Chapter 7   -  Into The Light Darkly

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   Discarnates, in particular, attach to people in the body, because humans become very "fixed" on the body. As one discarnate told Pamela when she asked him why he´d attached to her client in the first place, "I didn´t like just floating around. It made me feel like a ghost." When asked what a ghost was, he replied, "You know, a dead person." Obviously, he did not consider himself a "dead person", though most people still "alive with a physical body" would.

    Mrs. Johnson was a client of Dr. Harmon´s. A rational, solid, and highly respected business woman who had known Dr. Harmon since he was a boy, she came hobbling into his office on two canes, her knees crippled with advanced arthritis.

    "Your brother is my doctor," she announced, "and he informs me I´m going to be in a wheelchair soon. He also says you are the only one who might be able to help me. I don´t believe in this hypnosis nonsense, but if you can do anything, please do it. I am NOT ready for a wheel chair!"

    It only took two weeks to heal the pain in Mrs. Johnsons´s knees; thanks in large part to the dogged commitment of Mrs. Johnson and in no small part to several regressions that cleared years of deep-seated negative programming. The regression work was followed with hypnosis sessions for programming healing of the knees. Mrs. Johnson threw away her canes and went hiking in the foothills with her grandchildren. (After five years, X-rays showed the previous damage to her knees from the arthritis to be dramatically healed.)

    A year after successfully getting rid of the pain of arthritis, Mrs. Johnson returned to Dr. Harmon´s office. "I´m STILL not convinced about what you do," she announced, planting herself in his office chair, "not entirely anyway. After all, I was taking medicine and vitamins and herbs. Maybe they just all kicked in."


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"Maybe," Dr. Harmon agreed affably. "So why are you here? My brother send you again?"

    "No," she replied, looking away from him and then down at her hands. "In fact, I´d appreciate it if you don´t mention to him, or anyone else, why I´m here. I´m not even sure why I´m here myself. But I didn´t think anyone else would listen to me without thinking I´ve gone senile, half nuts, or off my rocker completely."

    "Well," Dr. Harmon replied, smiling, "I doubt you can tell me anything I haven´t heard before, and as for being off one´s rocker, I´ve been accused of that a time or two."

    Mrs. Johnson didn´t even crack a smile. "Well," she began hesitantly, "as you know, I own a health food store. In fact, my family owns an organic farm, and I´ve always eaten the fruits and vegetables we grow. I eat healthy, I always have. Maybe too much, but healthy. So what´s happening just doesn´t make any sense." She took a deep breath. "For the past several weeks I´ve been eating eggs and ham and drinking coffee EVERY MORNING!"

    She looked at Dr. Harmon and shook her head. "Can you believe it? I can´t. I start driving for work, then when I get to the corner where I have to turn left, I turn right and go to McDonald´s instead. I don´t want anyone to see me, so I practically wolf the food down. I keep asking myself why would I act against what I believe in? I wouldn´t be caught dead in a fast food place. Though I probably will be," she added, "if I keep eating like this every day."

Mrs. Johnson stopped and cleared her throat with embarrassment. "Then, this morning, just as I turn right, I hear a voice in the back seat behind me. It was clear as day. It was a male voice and had a drawl. It said, ´Hurry up, Ma´am. We´re late. I need my coffee.´ Well, I tell you, Hugh, I turned my head around so fast I almost wrecked the car. There wasn´t a soul in the back seat. But it felt like someone was there." She paused and shook her head. "I think I might be going crazy. Can you do something about THAT?"

    NMR indicated a spirit attachment, a male in his 30´s who had come to her when she was six years old. He was willing to communicate. Okay," Mrs. Johnson said reluctantly, "but only because I trust you. I´ve known you since you were a boy, and I´ve never known you to be dishonest or grasping. If you believe what this leg stuff says, I´ll believe it. Besides, I´m sick to death of eggs, ham, and coffee. I´m willing to try anything that might work."

    Mrs. Johnson entered hypnosis easily and quickly and soon began to speak. It was her voice, but not her voice. Much lower than her natural timbre, the voice certainly sounded male and it had a definite Texan accent.

    "I´m from Texas, alright," the spirit attachment explained, when Dr. Harmon commented on his accent, "that´s why they call me Tex." Tex further related that he had fought in the civil war and after it had ended, he and some fellow ex-confederates had been on their way to California when they´d been jumped by Indians in Arizona. "They come outa holes in the desert and kilt us," he drawled. "After that, I just sorta drifted." Asked when and why he´d come to Mrs. Johnson, he said it´d been at a seance her grandfather and grandmother had let her watch when she was six. The little girl had been open and friendly, so he´d stayed with her ever since.

    Dr. Harmon asked Tex if he´d like to go to a special place where he could find out how to have a body of his own. Tex replied, "Well, I reckon as how I´ve always liked her, ever since she was a little girl. But I´ve never felt right being in a woman´s body. Anyhow, she doesn´t eat what I like. I´ve managed to get her to eat a real breakfast lately, but I don´t know how long that´s gonna last. Yup, it would be real nice havin´ my own body. Seems like I´m ready to go alright."

    Dr. Harmon asked Mrs. Johnson if she would be willing to have Tex move on. Her "yes" indicator finger moved emphatically. So Dr. Harmon guided Tex to the Light. There Tex found some old buddies and was delighted to remain.

    Afterwards, Mrs. Johnson, who had heard every word, said she didn´t believe a word of it. She wondered, however, why in the world she would make up such a crazy story. "It just doesn´t sound like something I´d even imagine," she remarked, then added, "I´ll be very curious to see if I quit eating those horrible breakfasts."

    She returned a week later. "I haven´t gone to McDonald´s once since that session," she reported, "and that damn voice hasn´t come back, Thank God. But my blood pressure has risen alarmingly in the past week and your brother can´t find any reason for it. He taught me how to visualize it going down, which he says works for a lot of his patients, but it hasn´t worked for me and medications haven´t helped either. You always seem to know what to do, what can you do with this?"

    First, Dr. Harmon helped Mrs. Johnson take her blood pressure. It was 200 over 110. Then they began to test the reasons for the high blood pressure with NMR. As they did so, Tex´s voice suddenly burst forth from Mrs. Johnson. "I´m so dang sorry," he apologized, "but I plumb forgot about my partner and left him there with you. He gits so scared without me. Goes all to pieces." Dr. Harmon asked if the partner would talk to them. "I don´t know, I´ll ask him," Tex said. When nothing more came forward, Dr. Harmon quickly guided Mrs. Johnson into hypnosis.

    When Mrs. Johnson began to speak again, it was - like before - her voice and not her voice. Nor did the voice sound like Tex´s voice. It lacked his broad Texan drawl and braggadocio. This voice was weak and spoke with great hesitancy and agitation, saying, "I´s goin´ crazy here without Tex a telling me what to do. Whar´s he git off to anyhow?" Tex broke in then and, after apologizing profusely, took his partner off with him.

    Mrs. Johnson was instantly out of hypnosis. Dr. Harmon took her blood pressure again. It had dropped dramatically; from 200 over 110, to 130 over 75. Such a rapid drop in the space of ten minutes would normally cause extreme distress and discomfort. Mrs. Johnson announced she felt lighter, but not uncomfortable in the least.

    "Even though I don´t believe any of what just happened," Mrs. Johnson announced, "I sure hope it´s caused me to stay fixed."

    Mrs. Johnson did not have trouble with her blood pressure again. Nor did she ever eat a eggs, ham, and coffee breakfast again. Why or how "Tex" suddenly gained enough influence to wrest control of her eating habits was not addressed as in clinical practice the client´s needs are of primary concern and much that might be asked or explored with a spirit attachment is not.

     Research studies with spirit attachments have been done. Dr. Harmon has conducted and participated in several such studies. When a spirit attachment is talking, (even when a past life personality is talking), brain wave patterns can alter dramatically, as well as blood pressure and skin temperature. The following story indicates how seriously spirit attachments can affect the body.

    Dr. Harmon was teaching a class on visualization techniques for medical hypnosis. He asked the class members to focus on a physical trait or symptom they wanted to change. One man exclaimed, "I have so many symptoms I hardly know what to focus on!"

    When asked to name his symptoms, he replied, "My eyes are bad and are getting worse. I have a condition where colors shift in and around my eyes, making my eyesight very blurry. My bowel problems are so bad I´ve had bowel surgery, which didn´t help much. I have heart problems as well as high blood pressure, which gives me headaches, one of which I have right now." Dr. Harmon asked the student, a gentleman in his 40´s named Tom, if he was currently under a doctor´s care. He replied he was, adding his doctor had referred him to the class as he thought hypnotic techniques might benefit him. "Good," Dr. Harmon remarked smiling, "then do you suppose your doctor would approve of your learning, and demonstrating, right now, a technique for immediately lowering the blood pressure a point or two?"

    "Approve? He´ll probably make me teach it to him," Tom replied.

    Dr. Harmon took Tom´s blood pressure in front of the class, asking him to watch the needle and note the numbers. Another member of the class, a registered nurse, was asked to retake the blood pressure and verify the readings, which she did. Next, Tom was asked to focus on "imaging" or "visualizing" the needle in his mind as it lowered by two or more points. His blood pressure was taken again. It had gone up. This was not what it was supposed to do. Dr. Harmon instructed Tom to close his eyes. He gave Tom suggestions for relaxing deeper and visualizing or imaging the drop of the needle on the blood pressure dial. While he was doing so, his blood pressure was checked again. It had gone up even higher! Somewhat alarmed, Dr. Harmon called for a five minute break while Tom relaxed and listened to soothing music. Thinking over what had happened, it suddenly occurred to Dr. Harmon that there might be a spirit attachment influencing the blood pressure. Since NMR had not yet been developed, his only way of knowing would be to guide Tom into hypnosis and see if there was indeed such an attachment.

    Gathering the group back together, Dr. Harmon proceeded with a hypnotic induction. Once Tom was securely in hypnosis, Dr. Harmon asked if there was "someone else" in the body. A finger began to move rapidly. Dr. Harmon then asked if this "other person" would speak to them. Again, the finger wiggled. Dr. Harmon gave instructions for using mental energy to vibrate the vocal chords, enabling the attachment to communicate. Suddenly, a strong, loud voice began speaking excitedly. It was, however, speaking in German. Dr. Harmon broke into the stream of German words, explaining that his German was very limited. Would the spirit, he asked, mind speaking in English? A guttural voice hesitantly replied, "I don´t speak so good English. But I try, yah? Und I am no spirit, I am a person. Du verstand?" In several sessions over the next two days, the class was to hear a fascinating story, told in broken English, by four different spirit attachments.

    The first related that he was a Sergeant in the German army in World War I, and that with him (also attached to the body) were three soldiers from his unit. Two were German, like himself. One was from what is called Yugoslavia today. They had been on patrol together on the front lines. An American artillery shell blew up the shed where they had gathered. One of them had been near the shed, one was just walking out of it, and the other two had been inside. All of them had been fatally injured, though none of them had died instantly. One had been blinded when half his face was torn away. This soldier told of his slow and agonizing death, unable to see or to move. Another said he had lost his legs and bled to death. The third had his "guts" (bowels) blown away. The Sergeant said he was semi-comatose when the American infantry over-ran them. "A dough boy," he related sadly, "bayonets me in the heart as I lie on the ground"

    There was much the Sergeant and his men did not understand or could not explain. The Sergeant remembered thinking at his death of his mother and sister, who were struggling alone without anyone to help them. He found himself with them and tried to be of help, but no-one paid any attention to him. He stayed with them (but do not attach to either´s body), and some years later came to America with them when they immigrated after the war. He went with his sister when she married and when her son (his nephew) was born, he attached to his nephew´s body. Later, when that nephew had a son of his own (Tom), he attached to him. So the Sergeant was Tom´s own great uncle. Sometime in Tom´s early childhood, another of the soldiers rejoined his Sergeant by attaching to the Sergeant. (The attachment of a spirit to another spirit attachment is called "piggybacking". All spirits within the energy field of the physical body affect it, whether they are piggybacking or directly attached.) The last two soldiers said they had been "half in and half out" of Tom´s body until he was 12. (Probably meaning they would come and go.) They said they attached "permanently" when Tom had a dream, at age 12, of the death of the patrol. (Tom later mentioned the dream had been so vivid, he´d always remembered it.)

    The Sergeant was escorted into the Light by Dr. Harmon. and the Sergeant´s patrol followed. Immediately following the release of the "German Patrol", Tom´s blood pressure, which had stabilized over the past days, lowered to a healthy norm. Dr. Harmon kept track of Tom for the next couple of years. Within weeks of the release of the spirit attachments, Tom´s eye disease, which had been diagnosed as progressive, stabilized and over time his eye sight improved dramatically. Within a few months, tests indicated his heart condition as having completely healed. Further tests showed his bowels had healed also. He had not had a headache since the "German Patrol" left him.

    Cases like these, of which we have many, make it very difficult to deny or ignore the "evidence" and effect of spirit attachments. Even memories one has can be those of a spirit attachment. (Important to recognize when working with abuse!) Attachments are not, in most cases, trying to take over the body, nor do they mean to affect the body or the person in it. Most often, they are not even aware they are doing so. Drugs, medications, treatments, procedures, and surgeries designed to "stabilize" symptoms of the mind or the body caused by spirit attachments will have little or no effect if the attachment remains. Attachments can be, and frequently are, the cause of "disassociate" behaviors and "multiple personality" disorder.

    Spirit attachments do sometimes take over the body, if permitted (overtly or covertly) to do so by the one who "owns" the body. "Blackouts" in short term or long term memory can be due to attachments who have gained control of the body. (Children frequently leave their bodies when being physically or sexually abused, which is why they often cannot later remember that abuse, unless they stayed around, astrally, to watch. But the subconscious mind and the cells do remember, as do spirit attachments who stayed in the body to "take" the abuse and help the body survive.) Spirit attachments who take conscious control of the body can be responsible for violence to themselves and others. Abusers often have such attachments they have drawn to them, which is why abusers frequently cannot "remember" the abuse, unless they stick around to watch or to participate. (Their subconscious mind, body cells, and attachments will remember it.)

    When spirit attachments are guilty of a crime, an enlightened society works with them to help them heal and then to help them move into the Light. (Trying to integrate a spirit attachment, even a past life personality which has come forward as a spirit attachment, into the "main" personality is highly unenlightened, as well as impossible.) An enlightened society would also work with the inner mind of the one who allowed the attachment. An enlightened society would never release or execute criminals without having first healed them (with regression therapy) of their inner pain, hate, and rage. Execution of such people is a good way to create future sociopaths (by birth or spirit attachment). Societies that recognize they themselves will be born into what they create for the future have a powerful incentive for enlightenment.

    True spirit guides do not, in most cases, attach to the body except to be channeled. (Attachments are quite capable of calling themselves spirit guides when they realize this would gain them respect or control.) True spirit guides know better than to attach to a body; they realize the effect this has on the body and the person in it. True spirit guides rarely ask for those they guide to give over their bodies or lives in any manner. Spirit guides offer guidance; they are not "into control".

    A client and student of ours was highly indignant when her spirit guides said: "The life force of this one will be withdrawn if she chooses this path". Yes, this sounds like "control". However, her Higher Self explained: "She chose, before entering, her purpose. She has already walked the path she now contemplates. There is nothing to be gained there. I will withdraw the life force if she chooses it again. The body may linger, but the spirit will leave it."

    The Higher Self is the only spirit guide allowed to "withdraw the life force" without ones consent as the Higher Self IS oneself.

    NMR (when precisely and properly done), the Universal Records (when accurately accessed), and Higher Self channeling (when not filtered by the conscious or the subconscious) are the most accurate methods we know of for determining whether particular spirit guides are or are not beneficial to ones path, purpose, and greater good.


Sue was a client of Pamela´s. Sue had a childhood of abuse, as well as trauma from several back injuries and surgeries. Sue had several types of multiples; including an active inner child personality; a personality created by that child to protect her; a discarnate attachment who helped to soothe and comfort her after she´d been abused; a discarnate attachment of a man she had known in a past life in Greece, and a past life personality of her own from a later past life.

    Sue did not know about her very active inner levels of mind when she sought therapy with Pamela. She suspected, however, there was a lot more to her mind and its abilities than being smart. (Always a straight "A" student, Sue, now in her 40´s, continues to study, explore, and grow with many varied interests.) She and Pamela began their work together by using NMR to establish the origins of her difficulties with her back.

    NMR indicated a past life as a woman in Germany whose death, at the close of World War II., was the origin of the weak back. Once Sue was in trance, it became clear this past life personality was still with Sue as a past-life spirit attachment. The woman, named Greta, explained that she´d helped Sue as a child when she was being hurt by her parents. She understood such hurt, Greta, said, because she had been similarly hurt herself.

    Greta´s story unfolded as she told of being conscripted to clean and cook for a group of Nazi officers in Berlin during the war. These officers had treated her very badly. Their leader had, however, been kind to Greta when the others weren´t around, and Greta had fallen in love with him. The night before the advance of the Allies into Berlin, the officers, had, in a drunken rage raped and beaten Greta to death. Not only had the man she loved not stopped them, it had been his heavy boot that had broken her back; the final crushing blow that killed her.

    Greta´s abuse was worked with over three sessions. At the end of the third session, Pamela asked Greta if she would like to move into the Light. (Whether this means the past life astral personality stays in the astral levels is unclear. It still seems to "work" best to convince them to "go to the Light". If they won´t do so, one can escort them to the astral world. We share more information on the astral world in Books Two and Three.) Greta said she was willing, but that it would greatly upset the inner child personality. She also wanted to meet with the Nazi Officer in order to let him know she forgave him. When Pamela suggested she do that in the Light, Greta refused. She wanted to tell him now, she said, as part of her healing. Pamela asked, through the Higher Selves, that the Nazi Officer be brought to Greta. Soon, he was "present", sharing his sorrow and guilt for the murder and misuse of Greta. Greta told him she loved him and forgave him.

    Sue was bemused by this session. She still felt she was "making things up" in hypnosis and this had been an elaborate story her mind had concocted. However, she believed strongly the mind could heal her back and "if this is the way it wants to do it, so be it".

    After Sue left, Pamela mentioned the summoning of the Nazi Officer to Dr. Harmon and said she´d realized, after Sue left, that she had neither asked the Higher Selves to take him away or checked with NMR to see if he was gone. "Opps," he commented, "maybe you´d better call Sue." As she expected Sue back the following week, and Sue had already indicated she didn´t believe any of it, Pamela chose to wait until she returned to check on the Nazi Officer.

    Sue called a few days later, saying she had to see Pamela right away. "Something is very wrong with my eating," she explained. "I have never had an eating disorder. Now I can´t stop eating. I´ve been eating since I left your house. I stopped at a restaurant, and you know how I hate restaurant food, and had TWO HUGE meals. I couldn´t believe it. On the way home I stopped and got something to eat and bought something to cook when I got home. I´ve been eating non-stop every since." Pamela agreed to see Sue the next day.

    When Sue arrived, she said, "It´s getting worse. I ate meat in between classes today." As Sue had been a vegetarian all of her life, this was even more disturbing to her than the non-stop eating. NMR indicated the cause of the non-stop eating was a spirit attachment influence; specifically the Nazi Officer spirit attachment. In hypnosis, he came forward readily. Pamela spoke with him of the Light and he agreed to go.

    He came back, however, or lied about going. Sue said at her next session, "I think he´s back. I ate meat again today at lunch and I lifted a weight in gym class I should never have been able to lift. My teacher was horrified. She knows about my back."

    When the Nazi Officer came forward again, he announced he had no intention of ever leaving Sue. She could help him, he said, by eating more meat and more food, and he could help her by making her stronger. "I lifted that weight today," he bragged.

    Pamela pointed out that Sue´s back could not handle the weights "he" was lifting and that Sue did not want him in her body. She also pointed out that because no part of Sue was holding onto him, he could be made to go. "Of course," she added, "you could attach to someone else, but I suspect having a body of your own and really eating food, not just enjoying it vicariously, is what you really want. Someone with your strength and brilliant mind could build a perfect body." The Nazi Officer was convinced. He WOULD build a perfect body. This time, Pamela called for Beings of Light to come accompany him into the Light.

    Sue´s eating returned to normal after this session and stayed there. She also began to trust more in what she was saying in hypnosis. Trusting in herself is a big issue with Sue. Addressing, more thoroughly than she has, her childhood will play a big part in maturing Sue´s truly extraordinary talents and abilities.

    In the rare instances of spirit attachments that refuse to cooperate, there are ways of "capturing" them, but this is not the place to outline that. It´s important to note, as well, that even beings of Light, even the Light itself, cannot take away attachments a person is holding onto at some level of mind.

    The next story is one of an "evil" discarnate. As you read this story, which is painful, do remember that souls always draw their own "evil" and "good" to themselves by their own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and acts. This young man, to whom the "evil" was done; had abdicated control of his body through choices of his own.

    The story begins when a woman who had, many years prior, taken some classes from Dr. Harmon, called to ask for reading material that might help her deal with the pain she was feeling over her son´s suicide, two days before. She mentioned she had thought she had seen glimpses of her son around her home, but she supposed that was only her imagination, driven by her desire to see him and talk with him. We asked if she would like us to see if her son needed any assistance. She asked how we could do that. We explained about the Universal Records and that, through them, we could perhaps discover the whereabouts of her son. She asked us to do so. The following is most of the transcript of that session. Jim was a young man in his twenties and his real name (as well as the real names of all the clients and spirits in this book) is not used.

    Master of Spirit: "You are requesting information about a young boy. What is the age?" (Pamela gives Jim´s birth date.) "One moment please. There are two records for that one - his primary spirit and an attachment. It appears the spirit attachment caused him grievous anxiety and depression."

    Pamela: "Was this a spirit attachment that came into the body with him at birth or at a later time?"

    Master of Spirit: "No, it came more recently."

    Pamela: "Would it have been the greatest influence on the manner of his death?"

    Master of Spirit: "Yes. He is still earth bound, he is not moving. Very fearful, confused by the happenings brought about by the second spirit that came to him some time ago and this came to him in some altered state. I don´t see what altered state that is."

    Pamela: "Is the spirit[attachment] still with him?"

    Master of Spirit: "While they are separate, they know where each other is when the spirit wants him. The spirit is not capable of generating another body and foolishly wanted to destroy this last one, which left the prime keeper of the body in a very confused and distressed state. He is afraid to talk to her, his mother. His mother may invite him. And if she chooses, we will invoke spirit of him to her, if she chooses. It would be helpful for him to be able to speak and to be assured he can move into the Light."

    Pamela: "In a case such as this where there was spirit influence, does it [the spirit´s influence] over-ride the will, or did this young man have a propensity to confusion in the first place?"

    Master of Spirit: "He was very open to discovery and experimentation and altered states." [Note: The boy´s mother had mentioned that her son had experimented for several years with drugs.] "A propensity that led him to allowing a spirit that was not to his benefit to inhabit his body with him. This spirit became disenchanted, because of another relationship, and caused the destruction of the body."

    Pamela: "Would it be helpful for us to draw the boy here to talk to his soul and perhaps to the spirit attached with him?"

    Master of Spirit: "That is your option, not mine."

    Pamela: "Then, please help us to find Jim and bring him here."

    Voice: "Maybe I can help."

    Pamela: "Oh, hello Master of Light. Can you help us with this young man? Your light is everywhere. Perhaps you can bring in his energy for us."

    Master of Light: "You are wise. Let us see if he will come. You might send your thoughts inviting him to visit." (Pamela speaks aloud inviting Jim to follow Light and come to speak through Dr. Harmon´s body.)

    Jim: "Help. Help me. I´m afraid. I want my body. I feel lost."

    Pamela: "Have you heard of the Light, Jim?

    Jim: "Yes."

    Pamela: "Did you see it when you left your body?"

    Jim: "I don´t know, I was scared."

    Pamela: "Yes, emotions often block seeing the light."

    Jim: "I was so scared. I don´t know why I did that."

    Pamela: "You were being influenced by another is our information."

    Jim: "I know. I was crazy."

    Pamela: "How did you happen to draw that one to you?"

    Jim: "I don´t know. I think he´s still around here. My mother will be mad at me."

    Pamela: "She´s not mad at you. She´s very sad. She thought she saw you,."

    Jim: "Yeah, well, but I saw her sadness. She didn´t even know I was dead."

    Pamela: "The sadness is for herself, Jim, because she won´t be able to see you. But her life will go on, and she will meet with you again. When your mother leaves her body, you can be one of her greeters, you can help her with that. Imagine that."

    Jim: "Oh, good, yes, good."

    Pamela: "She would love to have you talk to her. How would you do that?"

    Jim: "I don´t know. How would I do that? In her mind?"

    Pamela: "Yes, if she will just sit and center the way she´s been taught, you could talk to her in her mind. You could give her some kind of signal or thought that she knows it is you, something meaningful between the two of you."

    Jim: "Can I go there now?"

    Pamela: "Well, one second, Jim, before you do, tell me about Master of Light.."

    Jim: "He´s here now."

    Pamela: "How do you perceive Master of Light?"

    Jim: "It´s a joyous feeling, like he´s above and all around me."

    Pamela: "Jim, Master of Light can take you to your mother to communicate with her and then he can take you to the Light, a place of understanding and peace and tranquillity where you can meet with your own Higher Self. You won´t be alone, you know, there are others there, others that you´ve known."

    Jim: "I think I know that. I feel better."

    Pamela: "Good. Then would you like Master of Light to take you to your mother now?"

    Jim: "Maybe he can help me. He feels so good maybe he can make her feel better. I love my mom. I shouldn´t have done that, I don´t know why. . .."

    Pamela: "Perhaps you can understand about that, too, Jim. Perhaps this is your first step on a journey of the mind."

    Jim: "Okay. Alright. Bye."

    Pamela: "Good-bye. Thank you Master of Light who is everywhere. I now ask if that spirit that was attached to Jim that seems to be seeking a body, would you communicate at this time?"

    Voice: [Deep and rough.] "No."

    Pamela: "No? You don´t want to communicate?"

    Voice: "No. You´ll make me go away."

    Pamela: "I´m not going to make you go away. In fact, I know how you can have your own body."

     Voice: "I don´t believe you. How can you give me a body?"

    Pamela: "I know how to do it. I certainly know that trying to get a body your way isn´t going to work for you. You don´t have enough control of them, do you? They don´t do what you want them to, do they?"

    Voice: "No. I get rid of them."

    Pamela: "You want to get rid of them?"

    Voice: "They want to get rid of them. They don´t do what I want."

    Pamela: "What about the last body you had of your own?"

    Voice: "I got rid of it. It wouldn´t do what I wanted it to."

    Pamela: "What did you want it to do?"

    Voice: "Never mind."

    Pamela: "You want a healthy and strong body that you can do anything in, don´t you?"

    Voice: "Yes, done my way."

    Pamela: "I fail to see how you can have a strong, healthy body doing it your way, trying to take over other bodies."

    Voice: "If I can find one that wants to leave, I can take over."

    Pamela: "As sort of a walk-in. Have you heard of that?"

    Voice: "What you call it, maybe. I just want a big, strong, healthy body."

    Pamela: "Is that why you go to bodies that are feeling suicidal, hoping you can exchange?"

    Voice: "Either that, or I make them leave."

    Pamela: "Well then, how is it you haven´t become a walk-in yet?"

    Voice: "They die too fast. They won´t leave without me, and then when I go to leave, the body´s gone."

    Pamela: "You know, to become a walk-in you need a body with a mind that is strong and at peace and centered. An agreement must be made before they leave and you go in. You´re going about it all wrong."

    Voice: "No one told me. How do you know so much?"

    Pamela: "I, too, am spirit at one level. I have great knowledge available to me. On top of which, I´ve talked to many spirits and received much information."

    Voice: "How did you do that?"

    Pamela: "Much like this. Teaching people to be channels by relaxing their mind and body in a way spirits can talk through them."

    Voice: "What can you do for me? Get a body for me?"

    Pamela: "What do you think of the idea of being born in your own body and then growing it strong and healthy? That way it´s yours. That way, you´re in COMPLETE control of it."

    Voice: "Hmmmm. Maybe I don´t know it will be healthy and strong.

    Pamela: "You need to pick the right parents for that. There´s something to be said for genes. Also, by this time, you recognize a strong, healthy body needs a strong, healthy mind. Have you not noticed that when they have weak minds the body becomes weakened?" [Voice: "Yes."] "And a person with a strong, balanced mind - they aren´t going to let you come in."

    Voice: "Okay, how do I get this body?"

    Pamela: "There is a place I know where you can go." [Voice: "Where? Where?"] "Where you apply for a body." [Voice: "Where?"] "I´m going to ask from the levels of Spirit that there come to us now a perfect one that can show this energy where to go to get a body that is strong and healthy. I assume you want it male?" [Voice: "YES!] "Then the one that comes must know how to help him to get a male, strong, healthy body of his own. I ask for that energy to be here now, to come now. Master of Light, bring that one now. Have you perceived another energy here yet?"

    Voice: "It´s laughing at me."

    Pamela: "Well, let´s talk to it. Maybe, you don´t want it. Let´s find out. What´s it saying to you?"

    Voice: "It said, ´I can give you a body without a mind.´ Humph."

    Pamela: "Is that what you want?"

    Voice: "No. That´s exactly what I DON´T want."

    Pamela: "Now, energy, can you tell him what he DOES want? What´s it saying now?"

    Voice: "That I better go to that place where they - WITH me - make things, decide and make things. I don´t know what the word is here. But it´s not like THEY make things happen, it´s like I do, too. It´s like they can help me do that. My decision, but they help me make it happen. That sounds good. I can do that. As long as they don´t stick me in a body without a mind."

     Pamela: "I think as long as you tell them what you want, that´s what you get."

    Voice: "That´s what it says. Can´t do that here, though, have to go on. Move into what they call the ether or the Light. Okay. I´m ready, I´m ready. There are two Light Beings here. Oh, I´m excited to meet the Light. ´We´ll go with you´, they say. Thank you."

    Pamela: "Good luck on your journey."

    Voice: "Thank you, I don´t need luck."

    Pamela: "Quite right, how stupid of me. Much Light on your journey."

    Voice: "Thank you."

    We sent Jim´s mother, with some trepidation, a tape of this session. It took her a year to call us. She said it was because it took her a year to get past her grieving for her son. She expressed her gratitude for our help, but also said she had been very disappointed in the tape. She had been hoping for more. She had hoped the tape would "prove" to her that her son still existed. She also said she "never really heard from him"; that she´d "only" had dreams of him and "imagined" him talking to her in her head.

    Discarnates express great frustration to us as they tell us how easy it is to meet and speak with their loved ones, but how frequently their loved ones believe it is "only dreams and imagination". Humans have "closed off" their awareness to so many levels of mind and spirit.

    Jim´s mother provided a very interesting footnote to this session. Jim´s fiancee had listened to the tape as well. Suddenly, as she was listening, she gasped and turned off the tape. With a pale face she told Jim´s mother she had arrived at Jim´s bedside just as they had turned off the life support. "He made a sound, through his lips," she said. "He was trying to tell me something, I knew he was. But the nurses said it was air escaping his body." She started to cry softly as she said, "On the tape, I heard that same sound. He was saying, ´Help me´".

    No doubt you are wondering if anyone knows how to go to the Light when they die or if all children "get lost" at death. People choose at all ages the degree to which they will "turn off" their inner levels of knowing. Everyone sees the Light. Not everyone chooses to move into it. Fortunately, everyone has a Higher Self´ that keeps guiding souls towards those who will help them move into the Light.

    Dr. Harmon had a client, a woman of 70, who had escaped the Holocaust. She was very fearful of dying and Dr. Harmon spoke to her at length about the Light. She listened politely, said she wished she could believe him, but she was still fearful. She left to visit her son on the East Coast before they could do more in depth work about the Light.

    Several weeks later, her son, a psychologist, called Dr. Harmon. "My mother just died," he said quietly, "but I have to tell you what happened. I still can´t believe it. But I witnessed it. So did her Doctor and a nurse. They´re as shocked as I am. After my mother flat-lined, her doctor and I were discussing what would be done with her body next. I was watching my mother´s face as we talked. It was relaxing to such a peaceful look, I was fascinated. The nurse was about to cover her face when suddenly, and mind you, I could still see the flat line on the monitor, she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. She said, "Tell Dr. Harmon it´s true. There is a Light. I´m going to it now.´"

    There is a Light. There is a consciousness of Light as well. That consciousness speaks to all of us all the time. It speaks through rainbows and music; through sunrises and sunsets; through sun and moon; through sky and stars; through clouds and rain; through all that lives and all that is.

     This consciousness we have dubbed Master of Light, though it no doubt answers to many names. We have much need right now, we humans, of Light, for the balance in our world has tipped precariously toward the Darkness. Both are needed, Light and Dark, for in the fulcrum of this balance our world, and the life forms upon it, exist. In this balance, we exist. The Balance has been lost and must be regained. Let Master of Light tell us how.

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