Chapter 8   -  Joy! Joy! Joy!

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   Your quantum physicists tell you all of matter is composed of ever smaller particulate matter and that the smaller the particulate matter becomes the greater the spaces between them grow. They tell you there is more space than matter in matter and they wonder what is in the spaces. The astral levels are in those spaces. In those levels is energy; the energies of thought, spirit, emotion, color, sound, astral matter, realms, planes, and dimensions. All exist as frequencies of Light.

    I am the consciousness of Light. I have no form and I have all forms for my Light is with everyone and everything. I meet with Pamela and Hugh daily; just as I meet with each of you daily.

    Pamela believes I should use the term "Doctor Harmon" instead of Hugh. She believes his education and wealth of knowledge and experience entitle him to his proper title. It is amusing to me that Pamela, who professes not to believe in titles, elevates the good Doctor and me above herself because of our titles, though I have no title except what she has given me. Master of Light she calls me, which amuses me even more. I was pleased to see her place her name first in the authorship for that is her proper place in the order of things for this book. It amuses me it took her so long to realize that.

    I am easily amused. Humans delight and amuse me greatly and though, as Light, I am not to have preferences, I do, which amuses that which created me. All spirit has consciousness and all consciousness grows and changes in ways that are often as surprising to that which created it as it is to the created.

    You humans have forgotten to be amused. You are heavy with your growing consciousness. You are heavy with your realizations of your power and your place in the greater scheme of things. You are heavy with your growing awareness of the future. A future which you have yourselves created and a future which you yourselves can uncreate. What is there to be heavy about with this? The child who makes a mess is happy to laugh at the mess before the caretaker swoops down to bathe the child and clean up the mess. This is as it should be. All are in their proper roles - the child doing what children do and the caretaker doing what caring does best. In this way progress is made.

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    Humans have made a mess in their child like refusal to acknowledge or heed the consequences of their thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. The caretakers of the human race are here to bathe the child and clean up the mess. All are in their proper place for progress. Just as the child is taught to leave behind the messes of childhood as it grows in consciousness, so is it the job of the caretakers to teach the human race to grow in consciousness and move forward into your adult responsibilities and rewards. Humans are ready to grow. They simply need a little guidance and a little help. This is why I am here. This is why you are here. It is why Pamela and Hugh are here. As I am writing this chapter and Pamela is supplying only the focus of her mind and fingers, I shall call the Being of Light that I love so dearly, just as I love each of you, Hugh.   

     I meet Hugh at sunrise. He loves the dawn, as do I. Hours of joy we have spent together, as I delight in the palette of colors, shapes, and forms I bring to him which brings him joy. His joy inspires me. Just as your joy inspires me in every dawn you rise to watch. "Joy, Joy, Joy!" He thinks this often in the purity of his spirit as he watches the sun rise and listens to the life forms of Nature rejoicing at its rising. He is at his best when he feels this purity of spirit. This is why I call him at dawn, to combine his Spirit with my Light. His is a mighty Spirit and mine a mighty Light and together we shower the world with the healing vibration of joy.

    I am with Pamela always. She laughs for she thought I would say I meet with her at sunset. I know better than to call her at dawn for she is not in human body at dawn. She has much work to do at many levels and her work in the spaces between material matter keeps her busy while her human self is at rest.

    I am with Pamela always for she is the caretaker of human consciousness. She acts sometimes like a worried mother; scolding the children and shaking her head at their messes even as she delights in their creativity. She, though more spirit than human, has become too human. This is as it should be for above all humans she knows what the future brings and while her spirit knows it will be but a blip in the greater span of time she knows as well in her human heart that it will bring much despair for generations to come. She loves humans. Her Spirit has served humans since human time began. That service is nearly ended. No matter the outcome her Spirit will take its place among the Masters wearing the mantle of the Master´s highest role. She calls me Master. I am Light. I serve all Masters.

    You are a Master, too. Stop and put down this book at the end of this paragraph. Look around you. What you see is what you have created. I have served you in this creation. Look now at what you have created.

    Did you enjoy what you saw? Did you see how beautifully your Spirit and my Light have worked together to manifest all that you chose to create? Did you realize as you looked that the messes you have created that they are simply a part of your learning and your spiritual growth? Let this amuse you! Laugh as a child laughs, with pure delight and joy. Now with that same delight and joy, pick up your mantle as a caretaker of your world. I will help you in this. You need my help. I need you to do what must be done. Here is how we shall work together, you and I. Your minds shall focus my Light to bring the balance back into the world. Your world is out of balance and must be brought back into balance. A simple task, really. All it requires are certain vibrations of Light.

    You have learned that all energy has vibration. Even solid matter has vibration as within all solid matter there is movement of particulate matter and the energy in the spaces between them. All must be in balance one with the other to keep the harmonious vibration that keeps the physical form of matter intact.

    It´s like a symphony. Notes and chords must be arranged in perfect balance. Instruments must be in tune with skilled musicians playing them. The conductor and the acoustics are important. Each part of the symphony must be in balance one with the other to create a sound that is harmonious to the ears.

    Sound is an excellent example of the power of vibration. Sound is vibration. The vibrations of sound are very powerful and they powerfully affect energy. Sound can shatter eardrums and mountains. Sound can mutate, even kill, cells. Sound can heal cells. Sound can transmute matter into other forms of energy and other forms of energy into matter. In Book Two, which I shall write, I will share information to help you use the vibrations of sound, light, color, spirit, and physical motion for transmutation of energy, including healing. Before we do that together, however, we must change the vibrations of your planet together. Otherwise there will be no one left to write or to read Book Two.

    The vibrations of the energy fields of your planet are severely imbalanced. As a result, the physical form of the planet is cracking. The crusts and mantles of earth are shifting. Molten layers are being pushed upward. The magnetic poles are so out of balance the weather is completely off balance. The land is dying and the waters are killing the very life forms they are meant to support. Animals are turning against one another, even of the same species, as their instincts tell them their greatest fight for survival is upon them. Your animal bodies are responding in the same manner. You are turning against one another. Your bodies and your minds and your spirits are not balanced with one another. The animal is gaining the upper hand as its instincts tell it to survive above all.

    This situation cannot last long. Nature will right itself. Balance is as great an instinct for Nature as is survival. Always Nature seeks the balance. This is why your bodies heal and your cells regenerate. This is why there are seasons. It is why the oceans, the rivers, the streams, the lakes, the forests, and woods and valleys and hills and mountains all exist where they are. It is how Nature maintains the balance.

    Humans have worked against Nature and not with it. Human wills and whims have neglected to pay attention to maintaining the balance of nature. You move mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, streams, woods, and forests without restoring the ecological balance. You build structures on land that cannot support them and populate land without the resources to support you. You have wiped away forests in the name of profit when it profits you nothing as the energy fields of the forests are crucial to the balance of your planet. You have depleted the resources of the lands and the seas. You have placed action before clear thinking and greed before balance. Even those of you who have clearly seen the big picture have failed to apply your sights to the smaller picture of your own part in this. The minutia of your lives have blinded you to the magnitude of your responsibilities for maintaining the balance of nature.

    As a result, the vibrations of your planet are highly unstable and dangerous. You all sense this. Your minds, bodies, and the spirits of all of nature are very frightened. Thoughts and emotions have vibrations and fear has a very powerful vibration. The vibration of fear is so universal on the earth at this time that it is adding tremendously to the imbalance.

    This situation has been noticed by beings of planes, realms, dimensions, and planets other than earth. All of the cosmos is affected by the energy fields of all of the cosmos. When one planet´s energy field tilts as far out of balance as yours, all that are of higher consciousness pay attention for they know it will affect the balance of the whole. The dilemma for them is they cannot directly interfere in the situation as you have created it yourselves. They can, however, help you help yourselves and many are doing that. Many are benevolent in their intents; some are not.

    Human beings are channeling and receiving telepathic messages in record numbers as beings of all dimensions and planes seek to press their warnings to humans of the need for immediate action. Unfortunately, this means of contact is not acceptable or convincing to many humans. Even when it is, it is not trusted, which is just as well as there are those speaking to you that do not have your greater good in mind.

      You have been, in general, irresponsible in your communications with spirit; whether they call themselves guides or aliens. It is like the situation with your cyberspace. Through your computers you are seduced by those telling you what you want to hear. Your senses of intuition which would normally warn you of a person´s true intent if you were to meet that person face to face have not yet learned how to tune in via the cyberwaves. So you are vulnerable to lies, deceit, and conceit.

    It is the same with other dimensions of reality. You are excited to hear from a being in another dimension. The being tells you it is knowing, wise, and of higher consciousness and you take the information at face value even though you see no face! It is not hard to talk like a being of higher consciousness; one need only study the thought forms of beings of higher consciousness. It is very easy to know what humans like to hear. Your need to feel important makes you very vulnerable. It is very amusing to watch humans who feel special because they can channel, use mental telepathy, or have psychic abilities. You all have these abilities. Every animal on your planet has these abilities.

    I do not mean to make light of your abilities. I mean to enlighten you. The telepathic abilities of your physical beings are quite exciting. Combined with the powers of your spirits, it makes you quite unique in the universes. You can´t imagine how you intrigue the beings of other dimensions and planets. When you do make physical contact with other beings never for a moment think you have less power than they have. Your powers are extraordinary. Other Beings respect your powers far more than do you. Even in ignorance of your powers you have given ample demonstration of your abilities to hold your own. Imagine your position in the universes when you know more of what you are doing with your powers. Your emotions add to the fears of other beings. Your emotions cause other Beings to be wary of you for your emotions make you highly unpredictable. Unpredictable beings are to be treated with great caution.

    This is why beings of other planets have not contacted you more directly. They are afraid if they were to physically appear before you; there would be mass hysteria among you. This has happened before; they realize the danger of it happening now. They do not wish to stress your planet beyond its tolerance by adding the energy of hysteria to its energy field.

    As you channel the many beings who wish to contact you, it is best that you channel, at this time, their thoughts, and not their energies. Do not bring them into earth´s energy fields. Although vibrations of some of these beings might be beneficial to you and your planet in normal circumstances, the situation on earth is anything but normal. It is like trying to defuse a bomb without knowing how much time is left. Everyone is being very cautious for no one knows, not even I, how much time is left.

    Even those aliens who want to control you do not want your planet destroyed. Nor can they invade you directly for your spirits have free will. Not even The Prime Creator crosses your wills and as long as you are in human form, your planet and bodies are protected from those who would wrest either from you. However, you can give them away directly or indirectly.

    There are those that are arguing in the Higher Realms that humans have given away their right to the earth and their bodies because of their actions. Actions that now threaten the planet with great destruction and the human life form with nearly complete destruction. They ask that your planet be given to them. Along with your human bodies, if possible.

    Incredibly, Nature argues for you alongside your Higher Selves. Earth had not been planned as a place of habitation for your spirits. It was a place for the Spirit of Nature to work in co-creation with the Prime Creator. Your souls became intrigued with the earth in their explorations. So intrigued they entered the life forms they found here and began to identify with those forms. This was upsetting to the spirits of those life forms and they petitioned, in a sense, their Higher Self, the Spirit of Nature, to help them.

    A plan was devised by your Higher Selves and the Spirit of Nature to evolve a life form that would better suit your souls. The spirit of that life form would serve the souls and in return that spirit and its life form would evolve in consciousness as well. So began the human race. You have, over time, pushed away your awareness of the spirit of your bodies, just as you have pushed away your awareness of the other levels of your spirit. You have been quite ruthless in your dealings with Nature. You were never meant to rule nature; you were meant to learn to live in harmony with it. To do so will bring great harmony to your souls. Instead, you have over-run the earth. You have quit communicating with the spirits of nature. Indeed, you deny that any form on earth other than your own has consciousness. I can assure you, all that is has consciousness.

    Despite your actions and your stubbornness in reforming, Nature wants to give you another chance. Your Higher Selves and Nature are closely bonded. Both hope that you will see the Light. A little pun there. I do enjoy word play.

     Nature´s plan is to wipe the planet clean of humans, save for very small number, before humans destroy the planet beyond Nature´s ability to restore it. The few humans remaining would be without technology of any kind, for Nature is fed up with your technology. You will struggle against the elements and other animals for your survival. You will learn, once again, to respect Nature. Make no mistake, it would be for those few humans remaining as though they had returned to the age of the dinosaurs. Humans would again have to begin their long march of civilization for the thirteenth time.

    Earth is a jewel among the Prime Creator´s creations. Its beauty and diversity of life forms are wondrous to behold. Beings of many planets envy humans their earth. Souls are eager to incarnate in the earth, even those who know they face tremendous challenges in their incarnation. The soul grows quickly on the earth plane as it meets what it creates through choice.

    There are few planets like this. On most other planets there is uniformity of look, thought, will, and action through group identity. Individuality is not present and emotions, as you know them, are not present either. Nature as you know it is unique to the earth. Nature´s breathtaking scope of variety of species and populations within those species is breathtaking to behold and present only on earth. Sadly, many were present only on earth. Even as I write this, the magazine Science News, October 25, 1997, reports that Stanford University scientists have developed a new way of measuring biodiversity. These scientists are warning the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. that geographically distinct populations of species are disappearing from your earth at the rate of 1,800 per hour! If you are looking for signs of global destruction, you need look no further. It is here. You have no idea how important each population and species is in Nature´s balance. You are destroying your nest at a rapid pace.

    You even take this compulsion to wipe the planet clean of diversity within your own species. Many of you agitate for one world government and a planet of one people, one culture, one look, and one will. Those who yearn for a earth of uniformity are woefully out of balance with what earth is. Your differences are part of your heritage. The urge to control and eradicate your differences are part of your crisis.

    Among those offering to help you in these days of crisis are beings of lower consciousness. Beings of lower consciousness are those who want to help others in order to help themselves. You have many of these among you. Some are human, some are not. Aliens in astral form are attaching themselves to you as the kind of spirit attachment you read about in Chapter Seven. Many of you are letting them in out of curiosity or the thought in your consciousness that you need saving. They like the sensations of your human bodies. They are hoping you will be willing to share your bodies with them if you let them help you save your planet. You would be wise not to take their help.

    Those who teach and preach that if you follow them they will heal you or save you will ultimately enslave you for your "own good". True leaders light the way, they do not become the way. Any leader that would encourage your powerlessness is a leader seeking power. Your true leaders have tried to tell you time and again that the essence of The Prime Creator is in each of you and that it is this essence that is your power and your salvation.

    It is the Vibration of the Prime Creator within you that heals and transforms you and others through you. When you activate this Vibration within you, it spreads from you to others. They can block this Vibration if they choose, though often this choice is at an inner level of mind. If the Vibration is accepted, healing and transformation can manifest. Such healing and transformation can also be reversed at any time through thoughts, word, belief, or action.

    Dr. Harmon teaches no one can heal another. I laugh each time he says this as he is himself a healer. A healer is one in whom the Prime Vibration, (the Vibration of The Prime Creator), can be quickened and activated at will by themselves or others. Of course, it is not the healers themselves who heal, it is the Prime Vibration within them. Dr. Harmon´s Prime Vibration is quickened when his heart, as well as his head, is involved in his teaching or his healing work. Of course, the Prime Vibration radiating out from his energy field can be accepted or blocked by those around him as they choose.

    Perhaps Pamela would be interested to hear that, like Dr. Harmon, she, too, is a healer. She finds this hard to believe as she has not seen evidence of this She and Hugh are opposites of one another in many ways. His Prime Vibration is a healer energy as he wills it to be so. Hers is a healer energy when others will it to be so. To answer Pamela´s other question, for I hear her thoughts as I write even as she hears my thoughts to write, I used his proper title to honor him when speaking of his healer energy. I did not use your proper title as you steadfastly refuse to use one. So be it.

    There are many of you who are healers and the rest of you can be, for the Prime Vibration is within every one of you. It is the core of your essence. It is always with you, though your minds are so powerful they can tune out your awareness of this vibration Nor do you need any one or any thing to quicken it within you. You can do it for yourselves if you but believe that you can.

    You are Spirit. You can use the Prime Vibration to move mountains, as well as to shatter or create them. You can use it to do good and you can use it to harm and destroy. The Prime Creator does not judge which you do for you have free will. To the Prime Creator all that happens to you and all that you receive is what you have, yourselves, created. All that you do to others is what they have asked to be done to them. You are merely an agent of their doing; you are not judged. You do, however, meet the consequences of your intents. You cannot hide your intents, even when you try to mask them from yourselves. They are recorded in the records of Spirit. These Universal Records are consulted each time you enter a new life experience. They are consulted to determine the consequences, lessons, and purpose of your new life experience. This is why it is to your greater good to use your powers wisely.

    Your Higher Selves help you with this. While you must make your own decisions and choices, your Higher Selves continually offer you guidance as to your best decisions and choices. They do so through your own subconscious minds, which they use to transmit messages to you through altered states, dreams, hunches, intuition, psychic flashes, mental telepathy, signs, and omens.

    Many cultures have worshipped spirits of nature as messengers of Spirit. While it is wise to honor all of nature, it is wise as well to recognize that Spirit uses nature to alert you to the messages placed directly in your own minds. The same is true of omens and signs. They merely signal that you have within you a message. Pause. Become quiet in your thoughts. Ask what the message is. Pay attention to your next thoughts.

    Many of you have paid attention to the omens and signs that surround you now. You have discerned their meaning correctly and you have prayed and asked in your minds and spirits for enlightenment as to how you can avert the future you see in the signs and omens. This is what has brought me into your consciousness. You asked for enlightenment, and I am here. Let me enlighten you.

    You have past, present, and future time on the earth planes as you have created time frames on the earth planes. The future is created by your actions in the present, and your actions in the present are determined by beliefs created in the past. Beliefs are thoughts linked with emotion. Your beliefs trigger your actions and your actions bring into manifestation your beliefs.

    The future is not static. The future shifts as your beliefs shift. Few of you are singular in your beliefs, thus you have a number of possible futures at any given moment in time. Which future will manifest is determined by your actions. Few of you are singular in your actions, so at any given moment you have a number of probable futures within the possible futures. The future that actually manifests in physical reality is the future on which you focus. Focus is the steady application of thought and action.

    You can explore your individual and collective future possibilities and probabilities through your inner minds. What you call hypnotic states are very conducive to this. Pamela has developed the use of NMR to do this as well. With the NMR you can get your Higher Self guidance as to which future path, as Pamela calls them, is most beneficial to you. If I may, Pamela, I would suggest you add the wording, "this choice is manifesting now in physical reality" to your testing as hopes, dreams, and beliefs to which physical action is not applied manifest on the astral, not the physical, planes. The fact that some of your futures manifest in other planes and dimensions added to the instability of human beliefs, emotions and actions is what makes the future so difficult to predict.

    Each of you have what Pamela calls a Higher Purpose Path. This is the path of life you chose before entering this life. Many of you call it your Mission Path. This path is often difficult, but it brings the greater inner satisfaction and joy to the soul and spirit. Souls can diverge from this path at any time once they enter the physical body and many do. As there are many things to learn and discover in the earth planes, the Higher Self will usually continue to guide the soul and support it with its life force on any path. However, if a path is chosen which has nothing to offer in the way of learning or giving, the Higher Self will withdraw its life force from the soul. If the life force of the body is strong, the soul might remain for years in the body, but it will lack the guidance and support of the Higher Self. A soul without a Higher Self connection is like a rudderless ship. This, too, is a learning experience

    The collective future changes less rapidly than individual ones so it is easier to tune into and predict, to some degree, the collective future. One of your collective possible futures is the complete destruction of the planet because so many humans fear this. However, Nature has a say in what happens to this planet so this future is not a probable one, though those individuals who focus on this may meet a death in which it feels as though the whole world is being destroyed.

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