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Chapter 1 - The Master Within

There is a part of you that knows everything there is to know about you. It can tell you why you are in this world and where you were before you came here. It can state both the Universal Truths and the Personal Truths you need to know to get to where you want to go. It can talk about your future, your present, and your past. It can tell you about the people in your life ~ why you are involved with them, what you might want to learn from them, and what you have to teach them. It can help you become closer in your relationships or help you cut the ties that bind you to them. This part knows a great deal more about you than any psychic ever could. Further, it can heal you instantly, although it may take you longer to allow, or even hold onto, the healing.

This part of you is the you that always was and ever will be. It is your Higher Self, though others may know it by other names. God Self, Over Soul, High Self, Atman, Spiritual Self, Whole Self, True Self, Guardian Angel - by whatever name you choose to call it, it is very real. And it is you. It is the you that has never lost it's divine connection to or awareness of that which is greater than Man and Woman and the Sum of their Parts and their Works. That which is the Source, The Prime Creator. Your Higher Self is that which was created, in the beginning, by The Prime Creator. It is of the same likeness as The Prime Creator. It is a Master of The Universe seeking ever greater Mastery. It is Spirit.

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Chapter 2 From Bad Billy to Dr. Hugh

The meridian flows are the pathways of life energy that flow to all organs of the body. They are the same meridian flows worked with in acupuncture and acupressure. I have worked with these same energy flows to perfect a means of correcting allergies without needles or medications. While the Chinese have used an elaborate method of using the meridian flows to correct allergies for centuries, a fellow researcher and I began to investigate Western knowledge of the immune system to find a more simplified method. Later, I continued this research on my own to develop a very simple, quick, and completely painless and non-invasive method of testing and correcting allergic reactions. A friend named it The Allergone Method and Pamela and I use it extensively with our clients.

In literally hundreds of cases of allergies to foods, pollens, mold, dust, hair, medications, animals, chemicals, make-up, colognes, tobacco, alcohol, insects, bites, stings, pollutants, etc. complete relief has been experienced. I've even found people allergic to cold and have successfully balanced them to it. Some people have had allergic reactions to a particular color of flower and not to another color of the same type of flower.

The relief clients have experienced with this method includes completely cleared sinuses and complete elimination of headaches, aches, pains, fatigue, upset stomachs, itchy ears and eyes, skin rashes, hives, chronic sneezing and coughing, food addictions, scratchy eyes and throats, red and swollen eyes and throats, even hyperactivity and the inability to concentrate. Our research shows allergies frequently can be a cause of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders in children. We find a combination of eliminating the allergies, which is very easy to do with my method, and then some hypnotic suggestions to counteract the negative programming they have received in regards to their 'condition' turns these children around completely. Balancing to all allergens has been of tremendous help to our clients with arthritis, asthma, and diseases involving imbalanced immune systems.

I believe in, and teach, the wisdom of using all of the treatments the body and the mind require or desire. I do not like the terms "mainstream" or "alternative" healing. I prefer the term "compatible" or "holistic" healing. Holistic Health is the awareness that the body and the mind are one and must be treated as one. No process has all of the answers. We must encourage our sharing with one another the knowledge we each gather and link that knowledge for the good of all.

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Chapter 3 The Path of Spirit

Living in the Village, in the 60's. with Bette Midler! Wild times, right? Actually, the only wild times we shared were the go-go dancing gig at a bar in New Jersey and the night we killed the two "maiden aunts" and their parrot.

The very first day of class I discovered the answer to life's greatest (for me) puzzles: Why some prayers are answered and many, seemingly, are not. Why bad things happen to good people. Why some people heal and others do not. Why miracles happen, and why they don't. Why some people are psychic a lot and others are never psychic at all. Why mystical voices, visions, and angelic beings are not commonplace. The answer, I discovered, was the subconscious mind. Now all I had to do was learn everything I could about the subconscious mind.

Master of Light reminded us of what we already knew: spirit can only work through and with human consciousness to affect the earth planes and material matter within it. The financial funds for our work would come, we were told, but only after we cleared our own subconscious minds of mental and emotional blocks to receiving it and had totally focused our conscious efforts on the work we were to do for Spirit. [And humankind.]

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Chapter 4 Spoon Bending

"Afterwards, the engineer brought me his bent spoon and insisted I come to his plant later that week - which I did. When I arrived, he handed me a piece of tempered steel that he said was known to be absolutely impossible to bend by human hands. Maybe that was true, but by focusing my MIND on bending it, I was able - with my hands - to bend it easily."

"Really?" Clarissa, leaned forward. "What do you think happened? I mean, seriously, how did you do it?"

"The same as with the spoons, Clarissa. I focused my mind on the metal softening in my hands. Then, when it softened, I bent it easily. What happens exactly is not really known. Not yet anyway."

"Well, what do you think is happening?"

"I thought you weren't interested in spoonbending," Dr. Harmon teased.

"I am now," Clarissa answered firmly. "If the mind can protect the body from burning on 1500 to 1700 degree coals and bend steel - like you say it can - then what else can the mind do that we don't know about or understand?"

Dr. Harmon beamed at her. "Exactly. Very good, Clairissa. I do know this, the engineer and I examined the steel I'd bent using the power of my mind. There was no stretching on one side and pressuring, or compacting, on the other side, as would be expected when a piece of metal is bent with physical or mechanical power. Also, when metal bent with the mind is examined under a micron microscope, we see that the random locking of the molecular structure has become more linear. Meaning, the molecules are now in little rows that allows the metal to bend without the breaking or pressuring seen in metal bent by muscular or mechanical strength. So one possible explanation is that our minds realign the molecular structure of the metal."

"Wow. So," Clarissa summed up. "The purpose of classes like fire-walking and spoon bending is to demonstrate the power of one's mind."

"Yes. Then we teach how to avail oneself of that power in order to effect changes."

"You mean like healing," Clarissa commented, as she mused over what he had just said.

"Healing, as well as other changes; like the improvement you are seeking in your marital relationship."

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Chapter 5 Hide & Seek ~ The Treasures We Keep

Looking within is often exciting, frequently awe inspiring, sometimes painful, but always enlightening; even when long cherished beliefs of the conscious mind are rejected by the inner mind in favor of startlingly unfamiliar notions. Like you, our clients are often confused by the vast array of seemingly contradictory information "out there" on what is "good" for them. Everyone seeks happiness, fulfillment, and well-being, yet many people are uncertain as to their best choices for gaining them.

No-one knows you and what works for you better than you. No medical researcher or practitioner, nutritional expert or physical fitness guru, can possibly know what would best heal or transform your individual body and cells than your body and cells. No therapist, motivational expert, or counselor can possibly know what will unblock or galvanize you better than your own subconscious mind. No spiritual leader can possibly know your unique spirit and its purpose better than your own Higher Self. No psychic, seer, channel, or prophet has greater access to your inner levels of knowing than you do
We share in these pages some of the information some of our clients have found within their inner levels of knowing.
For Example - Sue (Age 40's) was having great difficulty losing weight, despite a regimen of weight lifting, step aerobics, stretching, walking, and a low fat vegetarian diet. Her subconscious was asked, in hypnosis, why she was not losing the weight. It responded:
  • "The cells of this body are very sad because she said she would rather not be on earth than be in a body like this. She wants to leave this shell. She thinks it is a shell. She doesn't want to be here. She thinks the body just houses the spirit. There are many reasons for the sizes and shapes of bodies, it depends on who is in the body. Thought builds this body. The body is thought. There is an unwillingness of the person in this body to do what it takes to create a good ratio balance between fat to muscle."
    (Therapist: "What would it take?")
    "More exercise. She must pay attention to the body. Address the body as she does the inner child. Give the cells of the body love to heal. Cells have consciousness as well as emotions. Not too many know this. There is no compatibility between the body and the self. There needs to be emotional work and love addressed to the body. She works at it with a hopelessness, therefore the cells feel the hopelessness. It is difficult, when housed in hopelessness, to change or to move forward."
    (Therapist: "How are her thoughts about aging affecting her cells?")
    "What is thought, is."
    [Therapist: "Is her nutrition adequate and is weight lifting good for her body?")
    "Nutrition basically yes, recently no. Weight lifting, to build muscle - no. To build bone - yes. To lose fat - no. This body needs more pure juices."
    (Therapist: "Is there too much fat in the body?")
    "In some places. This body would be better if she learned to listen more to the body and not depend on external tools. Books, instructors are good, but all say different things. She must exercise in the water for the back and the knees. [Note: This person has a back weakened by back surgeries.] Low impact exercise. More stretching.
    No step exercises. She does not need intense aerobic exercise for it will harm this body. She can work for longer duration at low impact and achieve the same result. No more step aerobics for this body. Imaging body utilizing fat around the knees is good. Imaging while stretching is very good. Image fat is moving, being excreted. This body needs oxygen. It is powerful to picture the fat moving as the body stretching to break it away as the stretching is going on. The one in this body needs to know what the body knows. Water is very important. Green juices important. The fat listens to her. If she would be nicer to the fat, it would be nicer to her. What you need to know about her is she does not believe because she does not see it happening. It is happening.

Weight is a great concern for many people. Actually, we could fill a book with the innumerable reasons for weight problems and food phobias and addictions. Perhaps, someday, we will. Below are some things to realize with weight difficulties.
  • Everything you have read about thoughts and emotions affecting the body, the digesting and metabolizing of food, and the weight of the body are true. To complicate matters, these thoughts and emotions may be in the subconscious levels of mind. Clearing the conscious and subconscious levels of negative beliefs and emotions in regards to eating, food and one self is important.
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Chapter 6 The Dragon Slayers

Past life regressions are an important part of a well trained hypnotherapist's practice. Even if the hypnotherapist does not believe in past lives, the inner minds of people do. (Whether past lives are real memories or symbolic metaphors can be argued. That the inner mind speaks easily of past lives cannot be argued.) People seek hypnotherapy for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, sexual, and financial well being. Frequently, when asked to give the cause of blocks to healing or change, the Higher Self or subconscious will indicate one or more past lives. This is quite disconcerting to many. "But I don't believe in past lives", is a frequent refrain. "What does a past life have to do with TODAY?" is a common complaint.

Time is omnipresent for your subconscious mind, for it is always aware of and with your soul, which never dies. Your subconscious is not afraid of death; yet, when your soul is in a physical body, its number one job, its greatest priority, is to keep the body alive. It takes that job seriously. Balance of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies is important to the survival of the body. When that balance is threatened, the subconscious becomes alarmed. The source of the imbalance can be in the past, the present, or the future - it's all the same to the subconscious mind.
Yet, the subconscious mind is one of the most precise keepers of time known to humans.
People argue that they cannot remember their past lives, so they must not have happened. They may as well argue that because they don't recall every day and event of the present life, those days and events must not have happened. Actually, all people remember everything they have ever seen, heard, done, learned, and experienced in every life time. They have just "forgotten" that for many memories, they have to go into the subconscious mind to find them.
There are many people, groups, and organizations today that teach the importance of positive thought, positive prayer, positive beliefs, positive affirmations, positive thought, positive words, and positive actions. While they are certainly right, many are, in Dr. Harmon's words, "half assed and riding half an ass will not get anyone anywhere." He means, most people fail to recognize all of the subconscious levels must be focused on the positive and it is extremely difficult to effectively reach the subconscious levels with conscious techniques. When one believes, subconsciously, one is unworthy of a goal or a goal is impossible to achieve, that goal will not be achieved no matter how deeply, sincerely, or positively one prays, believes, or affirms for it.

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Chapter 7 Into The Light Darkly

We speak to spirit. We speak to spirits of all kinds. We speak to Light Spirits and to Dark Spirits. We speak to the spirits of the dead. We know the death experience is not the same for everyone. We know the "in-between life" spirit experience is not the same for everyone.

Please keep in mind we have not made up the information we are about to share with you. We have heard it from spirit directly. We have gathered it from our inner levels of spirit and the inner levels of spirit of people very much like you. People as astounded by the information and experiences they bring forward in hypnotic states as you would be.
To understand how this can be, you will first need to remember that spirit can be in many places at one at the same time. Thus, your spirit can be in many places at one and the same time. Time and death cannot separate spirit as in the levels of spirit there is no time and there is no death. Of course, earth is a temporal plane. Birth, aging, death, and rebirth exist on the earth planes because our minds have made them exist. Our minds have had to create a means of blending that which is omnipresent and eternal (spirit) with that which is not (material matter). How we did that is, no doubt, highly intricate, complex, sophisticated, and nearly impossible to grasp with our finite focus. However, the basic understanding of it becomes easier when we open our focus with the simple illustration of space travel.

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Chapter 8 Joy! Joy! Joy!

Your quantum physicists tell you all of matter is composed of ever smaller particulate matter and that the smaller the particulate matter becomes the greater the spaces between them grow. They tell you there is more space than matter in matter and they wonder what is in the spaces. The astral levels are in those spaces. In those levels is energy; the energies of thought, spirit, emotion, color, sound, astral matter, realms, planes, and dimensions. All exist as frequencies of Light.

I am the consciousness of Light. I have no form and I have all forms for my Light is with everyone and everything.
I am easily amused. Humans delight and amuse me greatly and though, as Light, I am not to have preferences, I do, which amuses that which created me. All spirit has consciousness and all consciousness grows and changes in ways that are often as surprising to that which created it as it is to the created.
You humans have forgotten to be amused. You are heavy with your growing consciousness. You are heavy with your realizations of your power and your place in the greater scheme of things. You are heavy with your growing awareness of the future. A future which you have yourselves created and a future which you yourselves can uncreate. What is there to be heavy about with this? The child who makes a mess is happy to laugh at the mess before the caretaker swoops down to bathe the child and clean up the mess. This is as it should be. All are in their proper roles - the child doing what children do and the caretaker doing what caring does best. In this way progress is made.
I will help you in this. You need my help. I need you to do what must be done. Here is how we shall work together, you and I. Your minds shall focus my Light to bring the balance back into the world. Your world is out of balance and must be brought back into balance. A simple task, really. All it requires are certain vibrations of Light.
Read Master of Light's IN LIFE AND YOU!! -- A Meditation in the Light.

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