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Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Sister in law of Jesus

Regression - Woman 3/28/96

NMR indicates is a sister in law of Jesus. Married to a brother of Jesus. At crucifixion.

(Feet bare or covered?) Something there. Covered. Standing. (Where?) On a road of rocks. (Alone?) No, many men. I know them, don't know who they are. (You are male or female?) I am a woman. (Are you the only woman here?) Right now, yes. (What is happening?) Everyone seems to be in wonderment at what's going to happen. Something is coming. (What is your name?) Only name I hear is Isabelle. I am married. Two children. In my late 20's. (What of your husband?) He tends a flock of sheep. (Do you know Mary?) She is a special one. She is my friend. We speak together often. She is older now. (Has she a relationship to or with your husband?) They were once one. (What does this mean, they were once one?) That she is his mother. (Does his mother have other children?) She does. (Is one named Jesus?) Yes. (Are there daughters?) We talk often, yes. (Does the man Jesus speak to you?) Yes. (How would you describe him?) Warm and patient. (Is he a teacher of any kind?) Yes, he loves to tell stories. (Is he married?) No, I don't think so. (What kind of stories does he tell?) Happy stories. Children love to listen. (What is this wonderment you spoke of and what is going to happen?) It is important because no-one knew where to go. (Go to the crucifixion. Tell me what is happening now.) I am I am standing and looking at a man on a cross. (What man?) Jesus. (Are many of his family here?) No, just his sisters. (How many sisters are here?) Two. They are cloaked. Their cloaks were up, covering their faces. Now they are down. (Where is your husband?) Not, close, I think he's chained somewhere. (Observe the man on the cross.) I observe him dying but saying he is alright. (Is he saying this to you?) He is trying to speak to everyone. I am pleased at his attitude, a comforting feeling to know. (Are there soldiers around?) They seem to be saying alot of bad things. A lot of movement and jumping. (Are you afraid?) No. (Your husband might be chained?) Yes, a number of them are chained together, they will go to the prison. He was one of the ones who tried to stop what they are doing to him. (To Jesus?) Yes. (Where are the apostles, those who followed Jesus most closely.) I feel they are here. There are many cloaked figures. I think I see them higher up on a hill. (Tell me, this man Jesus, did he perform miracles?) He could see the good in people. (Did he heal the sick and lepers?) I don't know, I didn't see that. (Did he speak ever of death?) That death is another form of life. (Did he speak to you of God?) God is everything. God is all. (Look at the man on the cross, does he die here?) No. They think he is dead. They don't see a sign of life in his body. (Then how do you know he is not?) I feel it. They bring him down off the cross and carry him off. (Is there anything notable about the weather at this time?) The sky has been blue, now there are gray clouds. A lot of the crowd follows now. (To where?) To where they are going, taking him up into a rock up-cropping. I follow. (What is done with the man from the cross, with Jesus?) Hard to see with all the rocks around. They carry him in. Cover with rocks. They don't want us there. I stay. (Why?) I feel it's a place for me to stay. (How long do you stay?) For awhile. I'm on my knees now. He knows I am there. (What happens next?) I leave. I go away now. (Why?) I go to my home now. (Is your husband there when you get there?) There are two men. My husband will be released soon. That is what they thin,. (Is that what happens?) Only after he works in the fields. They released my husband after he worked in the fields for a few days. Jesus is gone now so they released them. (Do you see Mary after this?) No. Someone is protecting her somewhere. (Jesus' sisters, do you know where they are?) Yes. There are there, protecting her. (Do you hear of Jesus again?) Only what they say. (What do they say?) That he had risen from the grave. (How could that be?) He wasn't dead in the first place? (Do you ever see him again?) No. (Go to your death. Where do you find yourself?) At this moment, I am alone in a chapel. (Is your husband there?) He's not there. He died sometime before. I am old. (What are you dying off?) Loneliness. (Let go of the body now and tell me what is happening.) In spirit. (What is this like?) Very light and bright. (Does the body you left require healing from this spirit state?) Just to send love. (What were the lessons you learned in this life.) To love and to trust. (What strengths have you gained?) To believe and to have faith. (What lessons were unlearned?) There is, but I don't what. (Move higher into your Spirit, into the light you feel.) Babies, something to do with babies. (What was the greatest lesson you learned from Jesus?) To love thy neighbor. (Where is Jesus?) He is in Spirit. (Did Jesus die on the cross?) The spirit left his body, but stayed near it, protecting it.

NOTE: Universal Records note woman above was married to Jesus' brother (age just below him) and her name was Sarah.

3/11/97 Regression - Woman
Has already been identified in previous regression and by Records as sister in law of Jesus. Married to oldest brother of Jesus. Jesus is oldest. Her husband is next. Regression is for relieving a shoulder pain NMR indicates is from this life.

(Go to where the shoulder pain takes you. Where are you now?). Standing outdoors. It is day. My shoulder is aching. (Why?) I'm carrying something very heavy. Really large. Like a big ball. Boulders. Stacking them. Building a building. All day. (Where do you go at the end of day?) In a room where I sit down. Imprisoned. (By whom?) The state. They say we have been bad following Jesus. (Have you?) He teaches to love. He is gone now. Gone to other planes. (Who was he to you?) He was a friend. We lived in same house for awhile. (Where is your husband?) I am alone now. He died some time ago. They tortured him. (How long did he live after death of Jesus?) A few months. Every day pull boulders. Sometimes serve us soup. (Why are they doing this?) To break our will. A form of punishment. (How long have you been here?) Five years. I have an injury to my shoulder. I'm crippled. It's lower than my other shoulder. Did not break my will. I became very quiet. They just told us one day we are free to go. (Where do you go?) With the others. To the country side. There are a lot of soldiers going by. (Go to your death. Where does this happen.) In a little church. I've been here before. I go out to a tree. I sit there, against it. I die there. I ask for forgiveness. I have sinned. In some people's eyes I have sinned. (How is your passing?) Very gentle. (What lessons did you learn in that life?) I had to learn to be tough. I needed to learn endurance. I had to go through life lessons. I always still loved Jesus and followed his teaching, though I crippled my body. (What are your thoughts as you leave your body?) To come back and teach what he taught. It's a vow I make as I die. I will speak of what he taught. (What did he teach?) Love.

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