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Birth and Death of Christ

Master of Spirit Universal Records 4/4/96 Hugh Channel. Pamela Guide
(Seeking information in regards to Jesus of Nazareth. The circumstances of his conception. Is it possible on this realm for that which we call an immaculate conception to occur? The development of an egg into a fetus without the use of sperm?) Providing the necessary information needed to stimulate the growth process of the cells were provided. The sperm, as you call it, by itself is not necessary, only the information it provides. (In the conception of that one called Jesus did such an occurrence as this happen without the use of a sperm?) The child was conceived through the normal process, without breaking the woman's hymen, and the body was used by many spirits combining, but the physical body was of a normal man. (And so, many spirits came in through this body of the child Jesus. They were present simultaneously throughout his life, or alternately?) His body had many spirits that were functioning in harmony as it progressed through years of education and soul searching and seeking. It was, as you might say, possessed of a Higher Spirit, to use it for education of those people that person contacted in the living flesh of the body. The Higher Spirit was able to perform and demonstrate for teaching purposes. That person known as Jesus, you call the Krist, The Christ, was a Master of demonstrating how the mind affects the body and used Mass Hypnosis, as you would call it today for demonstrating this power with the people who came to be taught. (And when that Master Spirit taught and spoke of God as my Father, he was teaching the masses that the Creator is the father of all?) It was a term, to give them the feeling of empowerment, for they were like serfs, or slaves, in many ways. There, a group of Masters, of which this man Jesus, and many of his family, were members, who knew the difference. It was for the masses to know that there was a man like God that would protect them and be with them and support them and allow them to grow as he taught the lessons of the time. (Would it be as though Jesus' Higher Self was embodied with all of the soul experiences?) Would it be that there could have been any other way, but for all of the spiritual energies to demonstrate through and around the body, as he taught the power of the creative mind energy. Thought, thinking, believing - is there more? (The man in body today that we call Sai Baba, then this would be akin to Jesus. A Higher Self embodied, with all of its many levels of knowledge and knowing?) That is exactly the case of Sai Baba. For he changed dramatically when the spirit brought many of the other energies of spirit into his being. People who knew him before, as they knew the child Jesus, would hardly know him, for he is now the body housing the higher spirits. Very very difficult to understand on the physical level. Though you may see demonstrations and experience the demonstrations of the power of the mind over the physical body, old programs teach us to be mastered, not be the master.

(That one known as Jesus of Nazareth, was crucified on a cross, is that correct?) This is history that you are aware of. (And this is what is in the records?) The records show, he was crucified as was the manner of the time. (His Spirit left the body as he was on the cross?) His spirit was in and out of his body many times. It was out, as he willed it to be in and out as he willed it to be, for he was spirits, not one. (Did the physical body die on the cross.) His physical body died in many stages as ......those spiritual energies in many parts. He was not one, but many. (Then many souls inhabited that body?) Hmmmmm, many spirits were in that body and many learned great things to relate ......as his body was not the significant part ....but a base for those spirits who were with him. (After the experience of the cross was the physical body again present?) Resurrection you would call it was a re-emergence of the energies that were with him. The Spirits formed once again, so the minds could see his presence. His body was not present, but his mind energy, as the body is present in the minds that can see that energy in the realm you speak of today when the people go there and can stay for a time, the astral realm as you say. (You can touch the astral body?) You can always touch the astral body, you don't often feel it though. (The apostles could touch the body?) The minds could see the body, the hand could not feel the body, nor did it touch the body, for the body was an astral form of energy. (When the body was on the cross, did it cry out, did it doubt? The story comes to us Jesus cried out: "My God, why have you deserted me!" Was this true?) No such cry was uttered, for the many powerful spirits aligned were very aware of their creative energies and of their source, the creator. They could manifest themselves again and in many, many ways. But how interesting, you seem to have forgotten that, when you were there as an observer and part of the family of what they call Jesus and many, many times in greater spiritual capacity. Why don't you ask yourself? Not my place to question you. (What was meant when Jesus taught he shall come again?) The Spirits have come many many comes, in many different forms, in many different ways. And as you are aware are here again, on your plane, to try to change the path which humanity......

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