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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Apostle Andrew

3/28/96 Regression With Female. Identified By NMR and Records As Apostle Andrew

(Are your feet bare or covered?) "Wearing leather sandals. (What is on your legs?) Lacings of sandals. (What is on your body?) Tunic. It is short. Day is warm. (What are you doing?) Fishing. (With what?) Net. (Where?) Sea of Galilee. (What kind of fish?) Blue Gill. Bass. (Do you catch many?) Enough. (Are you alone or are others with you?) Right now, I am alone. Usually there are more of us. (Is something unusual occurring?) I should not be here. There is a gather. (What has the gathering to do with you?) (Long silence.) (Is your name Andrew?) Yes. (Are you a fisher?) Yes. (Then why should you not be fishing?) I need to take these, to gather these few fish, take them to Jesus. There are Centurions, there is talk, there is unrest. They fear Jesus. (Who is this Jesus that Centurions would fear him?) They have heard of his miracles his teachings. (What miracles?) He - I have seen - I have seen him touch the lepers. There is a woman, he put his hands on her face and head. [Hypnotherapist Note: Subject's hand lifts, she is crying.] He prayed and her face, her look, the skin went smooth - the rotted flesh went, was gone. (Weeping.) How is this man Jesus able to do such a thing?) I hear him, I have seen, and yet, I love him, I fear him. (Why fear?) Perhaps fear of myself, he is more than I. (Where does he come from, this man Jesus?) He is the son of God. (What does this mean Son of God, is he not a man?) I don't know. He walks the earth as a man. (Has he family?) I see his mother, and Joseph. (Has he brothers and sisters?) He is alone, but surrounded by many. (He has a father and mother, yet he is the son of God?) (Silence) (Do you follow Jesus often?) I spend a great deal of time with him and the others. (Who are the others?) Peter, Judas, James, Jude - we are all God's children. I fear for his safety. There are more and more followers. If this does not sit well with those that wish power and control.......I see a boy of 12. In a white robe. John. John is Jesus' brother. Takes him under his wing.

Letter Written By Woman Above Regarding Her Regression To Andrew

"I approached today with growing apprehension. I understood you were seeking validation, points of cross-reference, comparisons. Being an eager student, I wanted to please. I wanted to help and give what I "saw". However, I felt an inner resistance with equal intensity. Through out the regression my answers to your questions were based more on perception or sensing answers rather than visual information. I DID see my feet and leather strapped sandals. When you asked about John the Younger, after a few moments I got a very distinct picture of a beautiful 12 year old boy dressed in a long off white tunic or gown that had a hemp type corded rope tided around the waist. His hair was medium brown with a light hint of red when the sun shined on it. The hair was just past shoulder length and fell in soft waves. As I saw him, there was a person standing next to him with his arm around the child's shoulders. I did not see the man, but knew it was Jesus and I felt the love between these two. I don't think I've ever read the Bible, only the bits and pieces you get during Mass and Catechism. When brother came as the relationship between them, I remember feeling confusion; was my conscious mind staying up in that Palm tree?? I did not, do not, remember [ever hearing or reading] Jesus having brothers or sisters!...When I/Andrew told you I loved Jesus but feared him, I felt "fear" was not quite the right word but sufficient. I said, "He is more than I". With this regression, as with the last, I "know" Andrew believed in Jesus, in his teachings. But Andrew knew Jesus could see into his heart, into his soul. The fear Andrew felt was in regards to the crowds of people following and becoming so - the growing unrest, the attention Jesus was drawing, from the government? I think Andrew knew what was happening and going to happen. His fear was for Jesus , and for himself. There is also shame and guilt. He knew Jesus knew of his fear. Trying to conceal it, he knew he could not. I vividly saw the face of the woman with leprosy. Her brown tattered veil covering her head (not face) and shoulders was a roughly hewn course fabric. Again, I did not "see" Jesus, but his hands as he touched the woman's face. (Did Andrew have trouble looking directly at Jesus's face or whole person??) As I saw this woman, it was not the physical pain of leprosy that I felt as much as the emotional trauma resulting from it. The sense of isolation, disfigurement, self-loathing (of the woman). Andrew's heart was full empathy, more than sympathy. If I remember correctly, I did start to cry. I remember seeing a flap of skin fall from her face and underneath, the skin was smooth and clear. The whole countenance was transformed to smooth clear skin as I watched in wonder, awe, and again, the emotional pain. When we were through (with the regression) I had such a sense of failure that has remained with me throughout the day. I have also been shaking, the hands visibly so, the jaw quivering, along with the sense of being lost and completely alone. Intuition tells me I did not ground completely. However, these are Andrew's feelings as well as mine. I have the sense that after Jesus' crucifixion, Andrew continued his teachings but with less enthusiasm. I perceive he was afraid of a similar fate for himself, worried about his family and the "others" (apostles). The word Betrayal comes to mind. Whether this refers to Judas or a betrayal of Andrew that leads to his own subsequent crucifixion, I don't know. If Andrew continued Jesus' ministries after the crucifixion of Jesus with equal or greater energy, he did so, I feel, with a sense of aloneness."

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