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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


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Questions from Readers regarding the Allergone technique

Further additional Information is posted here on the discussion board (added 07/20/2008)


I have read your website with interest and have a question regarding the Allergone treatment. I note that you say don't treat more than one allergy at a time, but I'm curious about something. If someone tested allergic to wheat, salt and yeast and I placed a piece of bread containing all three of these ingredients on the central meridian point while tapping all the points, wouldn't this balance all three allergic substances at once? And if it did only balance one of the three allergic substances how would I know which one had been treated? I would then have to muscle test again for all three substances to see which one had been neutralised and which two hadn't. I would appreciate your thoughts on this if you have time.


Louise B.


Hi Louise,

Very happy to hear you are using the Allergone treatment for allergies. Your question is great.

Let us assume you have a piece of bread and you are allergic to the wheat, salt and yeast in the bread. 1.. By placing the bread on the central meridian and tapping all the points your body would be corrected of the allergenic response to ONE of the ingredients.

2.. You could then lift the bread off the central meridian, place it back down and tap again. Your body would then be corrected to another ONE of the ingredients.

3.. Repeat this - lift the bread off, then place it on the central meridian again and do the tapping again and you would now have corrected all three allergies, one at a time.

Assuming, that is, you are allergic to nothing else in the bread. If you are, you would need to repeat the process the next day until all the ingredients in the bread you are allergic to have been corrected of their allergenic response.

You can, of course, short cut this by muscle testing. Whether using a pendulum (correctly) or self-muscle testing or having someone else test you, the statements to use would be: I am allergic to the yeast in this bread. I am allergic to the wheat in this bread. I am allergic to the salt in this bread.

Then after you tapped to the bread once, you could use statements to see what was corrected. Example: "I have been corrected to the yeast in this bread." If no, see which substance was corrected with that tapping.

By the way, this works for air too. Use a plastic bag to "scoop up" the air in a room in which you have signs of allergies. Place this bag on the central meridian and tap all the points. Take the bag off, place back on the central meridian and tap. Repeat a third time. You can then muscle test to see if the body has been corrected to all the allergens in the bag. If not, repeat 12-24 hours later. Keep doing until all allergens in the bag have been corrected.

For those who do not muscle test, just keeping tapping to the plastic bag three separate times a day every day until all allergy symptoms disappear.

Note: With the change of seasons, this whole procedure would need to be repeated for the new pollens in the air to which one may be allergic.

Thank you for the question Louise. If you have more, be sure to write. You gave us a great idea. We are going have a Question and Answer forum for the Allergone on the website, beginning with your letter.

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

More excellent questions from Aaron: 
1) With NMR muscle testing, what method is Dr. Harmon able to find all known allergens affecting a person in one sitting?
We have lots of allergens on hand that we keep in small plastic containers.  What we don't have, we have the person make statements to test with NMR.  Example:
I am allergic to something in my bedroom.
If answer is yes, next statements might be:
I am allergic to an air borne pollen in the air in my bedroom.
I am allergic to chemicals in my bedroom.  (If yes, we'll name every chemical that could be in the room.)
I am allergic to my sheets. 
I am allergic to something on my sheets.
I am allergic to dander on my sheets.
I am allergic to the detergent my sheets are washed in.
I am allergic to the softner in the water my sheets are washed in.
I am allergic to the static cling (or the bounce) product in the dryer that dries my sheets.
I am allergic to the feathers in my pillow.
I am allergic to the foam in my pillow.
I am allergic to the dust in my bedroom.
I am allergic to the dust under my bed.
I am allergic to the paint on the walls in my bedroom.
I am allergic to the fibers of my rug in my bedroom.
When we find an allergen, we test the statement:
I am allergic to another substance.
We test the "I am allergic" statements, testing every place the person lives in, travels in (car), works in, breathes in until we get "no more allergens".  Sometimes this means there are not more allergens.  Sometimes it means this is all for now, next season may bring new symptoms.   Or until I eat or drink something I've never tried before and find I'm allergic to it. 
Testing statement with NMR -  as long as the person keeps her or his mind on what he/she is saying - we can find all the allergens in a sitting, unless of course there are hundreds - which is rare and then the major problem would be enhancing the immune system. 
On occassion (but surprisingly seldom) we find we need to do a regression to keep an allergy corrected.  One man who was allergic to meat, for example, was allergy free for months at a time but always had to be re-tapped at the end of that time.  A regression to a past life when he died of tainted meat brought an end to the meant allergy (five years now and counting.)
2) If someone is reacting to a cloth chair, mattress, car seat, bottle of shampoo, carpet, etc., is it imperative that the person is able to isolate one ingredient to hold in order for a desensitization to be successful?
When using NMR we are able to know if  the allergen to the shampoos or carpet etc. is corrected.  If one wants to know what in the shampoo etc. one was allergic to, we name the ingredients and test that.  Few need or want to do that.  If not doing NMR, one need not isolate the ingredients.  One is tapped as many times as there are ingredients.  For example, you would put the shampoo bottle on and tap.  Take the shampoo bottle off, then put it back on the central merdian and tap again.  Repeat this process a third time.  Repeat the next day until you have done this process as many times as there are ingredients (six times for six ingredients unless the symptoms disappeared the first, second, third, forth or fifth time.) 
 Or, if it was really formaldehyde that was causing the problem, would a bed sheet made of nylon and polyester that had this be sufficient to hold?   Yes.  If the symptoms persist, then do the tapping process with the bed sheet two more times to eliminate nylon and polyester. 
3) Has rubbing these points, especially when it's a broad range like Sp 21 been found effective, or does tapping seem to work best?    Tapping works best.
Also curious if Dr. Harmon has found this method more successful in any ways than Bioset, but maybe if he is getting 99% success rate he wouldn't even need to try that route.  Actually, we are getting 100% results as long as everything a person is allergic to is tapped.  We just think most people would not believe this so we don't advertise it.  Why try something else when this is so simple?  It takes less than 20 seconds to correct an allergy.  What, pray tell, can beat this?
Well, great work! And thanks again for sharing your healing with the world.
-Wants to Know 
Thank you for your earnest searching and your openness.  Keep us posted on your results.  Don't forget to correct people to newspaper print.  Amazing how many are allergic to this.  And water.  And heat or cold.  One's own hair dander and the hair and skin dander of others in the household are biggies too. (However, emotional symptoms as when "someone is getting under someone's skin" can mimic allergies, in which case tapping may help, but it won't correct the problem.  This can lead people to think the method does not work.  It works.  But emotions can be overpowering.  Then the solution is to address the emotions.
Oh bathroom industrial cleaners such as those used in schools, public restrooms are major allergens.  To correct these, run a paper towel over the sink fixtures and on the sink.  Put paper towel in a plastic bag.  Run a paper towel on the floor, put this in a bag.  Scoop the air with a plastic bad and seal it.  Then tap to each bag. 

FREOMM <> wrote:
I appreciate your free information on allergy correction.  I would like to follow it precisely so I have a few questions if you have the time.  You mentioned doing a clearing for fluorescent lights. While I suffer from some food allergies and polyester/leather (causes spasm especially in right leg and sometimes fatigue), fluorescent lights have completely wrecked my life in that it will take a month of avoidance (from LCD screens, compact fluorescence, and regular tubes even from far away) to clear my serious fatigue. I believe this to be through the eyes and not electromagnetic field unless you have any other insights.  If I expose myself for even 15 minutes to them, I'll be very drowsy for well over a week, probably much more.  I realize I need to clear my other allergies too to be most successful, but does this light problem sound approachable as well? And how would one treat this, stare at the light while a treatment is done? 
Furthermore I recognize many of your tapping points like Stomach 1, Gall bladder 1 (I assume), kidney 27, kidney 1, and foot points, but your three pairs of points across the "chest" seem too vague for me to feel I can find accurately. Are you able to supply any acupuncture names for these so I can study the locations further? I would REALLY REALLY like to give this a fair chance because I have so much to gain!
Thank you so much for your time and free knowledge that you share.
Wants to Know
Thank you for your appreciation.  I checked with Dr. Harmon, the originator of this process.  He says:  This process is not acupuncture in which the needles must be inserted in PRECISELY the right places.  This process works when tapping in the general area of the points.  For instance:  Tapping ABOVE the center of the EYE BROW - near but not right on the B-2 bladder point WORKS!  Plus it eliminates people poking into the eyes.  
That said:  I went over the graph with him and, yes, I made a mistake with the Bladder Point and mixed up (typo) the points on the toes.  Thank you for catching this!  I've made the corrections below - and again remember, it is the general area on or near the acupuncture points that one taps, NOT the PRECISE point.   

Also, the
reason for moving along the sides of the body for the spleen meridian is its difficult for most people to find the precise point, and once again, tapping the general area given WORKS. 
So information follows:

Bladder - Above the Center of the Eyebrows which is near to but not right on B-2.
Stomach (Below The Eye):  S-1 
Kidney - Tap on the ends of the collar bones which is near, but not right on  K-27
Spleen (Along the sides):  SP-21   **Spleen 21 is directly below the armpit, on the side of the body, halfway between shoulder and elbow, or in line with middle of bicep or nipple. What are the X's referring to?  You are correct and I just noticed the person who did the picture got this wrong.  We will have to correct it.  If a person starts tapping just below the arm pit and taps an inward slant that curves under the pectoral muscles, they will be certain the tap the correct point.  Tapping along this curves seems to work far better than tapping just the B-21 point.   
Stomach, tap edge of inside bottom of nail bed of second toe near S-45  
Spleen - tap edge of inside bottom of nail bed of big toe. near SP-1     
Bladder  - Tap edge of outside bottom of nail bed of little toe near B-67
Kidney - Tap middle of ball of foot, near K-1
Be sure to tap to Leather, to Polyester, AND to
Formaldehyde (which is on all NEW clothes, so wash ALL new clothes before wearing them - while the tapping will correct an allergy, if present, it will not correct the toxicity, so wash the clothes first!  Anyone with immune system problems should be certain to wash all new clothes, including socks.)
As to Florescent Lights, yes, it is the flickering that bothers the eyes, not an allergy in the electromagnetic field and body.  So, we doubt the tapping will help.  BUT, it couldn't hurt and if it DOES help, please let us know.  Try sitting in front of the light and as you watch it, have someone tap - first try just the meridian points for the allergy correction.  Note what happens.  (Give a a few days or a week?)  If no effect or only slightly, tap ends of all meridian points (why not?) and see what happens.  all meridian points.  If you note positive changes, PLEASE let us know - how much and to what tapping.
Thank you Aaron.  Great questions.
Spreading The Word of Light







This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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