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Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.



Higher Self wishes to invite trust. The messages can be found, at times, in confusion. Some lower vibration at times influences messages, confusing the mind. Insecurities from past and present life experiences hinder and add to the confusion. Denial and doubt may erase the first word. But the first word, as the first answer in a test, can be truth. The heart, that intuitive knowing place that is in this realm called the heart, is what needs to be heard. It is easy to remove oneself from this knowing state of being. This one - _______ this one - the Old Saint Peter - must practice listening with this gift of intuition that we all share here. Hear the message. Feel the truth. Practice, rehearse, feeling truth of the message. It is not my work to say this or that is truth. Learning to know is an important part of the lesson. Does this message or that message work for the good of all? These are wise beings she surrounds herself with and her wisdom is also great. There is much energy wasted in the desire to have proof. Faith was an issue for her with the Christ. Teaching faith at times was futile. It is something that is gained through experience in recognizing the truth. There is a fear of loss. Loss of love and acceptance. A simple gift was shown. A gift that all can experience. A gift to heal, and this fear blocks use of this gift. Demonstrations are sometimes necessary in order that we may show others what they are capable of doing. This can be a part of the path in the life time of this one known today as _________. It was used it other life times. It can be used now. There is much doubt around her connection to the Christ energy. Meditation will bring forth clarity. There is a brilliant energy, a bright light connecting her to this spirit. There is an age of disappointment. There is a fear of addressing this reality. Disappointing. Torment. Experiences from other life times. Disappointing the most beloved is a fear in her essence that blocks her from seeing the truth of her path. There are others who pave the way now and she sees them as more worthy, capable, and extraordinary. Write the story, that touches the most hearts, of extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. If you move the earth in just a tiny fraction of the way it is meant to move, now through this age, you have done an extraordinary thing. Help to crystallize the path. See energy of His Spirit moving. A bright, golden path as you clear the mind and the hearts of many to accept the one whose coming is close at hand. You can be a part of this great experience or you can hide in darkness of your own fear. Ignore it and begin again. That which answers is near. Move with it and live.

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