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Dear Friends,
The following was sent by another dear friend concerned with the need to help our earth.  This message is of vital importance and it shows how you can help us all save our beautiful earth.  This is of vital importance.  Please read it and pass it on.  (P.S., Professor Pye is a professor of Physical Chemistry.)
From Earl Pye for Power of Ten consideration:

I am asking for your help. No, I am not asking for money. If money would work we would have already solved the problem. Nor am I asking for a large donation of your time. One minute, even less, each day will accomplish a modest miracle.  If each of us will spend one minute, only one minute, we can accomplish a full-sized miracle. Indeed, I believe, we will accomplish a monumental miracle!!

We are all aware of the continued onslaught on the earth by man’s intrusion. Recently it was the smoke cloud that crossed the Pacific Ocean from China to hover over the United States, pass over Chicago, on over New England and out over the Atlantic Ocean, drifting toward Europe. The cloud was the size of Japan, we were told. So out over the Atlantic, over Europe and back into Asia. Perhaps you recall just a year or so ago that large fires in the rain forest of Southeast Asia spread a cloud of smoke over much of Asia. The onslaught seems unceasing and its intensity is increasing day by day.

You may have read of the study done by Ronald Prinn of MIT whose research team found that the Earth’s atmosphere is beginning to loose its fundamental ability to remove pollutants. This in turn accelerates the accumulation of greenhouse gases. This is another warning of simply one warning after another!

We are a small world indeed and our world is desperately in need of nurturing. Please take one minute of your day to help. You can nurture the Earth simply, easily and, best of all, enjoyably with only one minute a day. I must caution you that after starting with one minute a day it is likely that it will become so enjoyable that you will find it difficult to refrain from spending many more minutes than just one. But for now, just one minute a day. Here is how. Go to the following web-site: www.odysseyofthesoul.org/joy.html. There you will find a detailed explanation of the mechanism, purpose and technique of "…meditation in the Light".

Try it. You will like it! Shortly you will feel better.

Do you want to feel even better? Forward a copy of this message to ten or more friends.

Dear Friends of Ours & of Earth,

The following is from another dear friend, Elizabeth Marie Pye. Please Read. It Is Very Important. Pass it on as your heart guides you.

From Elizabeth/Marie "THE POWER OF TEN" Planet Earth, a wondrous creation, is threatened by a tremendous imbalance caused by humans—ourselves. We have been given a beautiful planet with all the things that we need, not to only survive, but to flourish.

Sometimes we don’t see clearly when we are too close to a thing. Perhaps that is the origin of the saying, "The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence." Maybe that is why Dennis Tito, the first paying space tourist, said that space travel is exhilarating and emotional, and the view of Earth is awe-inspiring according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The report goes on the quote him as saying "We have a beautiful planet." Each of us who have viewed the photographs of earth taken from outer space also has seen that magnificent sphere of blue and white.

Yes, from outer space only the beauty of Earth is visible. But when our feet are firmly planted on the ground, we see the scars and injuries that have beset her by careless and thoughtless humans. A question and answer segment of the USA Weekend Newspaper illustrates this point. It featured remarks by Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of well-known undersea explorer, Jacques Cousteau, in which she says that water quality is degrading around the world. She points out that when fish in the ocean get polluted and we eat them, we get those pollutants into us as well. She says, "If they go, we go. It’s as simple as that." Of course, we all know that the pollution of Earth’s waters is just one of the myriad problems facing us all.

How do we begin to reclaim the earth as it was meant to be—clean and pristine? We must begin with ourselves individually. In addition to changing our consciousness about environmental issues, there is something else that we should do. That is to take a few minutes each day to direct energy (light) to the earth to help bring it back into balance. (Light is a form of energy, a type of electromagnetic radiation.)

Briefly, here’s how: Begin by quieting your mind and then visualizing LIGHT. Focus your thoughts on that light and direct it to the earth. Picture it encircling the globe and being absorbed into the earth completely. And in conclusion, direct that light to yourself and others as you wish. For a detailed explanation of the mechanism, purpose and technique of "…meditation in Light", go to https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/joy.html

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