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The following is a highly eclectic list of books with information pertinent to what we´ve shared with you in Odyssey of The Soul, Book One, Apocatastasis. We don´t necessarily agree with everything in all of these books. We apologize to authors whose books should be listed here. We´ve been focused on clients and writing our books, with precious little time in which to read, so we have probably left out some great books.

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Mea Culpa. There Is A River
Thomas Sugrue
(This is the biography of Edgar Cayce.)

ALL the Edgar Cayce Books

(The Kahuna information is amazing!)

A New Science of Life, The Hypothesis of Formative Causation
Rupert Sheldrake

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary
June G. Bletzer, Ph.D.

Modern Miracles, An Investigative Report on Psychic Phenomena Associated with Sathya Sai Baba, Erlendur Haraldsson, Ph.D.
(We urge you to read about this LIVING Avatar.)

Energy Emission Analysis,
New Application of Kirlian Photography for Holistic Health
Peter Mandel

Vibrational Medicine
Richard Gerber, M.D.

The Lost Art of Healing
Bernard Lowen, M.D.

Quantum Healing, Exploring The Frontiers Of Mind/Body Medicine and Ageless Body, Timeless Mind
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

You Can Heal Your Life
Louse L. Hay

Spontaneous Healing
Andrew Weil, M.D.

Dr. Fulford´s Touch of Life
Robert C. Fulford, D.O., with Gene Stone

Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection
John E. Sarno, M.D., with Letitia Sweitzer

Edu-K For Kids
Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. & Gail E. Dennison
("Brain Gym" book - 800-356-2109)

Healing Words,
The Power of Prayer and The Practice of Medicine
Larry Dossey, M.D.

Your Body´s Many Cries For Water
Order from: Global Health Solutions
P.O. Box 3189 Falls Church, VA 22043
(Cost: $14.95 00 plus $3 shipping.)

Healing Visualizations, Creating Health Through Imagery
Gerald Epstein, M.D.

Many Lives, Many Masters
Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding
Sex and Psychic Energy
Betty Bethards
(Inner Light Foundation (707) 765-2200)

Dreams That Come True, Their Psychic and Transforming Power
David Ryback, Ph.D.

The Celestine Prophecy, An Adventure
The Tenth Insight
James Redfield

Closer To The Light,
 Learning From The Near Death Experiences of Children
Melvin Morse, M.D., with Paul Perry

Life After Life
Raymond A. Moody, M.D.

The Wisdom Of Your Subconscious Mind
John K. Williams

Self Hypnotism, The Techniques and Its Use in Daily Living
Leslie M. Lecron

Self Hypnosis and Other Mind-Expanding Techniques
Charles Tebbetts (Westwood Publishing 800-894-9766)

EMDR, The Breakthrough Therapy
Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. and Margot Silk Forrest

Women´s Bodies, Women´s Wisdom
Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Anatomy of The Spirit
Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

Intuitive Eating, A Revolutionary Program that WORKS
Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. and Elyse Resch ,M.S. R.D.

Fat Is A Feminist Issue,
Susie Orbach

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Debra Waterhouse, M.P.H., R.D.

Regression Therapy, A Handbook For Professionals
Volume I & II
Winafred Blake Lucas, Ph.D.

Mass Dreams of the Future
Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.
(Association For Past Life Research and Therapies, (909) 784-1570.)

Bringers Of The Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians
Barbara Marchiniak

Akashic Records, Past Lives and New Directions
Robert Chaney
(ASTARA 909-981-4941)
(Ask for their book list. Many great metaphysical books)

Reach For The Rainbow
Clear Your Past and Change Your Future
Lynn Finney
(All sexual abuse survivors should read these.)

Twenty Years To Life
Merrien Helton Harmon
(To be published in mid to late 1998)

Proclamation to People of Earth from Spirit

People of The Earth,

   The following message is from Higher Spirit. As you, too, are Spirit, as well as Body, and Mind, let your Spirit recognize the truth and the wisdom of the words and from whence they come.

"You must learn to embrace your wonderful power and abilities. And avoid the defeatism and idea your responsibility is nil or nothing. You ALL are responsible. Many peoples are choosing to leave the earth. For they have no faith. We give you faith. We provide you with power. You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us. We need your power with our power. We need all to spread this message to any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, bodies to take action to carry this message forward. And this is how it will work to save this planet earth. Earth is a very important link in the chain of development of the Universe. Your scientists are recognizing with their Quantum Theory a truth your Spiritual Masters have long taught - thoughts affect Matter. We tell you that your thoughts affect more than matter, your thoughts affect EVERYTHING. We tell you that there is present now an imbalance of energies in the earth. This is due to the focus of many on the negative aspects of your experiences in this plane of existence. This focus can be, must be, changed. It is possible with the use of the vibrations of Light. How can we tell you more of the energy and the power you have with Light? Is not laser surgery a powerful demonstration of what Light can do when it is focused and concentrated? And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy. Such energy can raise the vibrations of this planet and of every life form upon it. If all on planet earth want to live a happy and healthy life and if planet earth is to remain hospitable to human life, focus on the Light. It is so simple and it is so powerful. Do NOT imagine what you wish the Light to do. Do NOT focus it on the evil or the darkness. Simply focus on the Light. Let the Light´s healing vibrations lift the planet, and the life forms upon it, to their proper balance."

        The Proclamation was given to us five years ago. At that time we wrote: "What if hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions of minds were focused in and on the Light throughout the day and night? Might the Millennium dawn as an age of Peace, Prosperity, and Power for ALL? Shall we see? We have everything to gain. What YOU can do is participate."

        In Odyssey of The Soul, Book Two, the spirit consciousness of Light we dubbed Master of Light, outlined in Chapter Eight the future humans now face, as well as how and why the Plan of Light would alter that future. We were pleased to note that billions of minds would not be needed, that a few hundred thousand would be sufficient. (Yet, imagine how much a million or a billion minds centered in Light daily could accomplish besides changing the future!) We realized, however, HOW IMPORTANT it would be for those few hundred thousand to focus in the Light DAILY and exactly as outlined by Master of Light. (Read Chapter Eight to realize why this is important.) As humans, we know how difficult it is to "stick to a plan" daily - even if it only takes a minute or two a day; even if the stakes are as high as these. Nevertheless, we are convinced there are several hundred thousand souls who are here precisely for this. It is the mission of Beings of Light. Reading these words now identifies you as a Being of Light. This is your mission.

        Many of you have families, friends, loved ones, groups, and organizations that would enjoy meeting in the Light at the same time as you. Organize this for added joy. Link up with other groups and people to do it the same time as they are. We have people in every country that like to join us in our regular times. (Hugh at 6 a.m. for the dawn. Pamela at 6 P.M. for the sunset. Both at noon for the full rays of the sun.) We center a at other times too, but we are faithful to these times. Join us. We welcome you with JOY!

YOUNG PEOPLE!! You are very important to this plan.
Read Rachael´s Story after Master of Light´s Plan of Light.
Read Odyssey of The Soul, Book One, Apocatastasis, Chapter 8
It explains how and why this Plan will alter the future.

Master of Light's Plan of Light called: IN LIGHT & YOU

  • Take a moment. Stop all activity that interferes with your concentration and focus. You can stand, sit, lie down, or move. If you are tired, it would be best to sit up so you don´t fall asleep. Focus your eyes on a single spot. Breathe deeply three times. On the third breath, say or think: "My Higher Self and Light surround, protect, and fill me with Light to activate and quicken the Prime Vibration within me." [If you prefer, use your name for the Prime Creator in place of the Prime Vibration.]

  • Continue breathing deeply and with your eyes open or shut, roll your eyeballs upward in your head as high they can comfortably go. This may be as high as your eyebrows. Perhaps it will be to your forehead or hairline. It may be you are able to roll your eyes even further upward. Now imagine you are looking right inside your skill.

  • There is a glowing Light there. Some of you may see it right away. For others, it may take some time. Those of you who are not visual may sense or feel the Light more than see it. Over time, you will come to see it. Imagining it is there is sometimes the first step for some people. This will be sufficient and you, too, will see or feel the Light over time. The Light is like your own inner sun, shining from deep within you.

  • Focus on the Light and feel as though you are moving right into its center.

       This Light is your essence. As you move within it, you will see, feel, hear, or sense your Prime Vibration being activated and quickened. Some of you may notice a flash or burst of Light. There may be a sound. If you find yourself responding to this sound by humming or toning, that is fine. For others the sound will be a deep inner silence. You may feel a profound sense of well being, or a feeling of being centered and connected. There may be a sensation of deep peace, joy, love, harmony, balance. For some it is a very orgasmic feeling. You may feel the vibration physically. This may sway, rock, or vibrate your body. Trust yourself to go with whatever is happening. You asked for your Higher Self protection. It will protect your bodies as well.

  • Focus your thought on your Prime Vibration acting as a tuning fork, sending vibrations from it throughout your body, into your energy field, and into the energy field of your Higher Self surrounding you.

  • Focus your thought on rays of Light extending out from all around your Higher Self energy field.

  • Focus your thought on these rays of Light filling the earth´s energy field that surrounds the planet, fills the atmosphere, envelopes the surface of earth, and penetrates through the layers of magma down to the center of earth.

  • Focus your thought on the Light activating and quickening the Prime Vibration within the center of the earth.

  • Focus your thought on the vibrations from The Prime Vibration at the center of the earth beaming out as rays of Light from all around the surface of your planet, filling the atmosphere, and shooting out into space like a shinning sun.

  • Bask in the Light that fills and surrounds you. Feel joy at the recognition of countless others joining you in this process and daily filling the energy fields of earth with Light..

  • Joyfully thank Spirit for helping you. Spirit loves to be acknowledged by you.


You may, if you choose, continue with centering in the Light as a powerful meditation technique.

Rachael´s Story

Rachael is a young teenager who died, with her boyfriend, in an automobile accident. The friends riding with them survived. Rachael´s spirit appeared to one of those friends, telling him she had liked the woman, Pamela, he had gone to see about his grief and anger at the accident. Rachael said she would, herself, be seeing Pamela on a certain date. He informed Pamela of this and on that date Pamela guided Dr. Harmon into a trance state so she could speak with Rachael.

Rachael wanted to know why she had lost her young body. Pamela suggested she guide Rachael into the Light to ask why. To Pamela´s shock, Rachael was told in the Light to return to earth to find out why for herself. Pamela next suggested maybe going back, in Rachael´s mind, to before she was born would answer her questions.

Rachael discovered she´d never been meant to live out a full life span and she was to investigate why. Pamela suggested Rachael move into the astral levels and ask for Healers of Light who could help her. Pamela asked her to report back the next week on what had happened.

The next week, as Rachael spoke again through Dr. Harmon, the light around him was radiant. "I found how to use Light!" she announced, laughing. "No offense, but the way you guys teach it is so boring!" Rachael´s words in how to use the Light are on the other side of this sheet. But there is more to her story.

 A few years later, as Master of Light wrote, through Pamela, Chapter Eight in Book One of Odyssey of The Soul, Rachael announced she was present. "Good," said Master of Light, "I have something to tell you both. The hope of the world is in the young people. They have the life force that is very important to my plan to save the world by changing the future through Light. You, Pamela, know this and you have been gathering on the astral levels many spirits who died young to help guide those in the body in their part in this plan. These young spirits lack only a leader. A central Light that coordinates their energies. This Light and leader is Rachael. It is why she died young, why she was sent back, and why she has been with me, learning and growing in my Light."

Rachael was stunned. Laughing, Master of Light teased, "I´ve never known you to be speechless, Rachael. "Speak to the young. Speak in their language. Speak through their music and their bodies. Speak in their minds when they open them to you. Lead your legions of the young. Teach them, as I have taught you. Be with them as they center in the Light. Quicken their Light to meet with mine as I return the Balance to the Planet. Help them to take back their futures."
Rachael Explains How To Use The Light
  • There is a way for everyone to use Light.
  • AND IT´S SO SIMPLE! Raise your eyes up to your third eye, or up the middle of your forehead, as though you were looking right inside your skull.
  • There you will find a kind of glowing energy, like a light, but it is cool, not hot.
  • Focus on that energy and move right into it.
  • You will feel centered and wonderful. So wonderful you will lose every sensation except that one focus.
  • It´s a feeling like bodies touching with all that energy exchange.
  • It´s better than meditation and better than feeling high.
  • This feeling is BALANCE! In that balance is POWER to create ANYTHING! New Worlds! New Ventures! New Excitement! A new relationship with yourself.
  • It´s like getting a piece of God or getting a piece of the Universe.
  • Now, send that energy shooting around the earth, enveloping the earth, penetrating the layers down to the magma, and out to the ionosphere, and the far reaches of the earth
  • The influence is universal, but it is YOUR FOCUS that makes it happen
  • You may see or sense colors or hear sounds
  • You may feel like you are floating
  • You may be filled with love or peace
  • Such an energy magnified by many minds around the world will eliminate the tyranny and the suffering and the wars and the greed and the desire to control others
  • Everything in the universe is seeking balance
  • If you create balance within yourself, everything around you begins to run smoothly
  • Take just a moment of time DAILY to see how it works, how easy it is to do
  • Just be careful not to do this when you´re driving or doing things that require your conscious attention, because you´ll lose a lot of your conscious focus if you really go with it
  • Sometimes you´re half in and half out, sometimes you´re all the way there
  • When you´re all the way there, you will know it.


The Foundation For Research & Exploration of Mind Motivation, (FREOMM), was founded in 1979 by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.. We are a non-profit teaching, healing, and research foundation dedicated to demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the planet, and world affairs into balance. We are not a religious group. Spirit rejoices in the vast diversity of the human experience and asks only that you remember you are Spirit, with direct access to all levels of Spirit, including nature and your own physical beings.

Dr. Harmon and Pamela are frequent speakers and teachers for private and business organizations as well as for FREOMM sponsored classes, seminars, and symposiums. They donate the proceeds from this to FREOMM, as well as all profits from the Odyssey of The Soul trilogy.

Membership in FREOMM is welcomed and encouraged as we plan for the future and the enlightenment of those who will lead us in that future. Members vote yearly on FREOMM plans and projects. Plans for 1998 are: 1) Publication of Odyssey of The Soul, Book Two (Master of Light hasn´t given it a subtitle yet). 2) Establishing our "Internet" Presence. (completed) 3) Training and certification of at least two NMR trainers per every state for the training of others in their state. 4) Establishing the first research and training site for Light Centers in which individuals receive balancing, healing, and classes in the use of the many vibrations of Light. The yearly membership fees of $25 are not tax deductible,. Travel expenses to the meetings and ALL donations are tax deductible. Members also receive discounts on FREOMM books, seminars, classes, symposiums, and all other programs.

To join FREOMM email Pamela at odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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