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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.


Regression - Woman 3/27/96.

NMR identifies this woman has having been a woman in Greece in the days of Jesus. She was a cousin of Luke, The Physician. He attended her birth. Remarks of hypnotherapist are in parenthesis.

(What are you wearing on your feet?) Sandals. Wearing skirts and robes. Indoors in a house with tall ceilings. My house. Live here with my family. Don't see a father. No brothers and sisters my age. (how old?) 14. (Where are you?) In a hall, opening to a garden. People are coming and going. Visitors are here. Luke. My older relative. He travels. Comes home sometimes. Fond of him. We talk. He brings me news. More news than I have at home. He is so interesting. (This Luke, he is a Physician?) He writes. He travels. (Does he speak of one called Jesus of Nazareth?) Yes (Was does he tell of this one?) He speaks of freedom, and new thinking. (Has Luke met him?) I don't know. (How does Luke hear of him?) People he sees know him. (Ah, and what does Luke find intriguing about him?) He heals. (So does your cousin. This is not remarkable then.) He teaches such love. It is different than what we know. (What does Luke tell you he teaches of love?) Even the Romans are loved. (Do you find this easy or difficult to believe?) I know soldiers and I think they can be loved, but they do such horrible things. (And this Jesus says to love them too?) Yes. (What else does this Jesus teach?) That we live forever. (What does this mean to you?) I don't know, that is why I want to talk to Luke. He is in the garden. He is sad. (Why?) There is so much suffering. He is frustrated that nothing can be done. But he says there is one who says something can be done. (What does he say that can be done?) To Love. There is nothing but love. (How will love help?) It is hard to understand. (What does Luke say?) He is frustrated that he cannot see Jesus. But he keeps hearing his truth, and so many are touched by Jesus. (What does this mean, so many are touched by Jesus? He touches them?) And those who see this are touched forever and their whole lives may change. They have hope, it is different. It intrigues me. I want Luke to stay. I's growing up now.
(I wish you to grow up at an accelerate pace. You are to move forward in your life experience to the end of this life experience. Move to just before the death of the body. Tell me, how old are you now?) In my 30's. (Is this old or young?) Old. (What is happening to the body that it is growing weaker now?) I don't know. (Are you able to move?) I am old. I am just old. (Tell me of your life. Did you marry?) A noble house. (Did you have children?) Yes. (Tell me, as you near the end of your days, your cousin Luke, is he still alive?) I have not seen him for a long time. (Why is this?) Traveling. (And what have you heard of that one known of Jesus of Nazareth of whom you and Luke spoke?) I was told to forget him. (By whom?) By people. (Why?) There was trouble. (What kind of trouble?) He was a criminal. (Do you believe this?) No. (What do you believe?) He was hope. (Is he still alive?) No. He is dead. (How did he die?) They crucified him. (Did hope die when he died?) No. (Why not?) There were stories. What really happened is unimportant because everyone can still feel him. (Did you ever meet this Jesus?) No. (Did your cousin Luke?) I don't know. (It is time for you now to cross, to leave the body. Be at the moment after your soul, your spirit leaves your body, and tell me when you are there.) Hmmmm. (How do you feel?) Free. (This lifetime, as you look back over it, of what importance has it had to you?) Growth. And wisdom. (What strengths will you take forward from this lifetime into others?) Faith. (This lifetime, is there anything left undone that must be finished?) I don't know. (Is there any healing of the body that must be done before you leave it behind?) The heart. (What has happened to the heart?) It was not strong. (From your position in Spirit now, can you send forth light, and send it into the heart?) Yes. (Is it healing the heart now?) Yes. (Is there any sadness that must be lifted from the heart?) No, it is gone. (You are free now then to move forward?) Yes. (You are free then Spirit to move comfortably forward. Move forward through the light and to the time you are to come into the body and be known as that one Danielle. You are there?) (Why do you enter the body at this time?) To culminate all the wisdom and act on it. (This is good and this is well.)

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