Chapter 6   -  The Dragon Slayers

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   Light has many vibrations. One of them is darkness. In the shadows of darkness lurk many demons; a word that in ancient Greece meant divine power, fate and genius. (Genius was defined as a supernatural being or intermediary spirit between gods and men.) Among the demons of man and woman is that which symbolizes divine power: The Dragon. Originally dragon meant snake, or serpent, and in the garden (world) of Eve (woman) and Adam (man), it is when divine power (snake, serpent, dragon), runs amok that evil reigns.

    Evil in ancient Aramaic was to eat of unripe fruit, which is distressing and upsetting to the physical system. To sin was for the archer to miss the mark or target.

    To misuse divine power is to miss the mark, or sin, and this sin is indeed evil, or upsetting, to the entire physical system of man, woman, child, and the world in which we live.

    We all walk the path of the Dragon, for within each of us is the creative, or divine, power. We create with our thoughts, our words, our actions and that which we create we must meet. We have forgotten this. We have come to believe that what we think, speak and do is condoned, forgiven, or forgotten if: A) No one knows about it. B) Others think, speak, or do it. C) There is good reason for it. D) We can get away with it.

    In 553 AD at the Second Council of Constantinople, the Roman Catholic Church bowed to the demands of secular leaders (both within and outside of the church) who did not want any reference in Holy Works that indicated they would meet the abuses of their powers. Hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure as its own end) was rampant and those besotted with pleasure and power came to believe they could create their own spiritual destinies. The intelligentsia aided in this conceit; for after all, they reasoned, if thought determines reality, then by controlling thought man can control all destiny.

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    It was a great sin and evil that the Second Council of Constantinople wrought upon humans for they condemned us to centuries of ignorance as all references that made it clear the soul always meets what it has created through the cycle of rebirth of the soul were deleted from the Bible and other Holy Works.

    There are a previous few references to reincarnation in the Bible that somehow survived the cuts. Not that this is convincing to anyone determined to keep a closed mind. A woman came to see Pamela telling her that she believed the Bible to be the literal word of God. She was disturbed by a talk Pamela had given on past lives. Reincarnation, she stated emphatically, was not possible because there was no mention of it in the Bible. As the woman had her Bible with her, Pamela asked her to read aloud Matthew 16:13-14, Matthew 17:10-13, John 9:1-2 and Revelation 13:10 After reading them, the woman looked up at Pamela. "What do you think of what you read?" Pamela asked. The woman replied, "The Bible must be wrong."

   It is true that thought determines reality. It is reasonable, then, to argue the Council was right: By controlling thought one can control all of ones destiny. What such an argument forgets, however, is that thought exists at the Higher Self, as well as the lower self, level. Our Higher Self thought affects us as directly as our lower self thought. Nor are our Higher Selves subject to our human manipulations. As long as our Higher Selves dictate that we must answer to all we create; we will continue to live as many lives as it takes to do it.

    Past life regressions are an important part of a well trained hypnotherapist´s practice. Even if the hypnotherapist does not believe in past lives, the inner minds of people do. (Whether past lives are real memories or symbolic metaphors can be argued. That the inner mind speaks easily of past lives cannot be argued.) People seek hypnotherapy for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, sexual, and financial well being. Frequently, when asked to give the cause of blocks to healing or change, the Higher Self or subconscious will indicate one or more past lives. This is quite disconcerting to many. "But I don´t believe in past lives", is a frequent refrain. "What does a past life have to do with TODAY?" is a common complaint.

    Time is omnipresent for your subconscious mind, for it is always aware of and with your soul, which never dies. Your subconscious is not afraid of death; yet, when your soul is in a physical body, its number one job, its greatest priority, is to keep the body alive. It takes that job seriously. Balance of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies is important to the survival of the body. When that balance is threatened, the subconscious becomes alarmed. The source of the imbalance can be in the past, the present, or the future - it´s all the same to the subconscious mind.

    Yet, the subconscious mind is one of the most precise keepers of time known to humans. In frequently repeated studies, subjects are hypnotized and the subconscious mind told that at a certain signal it is to keep track of the passing of a precise number of seconds. (These seconds vary from hundreds, to thousands, to millions of seconds.) The subconscious mind is instructed that when the precise number of seconds have been reached, the stop button on a stop watch given the subject is to be pressed. The subjects are then brought out of hypnosis, told to keep the stopwatches close to them at all times, and to go about their business, without paying any particular attention to their stop watches. They are also told that when they get an overpowering urge to press the stop button, they are to do so, then return the stopwatches. The results of these studies are remarkable. With all the subconscious mind has to do, it is still able to keep precise and accurate track (even when the person is sleeping) of up to millions of seconds. Why not, then, millions of years, or more?

    People argue that they cannot remember their past lives, so they must not have happened. They may as well argue that because they don´t recall every day and event of the present life, those days and events must not have happened. Actually, all people remember everything they have ever seen, heard, done, learned, and experienced in every life time. They have just "forgotten" that for many memories, they have to go into the subconscious mind to find them.

    Memory is stored in the subconscious mind in order to keep the conscious mind clear for the enormously important task of making the choices and decisions that affect the survival of the body, the quality of life, and the growth of the soul. (So important is this job that all other tasks are given to the subconscious mind.) Memory is stored both at the "hardware" levels of the brain and in the "software" levels of the subconscious mind, which "exists" in the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body/brain.

    Memory is stored by the subconscious mind according to directives given it by the conscious mind. Memories needed by the conscious mind to help it in the moment to moment course of daily living are made available for ready recall to the conscious mind. Memories that are interesting or meaningful to the conscious mind are also stored for ready conscious recall. Memories that are not particularly important, interesting, or meaningful to the conscious mind, as well as memories that would be traumatic or overwhelming to the conscious mind are less readily available. It takes the subconscious extra time to bring these memories forward, and for many of them, you have to be IN the subconscious memory banks in order to find them.

    For example, think of a birthday of yours that was particularly memorable. Note how quickly you recall the events of that day. Now think of a birthday that was not so memorable. Does it take longer for memories of that day to "pop" into your recall? What about your first three birthdays, do you remember them? You could in hypnosis. In hypnosis, you can "slip into" the subconscious memory banks and find lots of information not available in the "normal" conscious focus of mind.

    The memory of your past lives is buried within the subconscious levels to avoid confusion and trauma. Imagine being aware of all your past likes and dislikes at any given moment. How would you ever make decisions and choices? Imagine being aware of all your past emotions at any given moment. How would you or your body cope? (Emotions can be as wearing on your body as they are on you.) Imagine being aware of all your past deaths at any given moment. How would your nervous system survive?

    Regression therapy is a major part of hypnotherapy. The goal of regression therapy is to heal any event in the past (whether past lives or the past of the present life) that negatively affects the present or the future. In regression therapy, the soul finds where divine power (dragon) has been misused (sin) to create that which upsets (evil) the mind, body, or spirit. In regression therapy, the soul becomes the dragon slayer.

    Slaying-in-the-spirit is to touch a person in a manner that causes that person to fall with the belief he or she has received a bolt or charge of Holy Spirit energy. Rhythmic music, clapping, chanting, high emotions, mental expectation and combined life force energy can indeed create a bolt or charge of energy that can be directed by the mind to do anything.

    Such an energy charge can heal people. (It can also injure, even kill, people if that is the intent.) It can materialize spirit. It can cause people to see "visions", hear "voices", and "speak" in "tongues". Of course, the mind can consciously or subconsciously block this energy. Not everyone who is "touched" falls. Not everyone who falls is healed. Not everyone who is healed stays healed. Not everyone has "the eyes to see", "the ears to hear", or the "voice to speak". Belief and acceptance open the mind; doubt and denial close it. When the mind is closed, awareness is limited. When the mind is open, awareness is limitless.

    We had a series of group meetings in the Embassy Suites hotel in Palm Desert. Frequently, prior to the meetings we would privately ask Master of Light for a demonstration that evening. "Master of Light," Pamela said one day, "could we have a different demonstration tonight? Something more people can notice. There´s always a few people who perceive the astral light and colors you project, but most don´t. We want more people to notice your presence. When we ask tonight for Light, could you do something more noticeable?"

    That night, as we asked for Light, the fire alarms for the hotel went off. As the group began evacuating the room, hotel personnel shouted out: "False alarm. Something set the alarms off. We don´t know what it was, but it wasn´t a fire."

    "Well," said Master of Light the next day, "did you like that? Everyone noticed it, don´t you think?"

    "I thought you were the Master of Light, not Sound," Pamela responded, laughing.

    "Sound is Light," Master of Light responded. "All is Light. Tell people to look around. Everything they see, hear, and touch is Light. Their bodies are Light. Their thoughts are Light. Even their minds and emotions are Light. I am everywhere. I am always available to everyone at all times. If humans truly would grasp that and use Light for all Light can do, your world would be in much better shape. In all ways and always."

    Light is energy. When Light is focused, power is generated. Power that can generate heat and fire, as when a magnifying glass focuses the light of the sun. Power that can generate sound, as in thunder. Power that can create electricity, as in lightning. Power that can penetrate matter as with laser light

    As Spirit generates Light, mind can focus it. Imagine then, the power generated when many spirits gather and many minds are linked in a single focus. That is the power of group energy. All great leaders, teachers, healers, motivators, and performers use the power of group energy; if not consciously, then subconsciously. Attend a seminar, meeting, service, speech, performance or any gathering where those present become inspired, impassioned, or galvanized and you will sense an "electric charge" of energy present. When there is a central person (usually an authoritative or charismatic personality) to whom the group is "feeding" this energy, it often feels as if that person is projecting great power.

    People, places, and things being "fed" group energy feel empowering. Away from their presence (and thus the group energy), that power begins to dissipate, slowly for some, more rapidly for others. For many people, this feels as though they are coming down from an energy "high". This can be depressing for some as anger is triggered subconsciously by the sense that power has somehow been lost. Other people find the "energy high" has quickened their own "normal" levels of energy to higher levels. Those levels, however, are rarely as "high" as when tapping into group energy. Humans have created many ways to maintain group energy:

  1. Organized Governments and Organized Religion. The higher you are in the hierarchy of these groups, the greater access you have to the energy and, thus, the power, of the group. Of course, group energy is only as powerful as its focus. Divert the focus and you divert the energy. Divert the energy and there is a loss of power. Thus, hierarchies develop central figures, usually leaders, to which they feed their energy in an effort to keep a group focus. While this works, it also "disempowers" those who "feed" the leaders and frequently creates subversion within the group as the "powerless" seek to gain the leadership even as those leaders seek to absorb as much energy from the group as possible in order to consolidate their power.

  2. Social and Spiritual Groups. Similar to organized government and religions in that energy and power are usually fed to particular individuals within the group. Family hierarchies are one example of this, as is the "popular culture" which creates heroes, heroines, and stars to be worshipped, emulated, and granted power beyond the "ordinary" being. Gurus, avatars, medicine men and medicine women are another example, as are "big" bosses like corporate or union heads.

  3. Places draw group energy when those places are thought to be powerful by many. Examples of such places: Stonehenge, Sedona, Ganges River, Lourdes. Machu Pinchu, The Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, Sacred Indian Grounds. Mecca. Any sacred, blessed, holy, or cursed place.

  4. Things and rituals draw group energy when they are thought to be powerful by many. Examples of this are: Shrines. Mosques. Churches. Synagogues. Temples. The Bible. The Torah. The Koran. Prayer. Prayer Beads. Prayer Candles. Incense. Crystals. The Cross. The Star of David. Totem Poles. Gang Signs. Swastika. Country Flags. Special Salutes. Obscene Gestures. Voodoo. (The list is endless.)

  5. Food, alcohol and drugs thought to be powerful by many draw group energy.

    • Tobacco kills more people today because, in addition to the increased use of toxic additives in the tobacco, group energy has fed powerfully into the thought "tobacco kills".

    • Alcohol, like tobacco, holds more power over people who are as mentally (consciously or subconsciously) swayed by the thought that alcohol has power over them as they are by biochemical sensitivities in their cells to alcohol. In fact, since thought triggers biochemical reactions, thought is a large component of alcoholism. Anyone who doubts that would do well to watch a hypnotist convince a sober person he or she is drunk or a drunk person he or she is sober.

    • Drugs and medicines hold a tremendous amount of group energy as billions of humans focus intense mental and emotional expectations on their power. Add the fear and greed (both very powerful energies) linked to illegal drugs and you begin to see the power illegal drugs hold over those who focus on them.

    • Foods thought to have particular power do indeed affect a person in the way expected if the subconscious believes this.

    • Allergies, Immune System diseases, and skin damage are rapidly increasing due to group belief. While it is certainly true we have polluted our water, air, food, and bodies with toxic chemicals, it is also true we have polluted ourselves with the thought that nature is, itself, toxic. It isn´t. What we add to nature often is.

Group energy is real. It is an energy and a power that can be blocked, resisted, or plugged into. However, the belief that only certain individuals, groups, places, persons, rituals, or things have power is a defeating thought and a falsehood. The truth is, limitless energy and power are always available through ones own Higher Self, which is actually group energy.

    The Higher Self encompasses amd is directly connected with all the personalities you have ever been (as well as will be). Your Higher Self is also directly connected to all Higher Spirit and the Prime Creator. So you are directly connected with all that group (and what a group!) energy. That is your divine power. That is your dragon. That is the dragon others use to usurp you of your energy, life force, and power if any part of you allows them to.

    It is VERY important to realize that Higher Selves, Higher Spirit, and the Prime Creator do not "grant" or "deny" requests. Souls have constant and continual access to energy and power with which to manifest their wills. It is humans who close or limit themselves to that limitless, abundant flow of energy and power.

    There are many people, groups, and organizations today that teach the importance of positive thought, positive prayer, positive beliefs, positive affirmations, positive thought, positive words, and positive actions. While they are certainly right, many are, in Dr. Harmon´s words, "half assed and riding half an ass will not get anyone anywhere." He means, most people fail to recognize all of the subconscious levels must be focused on the positive and it is extremely difficult to effectively reach the subconscious levels with conscious techniques. When one believes, subconsciously, one is unworthy of a goal or a goal is impossible to achieve, that goal will not be achieved no matter how deeply, sincerely, or positively one prays, believes, or affirms for it.

    In ancient Aramaic, the language the master metaphysician Jesus of Nazareth spoke, to forgive meant to untie. To slay the dragon is to untie oneself of limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to unleash the divine power within. The best means we know of slaying the dragon is to return in the inner levels of the mind to the experiences that keep one tied to the negativity of the past. The best way we know to do this is hypnotic regression therapy.

    There are many ways in which to experience a hypnotic regression and many types of regressions. How one experiences a regression is affected by the skill of the hypnotist, trust in the hypnotist, and the ability to by hypnotized. (Like anything else, one gets better at being hypnotized the more one is hypnotized.) Each regression experience is also affected by the mood one is in at the moment, how interested or disinterested one is in a particular past experience, even the comfort of the body during the regression.

    Regressions vary from a strictly mental review of an experience or life time to a feeling of actually "being there". A skilled hypnotist can help people be as involved, or uninvolved, as they choose to be, even from moment to moment in the regression.

    The goal of regression therapy is to change negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behavior, and subconscious programming that block ones ability to achieve specific goals. The important steps of regression therapy are:

  1. Recognize the experience that created the negativity.

  2. Review what happened in the experience.

  3. Realize the negative emotions still attached to the experience.

  4. Release the negative energies still attached to the experience.

  5. Reach an understanding why the experience happened.

  6. Renew ones power in the experience.

  7. Reprogram the positive changes.

ALL of these steps are important to permanent transformation and healing. Sometimes all of these steps can be accomplished in one session, sometimes it will take several sessions. (This is particularly true with abuse.)

    Many will argue "you can´t change the past". That you can´t physically change the past is, perhaps, true. That you can emotionally, mentally, and spiritually change the past, which physically changes the present and the future is definitely true.

    One woman´s Higher Self said to her during a regression to when she was in her mother´s womb: "You can do now what you did not do then. You can make a different choice. You can see now you did not make the best choice. But you have learned now what the better choice is. There is great power in knowing it is never too late. You have lost some brain cells from the lack of oxygen through your connection to your mother. You are learning now that the physical is not the only way to achieve this. The adult you can now use your intelligence to heal the you then. You can do this. You need to know it is never too late. If humans could only see how very special and powerful each person is."

    Regressions can access various levels of and in the subconscious mind. Generally, the emotional levels frequently disregard (or perhaps do not have) what they consider to be unimportant details. They tend to focus on the emotional matters that concern or interest them. Facts - such as names, dates, etc. - that are not interesting or emotionally involving are often ignored. Questions asking for such information will often be ignored, and should an unskilled hypnotist push for such information, emotional levels are perfectly capable of making up an answer before moving on to matters that interest them. The emotional levels can become confused when similar emotions, events, or the people in them trigger other memories that overlay the first. For accuracy of detail, it is necessary to access the subconscious mind or the Higher Self.

    Many people confuse the subconscious levels of mind with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the seat of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual programming. It is the seat of the memory banks and the emotions. It carries out the directives of the conscious mind. It controls and regulates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies.

    In hypnosis, the subconscious mind "opens the door", in a sense, to the memories, emotions, personalities, and other energies that are in the subconscious levels. They are not the subconscious mind itself. This point is confusing even to many hypnotists and therapists. It is, however, an important point to understand when working with the mind. It is equally important to realize that past personalities active in the subconscious levels of mind have conscious wills which actively affect subconscious programming.

    Personalities one has had in the past are still parts of oneself. What makes up a personality are the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, and behavior that create an identity that is separate from the whole. The personality you had at five years old, for instance, is a different personality than what you have today. Your five year old personality is not gone,. It still exists - as long as your spirit exists - in the subconscious levels of your mind. When you have a regression to something that happened when you were five years old, as much or as little of the five year old personality you were will come forward as you consciously allow to come forward. This is true for all the inner age personalities and past life personalities you have. It is also true for the Higher Self, a personality in the superconscious levels of mind.

    In this sense, everyone can be said to have multiple personalities. In addition to the personalities one has lived, there are frequently personalities one has created for oneself. For instance, most people have created a "parent" personality modeled on their own parents. This is the personality that "pops up" to tell you, inwardly, you "should" or "shouldn´t" do something. It´s also the one many adults have experienced when dealing with young people who push them past their limits. The "inner parent" suddenly takes over and the adult finds him or her self saying or doing exactly what their own parents did when "pushed". (Frequently, its even something that person vowed he or she would never do or say when he or she grew up.) Sometimes, the "created" personality is a helper, like an imaginary friend, who comforts and can take over for the main personality when needed. Dr. Harmon calls these types of personalities I.M.P.S. for Instantly Manifested Personality Substitutes. They are a type of sub-personality, meaning they exist in the subconscious levels of mind and are brought forward only when needed.

    I.M.P.S. are not always people. Dr. Harmon worked with a client named Sophie, whose horse, a personality she had created as a child, emerged under hypnosis. Sophie had been sexually abused as a child. As the molest would begin, she would fantasize about a great beautiful horse coming to her rescue. All through the molest, she would ride her horse far, far away.

    One day, in the school yard, a bully pushed her down. Suddenly, Sophie became her horse. "Neighing" and "rearing back" she so startled the bully that he ran away. This delighted the other girls and soon Sophie led a herd of "girl horses" who would chase any boy that teased or threatened any of them.

    The day came when the bully was caught and the "horses" trampled him. Nothing was hurt besides his dignity, but the girls were pulled into the office, still neighing and being horses. They were firmly reprimanded and ordered to stop being horses. The "herd" complied, returning to their little girl selves, but Sophie´s horse remained. A school counselor was called and Sophie´s molest was finally discovered. So Sophie´s Horse did finally manage to rescue her little girl self.

    Sub-personalities are a "problem" when the will of a sub-personality subverts the will of the main personality or is focused on a negative thought, belief, behavior, or emotion. In general, our sub-personalities are the parts that make us whole. We need them. It is important to help each part of ourselves feel loved, accepted, respected, secure, and joyful if we are to feel completely loved, accepted, respected, secure, and joyful.

     Multiple Personality Disorder is an aberration of the norm. It indicates a sub-personality that can take over control in ways that are unacceptable or detrimental to the main personality. It can be quite prevalent in survivors of abuse and these personalities should only be worked with by those who are specially trained and qualified to do so. (Note to those who do work with this: You will read about spirit attachments in Chapter Seven. These are a type of sub-personality that also exist in some people´s subconscious levels. However, they are separate beings, neither a part of or created by the "main" personality, and to attempt to "integrate" them can do more harm than good.)


   The term unconscious means unknowing or perceiving; not aware; not possessing mind or consciousness; not marked by conscious thought, sensation or feeling. None of these terms describe the subconscious mind or the subconscious levels; far from it! The subconscious mind is always aware, even in sleep and coma states, and the subconscious levels contain personalities with conscious thought, sensations, and feelings. We suggest the term "unconscious mind" be dropped entirely and the term "unconscious" used to refer to not being consciously aware; as in coma states, certain stages of sleep, and when those who choose to be are not consciously aware in hypnosis.

    People are as "conscious" or "unconscious" in hypnosis as they are interested in what is being said, no matter what level of hypnosis they are in. People can be "unconscious" in light levels of hypnosis and "conscious" in the deepest levels of hypnosis. Most people drift in and out of conscious awareness in "straight hypnosis", once they trust both the process and the hypnotist. ("Straight" hypnosis is when the hypnotist is doing all of the talking.) It´s easy to trust the process once one recognizes that the subconscious mind is always aware in hypnosis and will alert the conscious mind should anything be said or done which is alarming or unacceptable to its programming. Actually, hypnosis is a super aware state as all the senses are heightened., even to hearing a pin drop in the next room. Most people choose to let normal and safe sounds fade into the background. Any disturbing sound would be noticed immediately.

    There is a very well known (among hypnotists) research study of a hypnosis subject who was in the Eisdale State, which is the deepest, coma like, level of hypnosis. One of the researchers shouted to the subject to get up and leave as there was a fire in the building. The man just lay there, leading the researchers to conclude that hypnosis was unsafe as the subject had made no move to save himself. The subject, however, after he´d been brought out of hypnosis, said that he had heard the shout, but was aware no one in the room had left the room. Nor could he hear anyone else in the building walking in the hall and he didn´t smell any smoke. He´d concluded it was just a test, and as he was feeling so euphoric, he hadn´t wanted to move. (The Eisdale State is noted for its sense of euphoria.)

    The next day the researchers tried their test with another subject; only this time, they burned a small piece of paper in a waste container and all left the room. To their amazement, the hypnosis subject got up, left the room and the building, and when he got far enough away from the building, laid down on the grass, and went right back into the Eisdale State. When asked why he had done that, he replied, "It felt so good, I wanted to get back to it as soon as I was safe."

    Another illustration, personally amusing to us, was a class in self-hypnosis that Pamela was teaching on the Big Island of Hawaii. The first day, she led the group into a hypnotic state. One woman resisted the hypnosis, fidgeting around nervously. Afterwards, the woman remarked she´d been very disappointed, but not surprised, that she ´couldn´t be hypnotized´. The second day, Pamela repeated the group hypnosis. She noted this same woman had entered a very deep state and thought to herself, "Oh good, she´s not afraid any more." As Pamela guided the group back to social awareness, this woman remained deep in hypnosis. Walking over to her, Pamela repeated the instructions to return to social awareness. Still the woman ignored her. Finally, Pamela leaned down, placed her hand on the woman´s shoulder and said to her softly, "If you´d like to experience what you´re experiencing again, you´ll take a deep breath, clear your eyes, and open them to be fully alert now." The woman did as instructed, but complained the experience had deeply frightened her as she had not been able to ´come out of it´ until Pamela ´gave her back control´ of her mind. "Yet yesterday," Pamela pointed out, laughing, "I couldn´t even ´get´ you to relax. Are you telling me that in 24 hours I have so improved as a hypnotist, I could finally ´get you´ hypnotized and in my control?"

    "Oh, I see," the woman said thoughtfully. "I heard you tell the group to open their eyes, but I didn´t want to, I was feeling so good. I knew you walked over and stood in front of me, but I really wanted you to walk away and ignore me, so I could keep feeling those feelings. Then, when you hinted I wouldn´t ever feel them again if I didn´t comply, I decided you might be right, so I opened my eyes. You didn´t make me do that, I chose to do it myself. I was in charge the whole time!"


    As Dave Elman, the noted medical hypnotist who first taught Dr. Harmon hypnosis, wrote: "The phenomena of hypnosis is real. It feels very pleasant, often euphoric. It´s an altered state of consciousness where change can be readily produced, lost memories found, body changes triggered, healing induced or accelerated, self-awareness elicited, and dreams recalled and interpreted. There is a built in protection that allows anyone to refuse any suggestion given if one wishes to do so." We would add to this that it is also a state where long buried emotions can be released, understanding gained, past lives relived, and higher spiritual guidance received.

    Most people are consciously aware in hypnosis when they, themselves, are speaking as most people are interested in and curious about what they have to say. As conscious awareness of ones past is the reason one does a regression, people should want to be consciously aware in a hypnotic regression. The purpose of hypnosis is not to lose consciousness, it is to gain consciousness of all of ones levels of being and knowledge. (When a person is not consciously aware during a hypnotic regression we suggest listening to a tape of the regression in order to gain conscious understanding of the information and knowledge brought forward in the regression.)

    NMR is extremely useful to past life work. Using it, one can find all the data of a past life; such as whether one was male or female, the years of birth and death, where one lived and traveled in that life, who in that life is in the present life, how one lived and died. Finding this information prior to the hypnosis not only focuses the subconscious on where to go and thus gets it there sooner; it allows the questioning mind to relax sufficiently for the experience to happen.

    NMR saves hours of hypnosis work We find people are so relieved to know that NMR can be used after hypnosis to discern their "truths" from their "fantasies" that they go even deeper in the hypnosis. (Understanding "fantasy" can be as transforming as "truth" helps clients to be non-judgmental about this.)

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