Chapter 3   -   Path of Spirit

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I got out of the tub and dried myself off, accepting completely that what had been set in motion would indeed manifest, as that is the law of physics. Every day after that, I simply thanked the creative energy of the Universe in order to remind myself - and my subconscious - that completion of the healing was imminent. In seven weeks, my lungs were completely healed. The fibrous growth was gone and the damage to my lungs completely reversed.

    For forty years I´d been demonstrating the power of the subconscious mind to heal anything, including financial limitations. Now, for the first time, I seemed incapable of harnessing that power. Angry, stressed, and in a great deal of pain, I thought of Pamela. She had, in an amazingly short time, become the therapist I´d long been seeking. However, I believe all men fear women to some extent and sometimes fear to a greater extent the women they love. I´d run away - in one form or another - from all the women in my life. This one, I did not want to lose. It made for an interesting dilemma: In order not to lose Pamela, I would need therapy, but the only therapist whose skills I could trust was Pamela.

    It can be argued that a personal relationship interferes with therapy, and to complicate matters, we discovered as we moved into the intimacy of our relationship that Pamela would, herself, need therapy. Using NMR, we quickly uncovered Pamela´s early childhood sexual abuse. As we did so, Pamela began to remember. Healing from sexual abuse is challenging; it requires very special skills and techniques on the part of the therapist. I would trust no one else with Pamela´s therapy, even as I would trust no-one else but Pamela with mine. We both knew that once sexual abuse is uncovered, sexual intimacy can trigger even more memories and trauma. This proved true of Pamela, so we agreed to delay our sexual relationship until she was healed. Clearly, Pamela and I were being heavily challenged in all directions.

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    It is a tribute to our skills as therapists, but just as importantly, it is a tribute to the type of therapy we do, that our relationship survives those challenges. Hypnotherapy is client centered, not therapist centered, which diminishes a great deal of the transference clients are apt to place on a therapist. Thus a personal relationship is far less likely to be compromised by the therapy, and the therapy far less likely to be compromised by a personal relationship.


    Three months after I arrived, Merrien left the offices, and I happily began to set up my practice. There were still many challenges to be met, however, so in addition to our own therapy work, Hugh and I began channeling our Higher Selves for guidance.

    Channeling, like religion, suffers from the company it sometimes keep. However, to trance channel does require preparation and precaution. A spirit can name itself anyone or anything. Spirits do lie. How does one know whether a spirit is telling the truth? How does one know a Spirit´s information is to the higher good? Intuitive knowing is one way, reason another. Yet ego is quick to stifle both intuition and reason when it wants desperately to believe. Anyone who would channel spirit would do well to anchor first with The Higher Self and to rely on its guidance, wisdom, protection, and discernment.

    One day, as Hugh´s Higher Self was speaking through him, it did something quite unexpected. "One moment," it said, and paused. Then, after a moment or two had passed, another energy began to speak. (Since the voice box of the channel is being used, the voice of anyone using that channel will sound, of course, like the channel´s voice. However, syntax and grammar may vary greatly, as will the manner of speaking.)

    "He is to close the doors to this place and leave," the voice said. "It is time to begin teaching."

    "Who speaks?" I asked.


    "What spirit?"

    "Higher Spirit."

    "Teach what?" I inquired.

    "Teach what the Spirit brings through you, Pamela. Teach the messages of God. Teach how to heal and to feel and to be a part of that message. Teach the Word. And the Word IS the Word. And ALL the Words are the Word. And the Word will come like a breath through Pamela."

    I wasn´t certain what to make of that, but I proceeded on doggedly with the "important" matter at hand. "Move where?" I asked.

    "I am aware," the ´voice´ continued, ´there is a one story, yes pink, rather large building that needs to be occupied by such as yourselves."

    "Do you know how we would find this place?" I asked.

    "I see it," Spirit answered.

    "Hmmm, big help" I thought and pressed on with, "Is it here in this valley?"


     "Is there something near it Hugh might know?"


    "What is it near?"

    "I don´t know the terms."

    "Is there a landmark nearby?"


    "Trees," I repeated, thinking how unhelpful this Spirit was being.

    "Openness. Acres of land."

    "Is it near the mountains?"

    "Not near the mountains."

    Are there other buildings around it?"

    "Some distance away."

    "Is there a road name?"

    "I see none."

    "Do you know directions?" I pressed, feeling frustration creeping in.

     "I see northwest."

    "Northwest of the valley?"

    "North northwest IN the valley."

    "Thank you. And Spirit, shall we continue our therapy practices?"

    Spirit: replied, "Some people are open to therapy and they will benefit. Others are not open, and so would not benefit. Teaching ALL how they can and may benefit is wise for you to do. Many people are not willing or ready for change."

    Hugh stretched and opened his eyes. I explained to him what had happened, as he does not stay in his body when he channels and is not aware of what has occurred. I read to him what Higher Spirit had said then remarked, "Not very precise directions were they?"

    Hugh was looking at me as though I had sprouted horns. "Just who or what, exactly, do you suppose this Higher Spirit is, my dear?" He asked me, his voice calm, but distinctly cool.

    I looked at him, shocked. "You mean you don´t know?" (I thought he knew everything.)

    "I don´t trust spirits," he said slowly, "that tell people what to do, nor do I intend to ever allow anyone, especially spirit, to mind my business. I´ve worked hard and long to build up this center. I´m NOT going to close the doors. And if I were, which I´m not, it wouldn´t be to go wandering around the countryside spouting about God."

    "Oh," I said. "Would you be open to some NMR?"

    NMR of Hugh´s Higher Self said the Spirit we had heard from was from a level higher than the Higher Selves and that it had spoken truthfully and accurately. "Hmmmph," was Hugh´s only comment.

    The next day Hugh suggested I speak to his Higher Self while he was in trance and ask directly about the spirit that had spoken and its information. I agreed and guided him into trance. When I had accessed his Higher Self, I asked if the spirit that had spoken to us the day before could be trusted.

    "Indeed," replied the Higher Self, "it is Higher Spirit and it will speak now."

    Again, the spirit from the day before began speaking. It said: "If you do not move, Jeremiah will have his way."

    I knew who Jeremiah was. Hugh had explained him as a friendly spirit that hung around the offices. He played with the lights a great deal, particularly in sessions with clients who knew of his presence. I´d seen far too much evidence of Jeremiah, and his abilities, to doubt his existence.

    "How will Jeremiah have his way?" I asked.

    "He will burn down the building you are now in," said Higher Spirit,

    "How soon?" I asked.

    "Two weeks, in your time," was the answer.

    Afterwards, when I read what had been said, Hugh was furious. "I refuse to be told what to do AND threatened with consequences if I don´t do it!" He protested vehemently. "This spirit does not sound very spiritual to me. I don´t trust it."

    On the other hand, he trusted NMR and his Higher Self. Again, NMR testing - done VERY precisely under Hugh´s careful scrutiny - said the information given by the Spirit that had just spoken was accurate.

    I found Hugh an hour later, staring at the client files, research records, equipment, supplies, and books that filled his suite of offices. The thought of even the possibility of losing all of it to fire was intolerable. Nor was there any denying Jerimiah´s ability to manipulate electricity. There had often been electrical shorts - causing lights in various rooms of the offices to dim or blink - that no electrician could isolate or explain. Even as we stood there, the lights above us began to blink in an irregular pattern! Swallowing hard, Hugh looked at me and I looked at him. "Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs are north-west of here," he said slowly. "They are urban and expensive areas. Do you realize how much a place with acres of open land would cost? It´s impossible right now. We need to get more information about this Spirit and why it is directing us to move there. And if it is, we need to have better directions on finding it." So, I guided Hugh into trance once more and asked for the Spirit that was guiding us to move.

    "I am here," it said.

    "I shall call you Master of Spirit," I began, "as you are of Higher Spirit and are clearly a Master."

    "Very well," Master of Spirit responded.

    "I would like to know more about you. Who are you exactly and why are you addressing us?"

    "I am the knowledge with no name. You are the ancient catalyst. Maybe now he can take the knowledge out of my place to those who are ready to receive or to benefit. He has fear. The fear can only be reversed through the opposite. The opposite is love. He needs to address love. As was given, you are that love. You are the catalyst. Help him find reason to address the blocks. He must learn trust. Otherwise, fear will block all off."

    "Can you give us more precise directives for finding the pink building of which you spoke?" I asked.

      "Fear holds you back. If you believe, it will appear. If you scour and scrub, with nose to the floor, you will not see the place that I describe."

    After Hugh came out of hypnosis, I read back to him what Master of Spirit had said. "Well, let´s find it then," he said with a sigh and opened the newspaper to rentals.

    "I´ll call," I said, "you start making the moving arrangements." I called every ad in the paper for rental or leased houses. I´d already figured out Master of Spirit was talking about a house because we certainly couldn´t afford offices in Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs in addition to my townhouse and Hugh´s apartment. We would just have to live together (about time, I thought) and have our offices in our home. I asked each person who answered if the house advertised was pink. While a surprising number offered to paint their houses pink, not one of the houses was already pink.

    I called the very last ad in the paper. The Realtor said, "No, that house isn´t pink." As I was about to hang up, she said, "Oh wait a minute. Everyone around here refers to it as the pink house, but I don´t know why. It´s locked, but if you´d like to go look at the outside, you could call me back if you´re interested. It´s on Venus Drive in Rancho Mirage." I took the address, chuckling at the thought of two hypnotherapists on Venus Drive in Rancho Mirage. At the end of the day, Hugh and I drove out to look at it.

    It was at the end of a dead-end street, and there were two restaurants some distance away. There were trees in front, but the house definitely wasn´t pink. It was beige-white with a terra-cotta tile roof. We walked around to the back of the house. There was a swimming pool, a large yard with several trees, and a brick wall surrounding all of it. Beyond the brick wall were acres of open land. Hugh laughed. "Well," he said, still chuckling, "no-one said it would be OUR land."

    Wanting to see the inside of the house and knowing sometimes Realtors forget to lock up houses after they show them, Hugh tried the back French door. It was locked tight. We walked around the house, trying the side doors; they were locked, too. When we walked to the back again, Hugh said we´d have to wait and see the house the next day. We started to walk away, when I stopped. "Wait," I said. "I know this is the house. If I´m right, Master of Spirit will open the door."

    I walked to the French door, put my hand on the knob, turned it down, and the door opened. Hugh jumped at least a foot. "I just tried that!" He protested, ashen faced, "And it was locked tight."

    "I know," I said, quietly. "Let´s go in."

    We carefully slipped through the vertical blinds that draped the French doors and stepped into the living room. The wall to wall carpeting in the living room was pink. The tiled floors around the living room were pink. The white walls, in the glow of the setting sun reflected all that pink. It was like walking straight into a pink cloud. "No wonder they call it the pink house," we said in unison. (Later, when Hugh replaced some light fixtures, he discovered the walls had once been pink as well.)

    The next day we did another session with Master of Spirit. The first thing I asked was: "Is the house we found yesterday the house you have led us to?"

    Master of Spirit: "Yes."

    "Was that you that opened the door?" I asked.

    "Shocked you both."

    "It isn´t pink outside." I protested.

    "Didn´t say outside," Master of Spirit replied and added that were to offer the owners $200 a month less than they were asking as they would take that amount.

    After the session, Hugh was again dubious. "The amount they are asking is already below market value," he argued. "Why would they go even lower?" Nevertheless, we called the Realtor and offered $200 a month less.

    "Impossible," she retorted. She called back two hours later and asked when we could sign the lease. The owners had agreed to the lower amount if we would do our own gardening. Hugh, the man of roses, beamed.

    We were all moved in by the deadline Master of Spirit had set. We´d given away three offices worth of furniture, as we´d have no room for them. We kept two offices of furniture to turn the spare bedroom into my office and the small, formal dining room into Hugh´s office. Still, Hugh was very unhappy having his practice in his home. He didn´t consider it professional. I was comfortable with the idea. I´d practiced out of my home in Hawaii without any problems, and this was a far nicer home. Besides, hadn´t Master of Spirit told us we would be doing more teaching of the masses than individual therapy work? I pointed this out to Hugh and that´s where he put his foot down. "We do teach, we have a school," he said firmly, surveying the living room to see how many students we could comfortably seat.

    "I don´t think the school is what Master of Spirit had in mind," I chided.

    "Spirit does not run our lives," he responded. "We do."

    I shook my head and raised my eyebrows, but said nothing. While I believed Master of Spirit, I trusted Hugh. I would, I decided, wait to see what else Master of Spirit had to say. As it turned out, it had a great deal to say.

Master of Spirit    "You are here, as are others, for a very important mission. You are here to help save humans. Nature has had enough of humans. They do not honor or respect Nature, which supports them, but seek, instead, through corruption and greed, to destroy their beautiful earth. This cannot last. Humans face destruction on a massive scale. Destruction they have brought upon themselves. Many think they can escape this destruction by preparing for it. This is not true. All humans will be destroyed if the destruction comes. And Man will return to the pre-historic age to begin the struggle through evolution once again. A struggle on a planet that must slowly rebuild itself, for Man´s destruction will destroy great land masses. This future can still be averted. Some people have lost faith it can be done, and have given up hope. Others teach and preach denial; saying this future has already been averted, or that humans are not in peril on such a massive scale. These people, and the spirits that guide them, are well meaning, thinking they are helping to avert disaster. This, too, is folly. Humans have chosen, by their actions, this future. Humans must exert their will, NOW, to change that which they have created. Spirit will help, but it cannot over-rule the human will, for the path of choice is the path of earth souls. Choice is your birth right. You must choose. You must choose knowingly, each of you. No-one can hide your choices from you, or lead you blindly to them. Choose. Choose now. Choose wisely. You must teach the people what Spirit teaches you"

    "When," I asked Master of Spirit, "will this destruction come?"

    "Soon, it has already begun," was the answer. "Move now."

    How? That´s what Hugh and I wanted to know. We were two people, obscure people at that. How were we to convince people we weren´t crazy. How were we to convince people Master of Spirit was real and its information accurate? How would we support ourselves sharing with people information that would, we had no doubt, make us very unpopular? Most importantly, how were we to tell them they could change the future in the short time remaining when we didn´t know how ourselves? We took our concerns to Master of Spirit:

Master of Spirit:    "You, Pamela, know how. You are one of the Masters to bring the information to save the populace, if it is willing to be saved. If not, you will have done your work and return. The education is the work, the learning processes and information made available. Each must teach themselves, or move out of the way for the earth will not tolerate this any longer. There is a cloaked figure, that seems to be of another dimension, from ancient times of earthly records, that is with you, and will guide you in teaching how [humans] may effectively change the path the human race is taking now. She may be recognized as a Master or may serve her time as a Master incognito. She will indeed serve as she has now, and has been serving for many years. This is not an easy task for any Master, for they resist greatly the Master´s teaching. She will be very famous for her work, whether it is recognized or not by the human, but by the Masters, who respect each other greatly. She has a Master´s highest role. The word, in ancient times, of human record, is Ra. Ra, meaning the God like energy, which like a mantle of authority to the Master, rides her yoke gently, but steadfastly. As to how you will change the future in the short time left, the one that shall do this, with the aid of enough human minds, joins you now. Heed this one well."

    As Master of Spirit stopped speaking, a subtle, but definite, radiance spread across Hugh´s face, and a blue light that I had often noted around Hugh when he taught or channeled began to spread throughout the room.

    "Look around, what do you see?" Hugh´s voice, sounding different from Master of Spirit or his Higher Self, asked.

     "I see blue," I answered.

    The voice laughed. "Then call me Blue, although I am all colors, for I am Light."

    "How can we help you?" I asked.

    The voice began to laugh heartily. "I am here to help you," it said, when it stopped laughing. "For I am Light."

    "How can you help us then?" I asked. (It would be years before I realized Light has consciousness and that "Blue", as we affectionately called Light for several months, IS that consciousness.)

    "I will be with you. We have much to do. Ask for me when I can be of service."

    We have asked many times for Master of Light, as we eventually called him. (Master of Light spoke for the first five years through Hugh, so we refer to Master of Light as male, though "he" is, of course, genderless.) One of the first things we asked for, from Master of Light, was financial support for our "mission". We thought it a reasonable request.

    Master of Light reminded us of what we already knew: spirit can only work through and with human consciousness to affect the earth planes and material matter within it. The financial funds for our work would come, we were told, but only after we cleared our own subconscious minds of mental and emotional blocks to receiving it and had totally focused our conscious efforts on the work we were to do for Spirit. [And humankind.]

    Meanwhile, other spirits appeared, asking to help in any way they could. Knowing we would need to have someone with promotional skills to help us, I asked the spirit world to "bring us the world´s greatest promoter". We got Mike Todd. (Actually, I´d meant someone IN body. With spirit, as with the mind, it is necessary to be specific.) Mike Todd is as forceful a spirit out of a body as I imagine he was while in the body. I asked him for advice.

    Mike Todd: "You´re too scattered. You´re not focused. If you´re going to do this work, you have to focus. Keep your focus! This is big work. This is big things. This is NOT to be played with. I´m not going to put this thing together. I´m only here to help. Spirit and love and belief are powerful. People in the United States are the most giving in the whole western world. There´s nobody like a sucker in the USA to give money to a good cause. They´re really willing to help. But you´ve got to give THEM something. You need to say this is what we´re doing, this is what we´re heading towards, we need your help. SPIRIT NEEDS YOU. Each one has a special place, special abilities and skills. It´ll work. It´ll work. What better goal could you have then saving the world as you know it, as I know it. But you need to get money and influence. You have to have some big names involved. Sorry, but nobody knows you guys very well. I´ll see if I can get Elizabeth. See if we can prime her. You may meet her."

    "Good," I said, "You can help me learn how to speak to her."


    "With her involved, maybe Michael Jackson will help?" I suggested.

    "Liz always was for the underdog, but she always admired the winner. She has duel, no, more than that, she has lots of interests. But she always did like the ones who came from the bottom to be the winner."

    "I can see why she likes Michael so much," I said, "what do you think of her husband Larry?"

    "I don´t know what HE´S got. Maybe she´s slowing down a little." Mike Todd laughed.

    "Will you be there when she crosses over, Mr. Todd?" I asked him.

    "Wouldn´t miss it. We´ll all be here. And it´s Mike Todd. Not Mr., not Mike: Mike Todd."

    "Oh, okay, now, about promoting this," I remarked, "I know Bette Midler. She´s a friend of mine. I´m certain this is her mission, too."

    "I like Bette."

    "And I think Opra Winfrey is important, very important, to this project," I added.

    "Biggest listening audience. She´s rational, sympathetic, empathetic, rational. People relate to her. Rational. Relate. Got it?"

    I said "yes" but I didn´t really get it. What I wanted to know was how we could get in touch with Elizabeth Taylor. Mike Todd promised to get back to us on that.

    "Well?" I asked at our next meeting.

    "Well, what´s holding you up?" He demanded. "You´ve got to get on the fast track with this thing. That´s what I´m good at if you´ll give me something to work with."

    "What about Elizabeth, can she help?"

    "I tried to get her attention, but she´s not paying attention. Why don´t you call her? You need her."

    True, but what would we say? "Hello Ms. Taylor. We´ve been talking to your husband, Mike Todd, and he suggested we call you to help us save the world." I pointed out the difficulty of this to Mike Todd.

    "Well, I´ll try talking to her again," he said. "But she doesn´t listen to me very well. How about Bette Midler. You said you know her."

    True, as well, but after some reflection, I´d realized Bette probably wouldn´t believe us any more than Elizabeth Taylor would. In fact, she´d probably worry about my sanity. After another meeting or two, Mike Todd, impatient with our stodgy ways, left us.

    We thought of reaching people through television. But it would take time, we realized, to build up an audience, and time was running short. Self-help and motivational seminars, even hypnosis shows, were out. They, too, would take more time then we had, and more self-promoting then we wanted to do. We realized the best way to get the message out was a book.

    We´d almost finished the book on sexual abuse. We needed, however, a different kind of book. We needed a book about spirit and the mind. We needed a book that explains who we are and the work we do, so people realize the information we bring is real, not fantasy. We needed a book that describes how physical reality, and thus the future, are created and can be changed. We needed a book to present Master of Light´s plan to save humans. This is that book.

    Before you read Master of Light´s plan in Chapter Eight, you will want to read the chapters preceding it, for they bring you knowledge, Knowledge that leads to understanding. Understanding that leads to self-mastery. Self-mastery that leads to Light. And with Light, YOU will alter the future.

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