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Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Past Life in Tibet when met Jesus

Regression - Male Client 3/28/96

NMR identifies past life in Tibet when met Jesus. Records identifies as "part of Dali Lama energy" in that life.

(Where are you now?) I'm by a lake. At the foot of the mountains. I see a man coming. He has other men with him. There are three. I'm sitting by the lake. They're coming over. They're approaching. It's a beautiful day. I can see white snow on the mountains. The sky is blue. The air is clean and fresh. The man in the middle is wearing a white robe. We need to talk. The men are removing things from, they aren't horses, I think they're mules. They have a pack. They want to talk to me. They've traveled a long way and they look tired. (What is your names?) The man in the middle says his name is Jesus. Is there a man named John? Hmmmm. (Where are you from?) We've traveled a great distance. Searching for the Spirit of Light, the Knowledge of Light." (Who is speaking?) Jesus is speaking. He looks up towards the mountains, I can feel the cool wind coming down, it's cold. It's nice and fresh though. (Of what does he speak?) He says: "Sit down, let's talk about the light spirit. The Light within all of us." Jesus speaks of the heavens. I never look at it as the heavens. It's just the light, just the light from above. Seems to come from the mountain tops, but they're so high, and above that from the sky. The energy fills up my soul, fills up my body. (Do you feel it?) Jesus says, "Yes, I do, I'm feeling full." I feel full too. Jesus asks what I'm doing here, sitting by the lake? I answer, ""I'm connecting with the Light, I'm connecting with the energy of the universe. Allowing it to flow through me, allowing it to fill my body, connecting with the earth, with all of nature around me. He asks why am I doing this. I say "to be one with the light, to be one with the universe." (Can all people be like this?) Yes, they can. Yes, they can. They all have the light. The light is within all of us. Nature is within all of us. With us living in this body and nature, allowing the light to come through us, allowing it to shine, to connect through our physical bodies as we walk this planet. We're all one. We're all one with light. I feel a connection with you. It's so beautiful. I feel joy, I want to cry. I have tears coming down my face. Tears of happiness. It is good to see you. You are on a mission to teach many people I see. We have much knowledge to share.

Jesus is filling me with love and light. The love within him I feel also. Overwhelming joy I feel coming from him. "Jesus, I want to learn what you know of the Spirits. I want to know of this place and person you call God, this energy. We don't use the word God. We don't use that term. Is it the Light you mean."

"Yes, light is the same. Light is the same as my God." Jesus is speaking to me now, he says that God fills him with love and joy and strength and power to bring this to the people on the earth. The same as I sit here connecting with light, and I share light with people too, we do the same thing. Healing, healing is our nature. Healing is our mission. Jesus says God is happy when we heal, when we share that. We are all of one. We are all of Spirit. We are all of God. And the children of earth have forgotten this. And they know not what they do. They harm each other. This is all experience and learning. It's all good. We don't judge. There is no judgment in this. The experience of learning. Each experience of life. And I'm here to remind them of healing. Healing is possible. Healing through love. There is no need for forgiveness, for there is no judgment. Forgiveness is something we have made up in this plane. It is not of a higher plane. It is not of another dimension."

"Yes, I agree with you Jesus. I like that. I have learned much from you. Spreading the Light is my mission too, I see. I connect well with the Light. I need to share this with more people. As I teach. Allowing the Light to come from my body and shine unto others. The healing energy. The healing energy from the Universe is upon us all. Hmmm, Jesus says yes, that's the same energy of God, of the energy of light, this spirit above. We are all of the spirit above. Our spirits are on another dimension as well as this one, Jesus is telling me. I did not know that. Yes, I remember. I remember my Spirit. I am here as well as I am in another dimension. I am also with God."

Jesus says, "You must remember this. You are not just here on this plane."

I'm feeling the energy come through me now. Thank you, Jesus, I can feel this. This feels warm. Tingles my insides. It feels very good. How are you doing that to me?

"It's just sending the same light that you send off. I'm sending it to you as well. And you are remembering where you come from."

I remember now. Being of Spirit without the body. Being of just pure light. "Shall we walk?"

"Yes, yes, let's walk. Let's walk thought the forest. Connect with nature, as we connect with the light."

I like this. It's a good idea. "I feel you will bring news. Traveling the world.

 Jesus responds, "Yes, I will. I will talk of the Light. I will talk of the connection we've made here. And healing of others. The world needs healing. The people need healing. It is for people like us who know the light to share the light with others, to teach others that they should remember who they are, remember who they come from without this body, that they are spirit, that the light is within them now, in the spirit, who they are is also with them now, as long as they are on this plane and in this body. And they should use this body, to walk this earth, to enjoy the pleasures of the earth, to enjoy each other. Spread love amongst us, for we are all brothers.

"Yes, I agree Jesus." We continue to walk through the forest. There is a stream. The man Jesus came with did not come with us. I don't know who they are. They haven't said anything. They've just listened. There is a light above Jesus. There is energy encompassing him. They're energy coming down to me. There's tremendous energy, tremendous energy with the two of us. The Light is white, the energy's white. The energy's going up, it's going up through the crowns of our heads, and it's going up through the sky. {Subject takes deep breaths, blowing sounds.] We're leaving the bodies. We're joining with Spirit in the Light. We don't need the ------we've just joined each other. We've left the bodies. We're in the light now. We're in the light looking down at the universe. I think this is a gift. To leave the body. Jesus has this gift as well as I. We both recognized each other as brothers. Brothers of Spirit. "I know you my brother. I love you." We're so light, we just float. We're floating in the universe. The stars, the heavens. We're no longer on the planet earth. Feels so good up here. Feels so good. Feeling of non-judgment. The feeling of not even being a body. God, it feels wonderful. This is my first experience out of the body. I feel the rays of light, they're like beams. I can barely describe them. It's powerful energy. My soul is just feeling so alive. Jesus has been here before. He knows this.

He's saying, "Welcome my friend. Welcome to the energy. This is the energy you need to share. This is beyond what people of the planet earth can imagine. You will speak of this and they will not understand you. You must speak very lightly of the energy, directed through human beings, so that they can understand. They will not know what you mean of tapping the spirit of light above the universe. But you must each them. This is the way to teach them. Teach them through their bodies. They understand the bodies. Teach them through energy, through channeling, through taking the energy through their bodies. You know how to do that. Through the practices, through the movements you teach. Move the Chi as you call it. Through your Tai Chi. The movements people can understand. You must do this teaching."

"I will Jesus, thank you. Thank you for teaching me the Light. I've known of the Light, but you've shown me how high the light goes. You've taken me to the source of the Light, the energy of Spirit. I"ve always connected to the Light, but I've never been to the Source. Thank you for taking me to the Source. It's so beautiful up here. It's so beautiful. Can we return to the bodies now?"

"Yes, we can. It's very easy."

Ah, coming down to this earth plane is very good. I can smell the trees again. Ah, I can see the forest, it's beautiful. And the beautiful mountains that I love so much. "Hmmmm. Thank you. Thank you Jesus." Jesus also says thank you, to me. For we have shared the energy. We have shared the Light.

(You both have shared that wonderful experience. How do you part?) We are back in our bodies, walking back towards the lake. The lake is beautiful. Now Jesus meets with his friends. One is named John. I ask, "Is that your name?" "Yes, it is." "And who might the other one be?" Luke. Is that Luke? I don't know, but he says his name is Luke. "It's nice to meet you." Jesus says he must return now, on his journey and his travels. "We will see each other again." "Yes we will. Thank you so much for this day. We will meet and we will learn from each other more in the future. We will share the light together, and we will teach together. Thank you so much." Jesus is now leaving, and I'm returning to sitting by the lake. I will return to my meditations.

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