle energies of the mind, body, and spirit. Written and/or spoken histories of their information and practices exist. If you are interested in exploring some or all of these, buy and peruse The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary (1986) compiled by June G. Bletzer, Ph.D. It is a major compliation of metaphysical exploration.

   Metaphysics is a name coined by Aristotle - long considered, with Plato and Socrates, the most influential philosopher in the history of Western thought. Also considered the father of modern biology and physics, Aristotle wrote a treatise on the natural sciences that he divided into two parts. The first part - the study of the natural, visible world - he named "Physika". The second part - the study of immaterial substance and form - was named "Metaphysika", or, literally, the works after the physical works.

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