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In the Volume 2, Issue 6, July 2005 issue of Dr. Jonathan Wright’s Nutrition & Healing Newsletter is an article that begins with this headline: 

“The common health problem that’s more serious than you think.”

In this article Dr. Wright presents the following partial list of conditions James Breneman, M.D., former committee chairman of the American College of Allergists (later renamed the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology), identifies as frequently being caused by allergies: 

        • Asthma    • Bedwetting (enuresis)    • Recurrent Bladder Infections    • Bursitis   • Seizures

        • Canker  • Sores    • Recurrent Bronchitis    • Celiac Disease    • Chronic Low Back Pain

        • Depression    • Diarrhea    • Ulcerative Colitis    • Recurrent Childhood Ear Infection

        • Eczema    • Edema     • Fainting    • Fatigue    • Gallbladder “Attacks”    • Gas     • Gastritis

        • Headache     • Hives  • Hyperactivity (ADHD)    • Hypoglycemia    • Itching  • Skin Rash

        • Irritable Bowel Syndrome    • Joint Pain & Swelling    • Learning Disabilities • Sinusitis

        • Personality Changes    • Protein in Urine    • Recurrent Infections

Dr. Jonathan Wright:  Two important points to remember:  Allergy is a common cause of these problems, but it’s not the only cause.   The conditions in bold type above are ones in which allergy is involved at least 70-80 percent of the time in individuals I’ve worked with.  Second, and even more important – this is only a partial list of the problems that may be caused by allergy.”

Dr. Breneman’s list omits three major allergic reactions: 


Professor J.D.S. Smith, M.D., MD Ph.D., Head of Oxford Centre of Molecular Immunology in Oxford, England wrote the following in a fax sent to Dr. Harmon:    

“Throughout the last two decades we have been taking ‘extra’ blood from every outpatient and in-patient entering our university hospital – and screening these samples against every possible antibodies (including electroimmunophoretic evaluation against hundreds of different antigens).  We then followed these thousands of patients throughout their later returns to either our many outpatients clinics or to our inpatients departments.  We were staggered to find that virtually all patients suffering from either clinical or sub-clinical allergies (by sub-clinical I mean those whose lack of energy, depressions, headaches, loss of libido, gastrointestinal disturbances etc. as the only manifestation of allergies are either diagnosed with something else or simply ignored) later developed serious diseases including various malignancies (our colleagues in John Hopkins tell us they came to the same conclusions – but are not allowed to trumpet it until the Powers that Be decide on all the possible implications). . . . should only people realize what they are ignoring (or, even worse, treating with antihistamines – not appreciating the fact that by doing so they are depriving their organism of one of the most important neurotransmitters, so essential to communicating some vital messages necessary for recognition of ‘cellular errors’ etc.) – they would be storming to proper doctors’ offices and demanding help – while there is still time.”                                           



HUGH HARMON, Ph.D.:  “Many years ago I took a ‘Touch For Health’ course from Dr. John Thie.  This course involved working with the meridian energies of the body that Acupuncturists use.   It occurred to me then that it might be possible to protect the body from allergies by stimulating specific meridian points having to do with the immune system.  After much trial and error I was able to find those meridian points and discovered by simply tapping them – instead of inserting needles into them – it is possible to eliminate allergies!   I have named this the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ®™

My Method Of Ridding The Body Of All Allergies Is

So Different, So Disarmingly Simple, And So Inexpensive,

No One Can Believe It.  Except, Of Course, For The

Hundreds Of People We’ve Treated Who No Longer Have Allergies. 

I (and those colleagues I have taught my method to) can rid you (and your pet) of ANY AND ALL allergies.  We can even help you discover which allergies are affecting you without exposing your body to them.  No tests to take, no medications, no needles, no pain, no fuss, no waiting for it to work and at a nominal cost.    We don’t expect you to take our word for it.   Relief is Belief.

What do you need to do?  If you already know – or think you know – what you are allergic to bring a tiny sample of it to your first appointment.  (Or call our office first to see if it is among the hundreds of samples we have on hand.)  We can eliminate up to four allergies per visit.  If you don’t know what you are allergic to we can help you find out.  Either way, you might also use zipper plastic bags to ‘scoop’ up the air in each room in your home (and where you work) and bring those in.  

Will it last?  Yes, with the following exceptions:  Those whose immune systems are compromised may need to be re-tapped to a substance should they become over exposed to it.  We also check to make certain a person does not have a subconscious/unconscious attachment to a particular allergen or to allergies in general.  While most people do not, some do and when they do it is necessary to do the subconscious work (which we do) to clear this so the allergy will not return.    

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