Chapter 1   -  The Master Within (cont.)

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  Of course, dreams, visions, thoughts, voices, books, guides and teachers - whether "inner" or "outer" - can be deceptive. Mind, soul, and spirit are masters of illusion. Mind, soul, and spirit can harbor doubts, fears, false beliefs, insecurities, denials, emotions, imbalances, ego, lower instincts, and lies.

    This book is meant to remind you of your - and others´ - power to create. The power to create is the guiding principle of miracles as well as conceit and deceit. Knowledge lights the way through the maze of deceit and conceit. Understanding allows the creation of miracles without chaining the soul, destroying the body, unbalancing the mind, or darkening the spirit.

    We wish to share our knowledge and understanding with you. We are Dr. Hugh Harmon, Pamela, and Master of Light. As much of the credibility for this book rests on Dr. Harmon´s academic and professional credentials - including 60 years of metaphysical research, and 40 years of clinical practice in "holistic healing" therapies - we share some of his personal journey in Chapter Two. You will learn more of Pamela in Chapter Three. Throughout these pages, you will be guided by Master of Light, and in the last chapter you will learn more of Master of Light. All of the chapters are important, for they lay the foundation for your understanding of the knowledge we share.

    We share in these pages what thousands of bodies, minds, souls, and spirits have taught us. We work daily with levels of consciousness many don´t even believe exist. We know they exist. We have seen, heard, recorded, observed, and experienced too many miracles, phenomena, healings, transformations, and demonstrations to not believe. We believe.

   We don´t ask you to believe. We offer you information. All of the stories in these pages are true, (with the possible exception of the Three Princes of Serendip, which may be true). However, so many people have had such similar experiences, many of the stories (and nearly all of the information) may seem to fit more than one of our clients, students, or research subjects. We assure you all: the names we have used are fictitious and we have been careful to eliminate identifying data.

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     Some of the stories are painful. It is our hope you will recognize from these stories - as we have - that human suffering has a purpose. Its purpose is, perhaps, best summed up in a word: Apocatastasis.

    In ancient times, it is written, alchemists knew the secret of turning base metals into gold. They named this process Apocatastasis. The ancient alchemists were also metaphysicians and they understood that the material and the immaterial worlds mirror one another. Apocatastasis, they realized, was also the transmutation of base experiences into gold - the gold of spiritual illumination. Such illumination was, to the ancient alchemists, the most valuable treasure of all.

    Metaphysicians seek knowledge of immaterial substance and form; that is, the subtle energies of mind, body, and spirit. They use this knowledge to understand and work with the inherent abilities of human beings to create and change physical reality. While many metaphysicians are scientists and many scientists are metaphysicians, the study of metaphysics has not, fortunately, waited for scientific proof before exploring and working within the subtle energies. Had the master metaphysician Jesus waited for such "proof", he would have had to wait centuries to perform his miracles.

    "Miracles" are what metaphysicians seek to illuminate, define, duplicate, and make common in the experience of human kind. Master metaphysicians Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krisna, and others whose names are less universally known have demonstrated miracles. Each have taught: "These things I do, you can do also."

    A notable Master Metaphysician alive today is a man of India named Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He frequently demonstrates "miracles". Many of these, including the ability to materialize matter "out of thin air", have been well documented by highly respected western researchers. When asked to explain his abilities, he offered these words: "In the case of Science, proof precedes belief. In the case of Spirituality, belief precedes experience."

    Opening to the "invisible" world of the subtle energies develops the beliefs that will lead to YOUR miracles. As you open, you will, at your own pace, receive guiding dreams, visions, thoughts, inner voices, and inner teachers. You will be led to "outer" guides, teachers, and books as well. Your powers may open quickly or they may open more slowly. They will open - if you do not force them open - under the guidance of your Higher Self at a pace and in ways that are most comfortable, safe, and balanced for YOU.



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