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"And This Generation Shall Not Pass Away"

Jesus warned his followers of the coming days of testing. Jesus said that "this generation shall not pass away" until all is fulfilled. Jesus was right. "That" generation shall not pass away - from the earth planes. It amazes us how many of those who were with Jesus are embodied today and how many we meet! It should not amaze us. These ARE the days of testing. We have many sessions recorded of people who have done regressions to the days of Jesus as well many Higher Self remarks and readings on those days from The Universal Records. We shall begin pulling that information together for you to read here. It will be included also in a book of the future, but we think if there is to be a future, the purpose of the present must become very clear. All here in the earth planes now are here for a mighty purpose. The purpose of LIGHT. These sessions help to clarify the importance of this time in history as those who walked with Jesus are here to testify.

We omit names of individuals in the following sessions until such time they ask that their names be given. We have dozens of tapes of sessions. So be patient. Our commitment is to Books II and III. This will proceed as it can. Were it not for Christy Keller and Shari Menelli it would not be possible at all. Our gratitude to them for their generous commitment of time and expertise in helping to post these sessions.

FYI - Listed below are people from the days of Jesus that Master of Spirit has identified through the Records as in embodiment today. A Star* following a name indicates we have met this person in his or her embodiment today. Note: All sessions below were done in hypnotic trance state.

  • "Saul" Paul The Apostle - Who has come forward in the book "The Messengers" by Julia Ingram. Name today is Nick Bunick. We checked the Records. He was Paul. We haven't met him, but he wrote a wonderful testimonial for "Odyssey of The Soul".
  • Matthew, The Apostle* - A woman today, married to a man who was once brother of Jesus. He is shop keeper today. She is devoted wife, mother, "born again" Christian. Not sure if she "believes" in past lives. They have three children. One is identified by Records as second son of Abraham and concubine Hagar in previous life.
  • Mark, The Apostle* - Doesn't know he was, yet. Married to woman today who was married to brother of Jesus then. Describes himself today as "computer geek". Others identify as computer genius.
  • John, The Beloved, Also An Apostle, Youngest Brother of Jesus* Is a physician today. Knows who he was then. Very spiritual today.
  • Andrew, The Apostle* A woman today. Mother. Spiritual Seeker.
  • Peter, The Apostle* Woman today. Spiritual seeker. Gifted Channel. Still doubts.
  • Mary Magdelene, Wife of Jesus* Woman today.
  • Sarah, Sister In Law Of Jesus* Woman today. Spiritual seeker. Records identify as here to teach what Jesus taught and suffering throat irritation that will not clear until she does this - as she promised to do in her spirit state.
  • Judith, Youngest Sister of Jesus* Identified by Records as Pamela Chilton. Also identified by Records as Hagar, concubine of Abraham, in previous life.
  • Luke* Identified by Records as Hugh Harmon. Also identified by Records as Abraham in previous life.
  • Sarah, Essene Teacher, Part of Extended Family of Jesus* Woman today. Spiritual Seeker and Counselor. Mother of two sons.
  • Son of Jesus, Name then not yet identified by Records* which also identify him as first son of Hagar and Abraham in previous life.
  • Mary, Sister In Law of Jesus, Married To Brother Of Jesus* Woman today. Spiritual Seeker, Hypnotherapist
  • Roman Captain, Arrested Jesus For Crucifixion* Woman.. Science and math teacher. Computer expert.
  • Woman in Greece in the days of Jesus. She was a cousin of Luke, The Physician. He attended her birth. Female today.
  • Past life in Tibet when met Jesus
  • Birth and Death of Christ
  • Uncle
  • Inn KeeperSite of Last Supper* Woman today. Interestingly, wants to own an inn.

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