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From Boxer Mom: I had an experiance when my father in law was passing. When the dog knew he was leaving us, the dog woudn't leave me alone and barked constantly, looking at the sky, dragging me to Dad's side 'till he took his last breath! These pages are awesome. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Oct.28, 1999

Earthwatch: A Diary of The Planet

Canine Mystery Here

A frantically barking small dog awakened 25 people in China's southwestern Jiangsu Province, saving them from an impending flood caused by a rupture in a Hugh underground water pipe. The Beijing Morning Reported that one of the potential victims wok up in the predawn hours when the dog, which had somehow gotten into his home, began tugging his quilt off the bed toward the door. The man opened the door as flood water gushed into the house. he was able to pick up his pregnant wife and carry her to safety while the little dog ran to awaken other neighbors just before their home was leveled by the force of the water. Once the flood subsided, the dog could not be found.

Note: The following was sent in by Jeannine whose dog Peter had been with her since she was 16. Jeannine is now almost 30, so Peter has been a life companion for her. Peter died a few days before this experience. Seemingly, Jeannine was in too much grief for Peter to get a good contact with her, so he came to her friend, who had never been used as a "channel" before, but was apparently open to Peter's communication for the loved ones he'd left behind. If Jeannine's friend would like to reveal his identity, we will post it as the author of this wonderfully written and experienced affirmation of love and life after life. (Maybe at least the first name?)

Peter's Tale

As I awoke from my sleep this morning, I was naive of the spiritual journey that was before me. It began with a feeling of sadness that consumed my physical being and awareness. It was as though I was experiencing the dance of the demons through grieving the loss of a loved one. There was no one that I had lost in recent history, but this feeling was as powerful as an Indian war dance.

My chest was tight and burning as though I was having a physical breakdown. Tears were welling up in my eyes and yet at the same time there was no pain, physical or emotional. I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Thoughts of the past were racing through my mind, but these were the thoughts of another physical entity of which I had no knowledge or experience. In just a few seconds staring into the mirror I was sure that someone or something was present within my soul and trying to tell me something.

Memories of a past with my friend Jeannine were now the focus, but this was a history long before I had met Jeannine. How could I know of these past events? I had begun to relax my initial fear of what was happening to me and began inviting a deeper search of this phenomenon. It was now clear that Jeannine's dog Peter who had recently departed the physical world and passed into the spiritual world was now using me to channel his thoughts back to the physical world with a message of love for Jeannine.

As I was now calm and welcoming this experience, I was now able to put into words and actions these feelings that I was having. Peter, the dog, wanted me to perform a pseudo eulogy for him in the presence of the animals and Jeannine whom he had left behind days earlier.

I am a scientist and I look at things in life through logic and physics. I am open minded enough to realize that spiritual and meta-physical actions and reactions occur every second of every day. This spiritual channeling event is my first evidence of convincing proof that has calmed my cynical mind. So the following is my interpretation of what Peter the Dog wanted me to pass on to Jeannine, Zammer, Popper, Josie, and Marlie. There were no actual words planted in my mind, and the following lines are merely translated feelings given in the order so ordered.

    To Zammer the Tuxedo Cat:
    "Goodbye old friend, we have seen and shared a lot of time together."
    To Popper the Black Cat:
    "I like you but you are just too cocky. I picked on you so you would be a better cat."
    To Josie the Blonde Babe:
    (Very amorously): "If I were a cat and ten years younger we would have kittens."
    About Marlie the dog:
    There was no specific mention of Marlie, however, Peter began working on getting Jeannine a new companion(s) to watch over her when he left the physical world. He said he had willed a soul to her. (Some weeks later, Marlie, the dog, came into Jeannine's life.)
    To Jeannine:
    This was told with much love and affection. As an aside, I was told to specifically hold Jeannine by the shoulders and look into her eyes and say: "I have enjoyed my life with you and I have had a good life. I learned and grew and became a better dog by being with you. I must ask you to grieve with me now, but then to let me go. That is the only way for each of us to get on with our lives. Don't forget about me. But you have to let go."

At the conclusion of my experience that day, I had a sense that Peter was running in a field of tall wavering grass and cantaloupes. After the last thought the feelings of his entity faded away as quickly as they came. I was back to normal and I have not heard from him since then.
NOTE: Jeannine reported that her friend had no way of knowing the following: All of Peter's life, when Jeannine really wanted him to get a message, she would put her hands on each side of his face and look earnestly into his eyes. Also, Peter's favorite activity was eating cantaloupes!

From LA TIMES: A chimpanzee called Ai has a facility with numbers similar to that of a preschool child, Japanese researchers report in today's Nature. Ai has learned to use Arabic numerals to represent numbers, she can count from zero to nine, which she demonstrates by touching the appropriate number on a monitor, and she can order the numbness from zero to nine in the proper sequence. The team from Kyoto University said Ai can also remember the correct sequence of any five random numbers, like the average preschool child.

From LA TIMES: Argentina's state-run Telam news agency reported that a dog in the northwest of the country saved his 4-year-old master from a swarm of bees by flinging itself over the boy's body in an attempt to block the attack. Kharin Toloza was playing with his dog Chocolate near Valle Viejo when he was attacked by the insects. The dog immediately jumped on top of the boy and stayed there until the body was taken to a hospital after receiving only a few stings. While Kharin survived the attack, the dog died as a result of numerous stings.


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