Chapter 8   -  Joy! Joy! Joy!

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     One future that is rapidly becoming a probable future for humans is the invasion of aliens. This probability looms as more and more of you look beyond yourselves for help from those you believe are of greater knowledge and abilities than you. Turning over your problems to Other Beings and asking these Beings to solve your problems invites the Beings into your planet as co-caretakers with you. I can tell you your Higher Selves strongly warn you to avoid this future at all costs as it leads to enslavement of the human race. There is always the possibility of winning back your freedom, bodies, and planet, though it will require many, many years of great hardship and struggle.

    There are aliens who wish you well. Trust those who offer to help you help yourselves and do not require that you allow great numbers of them to be present in either physical or astral form.

    If you wish to keep yourselves free of alien domination, do not allow any alien presence in your bodies. Some of you have already allowed this. Your bodies tell you by their great fatigue that this is not acceptable to them. Trust your bodies. They know what is best for them, unless you train this awareness out of them.

    If you suspect or wonder if you have an alien, astral, or spirit attachment, I suggest you pick a quiet moment to ask aloud that Light escort from your body and your energy field all spirit, astral, and energy attachments your Higher Self knows not to be in your best interest. Then ask for or imagine a shield of Light being placed around your energy field and you. In these days, I suggest you do this daily unless you are participating daily in the plan of Light I will share shortly. Doing either on a daily basis will eventually clear you of all attachments except those with whom you are emotionally bonded and not yet ready to let go. Filling your energy field with Light daily will help you and them to be ready, but you may need emotional healing and support.

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   On the subject of aliens, it would be very wise to let go of your fear of them. You are well protected by your Higher Selves. Most aliens mean you well. You are very powerful beings and all respect that. It might interest you to know that there are many aliens among you who have been born into human bodies. Most of these are here on a mission to better understand humans and in the process gain greater knowledge on how to help solve human problems.

    It is not as easy for them as they imagined it would be. They are new to the human condition. The vulnerability of the human body is alien to them and they are not as respectful of human life as you are for to them, death is simply a stepping over into another level of consciousness. They fail to recognize, as yet, how difficult it is to get a human body. Experiencing individuality and choice is very confusing and frequently overwhelming to them. They are used to uniformity and no choice. They are also homesick. They feel much as you would feel if you moved alone to a foreign land completely devoid of all that was familiar and comfortable to you. They feel lost and confused. They need your patience and understanding.

    They also need to be taught the rules of humans and human society. Humans take much for granted in their teaching of the young as they are used to humans who have been here before and have an understanding of the basics. Many of your young people have not been here before; they need to be taught the basics. They need you to be clear in what is expected of them and the consequences they will meet if they do not do what is expected of them. They also need you to be firm in applying the consequences. Be scrupulously fair and just in your expectations and the consequences you set. You are dealing with beings of high consciousness, even if they are a little confused.

    An age of great enlightenment is a probable future for humans as so many of you hope, dream, and work toward this and there is such an infiltration of high consciousness among you. Not only have many so called alien souls been born among you, many of you are souls from very advanced civilizations from earth´s past. MANY of you were in Atlantis and other even more advanced civilizations. You hold within you much knowledge that can easily usher in great advancements in all fields. This is not, however, the more probable future at the moment as few of you are paying attention to doing what needs to be done to avert the future on which the human race is now focused.

Change is inevitable in the affairs of humans and their planet Nature teaches you this. There is regularity within nature, but even within this, there is always change. Humans have come to detest and resist change. So resistant have you become that you have sought to enslave nature to your wills. This is not only impossible, it is very foolish. Your actions not only threaten you with enslavement yourselves as a consequence, they also have moved your planet completely off balance. Nature will right the balance.

    Your immediate future is one of great change and transformation as Nature returns the balance to the planet. If you remove the energy of fear from your energy fields and move quickly into helping Nature restore this balance, these changes will be far less cataclysmic. There will be upheaval in your land masses. Seas will shift. Masses of people will die. Weather will change dramatically in many places on the globe. These things are already occurring. However, most people will live and the changes bring in a transformation of consciousness that is very positive. This is the future your Edgar Cayce and others foresaw. It is your focus of fear on this future that has, in part, altered it and moved it into the more cataclysmic future you now face.

    This future is not beneficial to you. It is one of such massive planetary change that few humans survive. You will practically annihilate yourselves, whether it is through Nature directly or through the nature of humans.

    The situation is like a cancer that is so far advanced the conventional courses of action cannot be taken. Denial will ensure death. Focusing on positive thoughts alone will not work, for the cancer is too advanced. Surgical removal is impossible as there is too great an invasion in the body. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy will not work for the body is too weak to restore the damage done to healthy cells with those processes. Even prayer will not work if the prayer is one of desperation and fear or the cancer patient inwardly resists the prayer.

    The word prayer has become for many of you what I believe you call a "turn off". It is also true that many of you pray in a way that turns off, as in tunes out, your Prime Vibration. True prayer is any word, thought, belief, or action that quickens the Prime Vibration. It is the activation or quickening of the Prime Vibration within cancer cells that return them to their normal balance. If the message of the cancer is understood and the steps taken to return the cells to balance, the cancer will not return.

    You have collectively created an imbalance in your earth´s energy field that is like an advanced cancer. Only by activating and quickening your Prime Vibrations on a massive scale and directing these into the energy field of earth will the balance be restored. Once the balance has been restored, you will need to understand and act upon Nature´s message that it is imperative you keep the ecological balance of nature, including in your own bodies, if you are to remain free of disastrous imbalance.

    You can do this. You will need as many minds focused on this as possible. You do not need all of earth´s humans. A few hundred thousand of you focused on doing this will work. However, each one of those few hundred thousand will have to remain committed to this work until the balance is restored. It may take months. It may take years. It depends upon how many of you focus on it daily. I will inform you when the balance is restored, though you will begin to see it for yourselves. Do not panic as others will when upheavals occur. Keep your focus on the plan. It will work. It is all that will work at this point. I suggest you get started now.

    Pamela and Hugh call this plan The Omega Project because omega is the symbol for consciousness and the study of altered states and the omega point designates the end of one age, particularly a millennium, and the beginning of another. Their personal project is to increase the use of altered states to bring in a millennium of raised consciousness; thus the name The Omega Project works for them. You can call this plan anything you choose.

    The plan is simple though it will be difficult for many of you to do because it requires daily execution of it over an extended period of time. You will see the fruits of your efforts during that time. This will help to convince you that the plan is working. You will have personal benefits, as well, which will keep your incentive for participation high. Many of you will continue this practice until the end of your lives and you will be known as Masters.

    The plan requires humility on your part. You will need to keep your minds clear of all thoughts except that of Light entering the energy field of earth so that your Higher Selves, in their greater awareness, and I, in my greater enlightenment, can direct the Light to restore the balance properly. Many of you will be tempted to add your own direction to the Prime Vibration you will focus as Light. This would be dangerous to the accomplishment of your goal. Your instinct, as humans, is to do what you think is best for the greater good of all. The solid state of your planet is held together by the harmonious balance of positive and negative energies. Do you know how to restore this harmony of positive and negative energies? I do.

    Many of you would argue that to send intents of love, joy, peace, harmony, healing, good health, balance, enlightenment, or even a greater connection with the Prime Creator or The Higher Selves would create balance in individual or collective consciousness. You would be mistaken. All humans pick up subconsciously on the intents and energies being sent to them or to the collective consciousness of all humans in earth´s energy field. Humans who feel inwardly unworthy of positive energies and intents close themselves off to these instinctively. Humans who are defensive, and there are many, also close themselves off and feel anger and resentment at what they subconsciously perceive as a message they are lacking. Humans hate to be told they lack anything. Pride is important in human conditioning. It weakens humans and their energy fields to be judged as less than perfect. To fill the consciousness of earth´s energy field with judgmental, critical, or conditional thoughts, even if they are not intended as such, would antagonize millions of humans. This would not be beneficial to your goal of bringing in harmony and balance. Let me put into the consciousness of each what is needed by each to achieve the balance needed in earth at this time. I can do this if you and your Higher Selves will focus on channeling Light and only Light.

    There are many levels of spirit guides with many levels of consciousness and awareness. Your Higher Selves, your spirit guides, and all spirit that serves you are as eager as you to accomplish this mission and they have been offering you much guidance in how to do this. Their guidance may seem contrary to what I´ve just told you. Many spirit guides have been human before, but they have not completely understood, even yet, how the human mind works. Other spirit guides have not been human before, so they have not realized the importance of this principle in dealing with humans. Your spirit guides now realize, as they read these thoughts in your consciousness, the error in their well intended guidance. They know Light has been with human consciousness since humans first began. They acknowledge my greater understanding of humans and understand the wisdom in my counsel to you on how to return the balance to the earth. Be as humble as your spirit guides and you will do very well indeed.

     The Prime Creator, contrary to what many of you think, has consciousness and that consciousness is active in all the Universe. The Prime Creator has sent you Light to help you help yourselves. This help cannot be given any more directly than this as you are spirits of free will learning the consequences of choice.

    The plan of Light is simple: Act as channels of Light.

    Let your Light shine and the consciousness of Light will do the rest.

    I will outline the process in a moment, let me explain how it works first. As you begin this process, your Higher Selves will draw around you and merge their energy fields with yours. As you focus your minds on Light, your Higher Selves will focus that Light as a laser that activates and quickens the Prime Vibration within you. As this Prime Vibration is activated within you, it acts as a tuning fork, sending vibrations out from it to spread throughout your bodies into the energy fields around you and your Higher Selves. As you focus your thought on these vibrations extending out from you as beams of Light, that Light fills the energy field that surrounds, envelopes, and penetrates the earth. As that energy field becomes filled with Light by either all of you doing this at one time, or more likely, enough of you doing this over a sustained period of time, the balance of earth´s energy field will be restored. This balance will positively affect all the energy fields of earth, including the consciousness of humans. You will move into an age of enlightenment.

    Many of you already have meditations, prayers, and other processes you use to center in that which is the essence within you. Your powerful energy fields are very important to this plan. Your Higher Selves and I ask that you implement this plan before you move into your normal procedures. Then, as you proceed with your mediations and prayers, your Light will continue to extend from you. All of your Higher Selves already know of this plan and are eager to begin it. The steps have been agreed upon by all of them. I am the consciousness of Light. I assure you this is so.

    Your subconscious minds are important to this plan. This is also why you focus your thoughts and minds on only the Light and nothing else. If you give any other direction to this, the attention of your subconscious minds will be diverted. The power of this plan is in the singular focus of many minds. Divert this focus into diversity of thought and direction and you not only dilute its power for your goal, you will in many instances turn its power against your goal. Let me, in my greater enlightenment, direct the Light.

    You may notice as you ask your Higher Selves to surround you that you feel a coolness around your bodies. This is the presence of Spirit with you. The activity of Spirit within you often feels warm to some people, but the presence of Spirit is usually sensed as coolness around the outside of the body. Asking or stating that Light and your Higher Self surround, protect, and fill you with Light protects you from spirits and astral beings that would divert you from your focus and purpose. Know that there will be many levels of spirit, including spirit guides, astral beings, angels, and spirits of higher consciousness focusing their Light with yours. You will be plugged into a group energy of inestimable power. To misuse this power would be very unwise in deed.

    If you do not have your own meditation process, this process is a powerful beginning to any meditation. I will share with you information on how to continue into a powerful meditation and on how to end your meditation with using the Light shinning within you for personal goals.

    As you participate in this plan daily, your energy fields will, over time, remain filled with Light. This will positively affect your bodies and lives, as well as the bodies and lives of those around you who allow your energy fields to affect them. This increases the filling of earth´s energy field with Light which will hasten its return to balance. If enough of you participate in this plan daily, the balance will return quickly enough to avert the future before you now. Each of you is important to this. It is your mission. If you are reading or listening to these words, you have been called. Participating once a day is essential. More than once a day speeds the process.

    You need the process speeded up, the situation grows more critical every day. The Plan takes less than a minute of your time. What you receive in return makes this time cost efficient; one of your favorite terms, I believe. Time efficient, too, if you will allow me a small joke. The Plan, outlined below, is re-printed on a tear-out sheet at the end of this chapter.



  • Take a moment. Stop all activity that interferes with your concentration and focus. You can stand, sit, lie down, or move. If you are tired, it would be best to sit up so you don´t fall asleep. Focus your eyes on a single spot. Breathe deeply three times. On the third breath, say or think: "My Higher Self and Light surround, protect, and fill me with Light to activate and quicken the Prime Vibration within me." [If you prefer, use your name for the Prime Creator in place of the Prime Vibration.]

  • Continue breathing deeply and with your eyes open or shut, roll your eyeballs upward in your head as high they can comfortably go. This may be as high as your eyebrows. Perhaps it will be to your forehead or hairline. It may be you are able to roll your eyes even further upward. Now imagine you are looking right inside your skill.

  • There is a glowing Light there. Some of you may see it right away. For others, it may take some time. Those of you who are not visual may sense or feel the Light more than see it. Over time, you will come to see it. Imagining it is there is sometimes the first step for some people. This will be sufficient and you, too, will see or feel the Light over time. The Light is like your own inner sun, shining from deep within you.

  • Focus on the Light and feel as though you are moving right into its center.

                This Light is your essence. As you move within it, you will see, feel, hear, or sense your Prime Vibration being activated and quickened. Some of you may notice a flash or burst of Light. There may be a sound. If you find yourself responding to this sound by humming or toning, that is fine. For others the sound will be a deep inner silence. You may feel a profound sense of well being, or a feeling of being centered and connected. There may be a sensation of deep peace, joy, love, harmony, balance. For some it is a very orgasmic feeling. You may feel the vibration physically. This may sway, rock, or vibrate your body. Trust yourself to go with whatever is happening. You asked for your Higher Self protection. It will protect your bodies as well.

  • Focus your thought on your Prime Vibration acting as a tuning fork, sending vibrations from it throughout your body, into your energy field, and into the energy field of your Higher Self surrounding you.

  • Focus your thought on rays of Light extending out from all around your Higher Self energy field.

  • Focus your thought on these rays of Light filling the earth´s energy field that surrounds the planet, fills the atmosphere, envelopes the surface of earth, and penetrates through the layers of magma down to the center of earth.

  • Focus your thought on the Light activating and quickening the Prime Vibration within the center of the earth.

  • Focus your thought on the vibrations from The Prime Vibration at the center of the earth beaming out as rays of Light from all around the surface of your planet, filling the atmosphere, and shooting out into space like a shinning sun.

  • Bask in the Light that fills and surrounds you. Feel joy at the recognition of countless others joining you in this process and daily filling the energy fields of earth with Light..

  • Joyfully thank Spirit for helping you. Spirit loves to be acknowledged by you.


That´s it. Simple isn´t it? It takes 30-60 seconds for most people. That is the difficulty of it. Many of you will want to fancy it up with chanting, toning, gongs, spiritual music, candles, incense, elaborate breathing, special movements, and other rituals. While it is not necessary, it is fine. Humans love rituals. What is essential is to resist the temptation to add additional thought, intent, or direction to this process. Focus only on the Light as outlined in the plan. It is absolutely essential you focus your thought on, and only on, the Light. This is the plan your Higher Selves and I have brought to you for the balancing of earth´s energy field. Your personal theories on the sending of Light or the Prime Vibration can be tested in your personal lives. It is hardly fair to test them on what affects the whole planet and every life form on it.

    For those of you who have difficulty focusing your minds or staying forcused on Light, it might be helpful to focus first on the flame of a candle with your eyes open or closed. As you raise your eyes upward, the image of the flame with stay with you. Focus on that image. Some of you may prefer to keep your eyes focused on the flame of the candle. This is fine. Rolling your eyes upward and then looking back at the candle will be helpful to entering the altered state that empowers this process.

    After the final step of this process, when you are thanking Spirit for its help in this plan, you can ask it and the Light to remain with you as you continue into meditation or focus on your own goals. If you continue into meditation, you can focus on your goals at the end of your meditation.

    To focus on your personal goals, speak of, think, or imagine your goal in the Light that surrounds you. Fill your thought or image of your goal with Light. Imagine your goal exactly as you want it to be when it is accomplished and allow yourself to feel joy at the thought of this. To illustrate:

    If your goal is to heal or transform your body, do not think of the dysfunction, illness, disease, injury, imbalance, or what you don´t want in your body. This is very important. To do so sends power to what you don´t want. Imagine or think or speak of your body as if the healing or transformation has already been accomplished. I know a woman who physically altered her chin by cutting out a picture of a chin she wanted. By focusing on the image of that chin superimposed over her own and imagining Light filling the chin she wanted, she achieved it. She was very patient, spending five minutes a day on this project for several weeks. At first, she thought the changes she was seeing were her imagination. She was right. The change did occur first in her astral chin. You see the astral through your imaginations, which are simply your ability to image the astral levels. Since she did not let herself talk herself out of what was happening, it filtered to the physical level. She was very happy with her results. I was overjoyed at her recognition of her power working with my Light.

    This is a VERY powerful process for any goal. Use it for your finances, your relationships with yourself and others, your own desires for your personal future, and for healing and helping others. You might want to concentrate on one goal per session so your subconscious mind can give full attention to each particular goal.

    Stimulate a sense of joy with the intent that your goal IS manifesting even as you think of it, and you will stimulate your subconscious mind into giving it top priority. Again, thank Spirit when you are finished. You might thank your subconscious too. It is the part that must bring this into manifestation.

    How will you know if this has worked in relation to a goal? The answer is simple. You will notice yourself taking the steps to bring or accept this goal into your life. You will feel a sense of calm, knowing this goal will manifest, unless your Higher Self has determined the goal is not to be reached for reasons of growth and understanding. Even then, you will feel calm. If you notice yourself feeling irritable, upset, or angry about your goal, or doing what is contrary to what you would expect to be doing to achieve it, then you have inner blocks to it. You will need to attend to these. Be aware that sometimes people see the goal happening or sense it beginning and tell themselves "this couldn´t possibly be!". It would be wise not to talk yourself out of believing. Your subconscious is always listening. It will stop the manifestation of your goal if you tell it to do so with your disbelief or nonacceptance.

    If your goal is to help or heal others, the most powerful thing you can do is fill their energy fields with Light. If they wish to accept it, they will. If not, their Higher Selves will use the Light in the manner they know will be of most benefit. It may be not achieving the goal they think they want or you think they want is part of their Higher Purpose and Good. Realize this and you will realize the folly of directing the Light for others. As to directing the Light for yourselves, you have free will. Only your own Higher Self can block this will as your Higher Self is you. Using this free will to interfere with another´s will or Higher Purpose is not the path of wisdom and enlightenment. As Pamela is wont to say, choose wisely.

    To use this process as a meditation, state or think that intent as you bask in the Light on your final step, just before thanking Spirit. Think or state to yourself how long or until what time you wish to remain in meditation and your subconscious mind will honor this, ending your meditation at the time you have asked. At that time thank Spirit and your subconscious mind.

    Meditation is a tuning into the Prime Vibration. You have already done this. Now continue tuning into that vibration. Your Higher Self will guide you in this meditation if you do not resist or try to control it. If you find your thoughts wandering into earth plane thoughts, it may be helpful to focus on a word, thought, phrase, image, or sound that keeps you focused above the earth plane. Music is helpful for some of you, it is distracting for others. Remember your goal in meditation is to lift your vibrations into your spiritual energies. This will keep you charged with spiritual life force and physical energy and help you to handle all that you meet on the earth plane. Eliminate from your meditation anything that brings your thoughts or energies back down to earth.

    As you lift your energies in meditation or when your Prime Vibration quickens, you may feel some dizziness at first. If this bothers you, ask aloud that you be balanced in a centered feeling. Meditation and the daily filling of your energy field with your Prime Vibration will open you to mystical experiences when you are ready for them. These may or may not happen during meditation. If you ask for a particular experience, such as out of body experiences and the like, during a meditation and it does not occur, know that your Higher Self will guide you in ways that will prepare you for that experience. When you end your meditation or sending Light to the planet, you can ground yourself, if you feel you need it, by putting your feet flat on the floor and asking for grounding. Imagining, as you ask for grounding, that you are a strong tree with deep roots and tall branches reaching upward will be very helpful and beneficial. That is why you need as many trees as you can get on your earth. They bring balance into all energy fields.

    Go into Nature daily. You need fresh air and Light for your bodies every day. Do not be afraid of the Light. If you are, or if you have beliefs that make sunlight dangerous for you, go into indirect Light. You might attend to your fears and beliefs as well. Make sure they are gone subconsciously before you absorb the direct Light that is beneficial to your bodies and your spirits.

    Daily quickening of your Prime Vibration moves your body, energy field, and life into harmony, health, and balance. You may notice subtle or great changes in yourself, depending on what you lacked before beginning this process.

    Many of you will experience a triggering of or an increase in your psychic abilities. All of you will notice your inner intuitions and hunches increasing in accuracy. The messages of your dreams will become more clear to you. You will feel a growing sense of inner peace. You will find yourself feeling joy, no matter what happens to you or those you care about and love.

    You may begin to notice others relating to you differently. Those who feel unworthy of the energy around you will shy away from you. Send to them or center them in a soft rose pink color. This color is the vibration of non-conditional love.

    Others will feel threatened by your energy. They will react by staying away from you if at all possible. If they cannot avoid you, anger may be triggered in them. You needn´t fear anger; it is the natural reaction when humans feel threatened and unable to flee. Focus their anger in the pink Light. It will calm them.

    Those that would do you harm will be fearful of your energy field. They will want to stay as far away from it as possible. As your possessions pick up your energy field over time, they will want to stay away from your possessions as well. The only exception to this will be if your own Higher Self or you draw them to you for a lesson, purpose, or to meet the consequence of your actions, thoughts, or beliefs.

    Many people will instinctively be drawn to you, wondering why they always feel better after having been around you. You will begin to notice, if you pay attention, healing and transformations in those who open themselves to your energy field. You will know which people are open by the way they respond to you. When they turn to you and gaze upon you with smiles and eagerness, they are open. You will notice, as you gaze back at them, an aura of light around them. This is you, lifting their spirits, to turn a phrase, with your spirit.

    You will feel joy at all of these things. Joy is a most powerful vibration. It will bring in your age of enlightenment.

    May I suggest you add to this joy by not judging yourselves or one another. The Prime Creator and your Higher Selves do not judge you, why would you do less than this? To judge is to miss the mark as you seldom know, from your human level, the greater purpose in any person or experience. This is not to say you cannot set consequences for certain actions. The earth experience is for souls to meet the consequences of their actions. This is how the soul learns to choose wisely.

    Your criminal element will benefit greatly if you make fair laws and set out clearly the consequences for breaking these laws. If you create exceptions to the consequences people will mold themselves to fit the exceptions. Ensure the safety of your jails and prisons and you will not feel badly for sending to them those who have met this as a consequence. Help those in the prisons and jails understand their own responsibility in creating those consequences, even to their responsibility for being caught in seemingly unfair circumstances. Inner work with altered states will be most helpful to this.

    Govern yourselves wisely. You will meet the intents of your actions always. You might hide these intents from your own awareness. They are never hidden from your Spirits.

    Respect one another as the unique and individual spirits that you are. Remember, the Prime Creator is in each one of you. Your Creator does not make your choices for you, but respects your will. Can you do less for one another?

    Nurture your bodies. They serve you. A wise Master honors and respects those that serve.

    Nurture Nature. You need Nature a great deal more than Nature needs you.

    Those of you who wish to connect with one another for this great purpose of balancing the energy fields of planet earth, seek out one another. Choose times you can meet in thought with one another for the sending of Light to the planet. Finish with sending the Light to one another. It will add to your joy. You did this once before, in your harmonic convergence some years back. You focused on peace. Your cold war ended. The Berlin Wall fell. The Eastern Bloc opened to their freedom. Have faith in these changes. Have faith in yourselves; you have great power.

    We have come to the end of my chapter. Pamela is as reluctant to let this chapter end as she was reluctant to begin it. She feared she would not channel me ´right". How easily I slipped into her consciousness. How easily I slip into yours. To begin and focus in the Light is to do it right.

    I am eager to share with you in the next book. It was gracious of Pamela and Hugh to allow me to author it. I have enjoyed this writing. It is a new way of communicating with humans for me. I have worked indirectly through many of you in your writings, as I did with Pamela and Hugh in the first seven chapters of this book. To write my own chapter and my own book is exciting to me. Pamela and Hugh are surprised a Spirit of Higher Consciousness such as I am would have excitement. This is amusing to me. Humans are endlessly amusing to Spirit. You fill us with joy. We return the same to you. Joy! Joy! Joy!.

Our gift, to you, was the writing and posting on the Internet of this book. We hope you were inspired and helped to open or more fully use your own inner potentials and powers. Our request: Please help to spread the word on this book. The publication of Book II: Light: The Act Of Creation, by Master of Light depends on the success of Book I. Let people know they can read Book I at Odyssey of the Soul , or buy it at Amazon Books or at Barnes and Noble Book Store, or order it through their favorite bookstore or library. MAHALO.


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