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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


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Allergy Corrections

Ridding the World of Allergies

Allergy Detection and Correction Demonstration

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A Clinically Tested FREE Method For Correcting Allergies

Rancho Mirage, CA: Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. has pioneered The Allergone Allergy Correction Method®™, a natural, non-medical method of correcting allergy symptoms without needles, drugs, herbs, inhalants, or medications of any kind. A recent survey commissioned by The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology shows about 38% of Americans suffer from allergies, twice as many as experts previously thought. "There is no need for this," says Dr. Harmon. "There is a simple, non-invasive process that can be done at home can eliminate most - and in many cases - all allergy symptoms. F.R.E.O.M.M., the non-profit teaching, healing, and research foundation I founded in 1979 posts the method and how to use it free of charge at"

"The Allergone Allergy Correction Method is based on my knowledge of Eastern medicine and Western medicine. After years of research I found that gently tapping a small number of specific energy points on the body stimulates the immune system to neutralize its reaction to specific substances erroneously identified as harmful to the body; i.e. allergens. I have used this method in my own clinical practice for the past 15 years and have trained others who have successfully used this method with their own clients. Exactly why it works is not yet clear though that is works is very clear. It works with common allergies such as allergic reactions to foods, pollens, dust, dirt, grass, dander, pets, cosmetics, cleansers, medicines, herbs and the like. It also works with the more uncommon allergies such as allergic reactions to cold, heat, florescent lights, newspaper print, even specific sounds. The tapping works immediately. There is no need to avoid the allergen for a period of time. The only side effects are better health and improved well being. How long the correction lasts depends upon a personís immune system. A person with a strong immune system who is "tapped" to grass, for instance, will have years of relief. A person whose immune system is weakened due to stress or illness may need to be re-tapped to an allergen when exposed to overwhelming amounts, such as grass-reseeding, for example. Re-tapping corrects the allergy response. There are, however, three minor drawbacks to home use," Dr. Harmon admits.

  1. It does not work as well to tap yourself. You need someone else to tap you. The tapping is so easy, however, a child can do it. An easy to follow diagram of where to tap is on our website.
  2. Discovering what a person is allergic to is more difficult to do at home. In our offices we find allergens through a simple muscle testing technique we call NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response). A tiny sample of a suspected substance, such as rose pollen, for example, is placed in a container and the container is placed below the belly button on the central meridian point of the body. Then an arm or a leg muscle is tested to determine if the substance weakens the muscle response. If it does, this indicates an allergy to that substance. The points are then tapped - which takes less than a minute - the muscle re-tested and in 99 cases out of a hundred, the muscle will now test strong, which means the allergenic response has been corrected. (Interesting side note: We have found people allergic to one color of a flower only.) We have posted how to do this testing on our website but it does take some practice and expertise, which can discourage some people. The alternative is to tap to everything one suspects is an allergen, keeping in mind the immune system can be corrected to no more than three separate allergens a day.
  3. All allergens currently affecting a person must be corrected to obtain complete relief. If you think you are allergic to grass, for instance, but donít realize newspaper print is the real culprit or is also an allergen to you, you will tap to the grass - get only partial relief or no relief if the grass was not the problem - and think the method does not work. With NMR testing, all the allergens that affect a person can be discovered in one sitting. Without the testing, a person will have to use a time and trial method - tapping to everything one can think of until all allergy symptoms have cleared.

"It is important to remember this method cannot correct substances that are actually toxic to the body. Some medicines are toxic to a person, for example, while others cause an allergy response. The allergenic reactions can be corrected, the toxic reactions cannot. Another common example is allergic reactions to refined sugar can be corrected, the toxicity of refined sugar cannot be corrected. Nor can clearing allergic reactions to a food help with digestion. Allergic reactions to milk products or wheat, for example, can be corrected, but this does not help digestion in people whose bodies do not digest these well. Over time, foods the body does not like will again become allergens. While re-tapping will clear the symptoms, it is better to avoid foods oneís body is unable to process efficiently."

"As part of my contribution to a healthier, safer world, Iím willing to explain and teach this method, including the testing, to medical practitioners free of charge," adds Dr. Harmon. "Allergies contribute to or are the underlying cause of many illnesses. Whether a patient is allergic to a particular medication can be discovered, and quickly corrected, BEFORE taking the medication. Possible toxic reactions to medications can be discovered BEFORE prescribing them - which will save lives. Doctors can assign office staff the job of testing for allergens, correcting them, even teaching patients how to correct other allergies themselves. While drug companies manufacturing allergy medications may not like this, busy doctors whose greatest concern is their patientsí health do."

Media Contact: Dr. Hugh Harmon or Pamela Chilton - 800-403-4325 or 760-772-6628

odyssey at (Replace the at with @.)

A Message from Hugh Harmon, Ph.D., Founder

What if your doctor gave you a prescription for a completely natural drug that, taken daily, could almost guarantee good health for all the years of your life? Would you take it? Even if it cost you a bit, at least in the beginning? What if this same drug could heal the ill, injured, depressed, and despondent? Would you consider it a miracle drug? Would you wonder why every doctor didn't prescribe it?

There is a such a drug and there ARE many doctors prescribing it for their patients, and for themselves. This drug enhances your immune system, possibly the most important system of your body. Most important because it is the guardian system for EVERY CELL of your body and your brain. Without it, no system of your body could survive the constant and daily onslaught of invaders from outside and inside of your body. Before naming this drug, let me share a little about the immune system, which is a miracle all in itself.

The immune system not only protects and repairs all other parts of your body/brain system, it is programmed to replicate, duplicate, and create its own best functioning throughout the course of your life time.

Your immune system is constantly battling cancer cells, virus, bacteria, and germs that invade the body all the time. Among the cells of the immune system are the reticulo-endothelial cells in the kidney, spleen, and white corpuscles. The immune system works as a team, yet has the complexity to separate itself into divisions: 1. Cells that trigger the immune response. 2. Cells that "tag" the invaders. 3. Cells, like T Cells and T-Helper Cells that move in and neutralize the invaders. This neutralization is usually a process that "liquefies" the invaders, leaving a certain amount of debris to be cleaned up by various types of cells called phagocytes - among which is the cell with the longest name in the human anatomy: "polymorphoneuclear leucocyte".

If even one of the cell types in the immune system is under-energized or missing, as in HIV disease, then the whole chain of events does not happen and people are left vulnerable to invasions that weaken, or destroy, their bodies.

It is equally important that identification signals to, from, and within the immune system remain intact and clear. When signals become confused or misinterpreted, the immune system can attack itself, other healthy cells of the body/brain, and/or trigger normally inert substances in the body. Such chaos causes dysfunction in the body/brain leading to: Allergies and allergy related conditions, like fibromyalgia and asthma. Diseases such as Crohin's disease, a form of ulcerated colitis; rheumatoid arthritis; lupus, Raynaud's disease; Ritter's disease, and H.I.V. These, as well as many more, are all in the category of human disorders caused by misdirected or non-directed immune system response.

Rest is important to the immune system. Deep, restful sleep, on a steady basis is essential to the functioning of your immune system, as are: A healthy diet. Sufficient water. Clean air. Sunshine. Exercise. One of the reasons for exercise is to keep the body oxygenated and the blood flowing, without constriction, through the body. Exercise not only oxygenates the body/brain, it is a potent means of relieving the stress that constricts blood flow. The immune system cells must use the blood system to guard and protect cells and to remove from the body the invaders it "neutralizes".

Anger and fear trigger powerful brain chemicals that prepare the body to respond immediately to perceived threats to its survival. When anger or fear persist for long periods of time, the body is continually being flooded with these chemicals, which wears down, and eventually destroys, the immune system, allowing invaders into the cells of the body/brain it is meant to protect.

Other emotions, like grief, sadness, guilt, and shame, suppress immune system response. Over time, this is as dangerous to the immune system and fatal to the body/brain as are the continual triggering of chemicals by anger and fear.

When people "push down", "deny", or "push away" anger, fear, grief, sadness, guilt, shame, and the memories causing them, these memories and their emotions are stored in the subconscious mind. The immune system responds to subconscious emotions and memories as though they are still present. Which is why it is absolutely essential to the balanced functioning of the immune system to completely process all emotions, including those not fully processed in the past. You will know when a memory is fully processed when you feel completely free of any shame, anger, fear, grief, sadness, guilt or pain attached to the memory.

Preventative care for the body/brain should always begin with checking the subconscious mind (hypnotherapy) for negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories that will eventually create symptoms indicating a suppressed, or continually triggered, or confused immune system.

Now I will tell you the name of the most powerful drug in the world for good health and for meeting the challenges of life positively. That drug is JOY! Norman Cousins wrote a entire book on how he healed himself with JOY! Robert Harmon, M.D. is my brother and he has a similar story to tell of a Hollywood producer who came to see him years ago with terminal cancer.

    "They say I've got a couple months, Doc," the producer told him. "And no one can help me. I have a friend that says maybe you can. But I doubt it."

    "I can't help you," my brother agreed, after glancing at the medical reports. "But YOU can. I note you seem to be rather dour fellow, would you agree?"

    "You bet," he answered, proudly. "I don't believe in smiling. Gives people the impression you're a push-over."

    "Well, that is what is about to push you under," my brother told him. "You lack joy. If you are going to heal, you need your immune system working and working powerfully. The only "drug" I know that can do that is joy. Go home. Rent or buy all the films or film clips you think are funny, call up all your friends, and invite them over to share good, hearty, belly laughs."

    The producer came to see him several months later. "Doc," he said, with a broad smile, "do I look like the same man to you?" Assured he did not, the producer continued, "I left here cursing you. I called you a quack. I told my wife you were a quack, then called my friend and told him you were a quack. Then I sat down and tried to figure out how to die with as much dignity as I could muster. A voice in my head said quietly, 'You're the quack.' I got up, called several friends and invited them over for a week of laughter. Doc, every laugh I'd ever repressed came out in that week. I laughed so much my friends thought I'd die from laughter. I didn't. I lived. And the cancer is completely gone. Nor will it be back. I'm a reformed man. I'm dedicating my life to joy. Thank you."

Below is framed prescription that hangs on our office wall.

"To attain perfect health and avoid illness and disease take
mirth, joy, felicity, and contentment as directed daily.
Dispense laughter, good cheer, glad tidings,
and benedictions to all."
Robert Harmon, M.D.

Protect your immune system so it can protect you.
It's the greatest defense against misery you will ever find.
Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.

The Allergone Allergy Correction Method®

As a non-profit research, healing, and teaching foundation, F.R.E.O.M.M. is dedicated to disseminating information that helps people to help themselves. In this light we are happy to share with you the method developed by our founder, Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.

This method is based on an ancient Chinese process of stimulating certain points of the body; points still used by acupuncturists for allergy relief. Dr. Harmon, with a fellow researcher, discovered it was possible to get the same relief with a more simplified method of tapping, not puncturing, certain points associated with the energy flows of the immune system. Refining the process further, by tapping the points associated with the stomach, bladder, thymus, and spleen - Dr. Harmon developed The Allergone Allergy Correction Method® . Used clinically by Dr. Harmon and those he has trained, the method works.

It works but: All allergens affecting the immune system must be cleared for complete symptom release. Plus, if there are subconscious programs that keep weakening the immune system, these must be addressed for permanent relief or one will need to periodically "re-tap" to allergens.


    As you use the method outlined, remember the "trick" is to find ALL the allergens presently affecting the immune system. This means, as seasons or environments change, you may again re-experience symptoms to allergens to which you have not been balanced. You will need to discover what these are and balance yourself to them. Second, should your immune system be "attacked" by illness, disease, emotional overload, or an over exposure to a substance, you may need to "re-tap" to allergens already corrected. Third, if you find you "tap" and experience relief for a period of time and then symptoms return, you will need to "re-tap" or go to a hypnotist who can help you reprogram your subconscious programming in regards to allergies.

For more information about The Allergone Allergy Correction Method® , read See pages 19-22 Odyssey of the Soul, A Trilogy, Book I, by Chilton, Harmon, and Light. This book is available at or can be ordered at any book store (they order it through Ingram Book Distributors), and all major internet bookstores.

Every time you suspect something - food, pollen, hair, chemicals, dirt, dust, pets, insect bites, whatever - test it! If you walk by a plant, tree, etc. and think or feel it might be that, take it and put it in a plastic bag. Be sure not to mix allergens together.

Don't forget to test: dust from heating and air-conditioning ducts and filters. Test for allergies to cold (yes, we DO find that), by putting an ice-cube in a plastic baggie and testing that.

Test colognes and perfumes - your own and whatever anyone close to you wears. Test your own hair and the hair of anyone whose hair you breathe in. Test pet hair. Don't forget to test your pillow, bed sheets, blankets, and dust from around the bed/house. Test laundry detergent you do the clothes in and the "bounce" sheets or softeners if you use any. Test soaps and shampoos. Test any supplements you take, including herbs. Test water you drink. Even bottled or filtered water. If you find you are allergic to a medication, balance that. If it won't balance, take these information sheets to your Doctor, explain the medication seems to be toxic to you and you need a substitute. DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR (M.D.) ABOUT ALL MEDICATIONS. Your doctor is welcome to call us to speak with Dr. Harmon.

The most common food allergies ought to be corrected for all members of the family - from babies to elders. Remember, many times allergies are the cause of attention disorders, hyperactivity, confused thinking, fatigue, immune system disorders, asthma, even arthritis.

  • Wheat. Corn. Potatoes. Soy. Nuts. Peanuts. Diary Products.

Also, remember to correct cleaning chemicals used to clean the house. While many are toxic, and cannot be balanced, at least you will have some protection from the lingering fumes.

Run a Kleenex or paper towel around the sides of the bed to pick up dust mites and balance each person who sleeps in that bed to these. Use a separate Kleenex or paper towel to get dust from the furniture or floor boards and correct this too.

If children are having frequent cold or flu symptoms or are constantly fatigued, balance them to everything at their schools you can think of: Dust from class room. Their school books. Chalk. Chemicals used to clean the rooms and the bathrooms. Heating and air-conditioning ducts. (Yes, stand on a chair and run a Kleenex over the ducts. Put in plastic bag. Take home and balance your child. It can make a HUGE difference!) Plants in the yard. Plants in the classes. The water they drink.

Balance to the water you drink regularly. If you have a water purifier, make sure you clean the water frequently. The same for the ice cube and water makers in refrigerators. If you can't have them cleaned and/or changed frequently then tap to them frequently.

Molds: Many molds are TOXIC - they cannot be balanced. Keep your home clear of molds. Attend to water leaks IMMEDIATELY.

The pesticides that are used for vegetables and fruits are very toxic and are wrecking havoc with immune systems. Eggs are often contaminated with salmonella. We HIGHLY recommend the following: Soak all eggs, fruits and vegetables (including lettuce, potatoes, bananas) for five minutes in a solution of:

    A tablespoon of REAL Clorox (no substitute) per gallon of water. (If you have a double sink, this is one of the sinks full of water with a cap full of Clorox added.) Then soak for five minutes in a sink full of clear water. Let drain.

Remember, once allergies are balanced (corrected) you can eat, wear, smell, drink, and use them. If you tap to a substance and do not get the correction, that substance is toxic to you and cannot be corrected. This is true of white sugar for many people.

Use same testing for things you put on or in your body (food, vitamins, minerals, herbs, cosmetics). State for the NMR: "My body likes this." Test for yes or no. Then state: "My cells like this." Test for yes or no. If either answer is no, don't use it - even if not allergic to it. Sometimes a person will be corrected to a substance, but find the body simply does not like it or tolerate it well. This is frequently true with white flour, white sugar, tobacco, caffeine, and sometimes milk, cheese, white flour, and very processed foods - even so called health food or health food bars!

NOTE: Testing for allergies does take some expertise. If you prefer to skip the testing, then simply correct what you think you might be allergic to by going straight to "Allergy Testing & Correction " The use of a pendulum can be helpful in discovering what you are allergic to. Read How To Use a Pendulum in the Treasure Chest. use the pendulum as described in the Food and Drink section to test to allergies to any kind of substance. For testing pet hair, be sure to get hair the pet has licked. It is often the saliva not the hair or fur that is the cause for allergies.


  • Have subject lie back in a reclining chair or lie on back on a flat surface and separate legs about one foot apart.

  • Tester sits or stands to side of the legs and stabilizes the nearest leg by holding it (lightly) just above the ankles with one hand or by placing the hand against the outside of the leg, just above the ankle.

  • Tester places his or her other hand on the other leg - just above the ankle - and gently but firmly pulls the far leg towards the near leg while explaining that when the tester says "hold" or "resist" the subject is to use the leg muscle at the side of the hip (the gluteus medius) to resist this.

  • Tester says "hold" or "resist" and gently but firmly tries to pull leg.

  • Leg should hold. Tester is to find the amount of gentle, but firm, pressure that allows the leg to hold. This amount of pressure will vary with subjects.

  • Tester now asks the subject to say aloud and think, at the same time, the word "yes" while resisting tester pulling the leg. Tester says "hold" or "resist" and pulls far leg, as though to pull towards near leg. Leg should hold

  • Tester now asks the subject to say aloud, and think, at the same time, the word "no" while resisting tester pulling the leg. Tester says "hold" or "resist" and pulls far leg. Far leg should pull to near leg or at least weaken sufficiently to note a differential between yes and no. (If unable to establish a sufficient differential between "yes" and "no" responses as to be of any value, have subject tap thymus as outlined in polarity balancing on other side of this sheet. This will establish a differential of resistance in leg testing.)

    IMPORTANT: This is NOT a muscle contest and for many subjects, it will be necessary to point this out to them. Subject - and you - WANT the legs to remain strong on "yes" and become weak on "no". Subject will using their gluteus medius muscle for BOTH the "yes" and the "no".

  • If leg muscle cannot be used, then use deltoid of shoulder. Have subject hold arm at a vertical and horizontal 45 degree angle from body. Tester places his/her hand just above the wrist of subject and pushes down on arm firmly, but gently, in above steps. If neither leg nor arm muscle can be used, isolate a muscle of the body that can be, such as a finger muscle..

  • Now proceed on with polarity balancing.


  • After establishing "yes" and "no" responses, have subject hold one hand palm down on the crown center (middle top) of head. (Show them what you mean so they don't become confused and feel like an idiot.)

  • Say "hold" or "resist" and pull the leg as before. Leg should remain strong.

  • Have subject turn the hand on the crown center of head over, so hand is palm up.

  • Say "hold" or "resist" and pull leg as before. Leg should weaken.

  • IF the above does not happen, if the palm down causes a weak response and palm up causes a strong response, the following step is necessary in order to have the correct positive/negative energy flow in the body:

  • Have the subject tap in a counter-clock-wise direction (chest of subject is the face of the clock) around the thymus gland. (Start about an inch and a half below where the clavicle meets at the upper chest, tap a circle of about a three inch diameter, moving towards the right shoulder. That is, counter clock wise with the subject's chest the face of the clock. Subject should tap several circles. See illustration at the bottom of this section.)

  • Now, again test for polarity, which should now be reversed to an improved strong response with the palm down and a weakened response with the palm up. If polarity has NOT reversed, repeat thymus tap. In the very rare instances this does not "correct" polarity, proceed with the NMR, but reverse meaning of muscle response. A strong response will be "no" and a weak response will be "yes".

  • Now proceed with allergy testing.


Do only one allergen at a time, do not mix allergens. Important: This method does not work as well if you tap yourself. Have someone else tap you for better results. (If you prefer to skip testing do only Step 3, Step 5, and Step 6)

Foods, Pollen, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, Liquids, Medications, Hair, Fur, Skin, Dust, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Shampoos, Soaps, Cleaning Agents, Etal.

  1. Establish "Yes" and "No" Responses w/subject (person being tested). (See NMR Sheet). Remember the amount of pressure tester uses will vary with strength of subject's muscle.

  2. Test subject for polarity. Reverse if necessary. (See NMR Sheet.)

  3. Place small amount of substance on central meridian point of subject. (Just below the belly button. Substance can be placed in a container, in plastic bag, on paper towel, tissue if desired.) See Diagram at bottom of page for exact spots.

  4. Tell subject to "hold" and test muscle response of subject. If leg or arm (whichever is being used) weakens, subject is allergic to substance.

  5. Have subject put his/her hands behind head, covering both occipital joint points. See Diagram at bottom of page for exact spots.

  6. Tap your finger 10 - 20 times in each of the places marked by an "X" on diagram. (Can begin at the top or at the bottom.) (For babies 3-5 taps will do. For small children 5-7 taps will do. For older children and animals , 7-10 taps will do.)

  7. When finished, have subject take hands down from behind neck and re-test substance. (Step 4) If muscle remains strong; i.e., leg or arm does not weaken, allergy response has been cleared. If muscle weakens, substance is toxic to that subject and cannot be cleared.

NOTE: Balance no more than three substances in a 24 hour period for most adults. No more than four substances for babies, small children, and animals. KEEP IN MIND and warn people that while they may experience immediate relief after the balancing (within hours the nasal passages and throat can clear, rashes disappear, sneezing and coughing diminish or end, red and itchy eyes clear, fatigue end, and flu or cold like symptoms end) those people allergic to many things will need to be balanced to everything they are allergic to before ALL symptoms will be gone.

Once balanced, a person is usually symptom free for years. Exception is when a person's immune system is overwhelmed or weakened by disease, illness, stress or injury and there is sufficient exposure to substance to necessitate re-balancing.

(Note: White sugar is toxic to many people. For others, it is an allergen. Clearing the allergic reaction does not make white sugar good, it diminishes the negative reactions to it. An overload of white sugar will eventually overwhelm most immune systems, so most people will need to be continually re-balanced to white sugar. People to whom white sugar is toxic should not eat it.. Raw sugar and honey are much better for people as the testing will show. Test people to sugar substitutes. Again, for some people these will be allergens and for other people these will be toxic.).

NOTE: Balance no more than three substances in a 24 hour period for most adults. No more than four substances for babies, small children, and animals.

NOTE: People who are allergic to cats are frequently allergic to the cat's saliva. You can get a sample of saliva by cutting a small piece of hair from the cat. As saliva can vary greatly from cat to cat, people allergic to cat's saliva sometimes need to be balanced to each individual cat.


  1. Use a person who can be tested, and go through the steps for establishing "yes", "no", and correct polarity. This person is Subject A.

  2. Have that person touch the animal or person to be tested. (Anywhere on the body is fine.) We'll call this one Subject B.

  3. Now ask subject A to keep a clear mind as you are testing Subject B.

  4. Establish "yes", "no", and correct polarity for Subject B by testing Subject A. As long as they are touching Subject B ,it is Subject B you are testing. (Have Subject A hold free hand over head of Subject B for polarity testing.

  5. Place substance below belly button on Subject B.

  6. Test Subject A. If muscle weakens (arm or leg, whichever is being tested goes weak), have Subject A cover occipital points of Subject B with free hand and tap Subject B on all x points.

  7. Re-test. Muscle response should now be strong. If not, substance is toxic and cannot be corrected.

We welcome testemonials. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients.


Allergies can be a major contributor  to depression, fatigue, illness, disease.  Written steps for getting rid of all and any allergies are below.  (One hint:  Scoop up air in a plastic bag and place bag on belly meridian given below, then tap to it.  Remove bag, place back and tap again.  Do this one more time.  Do this three step tapping once a day for a week each season (spring, summer, fall, winter).  This should clear you of allergies to what is in the air in your home.  Also can only correct three allergies in a day.)    

 Diagram of these steps posted below. 

Works on ALL allergies:  Food, Nuts, Milk, Sugar, Alcohol, Pollen, Environmental, Pet Hair, Human Hair, Insects, Air Pollutants, Water Pollutants, Chemicals (not poisonous ones), Medications, Herbs, Cold, Heat, Detergents, Cosmetics, Perfume, News Print, Book Print, Dust, even Poison Ivy and more.     

  • Place the object you are allergic to (the allergen) just below your belly button.
  • Hold your hands behind your neck, clasping them together so they cover the occipital joints (where the neck and head connect.)
  • Have someone tap you (doesn't work as well to tap yourself) in the following places using one or two fingers to tap 10 to 15 times. 
  • Tap just over the middle point of each eyebrow.  (Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap just under the middle point of each eye socket.  (Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap the inside corner point of each collar bone where they almost come together just below the throat. (Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap along an imaginary line on both sides of the body that begins on the side of the rib cage and veers inward toward the middle of the chest.  (Both sides can be done at the same time or separately.)  See diagram below  
  • Tap the outside of each little toe, just outside the bed of the little toe nail.( Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap the middle of the ball of each foot.  (Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap the inside lower corner of the bed of each big toe nail.  (Both can be done at the same time or separately.)
  • Tap the lower corner (the corner facing the big toe) of the nail bed of each second toe.  (Both can be done at the same time or separately.) 

Works every time!  Instantly!  Remains permanent unless immune system becomes compromised and you are over exposed to the allergen, in which case you will need to be tapped again.  Also may need to keep being tapped periodically if there is an emotional need for or emotional belief in the allergy (not all that common). 

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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