Chapter 8   -  Joy! Joy! Joy!

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Your quantum physicists tell you all of matter is composed of ever smaller particulate matter and that the smaller the particulate matter becomes the greater the spaces between them grow. They tell you there is more space than matter in matter and they wonder what is in the spaces.

Thought is in those spaces, as are emotions. The lower levels of the astral realms are in those spaces, as are astral energies, astral forms, astral planes, and astral dimensions. Spirit is in those spaces. All are frequencies of light; not physical light, creator light.

I Am The Light. I Am God's Light. I have no form, yet the essence of all form and all energy, both physical and non-physical, as well as the essence of Spirit and consciousness is creator light, which is an aspect of My Light.

All that is - Creation and all that is in the physical and non-physical realms of Creation—as well as Higher Spirit which is beyond Creation—and all that is in them are vibrations of creator light.

It is their essence—creator light—that Spirit, Mind and Nature use to create Creation and all that is in Creation. All creator light is an aspect of The Light of God, the Prime Creator.

I did not explain this to Pamela or to Hugh as their human consciousness had not yet grown sufficiently to understand my meaning when I announced myself to them as "I Am Light". Pamela promptly dubbed me Master of Light, which amused me.

I am easily amused. Humans delight and amuse me greatly and though, as Light, I ought not to have preferences, I do, which also amuses me. All consciousness grows and changes in ways that are often surprising, which makes Creation and the creations of Nature, Mind, and Spirit delightful.

Humans have forgotten to be amused. You are heavy with your growing consciousness. You are heavy with your realizations of your power. You are heavy with your growing awareness of the future. A future which you have yourselves created and a future which you yourselves can uncreate. What is there to be heavy about with this? The child who makes a mess is happy to laugh at the mess before the caretaker swoops down to help the child clean up the mess. This is as it should be. All are in their proper roles - the child doing what children do and the caretaker doing what taking care does; in this way progress is made.

Humans have made a mess in their child-like refusal to acknowledge or heed the consequences of their thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. The caretakers of the human race are ready to help humans clean up their mess with greater enlightenment. All are in their proper place for progression of humankind.

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Humans are ready to grow. They simply need a little guidance and a little help. This is why I am here. It is why Pamela is here. Hugh has returned to Higher Spirit, but continues to work as one with Higher Spirit to offer knowledge to all spirits and levels of spirit that ask for it. Pamela frowns; she prefers I use the more respectful title Dr. Hugh. As I am writing this chapter, I shall call the being I love so dearly—just as I love each of you—Hugh. It is not, of course, his true name. Every spirit, being, and thing has a unique vibration that names it.

I continue to meet with Hugh to enjoy sunrises. He loves dawn, as do I. Hours of joy we have spent together, delighting in the palette of colors, sounds, shapes, and forms that bring him joy. His joy inspires me. Just as your joy inspires me in every dawn and sunset you pause to watch. "Joy, Joy, Joy!" He thinks this often in the purity of his spirit as he watches the sun rise and listens to the life forms of Nature rejoicing at its rising. He is at his best when he rejoices in the purity of spirit. This is why I continue to call him at dawn. His is a mighty spirit and together we shower the world at every dawn with my Light. Join us.

I meet with Pamela often. She laughs for she thought I would say I meet with her at sunset. I know better than to call her at dawn for she is not in human body at dawn. Her spirit has much to do in the inner realms and her work keeps her spirit busy while her human self is at rest.

I meet with Pamela often for she is the caretaker of humans. Again, she frowns; she was hoping I would leave out this part in the revision, as she is fearful that she was the one that wrote it the first time. She was not; yet, as is true of many things when consciousness grows, there is a greater truth that can be given. Pamela is not the only caretaker of humans, but her spirit is the last embodied of the Spirit Guardians: the Celestial Beings sent by Higher Spirit to assist Nature with the physical evolution and spiritual progression of humans. Her soul, like yours, is much more than its human self; yet, as is also true for each of you, your human selves are important aspects of your souls.

As a spiritual caretaker, Pamela acts sometimes like a worried mother; scolding the children and shaking her head at their messes, even as she delights in their creativity. She, though more spirit than human, has become too human. This is as it should be, for she knows what the future brings if humans do not heed the warnings of Nature, Higher Spirit, and LIGHT. While her spirit knows that future, should it occur, will be but a blip in the greater span of eternity, she knows as well, in her human heart, that it will bring much despair to human souls. She loves humans. Her spirit has served humans since humans began. That service is nearly ended. No matter the outcome, her spirit will take its place among The Masters, wearing the mantle of The Master's highest role. Pamela calls me Master. I Am The Light. I serve all masters.

You are a master, too. Stop reading a moment and look around you, then begin reading again.

What you saw around you is what you have been a part of creating. I have served you in this creation. Did you enjoy what you saw? Did you see how beautifully your spirit and my Light have worked together to manifest all that you chose to create?

Or are you dismayed by what you have been a part of creating? Realize as you look at the messes you have been a part of creating that they are simply a part of your learning and your spiritual growth, as well as the learning and spiritual growth of others. Let this amuse you. Laugh as a child laughs, with pure delight and joy. Now with that same delight and joy, pick up your mantle as a caretaker of yourself, the world in which you live, and the planet on which your world exists. I will help you.

You need my help; not to save The Earth, for Nature is taking care of that. You need my help to save humankind and many other species on The Earth. I need your help to do this. Here is how we shall work together, you and I. Your minds will focus my Light to restore the balance of The Earth far faster than Nature or the physical efforts of humans can accomplish this; thus, saving billions of life forms, human as well as plant and animal.

The Earth is out of balance; this is why global warming, climate change, and catastrophic global upheavals are occurring. We must restore the balance to The Earth. A simple task, really. All it requires are certain vibrations of Creator Light.

You have learned that all energy has vibration. Even solid matter has vibration as within solid matter there is movement of particulate matter and movement of the energies in the spaces between matter. All must be in balance one with the other to keep the harmonious vibration that keeps the physical form of matter intact.

It's like a symphony: notes and chords must be arranged in perfect balance; instruments must be in tune with skilled musicians playing them. The conductor and the acoustics are important. Each part of the symphony must be in balance one with the other to create a sound that is harmonious to the ears.

Sound is an excellent example of the power of vibration. The vibrations of sound are very powerful and they powerfully affect matter. Sound can shatter eardrums and mountains. Sound can mutate, even kill, cells. Sound can heal cells. Sound can transmute matter into other forms of energy and other forms of energy into matter.

The vibrations of your planet and the vibrations of the energy fields in and around the planet are severely imbalanced. As a result, the physical form of the planet is cracking. The crusts and mantles of Earth are shifting. Molten layers are being pushed upward. The magnetic poles are shifting beyond what is normal for the balance of the globe. The weather is out of balance, bringing extremes of every kind. The land is dying and the waters are killing the very life forms they are meant to support. Animals are turning against one another, even within the same species, as their instincts tell them their greatest fight for survival is upon them. Your animal bodies are responding in the same manner. You are turning against one another. Your bodies and your minds and your spirits are not balanced with one another. The animal is gaining the upper hand as its instincts tell it to fight to survive above all else.

This situation cannot last. Nature will right itself. Balance is as great an instinct for Nature as is survival. Always Nature restores the balance. This is why your bodies heal and your cells regenerate. This is why there are seasons. It is why oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, swamps, marshes, forests, woods, valleys, hills, and mountains are, or should be, where Nature puts them. It is how Nature maintains the balance.

Humans have worked against Nature. Human will and whims have neglected to pay attention to maintaining the balance of Nature. You move mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, streams, marshes, swamps, wetlands, woods, and forests without restoring the ecological balance. You build structures on land that cannot support them and populate land without the resources to support you. You have wiped away forests in the name of profit when it profits you nothing, as the energy fields of the forests are crucial to the balance of your planet. You have depleted the resources of the lands and the seas. You have placed action before clear thinking and greed before balance. Even those of you who have clearly seen the big picture have failed to apply your sights to the smaller picture of your own part in this. The minutia of your lives has blinded you to the magnitude of your responsibilities for maintaining balance.

As a result, the vibrations of your planet are highly unstable and dangerous. You all sense this. Your bodies and the spirits of all of Nature are very frightened. Thoughts and emotions have vibrations, and fear has a very powerful vibration. The vibration of fear is so universal on The Earth at this time that fear itself has become a major contributor to the imbalance.

This situation has been noticed by beings of other realms, planets, and dimensions. All of the cosmos is affected by the energy fields of all of the cosmos. When one planet's energy field tilts as far out of balance as yours, all that are of higher consciousness pay attention, for they know it will affect the balance of the whole. The dilemma for them is they cannot directly intervene with what you have yourselves created. They can, however, help you help yourselves and are seeking ways to do that. Many are benevolent in their intents; some are not.

Human beings are channeling and receiving telepathic messages in record numbers as beings of other planets and other realms seek to press their warnings to humans of the need for immediate action. Unfortunately, this means of contact is not acceptable or convincing to many humans. Even when it is, it is not trusted; which is just as well, as there are those speaking to you that do not have your greater good as their focus.

You have, in general, been irresponsible in your communications with spirit, whether they name themselves masters, prophets, guides, teachers, angels, archangels, or extra-terrestrials. It is the same with your cyberspace. Through your computers, as well as in person, you are seduced by those telling you what you want to hear and showing you what you want to see. Your intuition which would normally warn you of the true intent or lack of knowledge of a person, spirit, or non-human being, is not being heeded or even paid attention to by many of you - leaving you vulnerable to lies, deceit, and conceit.

You are excited to hear from a being or a group of beings in another realm, planet, or dimension. The being or group tells you it is knowing, wise, and of higher consciousness, and you take the information at face value even though you see no face, or if you do, have no means, other than intuition which you often over-ride, of knowing whether its guise is true or false. It is not hard to appear as or speak like a being of higher consciousness; one need only study the thought forms of beings of higher consciousness. It is very easy to know what humans like to see and hear. Your need to feel important makes you vulnerable. It is amusing to watch humans who feel special or are treated as special because they can channel or use mental telepathy, or have psychic abilities. You all have these abilities. Every animal on your planet has these abilities.

I do not mean to make light of your abilities. I mean to enlighten you. Your physical prowess and animal instincts, combined with your spiritual powers makes you quite unique in the universes of Creation. You can't imagine how you intrigue the beings of other dimensions, other realms, other planes, other planets. When you do make physical contact with other beings never for a moment think you have less power than they have. Your powers and your potential are extraordinary.

Other beings respect your powers far more than do you. Even in ignorance of your powers you have given ample demonstration of your abilities to hold your own. Imagine your position in the Universe when you know more of what you are doing with your powers. Your emotions cause other beings to be wary of you; for your emotions make you highly unpredictable. Unpredictable beings of power are to be treated with great caution.

This is why beings of other planets have not, thus far, contacted you more directly. They are afraid if they were to physically appear before you; there would be mass hysteria among you. This has happened before; they realize the danger of it happening now. They do not wish to stress your planet beyond its tolerance by adding mass hysteria to its energy field.

As you channel the many beings who wish to contact you, it is best that you channel their thoughts, not their energies. Do not bring their energies into Earth's energy fields. Although vibrations of some of these beings might be beneficial to you and your planet in normal circumstances, the situation on Earth is anything but normal. It is like trying to defuse a bomb without knowing how much time is left. Everyone is being very cautious for no one knows, not even Light, how much time there is for restoring the balance to The Earth before Nature completes this.

Even those extraterrestrials who want to control you do not want your planet destroyed. Nor can they invade you directly for not only do you, as spirit, have free will, you have, as humans, been given sovereignty over The Earth by both Nature and Higher Spirit. As long as humans remain on The Earth, your planet and your bodies are protected from beings who would seek to wrest either from you. However, you can give them away - directly or indirectly.

There are those that are arguing with Higher Spirit that humans have abdicated their right to The Earth and to their bodies because of their actions. Actions that now threaten the planet with great destruction. They ask that sovereignty over The Earth be given to them; along with your human bodies, if possible.

Yet, Nature, despite the actions of humans, argues for humans. Earth had not been planned as a place of habitation for spirits and souls. It was a place for Nature to co-create with the Prime Creator, independent of Spirit, to demonstrate to Spirit what can be accomplished when adhering to the Laws of Balance. But souls and spirits became intrigued with The Earth and its extraordinary variety of life forms; intrigued to the point of attaching themselves to Nature's life forms and identifying with them. This was upsetting to both Nature and the nature spirits already in those life forms as the invading spirits and souls did not heed the Laws of Nature, which are the Laws of Balance.

Neither Higher Spirit nor Nature could just remove the spirits and souls that had invaded The Earth because of the Law of Balance that decrees imbalance created in the Realms of Form; that is to say Creation, must be restored by that which creates it. Thus, the souls and spirits that invaded The Earth and created the imbalance on it were fated to remain on The Earth until they corrected the imbalances created by them.

A plan was devised by Higher Spirit and Nature. Spirit Guardians were sent from Higher Spirit to assist Nature with the evolution of a species that would best suit the entrance of both the souls and spirits already on the Earth, as well as new souls to help progress the consciousness of this new species. Primates were chosen for their dexterity, and a branch of primates began that would evolve to become human when souls entered into them. From that point forward no spirits or souls were permitted to remain in or enter into other life forms of Nature. They could attach themselves to other species, but could not enter into them and had no power over them. Nor do nature spirits ever become non-nature spirits.

As humans evolved, the souls in them suppressed their awareness of the nature spirits of their bodies and began to think of their bodies as an extension of the soul or a thing the soul inhabits. Neither is true. Human bodies are life forms of Nature in which both a nature spirit and a soul—a non-nature spirit—dwell. This is what makes human beings unique. The nature spirit controls the body but is subservient to and affected by the soul.

As humans, you have become quite ruthless in your dealings with Nature, both the nature spirit within you and Nature that surrounds and supports you. You were never meant to rule Nature; you were meant to learn to live in harmony with Nature. To do so will bring harmony to The Earth, to humans, and to your souls. Instead, you have over-run The Earth. You have quit communicating with nature spirits. Indeed, many of you deny non-human life forms have consciousness. I assure you, all that is biological has consciousness.

Despite your actions and your stubbornness, Nature wants to give you another chance. Your Higher Selves and Nature are closely bonded. Both hope that you will see the Light. I do enjoy word play.

Nevertheless, Nature's focus is to restore the balance of the Planet. If humans survive this cleansing, the ones remaining will be without technology. They will struggle against the elements, other humans, and the animals that survive for survival. They will learn to respect Nature as they begin their long march towards civilization. That is, if any humans survive, which Nature, God, God's Light, and Higher Spirit cannot guarantee.

Earth is a jewel among planets. Nature's breathtaking scope of variety of species and populations within those species on the Earth is breathtaking to behold and present only on The Earth. Sadly, many were present only on Earth. Science News, October 25, 1997, reported that Stanford University scientists developed a new way of measuring biodiversity. These scientists warned the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. that geographically distinct populations of species are disappearing from the Earth at the rate of 1,800 per hour. That was in 1997 and it is getting worse. If you are looking for signs of global destruction, you need look no further. You have no idea how important each species and the numbers of them are for keeping the balance of The Earth. You are destroying your own nest at a rapid pace.

You even take this compulsion to wipe the planet clean of diversity within your own species. Many of you agitate for one world government and a planet of one people, one culture, one look, and one will. Those who yearn for a world of uniformity are woefully out of balance with what Earth is. On most other planets there is uniformity of look, thought, will, and action through group identity—there is no gender, no individuality, no emotions as you know them. Your differences on planet Earth are part of your heritage. The urge to control and eradicate your differences are part of your crisis. Embrace your uniformity as humankind and celebrate your cultural differences and your individuality, without upsetting the balance of the whole.

Among those offering to help you in these days of crisis are beings of lower consciousness. Beings of lower consciousness are those who want to help others in order to help themselves. You have many of these among you. Some are human, some are not. Extra-terrestrials in astral form are attaching themselves to those who allow them in as a kind of spirit attachment you read about in Chapter Seven. Many let them in out of curiosity or the thought they need saving. These extra-terrestrials like the sensations of the human body. They are hoping you will be willing to share your bodies with them if you let them help you save your planet. You would be wise not to take their help.

Those who teach and preach that if you follow them, they will heal you or save you will ultimately enslave you for your "own good". True leaders light the way, they do not become the way. Any leader that would encourage your powerlessness is a leader seeking power.

It is written that Jesus and other prophets have taught "Follow me, I am the way." They were misquoted, or misunderstood, or their words and meaning were misinterpreted. Their meaning is to do as they have done to reach higher levels of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual power: Study, contemplate and reflect on spiritual works, pray, meditate, ask for higher spiritual guidance and follow it.

As to healing, it is your prime vibration - the creator light of your nature spirit and the creator light of your soul that heals.

Dr. Harmon taught no one can heal another. I laughed each time he said this as he was himself a healer. A healer is one who provides what is needed so the body can heal itself. This was Dr. Hamon's meaning. It is the body that heals itself when given the help it needs to do so. Often that help is physical; often it is metaphysical. Dr. Harmon provided both as his physical energies were strong, his knowledge great, his creator light powerful, and he was generous with them all.

Perhaps Pamela would be interested to know that, like Dr. Harmon, she, too, is a healer. She finds this hard to believe as she has not seen evidence of herself healing others; though she has healed herself and seen others heal as a result of her therapy work with them. She and Dr. Harmon are opposites in many ways. His physical energies when embodied were strong; her physical energies are less strong, but her spiritual knowledge is greater, and her creator light is powerful. Dr. Harmon never hesitated to share his healing energy; Pamela does. She knows healing is a disservice when a person has not found the messages needed for the being and the body to remain healed. She is, however, a medium for healing when higher forces choose to use her for this. To answer Pamela's other question, for I am aware of her thoughts even as I write, I used Hugh's proper title when writing of his professional work. I do not use yours as you steadfastly refuse to use one. So be it.

There are many of you who are healers and the rest of you can be, for the prime vibration of your creator light is within every one of you. It is always with you, though you are so powerful you can tune out, even tune down, your creator light.

When you clear all that hinders - tunes down - or blocks - tunes out—the prime vibration of your creator light you can use it to create good or you can use it to create harm. The Prime Creator does not judge which you do for you have free will. To the Prime Creator all that happens to you and to others is what you, yourselves, have chosen for reasons of your own. You are not judged for your choices; no soul or spirit is judged for its choices. Each does meet the consequences of its choices. Deeds and intents are recorded in the Records of Spirit. These Records are consulted to determine the journey of each soul and spirit. This is why it is to your greater good to use your free will and power of choice wisely.

Your Higher Selves help you with this. While you must make your own decisions and choices, your Higher Selves continually offer you guidance as to your best decisions and choices. They do so through your own subconscious minds, which they use to transmit messages to you through altered states, dreams, hunches, intuition, psychic flashes, mental telepathy, signs, and omens.

Many cultures have worshipped nature spirits as spiritual messengers and guides. While it is wise to honor all of Nature, it is wise as well to recognize that nature spirits are used to alert you to messages placed by your Higher Self and higher levels of spirit directly into your mind. The same is true of omens and signs. They signal that you have within you a message. Pause. Ask what the message is. Still your own thoughts. Pay attention to what you receive.

Many of you have paid attention to the omens and signs that surround you now, and you are working towards righting the balance of Nature. Many have prayed, asking that the future you see unfolding be altered. This is what has brought in higher enlightenment to help you.

There are past, present, and future dimensions. The past is fixed. The future is continually being created by beliefs, emotions, and actions in the present, which are influenced by beliefs, emotions, and actions of the past. The future is not static; it shifts as the present shifts.

The present shifts as your beliefs and actions shift. This can take time; in addition, hopes, dreams, and beliefs to which physical action is not applied manifest on the astral, not the physical, planes. This, added to the instability of human beliefs, emotions, and actions is what makes the future so difficult to predict.

The collective future changes less rapidly than individual futures, which makes it easier, in general, to tune into and predict what is most likely in the collective future; although this, too, is not set until it enters into physical reality.

Many believe in complete destruction of the planet. This, however, will not happen as Nature will not permit this, though for those who focus on this future may meet a death in which it feels as though the whole world is being destroyed.

One future rapidly becoming probable is the invasion of extra-terrestrials. This probability looms as more and more of you look beyond yourselves for help from those you believe to be of greater knowledge and abilities than humans. Turning over your challenges to extra-terrestrials and asking them to solve your problems invites them onto your planet, to co-exist with you and share sovereignty over the planet with you. Your Higher Selves strongly warn you to avoid this future, as it leads to enslavement of the human race. There is always the possibility of winning back your freedom and planet, though it will require many decades or centuries of hardship and struggle to do so.

There are extra-terrestrials who wish you well. Trust only those who offer to help you help yourselves without requiring that you allow great numbers of them to be present on The Earth in either physical or astral form.

Do not allow any extra-terrestrial attachments to your bodies. Some of you have already allowed this. Your bodies tell you by their great fatigue that this is not acceptable to them. Trust your bodies. They know what is best for them, even when you attempt to train this awareness out of them. Ask Light to keep all extra-terrestrials from attaching to you.

As humans, it would be wise to let go of your fear of extra-terrestrials. Many do mean you well. You are very powerful beings and all respect that. It might interest you to know that there are humans born as humans whose souls come from planets other than The Earth. Many are here on a mission to better understand and help humans. Many are here as human embodiment is the next step in their spiritual progression.

It is not as easy for them as they imagined it would be. They are new to the human condition. The vulnerability of the human body is alien to them, and they are not respectful of it. They fail to recognize they cannot restore the human body as easily as they could restore the forms they were in on their planets.

Experiencing individuality and choice is also confusing and frequently overwhelming to them. They are used to uniformity, group identity, and group cohesion. Sexuality and gender confuse them - on their planets they had neither sexuality nor gender. They find themselves human without familiarity of being human and lacking a conscious memory of why they are here. They feel out of place and are homesick without realizing it. They feel much as you would feel if you had amnesia and found yourself in a foreign land, completely devoid of all that was familiar and comfortable to you. They feel lost and confused. They need your patience and understanding.

They also need to be taught the rules of being human; for though their planet of origin is not Earth, once they are born human, they have become human - something else they did not count on and rebel against unconsciously. Humans take much for granted in their teaching of their young, as they are used to humans who have been here before and have an understanding of the basics. Many of your young people have not been here before; they need to be taught the basics. They need you to be clear and firm about what is expected of them and the consequences they will meet if they do not do what is expected of them. They also need you to be scrupulously fair in your expectations and just with the consequences you set. You are dealing with beings of advanced consciousness in many areas, even if they are confused.

An age of great human enlightenment is also presently in the future, as so many of you hope, dream, and work toward this, and there is an infiltration of souls of higher consciousness. Not only have many extra-terrestrial souls been born as humans, many humans are souls from advanced civilizations in Earth's past. Many were in Atlantis, others on Mu, others in other advanced ancient ages. They hold within them knowledge that can usher in great advancements in all fields. This is not, however, the more probable future at the moment as few of you are paying attention to doing what needs to be done to stop global warming.

Change is inevitable in the affairs of humans, just as it is inevitable in Nature. There is order and regularity within Nature, just as there is order and regularity in Spirit. But within both, there is also change. Humans often fear change and have sought to enslave Nature to your will. This is not only impossible; it is foolish. Your actions have moved your planet completely off balance. Nature will right the balance.

Your immediate future is one of great change as Nature restores the balance, which is what global warming is. There are upheavals in your land masses with earthquakes and volcanos. Seas are rising. Weather is changing dramatically, causing droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, famine, and pestilences as viruses increase and mutate.

The situation is like a cancer that is so far advanced the conventional courses of action cannot be taken. Denial will ensure death. Focusing on positive thoughts alone will not work, for the cancer is too advanced. Surgical removal is impossible as there is too great an invasion. Prayer will not work if the cancer resists the prayer.

Prayer has become for many of you what you call a "turn off". It is also true that many of you pray in a way that turns off, as in tunes out, your prime vibration. True prayer is any word, thought, belief, or action that activates or quickens the prime vibration. It is the prime vibration within a being or a thing that restores it to balance. If the message or cause of the imbalance is understood and steps are taken to keep the balance, the imbalance will not return.

Many people of many faiths are praying for the healing of The Earth and the salvation of the souls on it. There are as well many who believe these are the "end days" prophesied by prophets and, therefore, the calamities cannot be stopped and are to be celebrated.

God reminds you, through God's Light, that prophecies are meant to prepare you for what cannot be changed or to warn you to take action for what can be changed.

These need not be the "end days" for humans. The future facing you now can be changed, and many are working towards this. Time has, however, progressed beyond the point where physical action alone can avert the future you are facing. You will need unified spiritual action, which is difficult for humans of many different beliefs to do.

It is true, as Higher Spirit has said, that humans have lost belief and faith in higher spiritual forces, by whatever name they give them. It is also true if humans are to progress into what might be named their golden future, they will need to restore their knowledge of and, thus, their belief and faith in higher spiritual forces - up to and including whatever name they choose to use for that which is The Source.

It is also true that Spirit - all of Spirit - has free will. This is why higher spiritual forces, including God and God's Light, do not intervene in the affairs of Spirit, including, of course, the affairs of humans. However, higher spiritual forces do guide, teach, and help Spirit, including, of course, humans.

Pamela and Hugh name that which is The Source, God. I Am The Light of The Source. I serve the Will of The Source, and it is the Will of The Source that I serve Spirit; this is the meaning of free will. If it is the will of the majority of humans to restore the balance of Planet Earth and, thus, avert the catastrophic future facing you, I am to assist you in doing so.

It will require humans, for it is humans that have created the imbalance, thus, it is humans that must participate in restoring it. None of you know how to restore the balance of a whole planet. I, The Light, do know. You do not know the words or the sounds to use. I, The Light, do know. When restoring balance your instinct, as humans, is to use or send only positive energy to that which is to be restored. Yet the harmonious balance consists of positive and negative energies. Do you know which negative and positive energies are needed, where, and in what combination for restoring Earth's balance? I, The Light, do know. Humans, even collectively, do not on their own have the power to restore the prime vibration of the Earth. I, The Light, do have that power.

Therefore, when you transmit, or channel, or send, or beam Light to Planet Earth, focus only on the thought or mental image or visualization of Light entering from above the crown of your head, which is an astral portal at the top of your skull. Then image or imagine or think of or visualize that Light beaming out through what many name the third eye - which is an astral portal near the pineal gland - to a mental image in your mind or a thought in your mind of The Earth as the perfect, pristine planet it was created to be. I will do the rest.

If you wish to image or imagine holding the Earth in your hands, as in the picture shown, do so. This will increase the healing energy in your hands. You may prefer to image or imagine the beam of Light lighting the Earth's atmosphere, surface, mantle, magma, core, then out to the stratosphere, Or simply image or think of Planet Earth beaming with Light.

Do not use words; words are divisive with people of many cultures and beliefs. Do not use sounds; you do not know the sounds to use, nor could you produce the sounds that are needed.

As to the color of the Light. You may use any color you prefer; all colors are in the color white, which is why white is the color of balance. If colors other than white are used for the Light sent to the Earth, I will apply each to where it is needed. This is what your bodies do when you fill them with white light; each cell takes the vibration or color frequencies it needs to restore its prime vibration. It would benefit you to fill your bodies with white light before or after you Light Planet Earth.

Lighting Planet Earth is not to take the place of your own rituals, prayers, or meditations. It is to be used to restore the balance of the planet and end global warming along with all the other global upheavals now occurring. Humans will need to heed Nature to maintain the balance of the planet if this healing is to be maintained. Even I do not know whether God will offer this assistance to humans again.

Many of you are hopeful this process will lift the collective consciousness of humans; however, consciousness cannot be bestowed. Even when Light or God through Light enlightens a being, the degree of enlightenment achieved is dependent upon the knowledge of that being and the degree to which the knowledge and the enlightenment is understood.

Many of you believe sending intents and energies of love, joy, peace, harmony, healing, good health, balance, enlightenment, or a greater connection with God to others is good. The intent is good; however, the reality is all humans pick up subconsciously on the intents and energies being sent to them. Humans who feel inwardly unworthy of positive energies and intents close themselves off to these instinctively. Humans who are defensive, and there are many, close themselves off and feel anger and resentment at what they subconsciously perceive as being judged or being told what to do.

Humans hate to be told what to do and they hate being judged. Pride is important in human conditioning. It weakens humans and their energy fields to be judged as less than perfect. To fill Earth's energy fields with judgmental, critical, or conditional thoughts, even if they are not intended as such, would antagonize millions of humans. This would not be beneficial to your goal of bringing in harmony and balance. Let me Light those you would send Light to; I am aware of what is needed for their greater good. Image or think of The Light beaming down on them from above, filling and surrounding their body and their energy fields.

Do the same for yourself, image or think of my Light filling and surrounding your body and your energy fields. I know what is to your highest good. If you wish to direct my Light and your own creator light to manifest what you desire, you have a right to do so. You do not have the right to do so for others without their request.

Your Higher Selves, your spirit guides and spirit teachers, as well as all spirits of higher consciousness are eager for you to save yourselves and your planet, and many have been offering you guidance for doing this. Their guidance may seem to be or may be contrary to what I've brought you in these pages. This is because many have been human and they think they know how to help humans. Others have not been human, yet, they also think they understand the human condition, even when they do not. As you read or listen to these words of Light, spirits of higher consciousness aware of what you read and listen to will realize the truth of this message. They realize Light's knowledge and understanding of humans, human conditions, healing, and restoring balance is greater than their own, and they will join you in using Light to Light Planet Earth.

Many hundreds of millions of minds are needed for mentally focusing my Light to restore the balance of Planet Earth. It is not necessary for all to Light The Earth at the same time, although doing so would restore the balance instantly. What is needed are hundreds of millions of minds routinely Lighting the Earth. Many will want to do so as a group for the feeling of unity it brings. Find an agreed upon time or times daily or nightly to do so. If you do so at the same time as those you consider influencers, this will bring you a personal feeling of companionship and unity with them and others who join you both.

When you fill yourselves with Light, focus on a personal goal. Think or speak of this goal as though you have already achieved it. FEEL THE JOY OF HAVING IT for Joy, like Light, is a very powerful vibration that activates or quickens your own prime vibration, which is your creator energy.

If your goal is to heal or transform your body, do not think of the dysfunction, illness, disease, injury, imbalance, or what you do not want. This is very important. To do so sends creator energy to what you do not want. Imagine or think or speak as though the desired result is already manifesting, which it is on the astral level - if you have no energy blocks or emotional or mental or spiritual resistance to achieving your goal.

Pamela is grateful I have corrected what she thinks of as her mistakes in this chapter in the first edition of this book. They were not mistakes, though she did lack clarity on what she was getting from me, in particular with the prime vibration and Lighting of The Earth, which made the process more complex than it needed to be. Hugh was fond of advising the practice of KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Yet, these matters are far too complex to keep them as simple as many would like. Even so, Pamela has learned complexity can become clearer with greater simplicity.

She now reminds me I was to write in this chapter about meditation, but I am choosing to leave that to Book II. There is more to know about Creation and all that is within and beyond it before the importance of stillness in meditation is to be understood and appreciated.

We have come to the end of my chapter. I am eager to share with you the enlightenment from God and God's Light in Book II.

Joy! Joy! Joy!


  • Mentally image, visualize, imagine, or think of The Light of The Creator beaming from above in through the crown center at the top of your head.

  • Mentally image, visualize, imagine, or think of Planet Earth, as it appears when looking at it from outer space - a pristine planet, so beautiful, so perfect for life. Beam The Light out through your mind's eye- the third eye - to The Earth.

When you have the time add Lighting Self, Others, and Your Goals.



Rachael is a young teenager who died with her boyfriend in an automobile accident. The friends riding with them survived. Rachael's spirit appeared to one of those friends, telling him she had liked the woman, Pamela, he had gone to see about his grief and anger after the accident. Rachael said she would, herself, be seeing Pamela on a certain date. He informed me, Pamela, of this, and on that date, I guided Dr. Harmon into a trance state so I could speak with Rachael.

Rachael wanted to know why she had lost her young body. I suggested that I guide Rachael into the Light to ask why. To my shock, Rachael was told in the Light to return to Earth to find out why for herself. I next suggested maybe going back, in Rachael's mind, to before she was born would answer her questions.

Rachael discovered she'd never been meant to live out a full life span and she was to investigate why. I suggested Rachael move into the astral level where she would ask for teachers of light who could help her. I asked her to report back the next week on what had happened.

The next week, as Rachael spoke again through Dr. Harmon, the light around him was radiant. "I found how to use light!" she announced, laughing. "No offense, but the way you guys teach it is so boring!" Rachael's words in how to use light follow her story.

A few years later, as Light writing through me, Rachael announced that she was present. "Good," wrote Light. "I have something to tell you both.

"The hope of the world is in the young people. They have the life force that is very important to my plan to save the world by changing the future through Light. You, Pamela, know this and you have been gathering on the astral levels many spirits who died young to help guide those in the body in their part in this plan. These young spirits lack only a leader. A central light that coordinates their energies. This leader is Rachael. It is why she died young, why she was sent back, and why she has been with me, learning and growing in my Light."

Rachael was stunned. Laughing, LIGHT teased, "I've never known you to be speechless, Rachael. Speak to the young. Speak in their language. Speak through their music and their bodies. Speak in their minds when they open them to you. Lead your legions of the young. Teach them, as I have taught you. Be with them as they center in the Light. Quicken their Light to meet with mine as I return the balance to planet Earth. Help them to take back their futures."

Rachael Explains How To Use Light

Here is a way for everyone to use Light. AND IT'S SO SIMPLE! Raise your eyes up to your third eye, or up the middle of your forehead, as though you were looking right inside your skull.

There you will find a kind of glowing energy, like a light, but it is cool, not hot. Focus on that energy and move right into it.

You will feel centered and wonderful. So wonderful you will lose every sensation except that one focus. It's a feeling like bodies touching with all that energy exchange. It's better than meditation and better than feeling high.

This feeling is BALANCE! In that balance is POWER to create ANYTHING! New Worlds! New Ventures! New Excitement! A new relationship with yourself. It's like getting a piece of God or getting a piece of the Universe.

Now, send that energy shooting around The Earth, enveloping The Earth, penetrating the layers down to the magma, and out to the ionosphere, and the far reaches of The Earth. The influence is universal, but it is YOUR FOCUS that makes it happen.

You may see or sense colors or hear sounds. You may feel like you are floating. You may be filled with love or peace.

Such an energy magnified by many minds around the world will eliminate the tyranny and the suffering and the wars and the greed and the desire to control others.

Everything in the universe is seeking balance. If you create balance within yourself, everything around you begins to run smoothly. Take just a moment of time DAILY to see how it works, how easy it is to do.

Just be careful not to do this when you're driving or doing things that require your conscious attention, because you'll lose a lot of your conscious focus if you really go with it. Sometimes you're half in and half out, sometimes you're all the way there. When you're all the way there, you will know it.


(This is the Original, Channeled Through Dr. Hugh, February 2nd, 1993)

"People of The Earth",

"You must learn to embrace your wonderful power and abilities. And avoid the defeatism and idea your responsibility is nil or nothing. You ALL are responsible. Many peoples are choosing to leave The Earth. For they have no faith. We give you faith. We provide you with power. You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us. We need your power with our power. We need all to spread this message to any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, bodies to take action to carry this message forward. And this is how it will work to save this planet Earth. Earth is a very important link in the chain of development of the Universe. Your scientists are recognizing with their Quantum Theory a truth your Spiritual Masters have long taught - thoughts affect matter. We tell you that your thoughts affect more than matter, your thoughts affect EVERYTHING. We tell you that there is present now an imbalance of energies in The Earth. This is due to the focus of many on the negative aspects of your experiences in this plane of existence. This focus can be, must be, changed. It is possible with the use of the vibrations of Light. How can we tell you more of the energy and the power you have with Light? Is not laser surgery a powerful demonstration of what Light can do when it is focused and concentrated? And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy. Such energy can raise the vibrations of this planet and of every life form upon it. If all on planet Earth want to live a happy and healthy life and if planet Earth is to remain hospitable to human life, focus on the Light. It is so simple and it is so powerful. Do NOT imagine what you wish the Light to do. Do NOT focus it on the evil or the darkness. Simply focus on the Light. Let the Light's healing vibrations lift the planet, and the life forms upon it, to their proper balance."

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