Chapter 7   -  Into The Light Darkly

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 We speak to spirit. We speak to spirits of all kinds. We speak to Light Spirits and to Dark Spirits. We speak to the spirits of the dead. We know the death experience is not the same for everyone. We know the "in-between life" spirit experience is not the same for everyone. Please keep in mind we have not made up the information we are about to share with you. We have heard it from spirit directly. We have gathered it from our inner levels of spirit and the inner levels of spirit of people very much like you. People as astounded by the information and experiences they bring forward in hypnotic states as you would be.

    Pamela turned on the radio of her car one day just as a woman was being asked by a radio talk show host, "How did your psychic abilities begin?"

    The woman answered, "I went to see a spiritualist who opened me to my abilities in one visit."

    "Right," Pamela said aloud. "Like it really happens in one visit." As Pamela has trained several people to be trance channels and we have each helped many more to open to their psychic abilities, Pamela knew what she was talking about.

    "Really?" commented the talk show host, clearly as skeptical as Pamela. "What is the name of this spiritualist?"

    "Pamela Chilton," the woman replied. "She lives right here in the valley."

    Pamela nearly drove her car off the road. (A little message in there about steering away from judgment?) As she listened further, she recognized the woman. It had indeed been easy to open her to her psychic abilities. All she had done was help the woman shift her mental focus from "outward" to "inward" reality. Simply doing that had opened the woman to her psychic eye which was highly developed.


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People build skills and abilities in many lives. When the soul comes into the body it brings with it certain influences, both "good" and "bad", from specific past lives. (Not ALL past life influences are part of each new life as that would be quite overwhelming and confusing to the human experience.) Clearly, the time had come for this woman to move into an ability she had already developed.

    As Pamela drove home, she pondered the word spiritualist. We had never thought of ourselves as spiritualists. The word conjures up all kinds of images, none of which seemed to fit us. When she got home, Pamela looked up the words spiritualism and spiritualist in Webster´s Dictionary and the Donning psychic dictionary: :

    Webster´s: Spiritualism: 1. the view that spirit is a prime element of reality. 2: a) a belief that spirits of the dead communicate with the living usu[ally] through a medium.

Donning: Spiritualism: Belief in the continuity of life after death and communication with this life for the advancement of civilization and personal growth; scientific study of the etheric [astral] world; its properties, functions, and relationship to mankind and God; belief in reincarnation; uses the Bible [and other holy works] as a guide to show one how to perfect oneself in his or her many incarnations. Spiritualist: One who believes in the communication between this world and the invisible world and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communion.

    Well; it seems we are spiritualists after all.

    Spirit IS a prime element of reality. Even your body has a spirit. Your own spirit has become so intertwined with your body´s spirit that they seem to you to be one spirit. They are not. This may surprise you. It shocked us.

    We knew, of course, that the human body has evolved from and is part of the animal kingdom. We knew souls began entering the human body after it had - over eons of time - been developed by "divine intervention" to a point where it could "house" the souls. We began to suspect the body had a mind, not just a brain, of its own and a separate spirit when we kept getting responses such as: "We, the cells of the blood know what is good for the blood, but we must respond to the beliefs of the being in the body."

    Shocked that the body had a separate consciousness and wanting to know more about this, Pamela approached Master of Spirit for further clarification.

    "We are animals?" Pamela asked Master of Spirit after she had guided Dr. Harmon to the level of trance that allowed for this communication.

    "Your bodies are," Master of Spirit replied. "You know that. Go back in your mind and remember."

    "If our bodies have a mind and spirit of their own," Pamela remarked to Master of Spirit, "we probably ought to treat our bodies as lovingly as we do our pets".

    "If humans treated their pets as badly as they´ve treated their bodies," Master of Spirit rejoined, "your pets would all be dead. The animal chosen for your bodies was chosen for its dexterity and strength. It has extraordinary ability to endure hardship and survive. A fortunate choice, for the life forms chosen to serve the souls have needed all of their resources to survive the abuse heaped upon them by the very souls they serve. Interesting that humans of all levels of knowledge, even those who call themselves spiritually advanced, ignore or deny the needs and importance of their bodies. Why is that we wonder?"

    "You mean you don´t know?" Pamela asked with surprise.

    "We are not in the body," Master of Spirit answered. "There is much we don´t know about the human condition. Your minds are a curiosity to us."

    Pamela laughed. "Believe me, Master of Spirit, they are as much a curiosity to us."

    "Perhaps," Master of Spirit mused, "your minds are more influenced by the limitations of the body´s consciousness than you realize."

    "I would say so," Pamela agreed. "Perhaps that is why meditation is so important. It gives us a chance to move beyond our lower influences and limitations."

    "You would do well to teach humans what meditation is," Master of Spirit suggested. "Most seem to have forgotten. Others complicate it so completely it is as confusing to your minds as it is to your bodies."

    "I´m not certain if I truly know what meditation is, Master of Spirit," Pamela answered.

    "Interesting, that you should forget so much while in the body. Oh well, it is not our place to question. Perhaps the one you call Master of Light can help. As Light, that one is much more understanding of the human condition than are we."

    "Thank you, I shall indeed ask Master of Light to write of meditation in the last chapter of the book. Master of Light is writing that chapter without our input, you know."

    "We do know," Master of Spirit responded. "That is why you were chosen. To spread the message of Light or the destruction of Man, as we know Man, as you know Man, and as Man knows itself, is in the very near future."


Perhaps, dear reader, you are tempted to skip to the last chapter and read Master of Light´s message now. Before you do, read this chapter. Or if you do, return to this chapter. There is important information for you in it. Information necessary for anyone who works with spirit. Here is part of Light´s message:

    There are Beings of Light present in the earth today. Many are humans who have returned to human form, despite having finished their earthly sojourns. This is dangerous to do, for ever the web of human consciousness threatens to ensnare the soul once again. Light Beings are here at the request of many realms, planes, and dimensions to help humans save themselves from the destruction they have unleashed upon the earth. Humans have come close to their potential twelve times. Twelve times humans have destroyed themselves and returned in consciousness to the age of dinosaurs and cave dwellers to slowly advance through the centuries. This is not recorded in the records of Man; it is recorded in the Universal Records of Spirit.

    Humans are ready, once again, to leap into their potential. Yet, they have through choice and will brought themselves to the brink of destruction a thirteenth time. Once again, Man and Woman have denied and defied the Laws of Nature and, once again, Nature is not pleased.

    Nature is poised to restore the balance by sweeping the earth clean of humans; save a very small number of primitive humans with which to begin, once again, the march of civilizations. Nature gives warning through many signs that humans might heed these signs and right the balance themselves. It is late, but there is still time. This is why you are here; for if you do not succeed, Nature SHALL destroy this age and all the generations in it.

    You, who read these words, heed them well. For in them, the Ancient Catalyst quickens your spirit and stirs the memory of why you are here in this most consequential of times. You have come to bring the Light, and with Light, you shall lead human kind forward from the brink of destruction into the Age of Light. You have many gathered in spirit around you to help you in your great purpose. You have but to ask of your Higher Self and those who serve the Light will serve you well.

    You have, also, powerful enemies; for there are many in spirit and in physical form who seek to master the earth and chain human souls to serve their purposes. Be aware! Do not turn over your bodies or your power of choice to any who ask for them in exchange for helping you. It would be better to unleash Nature in all of its might than to lose your powers of choice. Know this: Your enemies use your own minds to manipulate and control you.

    This book is commissioned by Higher Spirit to remind you of these things. It is written to remind you of the power of your minds to aid or to block you in your missions. It is written to remind you of the Light and how to teach others of the Light. It is written to remind you of spirit and how to know the spirits of darkness who greet you disguised as light. You have forgotten these things at your human levels for when your souls were born into physical matter, they entered at the level and limitations of consciousness common to the human experience in your times. For the test of the human realm is ever that of moving beyond the limitations and challenges of the human experience and into the Light.

    When you have found the Light, you will gather others where there are ears to listen, eyes to see, and minds to focus in the Light. You shall teach them as Master of Light teaches you.

    You are Beings of Light here to fulfill your mission in the Plan of Light. If this is done, if this is accomplished, there is time beyond in which to reward yourselves with that which pleases your human hearts. Your part in the plan - which must be implemented NOW - is very, very, very important. It is why you are here; it is why you agreed to come. You cannot, DARE not, underestimate your part. The plan will not work without you. You must not be stopped. You are very, very, very important.

    Your bodies are important to your mission. Treat them well. Know that your emotions are important as your emotions are a vital part of the life force of your bodies.

    This is why releasing anger and fear are so important. Anger and fear are part of the animal programming; they are essential for the survival of the body. Every animal alive, including your body, has been programmed to flee what it fears and fight what angers it. Nature programmed this to protect the body. Human children are frequently taught that fear and anger are not acceptable. Such programming severely handicaps survival mechanisms. It is this very programming that feeds the ability of abusers to abuse. It is this very programming (and the subsequent holding in of emotions like anger and fear) that blocks ones connection to the Higher Self. One must be certain, when working with spirit, to be clear at the internal levels of anger and fear; for if one is not, one draws spirits of anger and fear to one.


Your soul has "tried on" many VERY different personalities in living the full spectrum of human experience. You would "hate" some of your past life personalities, and they would "hate" you! (It does seem one certain way to predetermine ones gender, race, or sexual orientation in a future life is to "hate" a particular gender, race, or sexual orientation. So does the soul grow in compassion and away from judgment.) The personalities you have been are not "dead" and "buried". They live as long as your spirit.

    To understand how this can be, you will first need to remember that spirit can be in many places at one at the same time. Thus, your spirit can be in many places at one and the same time. Time and death cannot separate spirit as in the levels of spirit there is no time and there is no death. Of course, earth is a temporal plane. Birth, aging, death, and rebirth exist on the earth planes because our minds have made them exist. Our minds have had to create a means of blending that which is omnipresent and eternal (spirit) with that which is not (material matter). How we did that is, no doubt, highly intricate, complex, sophisticated, and nearly impossible to grasp with our finite focus. However, the basic understanding of it becomes easier when we open our focus with the simple illustration of space travel.

    Your physical body and its cells must maintain certain rates of vibration to remain intact. The earth atmosphere maintains those vibration rates. To travel to other atmospheres, such as "outer space", your body needs a means of maintaining its vibration rates. Space vehicles and space suits are what our minds have built to maintain those vibration rates in other atmospheres.

    Spirit also has certain vibration rates. The vibrations of your whole spirit would shatter material matter. Thus, your spirit needs a kind of space vehicle and space suit for lowering its vibrations to a level that allows it to travel in other atmospheres like realms of material matter. The space vehicle for your spirit is your soul and the space suit for your soul is its astral body.

    All energy has vibration. That vibration "determines" its energy state. For instance, H20 has several energy states, depending on the rate of movement (vibration) of its molecules. At a slow vibration, H20 is in the solid energy state called ice. Increase the vibration of its molecules and H20 is a liquid energy state called water. Increase the vibration rates of its molecules even more and H20 becomes an invisible vapor as its molecules separate and become part of air. Vapor and air both vibrate so rapidly you cannot see them. They are invisible to the human eye, unless there is particulate matter in them. (Steam is vapor mixed with water particles, which allows you to see it; just as smog is air mixed with water and other particulate matter which allows you to see it.)

    Spirit, like air, is invisible unless there is particulate matter mixed with it. For instance, your Higher Self cannot be seen as its vibration rate is so high. Your soul vibrates at a lower rate, but it cannot, itself, be seen either. (Your soul is part of your Higher Self, but it is not your Higher Self, just as a cup of ocean water is ocean water, but it is not the ocean.) However, the astral bodies of your Higher Self and your soul can be seen as astral energy is spirit with particulate matter mixed in it. That particulate matter is called ectoplasm, which is the building block of physical matter.

    The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by June G. Bletzer, Ph.D., notes: ectoplasm exuded by "mediums" (people able to project a thick ectoplasm that flows from their physical bodies at will) has been measured and studied by French researchers who found it to contain: "albumoid matter and fatty matter (same as human cells, except for sugar and starch); smells similar to ozone; capable of being weighted and measured; coming from advanced mediums, it contains white blood cells, calcium phosphate, membranous cell detritus, and nitrogen." A further note adds: "analyzed by Massachusetts´s Institute of Technology and found to contain properties of; sodium, potassium, water, chlorine, albumen, epithelial cells, and red blood corpuscles."

    Your astral body is a mixture of spirit and ectoplasm. Your astral body surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. Your astral body and physical body mirror one another. They are alike. Your astral body is less solid than your physical body, but it can be seen. Babies and small children see it readily. Older children and adults who have been taught not to see it must relearn this ability.

    Hold your hand up in front of a plain, light background, like a white wall or the blue sky. Spread your fingers. Stare at the spaces between your fingers. Relax the focus of your eyes until they are slightly unfocused. Play with the distance of your hand to your face until you see a kind of fuzzy outline of light around your fingers. That is the outline of your astral body´s fingers. Next, see if you can shift your brain/eye focus in that same manner to see a kind of dim outline around other people´s bodies. This is usually most visible around the shoulders and head and is easier to see in a kind of dim light. (Practice this in the dim lighting of a movie theater before the movie starts.)

    Western scientists already know, to some extent, about astral energy, though not to the extent of metaphysicians. In fact, scientists who puzzle over the unknown are really looking for the known, which is always in evidence and available to them. When people are blinded by shortsightedness, they do not open to their insight, thus overlooking the obvious.

    Acupuncture and acupressure are two methods of working with astral energy. There are certain points on the physical body that correspond to certain points on the astral body that have to do with the flow of astral energy and its entry into the physical body. (The subconscious needs astral energy for many of its tasks; including the repairing, regenerating, and rejuvenating of cells.) When these entry points become blocked they can be opened by inserting a special needle, as in acupunture, or a special pressure, as in acupressure, on these points. The lines of the flow of astral energy between these points are called meridian lines. Tracing the meridian lines help keep these lines open and flowing in the proper direction.

    Chakra is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to "spinning wheel". Astral energy has certain generating centers in the astral body. These generating centers look like spinning wheels of Light. The chakras "power up" and "spin out" astral energy along the meridians lines. When astral energy is low or blocked in a particular chakra or at any point along a meridian, the part of the physical body fed by that chakra and meridian suffer.

    Astral energy is part of the life force of the body. To build and keep a strong life force the following are essential:

  • A strong spiritual connection with the Higher Self. (Get in the habit of talking (aloud or by thought) with your Higher Self and asking for its guidance and protection. Also meditate.)

  • Sunlight. (Make sunlight dangerous and/or convince humans sunlight isn´t good for them and you can control the human race as the sun is a prime source of life force.)

  • Fresh air. (Same as above.)

  • Clean water. (Same as above.)

  • Natural food. (Addict humans to chemical and hormone laced foods and you´ve got the same scenario as above. Plus, you can effectively "herd" them through their addictions in the direction of your choosing.)

  • Physical exercise. (Stretching exercises are particularly good as they move the nutrient and oxygen filled blood, as well as astral energy, to all the cells of the body/brain. Breathe deeply as you stretch as this brings in oxygen and astral energy from the Higher Self. To add further impact: image, think, or speak to your body, giving it in thanks for its support of you. Then ask, image, or speak of the perfect balance and ratio of muscle, bone, fat, tissue, fluids, glands, and organs in your strong, youthful, and flexible body.

  • Joy. Laughter. Love. (The kind without judgment and conditions. The kind that comes from The Higher Self; thus the importance of meditation.)

  • Touch. (It´s part of how humans share life force with one another.)

  • Positive thoughts at all levels of mind.

   Around the astral body and chakras are fields of colors called auras. Like the astral body, the aura can be seen, with practice, by shifting ones eyes and mental focus. The auric field is not static. It changes as a person´s thoughts and emotions change. It is even affected by the thoughts and emotions of others. Aura readers (people who see and interpret the auric fields) must be careful not to "color" another´s aura with their own thoughts and emotions. (Just like working with hypnosis and NMR.) For instance, the color of rose pink is often associated with the emotional vibration of non-conditional love. Feeling that kind of love for someone can affect the way one sees the colors in that person´s aura. (Just as placing a rose filter over the camera lens to photograph a sunset will change the colors of the sunset in the picture, not in the sunset itself.) Also, people do see colors differently. The color aqua marine will appear more green to some and more blue to others. Brown eyed people and blue eyed people see certain colors differently as well. Good aura readers learn how to make the necessary adjustments.

    An example of how ones own perceptions can filter what one sees in another´s aura, is when we invited a truly gifted aura reader to sit in on a session with Master of Light. She told us later that she had seen a very jolly man with a long white beard in Dr. Harmon´s astral field while Master of Light was talking to her. Pamela asked Master of Light about this later. Laughing, Master of Light asked Pamela how she perceived ´his´ presence.

    "The hue of the light in the room changes somehow," Pamela replied, "Often there is a sense of soft blue in the room and sometimes a kind of rose pink color. Sometimes, it seems there are several colors. But I always know when you are coming in as the light in the room softens, just like daylight softens at sunset."

    "The softness of the light at that hour brings you very close to your God awareness," Master of Light responded, "and as I am the Consciousness of Light, I trigger those feelings in you, which color, if you will, what you see. The delightful Lady of Colors who was here yesterday had preconceived ideas about who and what I might be. She loves your Dr. Harmon and she perceives, correctly, the joy vibrations that fill his auric field. She thinks of me as a guru of his and assumed any guru of his would be filled with joy as well. She is a powerful being and her thoughts used astral energy to create a jolly looking guru as she spoke with me. It is as apt a form as any other, for I have no form and, yet, I am all forms. I Am Light. Each person will perceive me differently as what each person perceives of Light will be colored by their own expectations, thoughts, and feelings."

    The auric field, astral body, and physical body affect one another. Weakness in the astral body "invites" illness, disease, or injury into the physical body. Illness, disease, or injury of the physical body weakens the astral body. Healing and transformation of the physical body brings the same results to the astral body just as healing and transformation of the astral body bring the same results to the physical body. The difference is, the astral body responds to thought much more quickly than the physical body. The more focused the thought, the more instantaneous the results on the astral body. The greater the life force, the more quickly those results filter to the physical level. This realization is an important one for it brings the recognition that one can change, heal and transform ones physical body through techniques and methods that affect the astral but do not harm the physical body.

    For instance: Laser surgery can be done mentally. Imagine how much more cost effective and safer laser surgery will become when medical science "discovers" this! (Imagine how those who make expensive laser surgery equipment and those who charge for laser surgery will fight to squelch this discovery!) We have SEEN the results of mental laser healing on a small number of clients who have focused their minds on light altering specific areas of their bodies. Each said it took concentration, belief, and patience, but it DID work. We were amazed ourselves.

    We shouldn´t have been so surprised; after all, we are accustomed to seeing what thought can do. We also know the ancient Kahunas of Old Hawaii would use astral healing for, among other things, repairing broken bones instantly. (Witnessed and documented by Western Scientists.) They did so by mentally connecting the broken bone of the astral body. (The astral body is called aka kino in Hawaiian). At the same time, they would put their hands on the broken bone of the physical body to transfer mana (vital life force) into the bone for the instant transfer of the healing from the astral to the physical. It is interesting to note that the Hawaiian symbol for mana (vital life force) is a lightning bolt.

    The Kahunas understood that the lower the mana a person possessed, the longer it would take healing to transfer from the astral to the physical. So the Kahunas not only built up their own mana, they figured out how to collect and store extra mana they could utilize for healing people of low mana.

    The Kahunas also understood the subconscious mind, which they called the "low self", or unihipili. The conscious mind was called uhane, or the "middle self". The Higher Self was called aumakua, or the "High Self". They believed that the mana that flowed from the High Self was the strongest mana of all and they named it mana loa.

    The Kahunas recognized that thoughts and emotions in either the low self or the middle self could block the flow of mana from the High Self. They recognized this flow was necessary if a person was to stay healed or be granted a prayer manifestation. Knowing this, Kahunas would often do a kind of pre-healing or pre-prayer ritual designed to clear thoughts and emotions that could block this flow. Righting wrongs done to others and forgiving others of wrongs done to oneself were frequently part of these rituals.

    For a prayer to be manifested, the Kahunas had a person say the prayer aloud three times in order to direct the low self as to what was wanted. They believed (rightly!) that the low self was the one that either allowed or blocked the mana needed from the High Self to manifest the requests of the middle self. Kahunas did hypnotic rituals in order to "catch the attention" of the subconscious mind. They also believed the low self held the memories but had inferior powers of reason. The middle self, they believed, could not remember for itself, but had full power of inductive reasoning. It´s amazing how knowledgeable the Kahunas were about the way the mind works!

    The astral body, or aka, of the High Self was also called The Light, The True Light, The Path, The Way. Aka is also the same word used for the halo of light around the moon and sun, whether they are in the sky or just before they rise above the horizon. Aka actually translates to shadowy body and the Kahunas believed all things to have a shadowy (astral) body, be they crystals, plants, animals, fabricated material, man, woman, child, or thought. The shadowy bodies of thoughts were very important to the working of low and high magic for the Kahunas.

    The Kahunas called working through the High Self (such as with prayer) high magic. They understood the High Self had greater mana that could transform the physical more rapidly than the mana of the low self and middle self. HOWEVER, they also knew that thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in either the low self (subconscious mind) or the middle self (conscious mind), or both, could block the sending of prayer to the High Self or the receipt of the mana from the High Self. Thus, they often had to work through and with the low self and the middle self, which they called low magic.

    (Those interested in knowing more about the Kahunas and their amazing knowledge are referred to the books of the western researcher and linguist Max Freedom Long.)

    Humans are entering an age where it is important, even crucial, to understand there are astral realms, planes, and dimensions that our spirits and minds tune into, travel through, and dwell in. We know this at the subconscious level. We know this at the Higher Self level. It´s time we know this at the conscious level.

    Our souls regularly "tune into" and "visit" various astral levels during certain periods of sleep. At least they do when we are in balance and healthy. (In fact, to stay balanced and healthy we better leave our bodies regularly. This gives the body and its cells a chance to balance and heal themselves according to their truths, not ours.) Dreaming is a tuning into or traveling in astral levels; as are drug "trips", out of body experiences (o.b.e.) and near death experiences (n.d.e.) Mental telepathy, precognition, and other psychic experiences are also a tuning into or visiting in the astral levels.

      Thought has form in certain astral levels and it is a "tuning into" or "running into" negative thought forms in these levels that causes many "bad" astral trips (including nightmares). To get out of these levels, it is necessary only to think, will, or pray oneself out of them, as the astral responds instantly to thought in these levels. This is much more difficult to do with a drug induced "trip" as drugs (legal or illegal) affect both the "hardware" of the brain and the "software" of the mind.

    All physical forms have astral forms in the astral levels. These astral forms remain in the astral levels long after the destruction of the physical form and comprise a kind of "astral world". There are many dimensions and planes of this astral world. When a soul leaves its physical body at death, it can choose to remain in its astral form in the astral planes of earth or it can choose to leave its astral form and go into the Light.


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