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This book must get into as many hands as possible.
It is a book of Spirit and Light.
It belongs to all of you.

Because of this you are being given permission to copy
and freely share it on your world wide webs of computers,
radios, televisions, book clubs, classes, seminars, symposiums and
all that you do.
Discuss its messages.
Promote the Plan of Light that will alter the future.
It would be courteous, spiritually wise,
and legal to not sell the book
without written permission from
its publishing company as you did not write it.
Pamela and Dr. Harmon have been given permission
to sell it as they, with me, did write it and the funds needed
for the work Spirit is asking them to do will come in
part from the books we ask them to write.

This is the first of those books.
It is most important for your future. & Light
With Your Understanding

Master of Light

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When you purchase this book
you are helping Light to bring its
message to this world.
Thank you.

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