Book One -- Apocatastasis




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Higher Self; Spirit vs. Soul; Definition of Metaphysics; Story of Apocatastasis

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Hugh's Story; Correcting Allergies; Sexual Abuse/Molest; Oprah Winfrey

CHAPTER THREE:     Read Excerpts     Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Pamela's Story; Bette Midler; Julie Andrews; Max Von Sydow; Richard Harris; Elvis Presley; Sally Field; Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Taylor; Mike Todd; Hypnosis School; Psychic Phenomenon; Healing Discs In Spine; Message From God; Automatic Writing; Subconscious Mind; Master of Light; Master of Spirit; Prophecy

CHAPTER FOUR:     Read Excerpts      Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Albert Einstein; Spoon Bending; Muscle Testing; Kinesiology; NMR; Sexual Pleasure; Sexual Abuse; Subconscious Programming; Guided Imagery; Visualizations; Prayers; Hypnosis; Hypnotherapy; Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Communication;; Healing; Addictions; Psychic Deprogramming; Regression Therapy; Womb Memories; Pendulums; Higher Self; Sexual Abuse; Addictions, Smoking; Inner Child; Self-Muscle Testing

CHAPTER FIVE:    Read Excerpts     Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Subconscious; Hypnosis; Hypnotherapy; Memory; Thought; Higher Self; Quantum Physics & Light; Dream Guidance; Psychic Abilities; Anger; Depression; Astral Beings; Spirit Guides; Angels; Incurable Diseases; Healing; Talk Therapy; Weight; Cell Communication; Cancer; Vitamins & Minerals; Headaches; Teeth; Sore Neck; Swollen Knees; Blood; Immune System; Sore Toe; Sugar; Worry; Sore Thumbs; Scar Tissue; Cough; Dysphasia; Germs; Virus; Cold; Epstein Barr & Chronic Fatigue; Sexual Abuse; Chemotherapy; Radiation Therapy; Andrew Weil; Clorox Baths; Pesticides; Penis Size; Impotency; NMR; Anger; Injuries; Trauma; Accidents; Surgery; Hypnosis As Anesthesia; Golf; Pulled Muscle; Inner Child; Past Lives; Regression Therapy; Medical Intuit; Psychic Phenomena; Addictions; Smoking; Marijuana; Alcohol; Candy; Healing Severed Spine; Robert Harmon, M.D.; Mattie Evans Alderman; Dying; Achieving Goals; Blocks To Goals; How To Find A Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist; How To Do Positive Self-Programming

CHAPTER SIX:     Read Excerpts      Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Past Lives; Reincarnation; Reincarnation & Bible; Reincarnation & Religion; Evil & Sin; Divine Power; Higher Self; Sub-personalities; Multiple Personalities; Positive Thought; Higher Self; Subconscious; Regression Therapy; Inner Child; Half Ass Positive Thought; Hypnosis; Hypnotherapy; Slaying In The Spirit; Speaking In Tongues; Group Energy; Sacred Places; Rituals;; Dave Elman, Thought; Will; Subconscious Vs. Unconscious; Memory; Womb Regression; Birth Regression; Prime Creator; Procrastination; Birth Trauma; Cesarean Births; Sonograms; Walking Zombie Syndrome; Smoking; Panic Attacks; Anxiety; Dr. Fulford; Dr. Deepak Chopra; NLP; EMDR; Conception; NMR; Healing; Abortion; Miscarriage; Adoption; Dr. Christiane Northrup; Breech Birth; Divorce Trauma; Suicide; Gender Choice; Entry of Soul; Choosing of Names; Subconscious & Money; Choice of Parents; Power of Suggestion; William James; Channeling; Akashic Records; Telepathy; Death; Teaching Young People;

CHAPTER SEVEN:     Read Excerpts      Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Spirit; Spiritualism; Spirit Attachments; Releasing Spirit Attachments; Possession; Atlantis; Soul Purpose; Prayer; LIGHT; Spirit Guides; Meditation; Goals; Healing; Evil; Suicide; Prophecies: Master of Spirit, Master of Light; Higher Spirit; Ectoplasm; Chakra; Aura; Past Life Personalities; Higher Self; Healing; Kahuna Healing; Mana; Spirit Guide; Astral Travel; Fairies & Elves & Leprechauns; Aliens; Precognition; Astral Personalities; Astral Energy; Astral World; Resurrection; Materialization; Immaculate Conception; Raising The Dead; New Soul/Old Soul; Sexual Abuse; Exorcism; Death; Grief; LIGHT

CHAPTER EIGHT:     Read Excerpts      Read the Chapter      Return to Contents
Quantum Physics; Light; Earth Changes; Future Aliens; Nature; Channeling; Telepathy; Akashic Records; Spirit Attachment; Meditation; Healing Light; Healing Earth; Healing Future; Higher Self; Spirit Guides; Joy

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