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Subject: Allergone Method works!

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say "Thank You!" for the Free Allergone information you have posted online. The past few days I became so allergic to something that I was sneezing, coughing, and had a running nose all night and all day. I was taking Advil cold and sinus, drinking lots of water and plenty of tea, just doing the normal things I would do for a head cold, but it still would not go away. Today I remembered to look on your website for the Allergone Method and read the instructions. The only problem was, I couldn't figure out exactly what I had become allergic to. Then I read one of the newsletters that mentioned some people may be allergic to bottled water. I had just been drinking a new kind of bottled water that I had never tried before! It rang a bell, since the symptoms appeared a few days ago right after I started drinking it. Even though it says that it doesn't work as well to tap yourself, I had no one around to do it for me. So I tried doing it myself anyway! I put the bottle of water below my belly and used both hands to tap myself. I asked my higher self to please balance me to this water. JUST MINUTES LATER MY SYMPTOMS WERE GONE! I mean literally minutes! It has now been 3 hours and I am feeling back to normal. I am so grateful to you! This is a breakthrough that every person should know!

With Love and Light,
Crystle Wallace
Elite Massage


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