Chapter 5   -  Hide & Seek ~ The Treasures We Keep

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Sue, Age 40´s

Sue was having great difficulty losing weight, despite a regimen of weight lifting, step aerobics, stretching, walking, and a low fat vegetarian diet. Her subconscious was asked, in hypnosis, why she was not losing the weight. It responded:

    "The cells of this body are very sad because she said she would rather not be on earth than be in a body like this. She wants to leave this shell. She thinks it is a shell. She doesn´t want to be here. She thinks the body just houses the spirit. There are many reasons for the sizes and shapes of bodies, it depends on who is in the body. Thought builds this body. The body is thought. There is an unwillingness of the person in this body to do what it takes to create a good ratio balance between fat to muscle." (Therapist: "What would it take?") "More exercise. She must pay attention to the body. Address the body as she does the inner child. Give the cells of the body love to heal. Cells have consciousness as well as emotions. Not too many know this. There is no compatibility between the body and the self. There needs to be emotional work and love addressed to the body. She works at it with a hopelessness, therefore the cells feel the hopelessness. It is difficult, when housed in hopelessness, to change or to move forward." (Therapist: "How are her thoughts about aging affecting her cells?") "What is thought, is." [Therapist: "Is her nutrition adequate and is weight lifting good for her body?") "Nutrition basically yes, recently no. Weight lifting, to build muscle - no. To build bone - yes. To lose fat - no. This body needs more pure juices." (Therapist: "Is there too much fat in the body?") "In some places. This body would be better if she learned to listen more to the body and not depend on external tools. Books, instructors are good, but all say different things. She must exercise in the water for the back and the knees. [Note: This person has a back weakened by back surgeries.] Low impact exercise. More stretching. No step exercises. She does not need intense aerobic exercise for it will harm this body. She can work for longer duration at low impact and achieve the same result. No more step aerobics for this body. Imaging body utilizing fat around the knees is good. Imaging while stretching is very good. Image fat is moving, being excreted. This body needs oxygen. It is powerful to picture the fat moving as the body stretching to break it away as the stretching is going on. The one in this body needs to know what the body knows. Water is very important. Green juices important. The fat listens to her. If she would be nicer to the fat, it would be nicer to her. What you need to know about her is she does not believe because she does not see it happening. It is happening."

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    Over the course of Sue´s therapy, she´d accomplished several important goals, including healing of her back pain and her blocks to financial gain. She did not slim down. She left therapy after the above session, discouraged about her weight, despite the fact both NMR and her Higher Self said she´d worked through all internal blocks to letting go of the weight and all she needed now was a change of conscious attitude and her weight would decrease.

    A short time after this, Sue attended a meditation seminar that changed her conscious attitude about letting go of her excess weight. She also was given a good guided imagery technique by the spirit guides of another person. Despite the fact she´d tried meditation and guided imagery for losing weight before, with no success, she was convinced these "new" slants on both techniques would work. And work they did.

    We have watched Sue´s experience occur with many clients. Techniques and methods used unsuccessfully before working through inner blocks and resistance to the goal suddenly "work like magic" after implementing a "new" way of using the old techniques and methods. Sometimes clients realize what has happened and they are aware of the importance of having done their inner work. Sometimes clients don´t realize what has happened and they feel their inner work had nothing to do with achieving their goals. We smile when clients, students, and colleagues call to say they have discovered, uncovered, stumbled on, or become aware of a "new" method, tool, or technique that has worked for them and they are certain will work for everyone. We LOVE their enthusiasm and encourage them to share everything they discover with us. We smile because we invariably have people in our practice that have come to see us because they have tried the very same "new" techniques, methods, and tools without success. In our experience, permanent healing and transformation happen when:

  1. The conscious mind actively desires the goal and accepts it is possible.
  2. The subconscious believes it is possible and believes the conscious mind truly desires it.
  3. There are no inner blocks or resistance to the achievement of the goal.
We did not realize cells had a consciousness of their own until this session with Sue. Naturally, we immediately began conversing with cells. Following is a random sample of messages received from the cells of various clients.
  • The cells of this body and the being in this body are not in synch. She must learn to love the body. She thinks the spirit is everything and the body is just a machine. She would not be as mean to a machine as she is to this body."

  • We need iron. We are starved for iron. The being in this body takes in sufficient iron but she has beliefs about iron that stop us from absorbing it. Please change the beliefs about iron. We need iron."

  • We speak for the blood and the immune system. Iron is needed and B-12. The immune system is taxed. We call out for blood to be nourished. We move through the system with the blood. We need enrichment, nourishment, and oxygen. Body needs to be stretched and exercised and fed greater variety of nutrients."

  • We are the cells of the neck. We make the neck sore. We are screaming. We scream listen to us! Eat healthy food! She is eating too much sugar. It stresses us. She is not trusting herself. She is learning to listen more to her intuition and Higher Self, but she doesn´t act on what they say. We tell her she has certain thoughts and we tell her to turn and look at that thought, to examine that thought. Do not doubt this path you have chosen. Stop eating sugar. It makes us frazzle. She eats to fill a hole in the body, but it is not the body that is starving. It is the emotions. When she turns her neck and it is sore it is we, the cells of her neck, speaking to her."

  • We the cells accept freely this healing light. The consciousness of the body accepts, but not fully, the healing energy, so this stops the body from processing it." (Note: This client was working on healing cervix tissue her doctor believed to be cancerous. NMR indicated abnormal, not cancerous cells. A second medical opinion verified this. Healing light was sent mentally to the abnormal cells by this client, and her therapist prior to this session.) "It is greatly appreciated that no cell needs to exit or be removed, but may transform and become part of the light experience. There is a function in our purpose, including those transmuted to that which is not acceptable. But all serve a purpose to teach, to alert, to remind those energies who would not believe a consciousness such as we are exists. Yet we possess a greater understanding of simplicity of balance than those who would see themselves as enlightened. The cells sense the purpose, that which is being sought. For this, we ask for cooperation from the being in the body for the transmuting of these cells. Even now, we hear the voice of the one in the body crying out in rejection to the idea that these cells [abnormal cervix cells] might be expressing through the choice of the being in the body, that the will of the being expresses through all consciousness levels. We remind that these cells are in synergistic existence and we are cooperating with the beliefs of the mind that inhabits this body. We appreciate the concept of cooperation. We are perfectly capable of receiving other messages from other levels of consciousness." [Note: Her Higher Self and Spirit Guides recommended further inner work and advised against a considered hysterectomy as there was no cancer present and a hysterectomy would be traumatic to her body and inner children. Despite this, she had the hysterectomy. All tissue and removed organs were found to be cancer free.]

  • The sore toe is because the cells of the toe are on fire." (Therapist: What is the fire?") " Anger. I´m [toe] connected to the source. To the head. Stop the aerobics. It makes me mad. She puts me down. Her thoughts hurt me. She thinks her body is not good enough. It crushes me sometimes. These heavy thoughts. Sad thoughts." [Note: This client would exercise to an aerobic tape, all the while negatively comparing her body to the bodies on the tape. This inflamed the big toe. Why the big toe chose to be the one to talk to her about this is anybody´s guess, but after this session, her toe would respond with pain every time her thoughts became self-defeating. When she changed her negative thoughts, her pain would disappear.]

  • Body wants to be healthy, but it responds to emotions. This one who lives within the body worries about the state of the body and this worries the cells of the body. This body responds well to good care. It is a good vessel, it responds well. It responds well to worry as well. This one worries about the back. Love is part of the back. Work on the emotions and tend to part of the being´s life that needs to be attended to. This body wishes to be well. Vitamins will work if the belief is that vitamins work. If not the belief, then it is futile. This mind doubts vitamins except for C. Do not starve us. Do not starve the body of nutrients. Iron is greatly needed and enriching of the blood. Upper body on the left side and the heart and the heels of the feet require attention."

  • The cells of these thumbs must be reassured. We must trust this will never happen again. The being in the body must reassure us before we will heal. We do not want to be hurt again." [(Note: Thumbs were injured during torture in a past life. Healing the emotional mind of the torture required four sessions. The thumbs, which had been extremely painful and non-mobile improved after each session and became completely mobile after the final session.]

  • We have not healed because he said we must heal in six weeks. It will take us longer than six weeks so we have not started healing because we cannot heal in the way he says we must." [Note: After giving the cells "permission" to take as long as they needed, the client, who had had hip surgery, was off his crutches in ten weeks])

  • There is scar tissue causing the hardened vein on the left hand. We can reconstruct the cells in that section of the veins if you want us to. It will take 14 to 18 weeks." [Note: The cells were asked to do this. Client´s hardened vein on the left hand softened in 15 weeks.]

  • We are the vocal chords. We want her to sing. She doesn´t listen. So we speak through the cough." (Therapist: "Higher Self, what blocks the singing?") "Fear. All she has to do is move forward and do exactly what she wants to do. She wants to sing. She came to sing. Help her face her fears." [Note: This client is still working on her fears. We have had several artists in various fields with chronic physical conditions such as coughing, sneezing, headaches, colds, skin rashes, even stuttering, that are mysteriously absent on days the person is actively busy in their chosen field of artistic expression.]

  • We know there are things missing and things needed to be added to our energy level." (Therapist: What things are missing and needed by the snovial fluid?") "We don´t know. We don´t know." [Note: The subconscious was asked what was needed and it gave a detailed outline of memories needing healing and proteins needed by the body.]


    The subconscious mind is extremely complex. There is a part of the subconscious that is in charge of the body and this part seems to know even more than particular cells what is needed by the whole body or person to create the change sought. The Higher Self seems to know even more than the subconscious. Following are some excerpts of conversations with cells, subconscious, and Higher Self in regards to the body.


  • (Therapist: Why are the knees swollen and sore?) "We´re [cells of the knee] trapped inside. Too much of us inside. We bunch up. Safer to bunch up here. Afraid of going down the legs. We would get hurt. Some of us decided to stay and make a traffic jam. We´re stuck now. Can´t move." (Therapist: "Subconscious how can the cells in the swollen knee be ´unstuck´?) "Channels have to be opened up. Massage. Lots of it. Cells must move down. It is okay to move down, they are supposed to. Leg will feel funny feeling, but it is okay. The cells fear failure. Use hot stuff [like warm oil etc.] to massage knees with hands." (Therapist: Anything more she can do?) " Just do it. Also pray to the great Universal Mind. To the Creator of All and Everything There Is.")

  • (Therapist: "Go to the cause of the dysplasia, the abnormal cells in the cervix.") "I see the cells. They have holes or dents. They need repair. They´re sensitive to attack. My bad feelings and my anger hurt them. They´re crying. I tell them it is all right. The anger won´t attack them any more. They need to be soothed with nice feelings."

  • (Therapist: "Subconscious, what is the cause of the constant twitching in the left leg?") "Feeling need for minerals. Phosphate, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. More of the substance of C. Part of back pain. Cells are out of balance." (Therapist: "Lack of these minerals are part of back pain?") "Yes." (Therapist: "When supplements of these minerals are taken, are they absorbed sufficiently for your use?") "Not sufficiently." (Therapist: "What blocks absorption?") "Enzymes and digestive process." (Therapist: "Is there a need for more enzymes?") "Yes." (Therapist: "Any particular enzymes?") "All. More than they know of. Fresh vegetables good source. They move through the body well, but he doesn´t absorb well." [Note: Leg twitching ended after client increased his intake of suggested substances. Back pain also eased, but client continues to work on emotional issues that affect the back. Feelings of lack of emotional or financial support, and feeling heavily burdened in any area are frequent messages being given by back pain.]

  • (Therapist: "Subconscious, the left incisor tooth, there is discomfort there.") "Yes. This is an inflammation and flaring of some septic conditions at the tip, and the root of the tooth that remains." (Therapist: "Can you bring this root, tooth, and gum back into balance?") "Yes We´re working on that now." (Therapist: "Good, are there substances that would promote the continued well being of this tooth?") "Yes. The natural resources for the body to use." (Therapist: "Any actions to be taken that would help with continued well being of tooth?") "Yes. Increase the healing through the immune system and the energies to the sites of irritation." (Therapist: "Would massage help?") "No. Massage would help stimulate the blood flow, but not the healing process at this time" [Note: This client was working with his dentist, but scheduled dental surgery was canceled as the condition in the tooth healed immediately following this session.]

  • (Therapist: "Higher Self, can thought stop assimilation of vitamins or minerals in this body?") "Yes. Thought can change anything. You know that. Thought creates. Thought limits. Thought destroys. Thought is the creative substance of subjective material things. Such as the cells in the human being, created by billions of cells, are responsive and reactive to programs past and present, which thoughts are a part thereof. Thought may kill the body instantly. Thought has killed the body instantly." (Therapist: "What happens to the consciousness of the body when the body dies?") "The memory banks of the last body move into the memory banks of Spirit and its collective awareness is recorded for its next use, wherever that may be."

  • (Therapist: "What is the cause of the migraine headaches?") "Those programs that affect her head in a painful way are hold-overs, they are carry overs from earlier programs that served her as an escape mechanism from trauma. She may be programmed, IF she would accept that program, to correct this dysfunction in the blood flows of her brain. Her resistance to doing so is due to emotions that she is still manifesting. There are emotional causes unaddressed this life, the childhood, other lives."

  • (Therapist: "Is the information found through the NMR correct in regards to vitamins, minerals, and herbs this body needs?") "The ingestion of beta carotene is thought to be beneficial and nourishing, yet there remains also a belief that great quantities create imbalance and yellow skin. It is requested by this body that this one who occupies this body change the belief or ingest a small quantity of beta carotene daily. As this body does recognize the value in greater quantities of beta carotene, this body asks that the belief be altered to become more in sync with beliefs that are known to be true by the cells in relation to nourishment. As well it is recommended this one return to drinking room temperature beverages. It should be understood that the body be given foods in proper combination, as it is the belief of this being that proper combinations are needed for the assimilation of vitamins and digestion of enzymes and breaking down of nourishment. The body reacts to the one who occupies it and that one´s beliefs. Therefore, a program that reflects the beliefs should be followed. [Note: Or change the belief.] The body enjoys being cared for in whatever manner is conducive to feeling good. Feeling good is communicated through the cells and tissues. The body accepts this communication through the Light source. The Light source is the foundation of our programming, our existence as we understand it."


    While it is important to follow ones beliefs, we strongly recommend that when it comes to ones body, one change the conscious and the subconscious beliefs to that which the cells of the body know to be their truth. For what causes dysfunction of the cells (disease and illness) is when one denies the cells their truth.

    We thought it amazing enough to discover cells of the body have consciousness and could speak. We were even more amazed to discover viruses, bacteria, and germs had consciousness and could speak:

  • (Therapist: "Germs, why are you making an infection in this body?"] "To tell something is wrong. She doesn´t listen." (Therapist: "What will happen to you when she takes the pill the doctor gave her?") "I have to die. I go where I am needed. I don´t want to make people sick. I have to tell them what is wrong. I go to the Light when I die and they [Light] send me back to where I am needed."

  • (Therapist: "She is feeling she may be getting ill with a cold. What can you tell us about this?") "This body needs to know it houses a mind that believes its surroundings are hazardous. This body needs to know it is safe in its environs. This body needs reassurance from the being it houses that it [body] is in harmony with rather than defending self from beliefs [of the being]. This body cries out in the upper back and heart as a result of emotional trauma. It needs reassurance and being cared for by the one [being] it houses. We move through the body and see spots and areas of deficiency. Immune system weakens because of external affairs not being attended to and desire for that one within the body to use illness as a method of hiding. The mind sees the environment as harmful. Before entering the place of business, nourish the body. Speak to it with love and kindness. We listen and respond in every part of being. We are connected with the inhabitant and yet we are a miracle of creation with our own consciousness and awareness. This is the part that speaks now." (Therapist: "What of the cold seeking to invade?") "This is difficult to explain, but it is only illusions being created. Someone speaks with us now about this. These [cold bugs] are moving in too small a space to see. These tiny beings are opportunists. They look always for a channel to share space. An opportunity is being offered by the consciousness of this one inhabiting this body. One, in part because of the need to hide. One, in part, because of a feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed. One, in part, a belief that the confined space in which she works with its smells, paints, computer energy, opens her to these organisms. And so these tiny organisms believe it is fine to dine within and to eat and to share. It is their function."

  • (Therapist: "You will find, virus, that you can speak easily. Your thoughts activate the voice box and it speaks for you. How, virus, did you get into this body?) "Came in through the body opening. The mouth. We found we could multiply, and so we did. We multiply to bring a message. We make the person weak and sick. That´s what we do best." (Therapist: "Who sent you?") "Some higher intelligence. We stay as long as we can stay active and then we go into hibernation, when they [people] get too strong for us. We usually make them sick for awhile and then if the body keeps going and they build up their immune system, we go into hibernation." (Therapist: "Do you ever go back to the higher intelligence that sent you?") "Yes. We can move. We can be active or inactive. We don´t have a great amount of direction, we just do what we´re supposed to do. We make people know we´re here." (Therapist: "And when Higher Intelligence says you have done your job very well, come back to me, I have somewhere else to send you, that´s part of your job too?") "Yes, we do that too." (Therapist: "Do you mind if I ask Higher Intelligence why it has sent you here?") "I have no feelings. I´m just here." ("I see. Do you feel like taking a little bit of a rest from your job while I speak with Higher Intelligence?") "I never rest. Until I´m deactivated." (Therapist: "I see. I ask for the Higher Self, or that Higher Intelligence that sent this.") "Yes. I am not this person´s Higher Self, but part of Higher Intelligence. I´m called by many people to do many things. I direct the virus." (Therapist: "You sent the virus?") "No. I was given direction to do that To make this person weak and struggle." (Therapist: "Do you know the good this will bring?") "No. I know what we do best. I direct the virus. Once it is here, it does different things." (Therapist: "And when the message has been received, or when higher intelligence asks you to retrieve the virus, is that part of your job, too?") "Yes. We can activate or de-activate, or move out and on to another place. This body has its own director." (Therapist: "And that is?") "A part of another spiritual energy. You call that Higher Self." (Therapist: "Good. Higher Self, you know what we seek.") "You seek reason for the virus in the body active. Doing mischief with the body. Hmmmmm, challenging the body to tune itself up to highest level of energy needed for the work to be done. Body was abused. Need the tuning of the body now to its highest level of energy. Only by challenging the body do we get his response. This request was ignored when given before by the Higher Self and the cells. Positive actions needed to make the body strong and powerful and match the mind to the body and the body to the mind and the will to do that which is to be done with the greatest energy and vitality of both the mind and the body. Denial of who he is, not what he is, causes confusion. Part of him struggles with the knowledge that is evident to him, for his ego does not want to accept the identification [sic], so he lets go of much power and information he could use, because he doesn´t want to embrace the total energy and direction and purpose of who and what he is. So the struggle remains of identification [sic] and acceptance of indentification. Were the subconscious to totally embrace and accept this, he would have no alternative but to follow. Subconscious mind is your greatest ally in this endeavor. Subconscious mind can also be worst enemy. He must believe who he is and why he is here. Therefore, the resurrection of the viral disease to challenge him and again to remind him he can perform miracles if he believes in them. The miracles he has demonstrated can be a thousandfold greater should he choose to accept that ability to demonstrate. He has free will to accept the responsibility he has said in the past he would accept."


    The following session was with Dr. Harmon´s cousin who came to see him after her diagnosis of liver and lymphatic cancers. She was taking chemotherapy treatments, which were leaving her extremely weak. Dr. Harmon worked with her to help her strengthen her healthy tissues and cells and to heal the body of the cancers. Before the chemotherapy treatments were finished, NMR indicated her body to be cancer free. She requested further medical tests to check for this. Her medical tests showed her body to be completely free of cancer. Despite this, her oncologist insisted she finish chemotherapy treatments so "we can be sure the cancer won´t return". She had the following session to see if she should continue the treatments..

    (Dr. Harmon: "Is all of the cancer gone, as the medical tests and NMR have indicated?") "Yes." (Dr. Harmon: "Completely gone?" ) "Yes." (Dr. Harmon: "Is there a need for chemo-therapy at this time?") "The cancer cells are gone. More toxins will kill this body." (Dr. Harmon: "Does the being in the body want to live or to die?") "Both." (Dr. Harmon: "Which desire is stronger.") "We shall see." (Dr. Harmon: "Move to the Higher Self now. That´s it, welcoming the Higher Self Knowledge.") "She is flirting with death. For she is not as far removed as she would believe on the surface, yet fearful of her dying is deeply embedded in herself. The denial of her truth is she acts as if she is seeking life, but she is not prepared to live in a healthy body again. She must make a choice at this time. She can have a healthy body again.. However, changes must be made before the continued occupancy of this body is viable." (Dr. Harmon: "What changes would these be?") "Belief in self. Belief in the Higher Power that she professes, and yet denies." (Dr. Harmon: "Is the medical intervention helping or harming at this time?") "She has learned much from that experience with the toxic medicines, but it is not a pleasant lesson and one she would best embrace and release in this life before moving on. She will find a great deal of information awaiting her, should she move on. If she´s willing to take all of the facts into herself from her Higher Self now, she will learn greatly before moving on. She is very fearful, stubborn, and avoids her own truth now." [Dr. Harmon´s cousin continued with the chemo. She died three months later.]

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