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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: Regression -Woman 5/17/99

Regression -Woman 5/17/99

NMR indicates uncle of Jesus. Inn keeper. Died in his 40's.

(What are you wearing on your feet?) Sandals. (Sitting, lying down, or standing up?) Standing up. (Where are you?) In a courtyard. Of my inn, outside of Jerusalem. There is a baggage cart coming in. (What is your name?) James. I have to go. There's lots to take care of. It's dusty. The holidays. (Who's coming in?) Traders. Guarding goods. The flow is constant. Right now a member of my mother's family. There's always new people. Always new things to learn. Each person who comes has a new story. They are safe here. They leave their differences at the door. (How old are you?) In my 30's, but I'm always busy. Sometimes I go out with the traders. Then I always come back. They're all the same. Same thing all want. (What is that?) To know about what is next. To hear the tales of Gods and Goddesses. There is a God. He is all powerful. He knows all will be alright. (Do you hear of a man named Jesus?) He is my nephew. I am the youngest of his father Joseph's family. We are close in age, Jesus and I. He's traveling now. (Go to the next important moment in your life.) Jesus is coming in. He's tired. They don't want people to know they're here. I put them in back. He should stay a few days I tell him. But he said he's going to go to the city. Says he'll be back tonight. Not to worry if he is not. Makes most of his followers stay. They think they understand. But they don't. They see the surface. I see he's trying to bring things together. Trying to get them to see their fears keep them from God. They are fearful of new things. It's hard for them to listen. People get uncomfortable when unfamiliar with things. Get scared. Pull their beliefs around them like a blanket. I just go about my business. I can't explain it like he does. I have to be able to leave when I choose. Good to see the flow of it. Here in the inn. It's like its own little world. There are a lot of people now. Jesus wants an ass. It's in the prophecy. It's what he's going for. Fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah. He's just asking for trouble. He's going to let them say he's the Messiah. We all are. He's going too far. He knows I'm mad. He's going to stir up trouble. It's a step he doesn't need to take. He says it won't be dangerous. I know it will. It will stir up the crowds. He says it is taking too much time. He wants to speed it up. He understands these people but gets exasperated too. He doesn't come back. He's staying in the city. Crowds all over the place from what I hear. I didn't go in. He spent the night there. I tried to send a boy to find out what's going on. Don't like him being gone so long. I'm outside city gates now. I don't want to go in. It's too crowded. I send another boy. It's taking him a long time. Probably stopping at the shops. Well, he's old enough o take care of him self. I go back to inn. I hear rumors. Soldiers involved now. There's no reason for this. It's too big a crowd. Trumped up charges. There is no need for any of this! He got impatient. I don't know what they'll do to him. I'm staying here. (Where are his men who stayed with you?) Not here. Sent word he's in trouble. Didn't say come or stay. Just what's happening. They are his friends. Mary's upset too. Didn't want him to go in city. He said people will listen if his name gets better known in the city. Jesus would like to marry her. Doesn't have a life to offer here. (What happens now?) They killed him. Messages have come back. No-one else has. Crucified him. A Roman death. This is not a Roman issue. I don't know how they made this happen. Doesn't matter now. Such a waste. He could have reached so many more. Helped them understand. This is the last place they all were together, him and his men. They won't be coming back here if they're smart. Some will struggle back. (How does the family feel about what happened?) Puzzled. We didn't all understand it all. It upsets me he wanted it to happen fast when it's only by saturation this can happen. (Go to the end of your life and tell me what is happening?) A small dark room. Not at home. Hot, really hot. Fever. I've learned to talk more about what I see and believe. I don't go pull a crowd. I travel and speak to people. Let people see their similarities, not differences. So I keep traveling and going back and forth. What a lot of us have. (What has happened to Jesus' followers?) Came in one by one. Came them a place to stay for a little while. Shore them up and out they go. I don't argue with anyone. Maybe I didn't know about all of what Jesus knew at the time. I don't know. Many of them came, stayed awhile to visit. I always had a lot to do. Kept me from being too said. Kept busy. (Go to your death, as your spirit leaves your body and tell me what happens.) He's there. (Who?) Jesus. We're talking. Just like it was when we were kids. Our minds are all there. I feel empathy. It's easier to understand why he did what he did. Even he admits it may not have been the best action for that time. We spend a long time together. Then I go to Light. (What is that like?) Words don't describe it. A oneness. Better than a pile of puppies. I didn't let many people inside me. They didn't get to know me. (Is there Higher Self guidance from the spirit of this one for the soul personality known in this day as______________?) When she gets her inn, she's going to open herself. More heart. Less mind.

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