Chapter 2   -  From Bad Billy to Dr. Hugh

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The meridian flows are the pathways of life energy that flow to all organs of the body. They are the same meridian flows worked with in acupuncture and acupressure. I have worked with these same energy flows to perfect a means of correcting allergies without needles or medications. While the Chinese have used an elaborate method of using the meridian flows to correct allergies for centuries, a fellow researcher and I began to investigate Western knowledge of the immune system to find a more simplified method. Later, I continued this research on my own to develop a very simple, quick, and completely painless and non-invasive method of testing and correcting allergic reactions. A friend named it The Allergone Method and Pamela and I use it extensively with our clients.

    In literally hundreds of cases of allergies to foods, pollens, mold, dust, hair, medications, animals, chemicals, make-up, colognes, tobacco, alcohol, insects, bites, stings, pollutants, etc. complete relief has been experienced. I´ve even found people allergic to cold and have successfully balanced them to it. Some people have had allergic reactions to a particular color of flower and not to another color of the same type of flower. Two women were allergic to their husbands. One of the women was allergic to her husband´s hair and this situation was easily corrected. The other woman´s allergy turned out to be emotional, which we addressed with therapy.

    The relief clients have experienced with this method includes completely cleared sinuses and complete elimination of headaches, aches, pains, fatigue, upset stomachs, itchy ears and eyes, skin rashes, hives, chronic sneezing and coughing, food addictions, scratchy eyes and throats, red and swollen eyes and throats, even hyperactivity and the inability to concentrate. Our research shows allergies frequently can be a cause of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders in children. We find a combination of eliminating the allergies, which is very easy to do with my method, and then some hypnotic suggestions to counteract the negative programming they have received in regards to their "condition" turns these children around completely.

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    Balancing to all allergens has been of tremendous help to our clients with arthritis, asthma, and diseases involving imbalanced immune systems. A client of Pamela´s was successful in healing Lyme´s Disease due to tick bites with a combination of this method and two sessions of hypnosis work to bring the immune system back into balance.

    How long allergy relief lasts with this method is not yet clear as I have only been using it with myself and my clients for thirteen years. Most clients have, in these thirteen years, remained allergy symptom free to those allergens to which they have been balanced. Other clients have had to be re-balanced to specific allergens when their immune systems have become compromised by stress, illness, or an overwhelming exposure to that allergen. For instance, clients of ours living along golf courses sometimes need to be re-balanced to grass when the golf course is scarified. The same is true for some clients who have been balanced to dust and then been caught out in the open in a dust storm. I, myself, have to be re-balanced to mesquite pollen when it comes in bloom once a year as we sit beneath that tree every morning. Pamela, on the other hand, was also allergic to mesquite pollen, but she has not had to be re-balanced to it in the six years since I balanced her. Re-balancing takes less than a minute.

   Balancing to allergens is like any other healing in that encouraging the immune system to right itself may be all that was needed. However, when an emotional need for allergies is present or a subconscious belief in the inevitability of allergies remains, the allergy symptoms may return. For subconscious belief in allergies, EMDR or hypnosis or a combination of these will usually be sufficient. For an emotional need for allergies, regression therapy is effective.

    Although it would naturally be upsetting to the allergy drug companies and to those labs who specialize in expensive testing for allergies, I would like to share - not sell - my method. As it is a non-medical process it can be used by many in the healing arts and sciences, but I intend to teach this method only to professional therapists and doctors. While it is a simple method and can do no harm, it is also a method that requires careful intake and investigation if all the allergies are to be discovered and balanced and all emotional factors eliminated. Partial relief may come with the balancing of only some allergies, but all allergies must be balanced for complete relief. It´s also important to discern between toxins and allergens. Reactions to toxins cannot be corrected by this method. Fortunately, the body can itself indicate through this method whether a substance is toxic to it or merely an allergen. For instance, we find white sugar is toxic to many and should be avoided by those people. For other people, it is an allergen to which the immune system can be balanced. The same is true with sugar substitutes.

    I have already taught this method to a few doctors (one of those an allergy specialist) who came to me for relief of their allergies. However, they have been afraid to use it with their own patients as they don´t understand how it works and could not, therefore, explain it to their medical boards. I can explain it. Even if the medical boards don´t accept that information, as much of it is based on meridian flows, they can easily see its benefit when they experience it for themselves. As it´s non-toxic, non-invasive, and very inexpensive, it would be of enormous benefit to millions of people who suffer needlessly. I would love to see every medical practitioner in the land using it.

    In ancient China medical practitioners had great incentive for keeping their patients in good health as they were paid a steady income as long as those they served were well. When a person became ill, that person´s family ceased to pay the doctor until he or she became well again. This situation propelled those who practiced medicine to investigate and develop ways of keeping the body healthy and balanced. Keeping the meridian flows of their patients flowing and in balance was one of the most important of those ways for the meridian flows are important not only to the immune system but to all the systems of the body and brain.

    Meridian flows are strongly affected by thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions can block or diminish these flows, thus depriving the organ associated with that meridian of necessary life energy and leading to weakness or disease in that area of the body. With Dr. Thie´s technique it is possible to quickly and comfortably discover which meridian flows are weak and the thoughts and emotions weakening them.

    Dr. Jacobs and I refined Dr. Thie´s techniques to uncover the experiences creating the thoughts and emotions weakening the meridians. Working with our refined techniques, Warren and I discovered I was unable to allow myself an ongoing, satisfying, and fulfilling relationship past a certain length of time with a woman due to feelings of guilt, shame, and anger that I´d carried forward from my negative childhood sexual experiences. These experiences had locked me into the subconscious belief I did not deserve happiness in my intimate relationships. I would subconsciously choose women that would bring me the unhappiness I inwardly thought I deserved. To complicate matters, we discovered I also subconsciously believed all women to be betrayers. My subconscious pattern of behavior was one of "setting up" the women in my relationships to betray me so the relationship would end. If a woman was loving and caring, I would subconsciously begin to act in ways that would eventually cause her to be unloving and uncaring. Towards the end of the relationship I would, sometimes deliberately, cause them to become so angry at me they would either break up with me or wouldn´t feel too badly when I left them.

    After discovering what is undesirable in ones self, the next step is to change it. Although Dr. Jaycobs possessed superior therapeutic skills, he worked with the body, not the mind. I needed a hypnotherapist. More, I needed a hypnotherapist with my understanding and knowledge of sexual abuse and my level of therapy skills in working with it. I began to program attracting such a person.

    I have trained, through my state approved school of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, hundreds of students. These have included medical doctors, chiropractors, therapists, teachers, journalists, business people, sales people, sports professionals, retirees, "alternative" healers, and metaphysical seekers. Some of my many students established their own practices in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Others put their new knowledge and skills to good use in their professional and personal lives. People have come from all over the country to train with me, but Pamela was the first to come from Hawaii. All of the people I have trained have been special in some way, but Pamela was extraordinary. She was one of those students that seem to "soak" up everything. I had the sense I wasn´t teaching her, just reminding her of things she already knew, but had temporarily forgotten.

    When Pamela began working with volunteers brought into the advanced classes for supervised sessions, I was startled to observe in her a natural and gifted therapeutic manner that closely matched my own. Further, she seemed to possess an innate knowledge and understanding of the mind that took her beyond what she had learned in class. I was excited by her abilities and began to talk with her about her plans after graduation from the school.

    She was, she informed me, a writer with a life long interest in metaphysics and the mind. While she´d planned to use hypnosis in some way, she´d not really considered full time work in the field. Somewhat startled to find herself so gifted, however, and buoyed by my supportive enthusiasm for her abilities, she was considering opening a hypnotherapy practice when she returned to Honolulu. I was thrilled. As a teacher nothing is more exciting than to see gifted students embrace their gifts and training to use them for the benefit of others. I was trying to think how I could teach her even more of what I knew in the short time remaining when it occurred to me that Pamela might well be the one to write the book I had long planned to write.

    I am an able writer, but hardly enthused by the process of writing. I lack the temperament, the patience, and the time for re-writes, a necessary process in writing a book. I suggested to Pamela that, in addition to establishing a practice, she might be interested in writing a book of my work - specifically a book on sexual abuse. In that way, she would have access to my written notes, tapes of sessions with clients who had agreed to share their stories, and could even observe sessions. It would be a way of sharing as much of my knowledge with her as possible and getting that knowledge out to all who would benefit from it. Pamela enthusiastically agreed. After graduating from the school she began a short internship with me. Then, taking with her the notes, tapes, and books she would need, she returned to Hawaii.

    Over the next two years, we would collaborate often, both on the book and on her growing clinical practice. As I listened to her telephoned reports and read the pages of the book sent back to me, I noted with pride her growth as a therapist and her increasing knowledge of the mind. I noted, also, her increasing contributions to the book and was bemused when she announced, rather defensively, that it was now "our" book. I chuckled inwardly and wondered that it had taken her so long to realize it.

    In the meanwhile, I continued with my own work which seemed to be moving in a new direction. Many of my clients had always been referred by doctors and other therapists, but the practitioners were now bringing in these people themselves in order to observe my work with them. I had further refined the techniques Dr. Jacobs and I had refined from Dr. Thie´s techniques, naming my refined process Neuro-Muscular Response, or NMR. Using NMR, it became possible to access information from all levels of the mind - cell consciousness, conscious level, subconscious level, emotional levels, ´inner child´, past life memory banks - and from the Higher Self. Clients could differentiate between "truths", "programmed beliefs", and "false information." We could discover in one morning or afternoon session all that was out of balance in their bodies and their lives and what needed to be done to regain the balance. Frequently, the one being tested would comment: "Wow! I´ve just found out more about myself in a couple of hours than I´ve discovered in years of treatment!" Sometimes the NMR would indicate that working with my techniques was the best method of recovery. Sometimes, it would indicate other techniques and methods. On rare occasions, just discovering what was wrong was all that was needed for the healing or change to occur!

    I believe in, and teach, the wisdom of using all of the treatments the body and the mind require or desire. I do not like the terms "mainstream" or "alternative" healing. I prefer the term "compatible" or "holistic" healing. Holistic Health is the awareness that the body and the mind are one and must be treated as one. No process has all of the answers. We must encourage our sharing with one another the knowledge we each gather and link that knowledge for the good of all.

    As my professional practice began to change direction, so did my personal life. My second wife, Merrien, and I, recognizing we had grown apart, agreed to divorce. After a period of turmoil and anger, we parted as friends. She had been a large part of the success of my practice and my school. An amazing woman, she had lifted herself out of the despair of her childhood and beyond the damage of her abusive first marriage. She had endured, in that marriage, twenty years of violent abuse at the hands of her husband. When she finally was able to leave him, he broke into her home, intent on murdering her and their children with a gun he had brought. Trying to stop him, her oldest son accidentally killed his father. After that, she slowly and painstakingly rebuilt her life. She let nothing stop her, not even a devastating stroke a few years later.

    When told by her doctors she would never walk again and that her sight, hearing, and speech would remain badly damaged, we began working with all the healing techniques I knew. She healed completely and became a powerful force in our community. Even working full-time to promote and support my work, she was active on several community boards and spoke (despite a previously paralyzing fear of public speaking) to numerous clubs and organizations about abuse. Invited to speak, with her children, on the Oprah Winfrey show, she received a generous donation from Oprah for the building of a shelter in Coachella Valley for abused women and their children. She, and I, served on the Board that got the shelter built - thanks to the support, help, donations, and work of many members of the community. That shelter - Shelter From The Storm - is now actively serving many women and children in our Valley.

    Oprah was also instrumental in encouraging Merrien to write a book on the story of her abusive first marriage. Merrien did write her story and that book, Twenty Years To Life, is certain to help many understand more clearly and intimately how abusive marriages work and why they can´t work as long as the abuse is going on. I am certain her story will inspire others to leave abusive marriages while they still survive the abuse. I am very proud of Merrien Helton Harmon and it was with a mixture of sadness and joy that I watched her go. Sadness because the sharing of our lives was over, and joy that each of us was facing new and exciting change.

    My change involved Pamela. During the two years of collaboration by phone and letter, we´d grown to appreciate each other´s energies more and more. Now that I was divorced, it seemed a good time to discover if our mutual appreciation was destined to be more than the professional collaboration of good friends. So Pamela moved to the desert and joined me. Thus did a new chapter in my life begin.


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