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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Judith - Sister of Jesus


Hugh Channel. Pamela Guide (Pamela's remarks are in parenthesis.)

(My past life regressions indicated I lived before in days of Jesus.) Yes. (As the sister, Judith) Yes. (A person who does automatic writing identified me as a woman servant in those days named Mary.) This information incorrect. May be some circumstances I don't know. You are the sister of the super spirit called Jesus, a Light, and there is no knowledge of you being anyone else. I don't know why the answer came another way. (Did Jesus have other brothers and sisters?) Yes. (How many brothers?) Four brothers. Two sisters. (Were all followers in his work?) All were involved in the same group of people you call Essenes today. They were more active members in the group and less active members in the cause that Jesus brought to the people. In the beginning Jesus only brought the information to the Essenes. He used his powers to teach wisely. You were very close to the being Jesus in many ways. Like a female counterpart without his ability to communicate which would have been normal, for even though you had the power there was not the position for you then as a female. You were playing a different role. A balance of the same role perhaps. Not different, balance. (Was I caretaker for Jesus' child?) Partly. You were a leader after Jesus left. They looked to you for many things. The Essenes followed your judgment and advice for many things. You were subsequently involved in the leadership, until you were killed as you defied the authorities and mocked them in their own torturous attitude. (What manner of death did I meet at that time?) You were leaving your body through a thunderbolt that struck at the moment an earthquake occurred causing great panic and subsequent loss of prestige in the Roman community. (At coliseum in Rome?) Yes. More knowledge? (Yes, the death of Jesus as we teach it here today, did he resurrect the body from death?) Not the physical body, but what appeared to be physical through the etheric.. Powerful energy in his body, ethereal body, appeared as if alive and moving in the physical body. (One known there as John Beloved, is he here?) Yes. (This one is ___________?) Yes. (One known now as_________ who was Peter before has been receiving messages regarding a second coming. Would you enlighten us on that.) Peter was a part of the more powerful people that followed this man Jesus. A people that was impatient and powerfully conflicting with many of those around at that time. This person today , interesting name, is still carrying some of the energies learned in that lifetime. She would be wise to keep her counsel close at hand and not be spurious in her activities. (Is there a second coming of that one called Jesus?) You know there is no exact repeat. There are other symbolisms that will come. (And the man who was Jesus, is his soul around today?) Not as you speak. (At other levels of Spirit now.) Indeed. (And Mary, who was the mother.) Another level. (Her spirit is seen often by those here.) Her spirit is seen, she is not in body. You were directed into your body after much consideration. (Am I to pick up on my work again and be a communicator this time?) Yes, that is why you're here. You have a dual role. Communicating what was known then and what is know now so that it is acceptable and blended into the society and people's belief today. (To write of days' of Jesus, would it not be helpful to write of his having brothers and sisters?) Will be very controversial and rejected by many. But those that would chose to believe they are in an area of their own would embrace that concept. (Is it my doubts and fears that hold me back?) They challenge you sometimes. They don't hold you back. Only if you focus on the challenge instead of the accomplishment.

5-27-95 Regression With Pamela

NMR identifies need to regress to time of death in past life as Judith, Sister of Jesus.

(Where are you now, and what is happening at this point in time?) In the roadway observing incongruities of it all. Rome is a city of might and splendor and, yet, it is dingy and dusty and full of poverty, disease, even as it is also full of plenty. There is plenty, and there is want. The city, the houses, the conquerors of so many realms, of so much lucre, flows into this center and, yet, it has many paths and trails, roads that lead to Rome, and many are like this one - poor and dirt. You would never know you were moving into a mighty center of power. This one is particularly obscene, as are many. Here is where they erect their crosses, bind those that would be a hindrance to their plans and their goals. I am thinking as I watch this boy - he looks like my son - Elias, or….. (Elias?) I'm not certain of the name. I don't know why the name doesn't come to me. (What would you call him?) Eli. As I watch him, it is difficult to understand, to know, these young men, with such spirit and knowledge, wisdom...many years we have spent training, feeding them with the knowledge of our peoples, knowledge of the ancients. Their bodies are superb, well-formed. They have been raised according to the laws of health and nature and God, and they have such fine young bodies, clear minds, healthy eyes. As a specimen, they are far superior even to those conquering soldiers of Rome who are, themselves, well-formed and sturdy; but their diets, their thoughts, you can see also, in the skin, in the eyes and in the hair. They do not shine. They are as a dull suit of...the Romans wear breast plates, and some are shiny and bright, and some are dull. And the Roman soldiers, the peoples, they are like that, with the dull breast plates. And our young men are like the shiny ones. And it seems so confusing that we should be the ones that are being destroyed in such an obscene manner. I watch him, and I see his suffering. They have not nailed them; they are bound with the arms and the legs. They hang upon the cross with their arms draped like so...and the beams running here, the arms draped over and bound from their arms to the cross bar, and it is hot, and they are thirsty, and they dread the night fall, knowing what will come. And they are young men, in their prime; the humiliation is great. Yet these soldiers do not give them a chance to flex their strength and prowess, and each are thinking in their hearts 'If I could but meet with them in hand to hand, we would see then who laughs and goats.' They are feeling, these poor young men in the prime of their beings, the utter helplessness of their position, unable to flex mind or body, or it would seem, soul and spirit, at the mercy of the lowest common denominator of human experience. And yet, I see, even as I say this, I do understand. They are unable to use mind, which has been carefully taught and developed. They are unable to use body, which has been skillfully developed and trained. I see the rift of these. Now must the young men search for another strength if they are to escape the horror of this experience. And even the body and the mind...there was a purpose to training them both for this moment. It seemed to me utter nonsense that we should spend so many years training our young people to bring them to this? And yet, if they had not been trained, I see, if the mind and the body had not been disciplined and trained and skilled and taught, they would, at this moment, be lost, for they would be consumed by their terror, and their helplessness, and their frustration. They feel this, but their bodies and minds are trained, and each in its own way is working rapidly to assess how to survive this intact. I see. And so, the cells of the body understand that there is an alignment, a chemistry, that must be created to allow the mind to focus in such a manner, in such a way, that the spirit becomes activated. And when I look with this thought, I can see. Before I saw the blood and the sweat and the terror - you could smell it on them - now I see there is a light, there is a current in varying degrees beginning slowly to come about and around the young men, and it seems to gather more forcefully around one of the young men, and the quicker and the more intensely that this begins to flicker - I can see it like a blue charge - and the more intense it becomes, it seems to add, or to leap from itself, to those fields beginning to gather around the others, and intensifies them, until it is as though there is a wall of eerie vibrations around the line of our young men, as though the air was a different density around them, like waves of heat in the desert that you can see, that this is emanating from our men, our young boys. And it is most unnatural, as I see, they are in the forms of boys, but there is gathering all around them...ummm...the might of many - I see in the fields Elijah, John The Baptist, and yes, there, too, is my dearly beloved brother [Jesus], as all do gather - and I see Eli, my son, and nephew, enraptured, in ecstasy. This young man, whom I spent many, many a time, trying to teach, to center, to focus, to find the rapture and the ecstasy. But how much, and often, he would resent it, preferring to be out with the animals and the birds and his young strapping body, and how much it worked against him to sit and hear. There he was in a garden, all were conducive to finding that inner...that I wished him to find. It was peaceful, the body was well-fed and comfortable, the sounds around had been calculated to please all. The stage was set, and ever did that feeling of ecstasy escape him, and how much he was required to go on my faith, my belief, as I told him of the ecstasy. "Why," he would ask, "can I not feel this? I believe, my dearest mother." It's a term we use - it is not quite 'mother,' but it is an endearment which he used for me. "I read, I feel," he says, "I believe, but I don't know. I wish to know. Help me to know." And so, I tried all that I knew to do. And here, in this place, now, should he know, but the body is not comfortable, and the sounds and the sights that are around, do not bring tranquillity or peace by any means...here he finds it, the ecstasy he sought. Who could have known? In Alexandria, in which we traveled, I was taken into a pyramid, and much was taught and reminded. He, too, had been taken apart, and I have not asked him what his experience was, nor he, me, for we both knew our own experiences to be profound and knowing, and each understood, each was examining one's own part in the drama that was to unfold. And when it came from the bowels of the earth, much remained with me, and much was forgotten, for I understood even then, that while the mind we know, the heart...I cannot find the word...the head may know, but the heart may resist, and so we forget, and I assume this may have happened with him as well, for how does one go on knowing the end, without realizing what gifts may come in that end? If he, indeed, saw that he would be on this cruel road with these gnats of men, suffering at their hands, unable to flex any of his strength, would he have quailed at the thought? Would he have run from such an end? Would he have made different decisions, and different choices? If they had said to him, 'The ecstasy you seek, the knowledge you desire, that will be there at the end, too,' would that have been enough for a young man of 14, or would he have thought 'How magnificent could it be? Could it possibly balance the suffering?' I do not know these things. I do not know, as I look into his eyes and I wonder, I understand, that it is not for me to know. It is his soul, his path. When all meet again in the source, all shall know all of all's experiences, but at this time, and this place, I watch to see that he is finding a most important key to his being, for now he knows while in the flesh - for this is part of the reason for the torment, for when man experiences such an ecstasy, such a reeling, such an incoming of Spirit, man leaves the body, and it becomes an experience in Spirit - but when man is being tortured, the intensity of the experience keeps the soul in the body, and so, the experience with Spirit is done in the body, that that memory may be carried forward in the cells themselves. Is this understood? It is understood to I, Judith, at this time, which means those who torture, who maim, are also doing their part of a grand scheme of what is to unfold, for these men, the young men, shall bring forward in their flesh, in the cells of their bodies, when they enter into this realm again, this memory, this knowing in the flesh, of spirit. This moment is important, and had to be. And as I look to the night, and the dogs come out, I see it is a full moon. The dogs do not bite, they do not snarl at our young men. And while this may be easily understood, what is amazing to my mind as I watch it, is that the influence of Spirit that comes from our small group of young men, spreads into the wild beasts, and they do not harm the others, as well, and these are hungry beasts. And the soldiers - who might normally prod their beasts so that they may have their fun, or torture in place of these beasts who now lie watching, feeling, aware of the presence of Spirit everywhere - the men that are more beasts than God at this point in time, have become drowsy, and fall into a stupor. Tis a full moonlit night, and there is meaning in this as well. And the men on the cross who fused with Spirit, the souls step down from the bodies, and the bodies quickly expired. And the souls of these young men who walk among the others, and help each out of the body be comfortable in a profound way, and administer to the beasts, to the wolves, of that which is of Spirit, and administer to the soldiers that, too, which is of Spirit, for they have done their job well. There is much meaning on this dusty path in a place and time which is lost in darkness. When the reflection of the sun shone upon the moon and the moon shone as bright as day, the incoming of Spirit was strong upon the face of the earth. It has been some time. (Again?) I have left...(You've left there?) The cell where they keep my body. I am out of it right now, I am in spirit, that I can observe. My brother [Jesus, who has already been crucified] and I, we find a place where we may sit to be together for a moment in time. And he is telling me now, that never shall any human be without the presence of that God energy, and that I should know that never will this boy - who was his son, and who is one of us, and one of our rays of who we are - never shall he be alone, without his presence, and should he walk in the worst paths which a mother's heart could fear or believe, that I've seen this night that the presence of the Christ is in the boy's cells, and shall be ever more, and that the Spirit of those who are mighty...(tape turns over)...and I must always remember what I have seen this night, and know that it is real, and that there is never a wasted life, a wasted death, a wasted moment at all; it has purpose and meaning. (And are you still with your brother?) Always. (Always, always the presence. And has he now communicated with his son's Spirit? Is his son's Spirit there, also?) I believe they have all moved on. And I am told, now, to prepare for my own trials. (Your own trial there as Judith?) Yes. I'm looking back on it, and mentally remembering that as I had been lead into the Coliseum, and made to suffer such degradation, terror, humiliation, hearing the cries of the people, smelling the smell of their death, and watching the jeers of the Romans, it was difficult, indeed, to find the peace, to observe the other happening as I did on the hillside, and I kept asking, "Where is the current I saw come around the young men. Where is that presence of Spirit? Where is that electrified, electrical shield that I saw around them. Their passing was so peaceful, and here are we, and our passing is so tumultuous, and there is no, I see no Spirit, I see no ecstasy, I see we have gotten the worst of the bargain, and I kept wondering, even as I suffered and lost all but my powerful emotional focus, I wondered, where is that presence of Spirit, that electrical charge, and now, I am amused as I recognize, looking back, that in my final moments the powerful and mighty lightening bolt that flew from the sky, that all could see the presence of Spirit, that it was not only with one's inner eyes. Perhaps my asking built up such a charge, that this is how it occurred. I cannot say it did not occur. It certainly did occur. That was a blue-white light. Interesting, the power of Spirit can be gentle and powerful. And I'm asking, "What, then, were we to take forward in our cells, if we did not, at our deaths, feel the presence of Spirit." There were some who did, some who stood, but many did not. Many cowered and panicked. And I ask, "What do we take forward in our cells." And the answer is: challenge. It shall be part of the balance, part of that that shall challenge, so that the strength can be built, for it is by the challenge that faith is found, and each to their own place along the path. And destinies met as well, for some had earned such a passing.

NOTE: A regression to the death of Judith in the coliseum was done. We shall post this eventually. Here are the "high lights", or more aptly, the "low lights". Judith could hear the cries of those she led as they were devoured by large cats - lions, probably, perhaps tigers. She could smell the blood and the cats - she was jailed in the cubicles below the floor of the coliseum. She was then brought from her "cage" below and brought, naked, before Caesar. She was offered life as the servant of a Roman noble. Judith was VERY tempted, but she felt she could not do less than those who had died there that day. She refused. She was lowered onto the coliseum floor. She stood, knee deep in blood. The lions were very uninterested in her. They were no longer hungry. She was so frightened, though she tried to pray, that she soiled herself. There was great laughter. She heard a cage door creaking open behind her. She knew a fresh cat was being brought in. She fell to her knees. Suddenly, she scooped her hand into the blood around her and drew a line of blood from her forehead down her body, then across both arms. She put out her arms and lifted her head in a mockery of the Roman's Crosses of Crucifixion. At that instant a lightning bold struck her. As Judith looked down from her spirit state at the Coliseum, all was in disarray. Fire, walls tumbling, crowds screaming, dying, running. Judith went to a very peaceful place for resting. The regressionist (not Hugh) asked Judith what she becomes aware of when she is once again aware. Judith says she goes to look at Rome once more. She is surprised to find a large magnificent church there. (The Vatican.) She very surprised to find they are worshipping her mother and the mother of Jesus. She seems to wander in her spirit state through the Vatican. At one point she says, "They say they have the body of a Saint in a coffin down below. I'm going to look." When the regressionist asks what she sees, she replies with disappointment in her voice, "Just old bones!"

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