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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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NMR Demonstration


Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. and Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.

Neuro-Muscular Response, or NMR, is a powerful tool that increases the accuracy of "applied kinesiology" and "muscle testing". Developed by Dr. Hugh Harmon and refined over two decades of clinical practice and research by Dr. Harmon and Pamela Chilton, NMR, when correctly and precisely used, gains access to the truths of the spirit, the truths of the body/brain and its cells, and the programmed beliefs of the mind.

"Muscle Testing" began with biofeedback and EEG research. Biofeedback machines measure responses of the body to directions from the brain. An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures electrical impulses created by the brain. With the use of these machines, it became possible to scientifically observe and record the effect of thought on the body.

That thought affects the body and specific thoughts affect the body in specific ways, became accepted fact. Soon, researchers began to explore the hypothesis that it should then be possible to use the body to test thought. The hypothesis proved to be correct. It was also observed that simply isolating a single muscle and manually testing its strength or weakness was as accurate as using a biofeedback machine. Thus did "applied kinesiology" through "muscle testing" begin.

Both "applied kinesiolgy" and "muscle testing" evolved rapidly as health practitioners in all fields quickly realized their significance. By using a muscle of the body, the connection between the mind and the body could be demonstrated as well as the effect of specific thoughts observed and measured. As "muscle testing" and "applied kinesiology" became more widely used, they became more widely misused. Seemingly simple techniques to use, accuracy is greatly affected when important criteria are not applied. These criteria are:

  • Testing the energy flows of the body to be certain the correct positive and negative polarities of the body are in place and balancing them if they are not.
  • Establishing a complete connection between tester and person being tested.
  • Focusing the mind of the one whose muscle is being tested on the thought being tested as muscle response is to the thought, not the spoken word, if these vary.
  • Clearing the mind of the tester as any thought on the part of the tester affects the testing.
  • Testing for spirit attachment influence.
  • The use of precise wording to determine the SOURCE (conscious mind, subconscious, inner child, past life personality, spirit attachment, Higher Self, etc.) of the thought affecting the muscle response.
  • The use of simple, not complex, statements, with a single subject and verb.
  • Using statements instead of questions to increase accuracy.
  • Paying attention to the literal meaning of each word in the statements as the muscle response will be to the literal meaning of these words.
NMR incorporates the above steps, thus highly increasing the accuracy of response.



    That thought affects the body, as well as mental attitude, emotions, and behavior, is important to healers in all fields. Equally important is that thought exists at more than one level of mind.

    At the conscious level, thought is not fixed, but changes continually. This is important, as the job of the conscious mind is to make choices and decisions based upon ever changing circumstances.

    At the subconscious level of mind, thought is fixed in set patterns, or clusters of linked thoughts. Fixed patterns of thought ensure both "autonomic" and "automatic" responses. Such "automatic programming" is important to the subconscious mind's job of directing and regulating the body and its energies, which must be kept functioning regardless of changing circumstances. As circumstances change, a different pattern of thought is triggered, and a previously programmed response to that particular pattern is triggered. This is a time -tested survival mechanism, and as such, is strongly protected by the subconscious mind.

    While brain chemistry does indeed regulate the body and its energies, thought regulates brain chemistry. More specifically, subconscious patterns of programmed thought regulate brain chemistry.

    To Illustrate:

    Think or say the word fear, without attaching it to a thought of any thing, place, or person. Brain chemistry is not affected, body changes do not occur. Now think about something or someone you fear. As you linger on this thought, patterns of subconscious thoughts linked to this image are triggered. As these are triggered, the automatic, as well as autonomic, responses linked to these patterns are also triggered. The brain chemistry changes. The body records these changes. You begin to sweat or your hands become clammy. Your heart beat increases and you may feel dizziness as adrenaline flows. Your body is responding as though what or who you fear is present because to your subconscious mind, what you images inwardly (and thoughts are images at the subconscious levels) is as real as what you see outwardly.

    Thought regulates brain chemistry, which in turn regulates the body. Thought affects mental attitude, emotions, and behavior. Subconscious patterns of thought are at the root of physical dysfunction, stress, addictions, phobias, compulsions, obsessions, illness, disease, and many other imbalances of the mind, body, and spirit. With careful and precise use of NMR it is possible to:

    • Locate the underlying thought patterns causing and contributing to all illnesses, diseases, injuries and imbalances of the body, the mind, and the spirit.
    • Find the origin of these thought patterns in order to change them.
    • Uncover subconscious blocks or conscious resistance to changing them.
    • Discover if all aspects of a person embraces the healing or change being sought.
    • Determine the fastest and/or most effective method(s) of eliminating blocks and resistance, as well as the fastest and/or most effective method(s) of achieving the healing or change sought.
    • Know whether a disease or illness is present or is developing within the body.
    • Know precisely what is happening in the body; i.e. the presence of viruses and germs; the condition of any aspect or process of the body/brain; the precise effect on all parts of the body/brain of any substances taken in or absorbed by the body.
    • Discover the likelihood of a particular method, means, tool, technique, process, or substance of helping specific situations or conditions in a particular individual.
    • Know, once the healing or positive change has been achieved, whether there are remaining patterns of thought that would sabotage this.

    In working with the body, it is important to know all of the effects of any substance ingested or absorbed into the body. It is important to note that the thoughts, and in particular programmed patterns of thought; i.e. subconscious beliefs, of an individual affect the manner in which that individual's cells process substances. For while the cells, as well as the subconscious mind that directs them, know their truths, each must respond to the directives; i.e. the will, of the spirit that they serve. Thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, are part of this will.

    To place a substance on the body and test whether the body weakens is insufficient for determining all of the effects of that substance on the body.

    • Precise and careful use of NMR allow one to know, before taking them, how a vitamin, herb, mineral, medication, food, or any substance will affect the body by itself and in combination with other substances
    • NMR is part of ALLERGONE ™, a method developed by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. for correcting allergy responses in the body. (See pages 19-22 Odyssey of the Soul, A Trilogy, Book I, by Chilton, Harmon, and Light and the HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM in this FYI section)


    The inner mind at both the subconscious and the superconscious levels keeps track of all of a person's experiences and the knowledge gathered from them. There can be a difference between the "truth" of an experience and the "perception" of the experience. There can also be a difference between the "truths" in ones knowledge and the "misperceptions" or "misconceptions" that lead to erroneous beliefs and programming. NMR is highly accurate, when used correctly and precisely, in discovering and discerning between the "truths" and the "myths" of ones knowledge.

    With the correct use of NMR it is possible to find:

    • Thought patterns; i.e. beliefs and their linked emotions, that are affecting one negatively as well as thought patterns negatively affecting the future.
    • The source of those thought patterns; i.e. inner age personality (baby, child, teen, adult); created personality; past life personality; spirit attachment; programmed belief; or Higher Self.
    • The circumstances and details of the experiences that have created and contributed to those thought patterns.
    • The circumstances and details of any experience of the past. This includes early childhood, birth, gestation, conception, spirit states, past lives, even lives on other dimensions, planets and realms.
    • The number of past lives can be found as can all the details of a specific past life, including gender, place of birth and residence, dates of birth and death, manner of death, who in this life was in that life, whether a past life is affecting the present life and in what manner.
    • What needs to be done to correct negative thought patterns and whether, as well as which, aspects of ones being will resist or block this.
    • Whether a conscious recall of a memory is accurate and what the inaccuracies of that recall, if any, are.
    • Whether an event in the past occurred in the mind alone or whether it happened in the levels of physical being as well.
    • Whether a memory of an experience is a past life, present life, and in some cases, a future life memory.
    • All of the details of abuse, even if that abuse has been "forgotten" at the conscious levels. One can discover whether one was abused; how one was abused; whether trauma and/or "negative" thought patterns and emotions remain from that abuse; whether that abuse was in the present life or a past life; whether ones abuser was in or out of the body during the abuse; whether a spirit attachment to ones abuser created the abuse; whether ones own spirit was in or out of the body during the abuse; and so on.
    • Whether one has Spirit Guides, how many, and who or what they are.
    • Guidance from spirit guides, as well as whether any spirit calling itself a spirit guide is indeed to ones higher good.
    • The source of spirit messages, the identity of channeled spirits, and whether these are to ones higher good.
    • Future probabilities. While the future is not "set" there are probabilities set in motion by thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The number of future probable paths, as well as the likely events on them can be found with NMR.
    • Higher Self Guidance.
    • How specific sounds, colors, vibrations, thoughts, emotions, affect a person's energy flows and chakras.
    • Whether a particular chakra or energy flow is open, closed, or blocked and the natural flow of these in a particular individual.
    • The messages in dreams and the meanings of dream symbols.
    • Whether ones meditations are accomplishing what is desired by that meditation and how to increase the effectiveness of ones meditation.
    • Whether a condition is a challenge presented for the spirit through Higher Self choice and whether changing that condition is or is not probable or possible in the present life time.
    • Guidance as to ones lessons, mission, higher purpose in life and/or how to find these as well as the actions most beneficial to accomplishing these.
    • Whether "contracts" or "agreements" about this life and the relationships in it were made before entering the body and whether such "contracts" or "agreements" are still in effect.
    • How one truly feels at all levels about a person, place, or thing.


    The presence of spirit attachments so greatly affects the accuracy of "muscle testing", "applied kinesiology", and "NMR" that those who are not open to the possibility of spirit attachments should refrain from using these techniques.

    While it is not necessary for the person being tested to believe in or even be aware of the presence with him or her of spirit attachments, it is necessary for the practitioner to be sufficiently open to the possibility to take precautions to by-pass, as much as possible, their influence. These precautions are given in NMR training.

    With the correct and precise use of NMR it is possible to know:

    • Whether one has spirit attachments (even if they come and go).
    • The influence a spirit attachment is having on ones thoughts, emotions, brain chemistry, body, behavior, relationships, healing, goals, life.
    • The identity, gender and age of spirit attachments of human identity.
    • Whether a spirit attachment(s) is "alien" and whether its presence is positive, negative, or neutral to ones own higher good.
    • When, where, and why a spirit attachment was allowed in.
    • Whether the presence with one of a spirit attachment is to ones higher good.
    • Whether being a spirit attachment is to the spirit attachment's higher good.
    • Whether a "spirit attachment" is a past life personality of ones own.
    • Whether a spirit attachment is open to or ready for moving into the Light or the astral realms where he or she can live as he or she chooses.
    • Whether a spirit attachment has thoughts, beliefs, or emotions that need to be addressed before it would be willing to move on.
    • Whether an aspect of ones own self (like an inner child) is holding onto and fearful of or unwilling to let go of a spirit attachment.
    • Whether Light, Higher Self, or spirit guides, are or are not able to remove a spirit attachment and whether a spirit attachment that has agreed to go has or has not gone.
      Spirit attachments have will. The people to whom they are attached have will, at all aspects of their being, including the inner child and past life personalities. Light and higher beings of Light, including the Higher Self, will not cross this will to take any spirit into the light that is not willing to go, nor will any individual be kept in the Light against their will. However, any individual can use their will, Higher Self, Light, or spirit guides to remove a spirit attachment from them if no part of their own being is blocking this. Such blocks can be emotional as well as mental intrigue or curiosity on the part of any aspect (even the inner child) of ones being. (Read more about spirit attachments in Chapter 7, Book I of Odyssey of the Soul, A Trilogy, by Chilton, Harmon, and Light.)
      NMR is more accurate than psychics in discerning the presence of spirit attachments if careful and precise wording is used.


NMR can trigger spontaneous recall as well as emotional states, trauma, and other altered states of consciousness. While this increases its value for therapists trained in these areas, it presents a dangerous situation for non-therapists and therapists not trained or inadequately trained in these areas. The use of NMR by non-therapists is best limited to statements not likely to trigger memories or emotions.

Relying on the word of the person being tested as to whether he or she is ready for or open to information that could trigger memories or emotions is irresponsible use of NMR, "applied kinesiology", and "muscle testing". One must always carefully test, with muscle response, as to whether that person is or is not prepared for the information. It is extremely dangerous to discover one has been abused, for instance, if one is not prepared to deal with that abuse as once the door has been opened to this knowledge is difficult, and often impossible, to close it again.

The interference of spirit attachments cannot be underestimated. Precise wording as to the possible interference of such attachments as well as precise wording to determine the source of the answers are very important and cannot be ignored.

There ARE ways for the person being tested to block accurate answers to NMR. Intent is important.

  • The intent of the one being tested must be that of discovering truth, not supporting ones fantasies.
  • The intent of the one doing the testing must be to help find the information within the levels of the mind, the body, and the spirit of the one being tested.

People with a vested interest in the responses of NMR, "applied kinesiology" or "muscle testing" with a particular person should refrain from testing that person. Testing loved ones or people with whom one associates closely is very tricky in many areas and should be avoided in these areas.

While it might be argued that health practitioners have a vested interest in these responses, it can also be argued that such practitioners are most interested in finding the quickest and most effective way of helping their patients/clients. Proper use of these techniques is the most effect tool in accomplishing this.

ALL persons should avoid being tested in these techniques by any person who is or appears to be a "controller" type personality, particularly if there is any question that person is unwilling or unable to set aside their own thoughts, beliefs, or theories while doing the testing.

NMR should never be used by or with anyone who resists its use or denies its usefulness and accuracy.


Self-NMR can be used with a finger technique or a pendulum. Self-NMR is not as accurate even when one is well trained in its use. The reason is the greater ability to affect smaller muscle response when there is a strong expectation or desire for a particular response. Accuracy can be increased with careful wording, however in making decisions that would greatly affect ones life it is highly recommended that Self-NMR be followed with NMR by an expert well trained in its use. (Good wording for Self-NMR is posted at


NMR can be used on toddlers, infants, animals, and invalids through the use of surrogate testing.


Dr. Harmon: "In my 40 years of clinical practice and research, I consider NMR to be the most extraordinary tool developed in modern times for discovering inner truths. My goal, and the goal of Pamela, is to increase the accuracy of "muscle testing" and "applied kinesiology" through the techniques of NMR. We are attending to this goal by 1) educating the public in what to expect and demand in such testing and 2) training professionals in the health fields in the use of NMR."

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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