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    If you, or any one you know, is considering chemo or radiation therapy, read Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil, M.D.

    We know, and have worked with, people who are alive today because of both of these procedures. While we know there are less taxing and toxic ways to heal, we also know people frequently do not have the knowledge, the time, or the opportunity to use those other methods. We have even had some clients whose Higher Selves have guided them to take chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Our point is, we would, ourselves, want to know what our Higher Selves advised before we proceeded in anything with the potential to harm as greatly as it helps.

    For those taking chemotherapy or radiation therapy the following is HIGHLY recommended for helping your healthy tissues and cells recover from the chemo:

Following Each Session of Chemotherapy

  • Pour one-half cup of REAL Clorox to a bath full of warm water.
  • Soak in bath to leech toxins from the chemotherapy out of the healthy tissue of the body.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  • (Buy REAL Clorox, not the other brand names which won´t work for this.)

Following Each Session of Radiation Therapy

  • Put about three to four cups of baking soda in warm bath to reduce the rads left in the body by the x-ray.
  • For radiation to the head or face area, apply a washcloth with saturated solution of baking soda water.
  • Rinse with clear water if desired, though this is not necessary.

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   Keeping ones good health is as important as regaining good health. Drinking sufficient amounts of clean water and eating sufficient amounts of good food is important. Unfortunately, the pesticides and chemicals used for growing and processing today´s foods are becoming less and less tolerated by the human body. We find many people are reacting to the toxins accumulating in their bodies from the chemicals and pesticides in the foods they eat. Buying organic - meaning pesticide and chemical free - is strongly recommended for your body. If you can´t do this, buy "range fed" meats and do the following:

  • Soak your eggs, fruits, and vegetables (including potatoes) for five minutes in a sink full of water to which a cap full of REAL Clorox as been added. Then rinse by soaking for another five minutes in a sink full of clear water. This procedure will rid these foods of many chemicals and pesticides that have soaked through the skin and counteract those that remain. It is well worth the extra effort. Your body and the bodies of your loved ones need protection from the follies of modern agriculture and commerce.

  • If you are really interested in keeping your body healthy, you will eliminate microwave foods as meals for you, your family, and your pets. NMR with our clients indicates that micro waving alters food molecules in a way that is not nutritious for bodies. Use microwave ovens, if you must, for snack foods.

  • In testing with our clients, we find sodas - including diet sodas - are toxic to many. We also find many "health" foods and supplements, including "nutritional" bars, are not so healthy for people´s bodies. A good rule of thumb is: The closer a food is to its natural state, the better it is for your body. The more processing a food has gone through, the more likely it is to contain chemicals and other manufactured additives that alter its nutritional value, often even making it toxic.

  • As much of the soil in which food is grown is depleted of its nutrients, and food processing robs even more, most bodies require supplemental vitamins and minerals. Remember, your body knows best what is right for it. Testing of your body through NMR or CORRECTLY DONE applied kinesiology can determine the kinds of vitamins, minerals, herbs, food, and even medications your body can use and in what combinations and amounts. If someone tests you, but does not use the procedure we outlined in Chapter Four, YOU take control. Tap counter-clock wise around your thymus (as outlined in Chapter Four) before they test you. Have them put the substance on your belly button and then test whether your muscle remains strong or weakens. If your muscle weakens, you are allergic to the substance or it is toxic to you. (We can correct the allergy reaction; they can´t, yet.) IMPORTANT: After determining what the body says is good for it, the subconscious must be tested to see if it BELIEVES it. If the subconscious doesn´t believe, it won´t work. The subconscious programming must be changed in order for it to work.


    Weight is a great concern for many people. Actually, we could fill a book with the innumerable reasons for weight problems and food phobias and addictions. Perhaps, someday, we will. Below are some things to realize with weight difficulties.

  • Everything you have read about thoughts and emotions affecting the body, the digesting and metabolizing of food, and the weight of the body are true. To complicate matters, these thoughts and emotions may be in the subconscious levels of mind. Clearing the conscious and subconscious levels of negative beliefs and emotions in regards to eating, food and one self is important.

  • Even spiritual beliefs can create over or under weight. One Higher Self said the reason for a client´s weight was part emotional and part a spiritual desire for physical grounding. "She often feels too much in the spirit realm, " it said, "and believes food and weight ground the body better." When asked if this was true, the Higher Self responded, "Belief makes it true. Change the belief, which is subconscious."

  • Excess weight and excess eating of comfort foods are often an attempt by the subconscious to buffer or numb emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain. (We have noticed survivors of long term physical abuse often have pack excess weight above the waist and survivors of long term sexual abuse pack excess weight under the waist, especially around the hips and thighs.)

  • Weight, either over or under, and negative food behaviors are frequently means of "punishing" oneself for imagined guilt. (Survivors of sexual abuse usually have such guilt, especially if there was pleasure or comfort in the sexual activity.)

  • Self-loathing, which is almost always present with all types of abuse survivors, can drive one to make ones body as unattractive as possible or, alternately, attractive as possible to those who will abuse it further.

  • The subconscious of sexual abuse survivors often attempts to make the body sexually unattractive in order to avoid sexual intimacy, which usually triggers memories of the "bad" sex.

In the struggle with ones body, the subconscious mind will always win. One can use will power and control to over-rule the subconscious mind, but the minute the conscious focus is shifted to other concerns, the subconscious programming prevails. The subconscious has many "weapons" at its command in the battle of wills. For instance: The subconscious can increase or decrease the desire for food or exercise. It can trigger food cravings, lower or speed up the metabolism, store excess calories, or purge needed nutrients. Changing the subconscious programming to work for, not against, the conscious desires not only makes sense, it is the only long-term, permanent solution.

    Unhappiness with ones body is a constant theme with our clients. Bob, a man in his 30´s, had heard Pamela speak of the documented success in achieving breast growth through hypnosis. Bob wondered if anything could be done to increase the size of his penis. Pamela was so relieved he wanted to grow his penis, and not his breasts, she enthusiastically replied "Sure!"

    NMR indicated Bob´s subconscious mind had stopped the growth of his penis shortly after puberty began due to a suggestion that had become internalized as a subconscious program. That suggestion had begun at five years old and it would be necessary to speak to the five year old Bob about it. If the program was changed, NMR indicated, Bob could grow his penis. "How much bigger do you want it to grow?" Pamela asked him.

    "Two inches would help a lot," Bob replied.

    The following is an excerpt from the regression to five year old Bob to discover the roots of the subconscious programming of a small penis.

    (Pamela: "Go to the time you first have the thought my penis is too small. Where do you find yourself?") "In the urinal My daddy´s workers are here peeing. I´m watching them. They have big penises." (Pamela: "What do you think as you pee and watch the men?") "Mine is too small. My penis is too small." (Pamela: "Go to a time when you next have this thought.") "I´m in the urinal at my Daddy´s work. I go here lots of times. I look at my penis when I pee. It is TOO small! It´s TOO small. The other mens [sic] have big ones. I have a little one. Daddy has a big one, too. They say I better hold onto it [penis] or it will disappear. They laugh because I have a little one. It´s TOO small."

    Bob had fixated on the thought that his penis was too small. No one had told him his penis would grow as he grew. He thought his penis was as big as it was going to get. He continued to think this over the years. Pamela assured five year old Bob his penis would grow as he grew. The five year old and other ages were helped to release their anger at the humiliation his father and the other men had made him feel. Then Bob´s subconscious was told to grow Bob´s penis two inches bigger. This suggestion was repeated several times.

    After this session, NMR said no further blocks remained to growing Bob´s penis. At Bob´s next session, he was regressed to the age when his penis growth stopped. The subconscious was told to reverse this action and grow the penis two more inches. A tape of programmed suggestion for growing his penis two more inches was made at this session as well. Bob left and was told to play his tape at least three times a week until he had achieved the results he wanted. Bob called a month latter to report that his penis had grown one and three quarter inches longer and a half inch thicker. He claimed his doctor had verified ´before´ and ´after´ measurements. (Pamela took Bob´s word on this.)

    Thomas was a client sent in by Bob. His story is another good example of how powerfully suggestion affects the body when it reaches the subconscious mind. Thomas, a golf pro in his 30´s, was unable to achieve an erection. His medical doctor had ruled out any physical causes and suggested he might seek out someone who could help him find any possible emotional causes. NMR quickly established that the loss of erection was due to subconscious suggestion. Thomas couldn´t imagine what that might be, but NMR indicated a suggestion given the last time the penis was erect. Thomas said this had been two years prior, with a married woman with whom he´d been having a long term affair. He´d recently met her husband and liked him. Feeling great remorse and guilt, he arranged to meet her one evening with the intent of breaking off the affair. "However," Thomas related, ´things got out of hand and we had sex after all. It was the last time. It was the last time ever." This excerpt of the regression to that encounter begins with Thomas and his lady friend in bed:

    (Pamela "What are you doing now?") "I am about to enter her." (Pamela "What are you thinking as you are about to enter her?") "I feel bad. I´m thinking I should not be doing this. I think to myself I will never do this again!" (Pamela: "Subconscious mind, what is Thomas doing now that he never wants to do again?) "His penis is getting hard. He never wants his penis to get hard again."

    Pamela pointed out to Thomas´s subconscious that it had been mistaken, that Thomas did not want to have sex with that particular woman again, but he did want his penis to get hard again. "Yes, I understand that now," his subconscious responded. Pamela asked if there was any further subconscious resistance to the penis becoming erect. "No," said the subconscious mind. However, as Thomas now had a conscious thought in his mind that his penis would not get erect, due to the number of times it had failed to do so, Pamela made him a hypnosis tape to convince him his penis would become erect anytime he wanted it to.

    Thomas called after this session to report he´d easily achieved an erection with masturbation, something he had not been able to do since the night he´d last had sex. He said if he did not call back, it would be because he had been successful with a woman. (Pamela never did hear from Thomas again, though she gained so many men with sexually related problems as clients she (half jokingly and half seriously) began to question whether her name and number were written on a men´s room wall somewhere.)

    We might note that the subconscious is wide open during sexual activity. Making positive suggestions to your partner is a good idea at this time, especially during orgasm. Dr. Harmon suggested this to a male client whose wife could never believe he loved her, no matter how many times or ways he told her. He took the advice, telling his wife firmly, "I love you" just as she climaxed. She looked at him and said with surprise in her voice, "I believe you." It saved their marriage.

    The subconscious does not reason. If something you are saying or thinking catches its attention, it acts on it. Repeated thoughts and sayings catch its attention. One adult client complained of wetting the bed at night. She´d been doing it for a few weeks and wanted to know why. It was pointed out to her how frequently she used the word "pissed" in her conversation. She stopped using it and stopped wetting the bed.

    Accidents and trauma can easily "set" or "imprint" a suggestion into the subconscious mind. Dr. Harmon had a client whose eye lids would not remain open, except for a few seconds. She had, some years prior, run her car over a curb and into a ditch while exiting a gas station at night. She had hit her forehead on the rear-view mirror and had suffered her eye problem ever since. Doctors had ruled out any physical causes for the condition. In hypnosis, Dr. Harmon guided her through the accident again, this time in slow motion. They found that just as she was about to hit the rear-view mirror, the thought "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" screamed in her brain. As she hit her head, the trauma of the impact "imprinted" or "fixed" that command in her brain. To erase that imprint, the subconscious was told to reverse the accident in slow motion. Then the suggestion was given the subconscious that it would open and shut the eyelids normally, as it had done prior to the accident, which had now been reversed. After the session ended, the woman´s eye lids opened and remained opened. She called a week later to say her eye lids were continuing to function normally.

    We have had great success with this technique for healing physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction due to accident trauma. One gentleman had been in such constant pain due to neck, back, and hip injuries in a bad car accident, that he was in physical therapy daily and visited a chiropractor almost as frequently. It took five sessions using this technique to rid his body of all pain. Following his fifth session his neck, back, and hip had adjusted themselves so completely that physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments were discontinued.

    This technique is used in light to medium hypnosis. The client is asked to go to the time just before the accident occurred and to report what he/she is thinking. The client is told to move forward into the accident in slow motion and to report on what is happening each moment to the body. Each time there is an impact to the body, the client is asked to imagine a bolt of energy entering the body at the impact point and to report on every place within the body this bolt of energy ricochets and hits until it exits the body. (This is done for each impact to the body.)

    When the body comes to rest, the client is asked if he/she is in or out of the body. If he/she is in the body, the client is told to slip out of the body and be in the spirit state. When client is out of the body, he/she is asked to examine the body and report on its injuries. He/she is then asked to mentally send Light to each site of injury and to say when that site has returned to its normal state. Once this is done for each injury site, he/she is asked to look within and find the cause of the accident and any messages attached to it. After this, the client is asked to return to the body. We then re-run the accident backwards. Each impact bolt is traced (in reverse order, last impact first, etc.) from the exit point backwards, stopping at each place it hit in the body for client to heal that site mentally.

    [Placing hands, palm down, on these sites for the natural, gentle transference of life force is very helpful to this process. If one is fearful of disturbing the hypnotic state, the hands can be placed an inch above the body or the client can use his/her own hands. For those working with the body whose hands are already on the body - such as a massage therapist, physical therapist, nurse, or doctor - touching the body will not disturb the hypnotic state.]

    Once clients have finished imaging the last impact bolt of energy leaving the body, they continue going backwards until the moment before the accident occurred. We then suggest to the clients that as the message of the accident has been discovered, they are to imagine whatever needs to be done to avert the accident.

    Sometimes it is necessary to do this procedure more than one time, but once the subconscious is convinced all injuries and trauma are healed and the accident has been reversed, the client does heal. As many phobias, anxiety disorders, and post traumatic disorders are rooted in past accidents, this is a very valuable technique. We believe every physical therapist, chiropractor, nurse, doctor, and therapist of every kind would benefit greatly by learning how to use basic hypnotic suggestions and techniques such as this one. We have trained such professionals to induce hypnosis in a patient/client in well under five minutes. In fact, we´ve trained them to induce hypnosis and/or give powerful healing suggestions to the subconscious mind without using a formalized hypnosis induction.

    Trauma resulting from surgery is also common. It is often necessary for us to erase for clients negative suggestions that have been made in their presence during surgery to their bodies. The subconscious is ALWAYS listening and is highly suggestible in traumatic states such as surgery. Nor is it capable, especially in traumatic situations, of making reasonable assessments and judgments. It is apt to believe that every remark made during the operation applies to the person being operated on! EVERY doctor and nurse should be aware of this FACT and adjust their conversations during surgery to POSITIVE healing suggestions for the patient. Imagine the good that would do people!

    We strongly recommend the cells of the body (especially where it is to be cut), be prepared emotionally prior to surgery and positive suggestions given the subconscious for comfort during the surgery and rapid healing afterwards. Our experience demonstrates doing so dramatically decreases recovery time and accelerates healing.

    The use of hypnosis alone for anesthesia will gain greater acceptance over time as people come to accept how powerful their own minds are. In the 1800´s, James Esdaile, an English surgeon stationed in India, ran out of Ludlum for the troops he was operating on during a battle. Telling his aide, under strictest orders, to mention that fact to no one, he continued to perform the operations - including amputations of body limbs - telling his patients he was giving them a powerful drug, and describing for them, as he worked, its effects. He found, to his amazement, that in addition to be completely anesthetized, his patients could control their bleeding when told to do so. Realizing how suggestible they were in this state, he suggested as he operated that the soldiers would heal perfectly and rapidly. These soldiers, he noted, DID heal more rapidly than the others. In fact, he had succeeded in drastically reducing the normal mortality rates for the surgeries he had performed!

    Excited by this, Dr. Esdaile began studying and experimenting more with mesmerism, the name first given hypnosis. When he returned to England, he arranged to present a demonstration to the College of Surgeons on what he named "The Esdaile State", (which is still the name used for the deepest levels of hypnosis). Unfortunately, he could not duplicate on a stage the results he´d had on the battlefield. Esdaile didn´t realize how open the mind is during his Esdaile State and that the skeptical minds of hundreds of esteemed surgeons for the well being of Esdaile´s subjects so frightened the subconscious minds of his subjects, they would bring themselves right out of hypnosis. Thus hypnosis was immediately deemed a "flop" by the College of Surgeons in England, despite the proof in the field that it worked, and worked dramatically.

    Dr. Harmon has been in "surgery pits" many times (and Pamela once) to hypnotize clients for operations. The process, when the patient is carefully prepared for this and his/her physician supports it, works perfectly. The use of hypnosis also frees women completely from pain during labor and birth of their babies, even in difficult births. (A good hypnosis tape implanting suggestions in the subconscious for this is all that is needed. Personalized tapes made by a hypnotist or hypnotist/physician one trusts are highly recommended.) There is SO MUCH that can be done with hypnosis, which really is only an unlocking of the power of a person´s own mind, body, and spirit


    The following session is with a woman in her forties. The reason for this session was to find the cause of a pulled muscle in her left hip. The terms "physical mind", "mental mind", "emotional mind", and "spiritual mind" are used to access specific areas of the subconscious mind.

     (Therapist: "Physical mind, what is wrong with the left hip?") "There is a muscle that´s tight in the front. By the groin. It is short of support compared to the other." (Therapist: "What would help this imbalance?") "Stretching exercises. Looking further within would be beneficial." (Therapist: "Mental mind, what has caused the imbalance of the muscle in the hip?) "Golf. She should not play the game. It brings her a lot of stress." (Therapist: "Emotional mind, does she enjoy the game of golf?") "Sometimes. In her game of golf there is a lot of negativity tied up there. As she swings, her thoughts shift [to the negative] and this shifts her hips out of balance." (Therapist: "Physical mind, if she put her thoughts in balance, would golf be okay for her hips?) "As long as she stretches properly before hand." (Therapist: "Thank you. Physical mind, what is the subconscious mind to you?") "A power house for the being. It can take care of the physical. We are all linked there." (Therapist: "Mental mind, what is the subconscious mind to you?") "It communicates constantly." (Therapist: "Emotional mind, what is the subconscious mind to you?") "It likes to take care of things. It operates off rules and regulations." (Therapist: "Spiritual mind, what is the subconscious mind to you?") "The controller of the conscious mind." (Therapist: "Spiritual mind, are you the Higher Self?") "No, I am not the Higher Self. It is connected to the greater mass. I am the intuition." (Therapist: "Subconscious mind, what do you know yourself to be?") "I serve, but I control."


    The following session is with Joan also in her 40´s. While we work with people of all ages - from babies on up - and for all kinds of reasons, many of our clients are people seeking therapy or healing because their lives or their bodies, or both, have pushed them into it. Joan was such a client. Joan was both exciting in her openness and inner abilities and frustrating in her difficulty in believing in those abilities. (Therapist: "Go to the mental mind and scan this body. Tell me its condition at this time and the causes of these conditions.") "This body is here to teach lessons and has brought forth information in similar body symptoms to lead to lessons that are still attached to physical form. The being is not aware [consciously] of this at this time. This being is holding many, many fears, many emotions that are not serving the body any longer. There is fear around this physical form in and around the head area. There is a chemical and emotional imbalance in the reproductive organs. There is chemical enzyme malfunction and imbalance of connective tissues of the shoulders, the neck, the lower back, the knees and the hips. There is disruptive nervous pathways in the left foot, in the toes of the same foot, in the right knee and foreleg, the upper shoulders and neck, some in the jaw and up above the eyes in the forehead." (Therapist: "Are you able to give such accurate information about others´ bodies?") "Yes. If the conscious belief would allow it." (Therapist: "Higher Self, what guidance would you offer at this time?") "She needs to speak to the body with love in the voice, sharing loving thoughts as she moves through her healing and learning to love the self. The healing on the other side of this is glorious and worth waiting for. She is gathering information as she does her healing work. She has fear about her body. She needs to move beyond this fear. Do active work to move through the thought in self that she will not be able to do it right. She needs to know that doing it is right, no matter how she does it. This work is important. She needs to allow this process to unfold. She is doing well. As she moves further in the activity, fear will diminish and as the fear diminishes, she will have the courage to move even deeper." (Therapist: "What is the meaning of the dog in her dream?") "The energy centers are blocked with rage. Fear is of letting the rage out. Signifies issues in past life aspect experience. Rage is still there." (Therapist: "Higher Self, how will she know your voice.") "As before, I am the first thought. She is doing well at listening to first thought. Her knowing is growing." (Therapist: "Her sexual energies?") "She confuses romantic love with self love. She needs to learn self love. It is a good time now to explore her own body for she is still confused about her pleasure zones, how she experiences her own pleasures. Exploring this will aid in future relationships. This will enhance self love."

    Joan´s difficulty in believing in herself and in believing her inner mind and spirit were rooted in childhood abuse of which she has no conscious recall. Therapy for this abuse was frustrating for Joan as she had hoped and expected, like many clients, that the memories would become conscious over time.


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