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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Pet Tales - Health

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If you would like to add a true story about a pet you know,
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Diagnosed with diabetes, Mai Tai (she's the color of the Hawaiian Mai Tai Cocktails), was taking 8 units of insulin in twice daily shots. She was also eating vet dry food for diabetic cats, which she'd been eating for several months to lose weight.

Owner called us to ask if we could help. Pamela had an immediate intuitive flash that cat food was bad for the cat,. Owner said her boyfriend had had the same message, but she hadn't believed him.

We contacted Mai Tai's Higher Self through Hugh while Hugh was in unconscious trance state. Higher Self said Mai Tai was despondent and angry. She had not been getting enough of her master's attention since Master's boyfriend had moved in. Also said the cat food was not good for the body. Cat also missed tasty food and needed more exercise. Her lack of joy in life had weakened her kidneys and adrenals. Her immune system was unable to compensate because of emotions suppressing it and nutritional lack. Said condition was not yet irreversible and could be reversed."

We called the owner to share what we'd found. Owner had meanwhile looked at the ingredients of the diabetic cat food and found sugar among the ingredients! Are some companies TRYING to get pets ill? (Here are "other" names for sugar: dextrose, maltose, syrup, fructose, sucrose, corn syrup or sweetener, sorghum, mannitol, fruit juice concentrate, molasses, lactose, sorbitol.)

We recommended the following for Mai Tai:

  • Switch to a good dry and wet cat food. (Morris likes Friskies, so we suggested it.)
  • Wet food two or three times a day. Dry food always available.
  • Once a day, make a small hole in middle of wet food. Put in match stick head amounts of antiox powder (a multivitamin powder) - buffered niacin (to increase blood flow which is VERY essential for healing - and anabolic amino acid (25 free form amino acids) then to cover these. Like they were in the middle of a sandwich.
  • Feed by hand daily, a small amount pure protein from raw beef. (Which Mai Tai didn't like so owner gave her chicken.)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Talk to Mai Tai. Apologize for not feeding her food she enjoyed, and for ignoring her needs due to new boyfriend. Explain she needed to heal her body and shots (which both Mai Tai and owner HATED) were to help her heal. Tell Mai Tai owner would be sending her Light daily and daily they would play OUTSIDE in fresh air and light together. (Mai Tai is a house cat.)
  • Pet, stroke, and talk to Mai Tai while giving her the insulin shots so it wouldn't be so painful and traumatic. (Owner couldn't do this, but boyfriend did and Mai Tai quit struggling and running away at shot time.)
RESULTS: Cat was going to Vet twice a week. On next visit, insulin was reduced to 6 units twice a day (from 8 units). Next visit, reduced to 4 units twice a day. Next visit - insulin reduced to 2 units twice a day. Next visit: 2 units once a day. Next visit: Mai Tai's glucose level was 80 -well within normal. Vet pronounced Mai Tai free of diabetes, but wanted to keep her on 2 units once a day "just in case" and said "Mai Tai must need more special food by now.". Owner questioned why a non-diabetic cat should need shots and, not wanting to upset vet, said, "I don't need the food. Have another source."

Owner called to ask if she should or shouldn't stop the shots. Said Mai Tai seemed so lethargic when she got them. Higher Self of Mai Tai said, "Shots are unnecessary now. Are upsetting her." Owner stopped shots. Two weeks later, Mai Tai again went to vet. Still diabetes free. Three months later: Still diabetes free.


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Email the authors at odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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