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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


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Comments From Some of Our Readers

Thank you for reminding me of my own responsibility to share and shine my light for the healing of the earth and for others. You two are beautiful spirits and thank you for sharing your light ! Your site is a inspiration and I plan on exploring every inch! Bravo to you! Very well done!  Jackie C., Florida

Homage to the teachers!! Thanks to Hugh and Pamela for your experiences in behalf of the People and the Planet. I'm so greatful that you arrived in my life on schedule to remind me of my own Divinity and what it really means to me. Howard B, Texas 
Thank you so much for spreading this information on your website and in your book. You are both wonderful people. I am finding more and more joy each day. I am still really new at all of this but I do meditate each evening to spread the Light. Thank you so much for all of the information you have given the world and me!
Scarlet, Washington
This is a great site and I found it one night by the direction of my spirit. I have learned to trust in my guiding spirit as it ALWAYS leads me to great things and information that is priceless!!! AWESOME!!!
Rino S.  USA
My compliments on an impressive site. As a Psychic I found your site quite resourceful. Well Done.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
Usually I get irritated when I have to read alot on a website, but not this time.   I was very interested. Love your book.  It  is great and I hope to read more.  Roberta, Ontario Canada 
 BRAVO & thank you ! Rosie, France
I felt inspired after reading the healing of Mai Tai ([story in Metaphysical Pet Pages] experienced from diabetes. ...May all those with ill pets take some solace in knowing they can take an active part in their pet's recovery. Blessed be.  Lineka, CA
As a Rastafarian, I am constantly seeking for truth, wisdom, knowledge, overstanding(understanding) and enlightenment. On Sunday nignt (11.11.00) I was searching: 'Akashik Records'; and had looked into quite a few sites, when yours caught my eye. I was so jaded by then (with the Tarot-type $£$£$ sites) that I nearly closed the page; but Spirit prompted me to check out this site, and the rest is history in the making. I stayed on-line until 5.45am - I was so awakened! Having found what I needed on your site, I was so charged with Spiritual energy that I just buzzed all day, spreading my joy everywhere. Thank you so much Pam and Hugh. This is exactly what I need at this time to help me further along my road to self fulfillment. Bless you for doing what you are supposed to be doing.
Hirute S., London, England
I  typed in the words Spiritual Healing and came accross your site, I have been mesmerised with what I read. I always thought that there must be more to US than meets the eye. I live in South Africa and we have much to do this side of the world to get some peace into our country. I do hope that Master of the Light will be able to assist me in getting the Light into South Africa. Thank you so much for this wonderful site - and keep up the good work.  Qurysha, Centurion, South Africa

Many many thanks to Master of Light, Pamela & Hugh. So much to read still ! So much to learn. It's uplifting & never-ending in its eye-openers. I just love reading all the feed-back too. Chris, you beat me to the guest book! Was fun to see someone I know in there.
Diana, Paris, France
asante' sana for being keepers of the LIGHT!!!  Lygia T., Washington D.C.
There are no words to adequately express the joy I felt when I arrived here. Thank you!  Victoria B., Florida

Thank you for A Meditation in the Light and for placing it on the Web free for anyone to read and carry out.   I plan to meditate every day.  I and my friend who lives in France have both been led to this site.   . With love to all in our oneness.  Christine E., Devon England
Book I is wonderful.  I would also like to order Book II. You two are such blessings to us all .. to All That Is!   Namaste' Jane S., Asheville, North Carolina
It was good going through this site, I was feeling very disconnected, but not anymore.  Bindu T., Pune, MH India
I spent ages in here tonight. You have so much to offer the spiritual traveller. Adelaide, sa Australia
Congratulation on a very enlightening book. Looking forward to read book 2 and 3.   Edgeir, Norway
Wonderful web site, there's SO much to look at! Brooke, NYC, New York
Divine forces led me to your site. All I can say is WOW!!! Incredibly expansive truths are contained within. Transformational tools and ideas are shared that can and will enhance/encourage the human consciousness' evolutionary progression. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blessings, Om Namaha Shivaya- We move forward as ONE!
Michelle O., Pleasantville, NY
First I must say that, as a rule, I do not use the internet for communication with other people, only for information gathering. However, after reading your book, I felt that leaving a comment would be a good idea. Your book brings into focus some issues that I have been thinking about since I recently started mediating. Specifically reincarnation, past lives, spirituality, and life after death to name only a few. Your book has allowed me to begin to start the process of comming to grips with these and other concepts that I was raised to believe as 'less than godly.' I look forward to your next book and thank you for candid answers to some not so easy questions.
Gerald S., Asheville, North Carolina
 I loved ur site it was very informative about the things I needed to find out. LOVE THIS SITE. I will start recommending this site to all my friends.  Sabrina N. Abilene Texas
Your book is a total inspiration to me. I have used some of your techniques (imagery) when I underwent chemotherapy and radiation and believe it worked wonders. Natalie N. Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Great reading, enjoyed the personal stories and am interested in the hypnosis. Gretchen C., Palo Alto, California
I am fascinated by this site! Tk you!
dorothy, USA
To be honest, i was expecting one of those books that is too far fetched to believe. What struck me was the description [in the first chapter] of our spirit bodies being huge and tornado like and permanent. I recently had a great meditation where i was taken above my physical body, and saw the spirit body. it came to sort of a point actually inside the earth, and spiraled up and out like a tornado (although I couldn't think of what to compare it to until i read this). I knew that this was my real body, and that I need not be so concerned with the one I am in now. (not to ignore it, though, of course.) i saw these spirit bodies all over the world. it was great. i was quite disappointed to be my normal self later, but i guess we can't be enlightened all at once! i was also very psychic for a while after this experience. anyway, i would definitely like to read this book! i'm so glad you put it online. i believe that we come across things as we're ready for them. i'm glad i came across this. :)  Debbie, California
Someone suggested that I click onto your site. I'm so glad I did.
Carolyn F., Houston, Texas
I read 'Odyssey of the Soul' almost every night. I feel that I will never get tired of it because like you write in the book, "our cells knows everything but we keep forgetting it". The book is a wonderful reminder of all that knowledge and far beyond. I can not wait to read Books 11 and 111 of the Trilogy.   Rachel R., Los Angeles, CA
What a blessing to find an extraordinary site such as yours. You provide a place for the soul to find responsibility on their path. Namaste'
Dr. Tg B., Meridian, Idaho
I am learning about myself and others and feel like the information that I have received here will help me out so much ,Thank You!  Amanda S., Pearl, MS
I'm a rookie, but jazzed about the information and knowledge this site could provide. I look forward to reading all the books. Thanks for reaching out to all!  Olivia W., Atwater, California
i enjoyed your site. just a sugestion for an additional book to put on the book list: THE SETH MATERIAL by Jane Roberts. Quasi, Houston, Texas
(Pamela comment:  Of course!  How could have missed The Seth Books?!)
I have really enjoyed your site. Look forward to more updates!! Thanks.
Nicole O., Atherton, Qld Australi
i have found your site quite interesting!good to see those searching for'' the eternal''...keep on good work....
Yurdagul S., Tokat, TURKEY
Loved the stories, they really helped me stay focused on the spiritual path
Carolyn W., Kansas City, MO
I have been wandering in the wilderness with so many questions running around in my mind. I am thankful that I found this site. You have so many answers.
Jane C., Schenectady, New York
Hello, Just a little note to say thank you for a wonderful job, It is a perfect book that gives instant understanding and answers to questions, that most of us have at this moment in time.
Sandra R., Port Moresby, Central Papua New guinea
Book 1 confirmed my beliefs and showed me what I had overlooked. Your exercises are the best for me. I awoke at night seeing the light, feeling the energy, and hearing the sounds the first day I read about the exercise. Thank you very much.
David J., Tampa, Forida
 (Wow)  Just started too read this wonderful book, I can't get enough  Randy W. Cary, North Carolina
I have been reading this book over the internet and am not finished yet, but so far I love it. There are a lot of philosophies, concepts and ideas that I previously thought about and up until now, I thought I was the only one who knew about them, obviously not!
Steve Z., MyTown, MI USA
I have only begun to explore your site, but already it has a feel of "home"! I have been doing a meditation once a week, outside in the sunlight, to channel the solar energy through me to the earth's core crystal, and then back up through me and out into the world. It feels similar to the meditation from the Master of Light! I love the synchronicity of all of this work! Deborah K., Keene, New Hampshire
Very insightful, thank you so much! Tanzi, UK
Words can't describe what I feel. Thank you.  Michael R., Boise Idaha
Thanks for sharing your site.  I love it.  Denise C., Absecon, New Jersey
I read the book several months ago and I joined FREOMM and started meditating again. I lent it to a friend who really was inspired by it
R. Jack B., Anchorage Alaska

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to read and print this book from the internet! I bought the book after a friend suggested I do so, and immediately gave it to another friend to read!   Carol W. Torrance California


Honolulu Star Bulletin Review Of Book I, Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis

An extraordinary spiritual journey of two clearly sincere and obviously well informed people. I have every intention of reading all of it again. It is that fascinating.

Allen Arthur, Columnist, Desert Sun Newspaper

It is always interesting when someone takes a 180 degree turn in life. Pamela Chilton - now wrapped up both in her work as a mind, body, and spirit practitioner and with Hugh Harmon her co-author, partner and mate for seven years - was a star struck all American pretty beauty pageant winner living in Greenwich Village in the 60ís with another young beginning actress 19 year old Bette Midler. Pamela writes in her book Odyssey of the Soul a chapter on her adventures with Bette, including their stints together as go-go dancers. From go-go dancer to spiritual therapist is a leap, but perhaps not as much as the other way around

Lynne D. Finney, Award Winning Author Of Reach For The Rainbow, Posted @ barnesandnoble.com

Your book and both of you are beacons in the darkness of all who have suffered hopelessness and despair. Your book is an enlightened message.

J. Leonard Kaye, Or Buddy K, award winning songwriter of the 30ís, 40ís 50ís and an award winning co-authorship with Og Mandino, Posted @barnesandnoble.com

A must read for everyone interested in healing or in knowing themselves.

Nick Bunick, Subject of The Messengers, author of The Great Tomorrow:

The words of inspiration and wisdom found in Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis are of great teachers who light the way for others who are trying to have a greater understanding of the journey they are on and who are seeking their own destiny. Posted @ barnesandnbole.com.

National Radio Talk Show Host Lowell Ponte

Co-authored by the man many are calling the modern day Edgar Cayce and the woman who helped him develop his remarkable gift.

Former Editor, New Age Magazine

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I must admit to you I was very moved by it and I am ordering more for my friends. I am ashamed to say our magazine will not allow me to review your book as you are neither "famous" nor "infamous". Hurry up and be one or the other. The world needs your book.

Janel McLaughlin, Editor Attitudes Magazine

I read your book and looked up your website. I love them both. I read with particular interest your section on allergies since I had a rough year with bronchial problems. I would like to reprint this and more of your material so my readers can benefit from your expertise. Thanks for the help you do. I hope I can help.

Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

Whoever designed your website has done a beautiful job. However, what I appreciate most is its content. It is about love, honesty, and integrity and offers all the ability to find a place of betterment. Congratulations.

Steve B., Host of Religions and Spiritualities Forum, Talk City. Com

I have discovered a very easy and powerful way of meditation to raise your consciousness while spreading Light to the entire planet in a book called Odyssey of the Soul, authored by Pamela Chilton, C.H.T. and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. I have at many times in my life practiced mind focus, concentration, meditation, but I have never gotten such powerful results so quickly and so easily.

Mathew Stein, amazon.com *****(Five Stars)

I have personally recommended your book to a number of friends. It is a wonderful story of spiritual growth and transformation as well as an excellent introduction to the incredibly powerful tools of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Very different from the distorted view of hypnosis which have been fostered by Hollywood and stage hypnotists. An outstanding introduction to deep inner healing work

Joe Rathbourne, barnesandnoble.com *****(Five Stars)

"Odyssey of the Soul" is the latest in spiritual understanding, free of the superstitious mumbo-jumbo of "ancient" or "primative" mystical teachings, written in a modern manner for a modern, scientifically oriented reading audience. Also, it is an "update" from God (Master of Light) Himself, to be kept right along side oneís Bible or Quran.

Reader From California Amazon.com *****(Five Stars)

If you want to read a great book on how to change your life, then this is the book you want to read. The message is you have the power to change yourself. You just need to learn how to connect to that power. Also, it tells you a way we can heal our planet with a very simple process.

Evelyn R., Vancouver Island, Canada amazon.com ***** (Five Stars)

SOUL INSPIRING. Being of average mind and middle age, I found "Odyssey of the Soul" both within my frame of mind and slightly beyond. In forever pursuit of greater understanding of oneself and mankind, this book gently weaves us through spiritual enlightenment. It is not a religious book per se, but harnesses that spirituality housed in all beliefs. While it introduces us to the paths travelled by Hugh Harmon and Pamela Chilton, it gives relevance to the paths in life travelled by all. Everyone has a story! "Odyssey of the Soul" brings plausibility to cases of mind over matter and opens an avenue available to all to get in touch with ones Higher Self. Whilst my, at this stage in life, simple mind could not fathom conversing with "Mike Todd", I tried to keep an open mind by reasoning that just because I was incapable of such feats, did not mean that others could not and did not have this ability. It is obvious that the tangible is easier to grasp. I especially enjoyed this book because I was able to grow with it and realize although there is still a long path ahead, I am on track..............Master of Light. It was definitely soul inspiring! I strongly recommend this book to anyone who doesn't know everything! I look forward to Book II.


Seattle Washington amazon.com *****(Five Stars)

This book is a vast source of useful information about hypnosis, past-lives, the subconscious mind, and how to use this information to re-program your life for the better. The book ends with a fascinating message from "Master of Light," a channeled being who asks the people of the world to remember to enjoy life with pure delight and joy. He also reminds us to meditate for peace and harmony as we move toward an upcoming age of great enlightenment. I highly recommend this book.

Jack B., Anchorage, Alaska, amazon.com ***** (Five Stars)

It is written for the layperson and does not have an academic approach with a lot of qualifers on each statement or references to other academics. Thus it is easy to read and is very entertaining. The first two chapters discuss the backgrounds and histories of the authors and thus help the reader make a connection with who is doing the therapy. I never would have found this book in a conventional book store and I was happy to come upon it shortly after publication. I have lent it to several people and bought if for several others. Everyone said they couldn't put it down and they couldn't stop thinking about what was said in the book. One person is now very interested in exploring her past through regression therapy. The book does give some good advice about finding and choosing a hypnotherapist.

Mindtrvir@aol.com, California, amazon.com *****(Five Stars)

OUTSTANDING BOOK! An Enlightening Spiritual Treasure. In this most outstanding book, I found the back ground on the authors both fascinating and remarkably bold. Opening to the reader a very intimate aspect of themselves that most of us would hide in the secrecy of our own minds. Following the authors history, the book began to take on a life of its own. Clearly this book was written from the stand point of experience not just theoretical jargon. While guiding me on a journey through the different levels of mind and its relationship to Spirit, the authors have convinced me of the great value of this book. The tools, the perceptions, and the graceful explanation of them in this book, have already made quite a difference in my life. The real life cases and the written dialog are brilliant. I highly recommend this book, especially to those who are interested in doing any kind of spiritual work, either with themselves or with others. I sure found the chapter from Master of Light both compelling and enlightening. I excitedly am waiting for the next book in the series.


FRANK, amazon.com ***** (Five Stars)

When I found this book I knew it was written for me! It rang true in my heart and soothed my soul. If, like me, youíve read Cayce and Castenadad, the Adi Granth and the Bible (and scores of other spiritual readings). If you know about Sai Baba and the miracle makers, like me, you were probably left in awe. This is the book that shows you how to find that part of yourself (the Higher Self) that will let you heal and enlighten your ills, fears and doubts. It shows us how to find and live serenity. The hypnotherapy stories illustrate the power of the sub-conscious. I believe that when you practice and accept the premises of LIGHT you can get to where you are supposed to be! In short, if youíre ready to get on with the spiritual practices that you know and discover other practices that potentially will get you to the place and person that you could be, then read this book, and get on with it!

Rachael B., Australia, e-mail

Gíday mates. How exciting to find I can email the authors of a book I just read. I just finished your book. WOW! What a book it is. I felt very moved by it. I laughed and I cried. I believe it was no accident I found your book within ten minutes of just getting on the world wide web when there is SO MUCH information out there. I am going to strongly dedicate myself to my work in psychology and I am determined to learn your techniques to help people deal with their lives and help them understand the control and opportunities they have in their lives. I was just so mesmerized reading your book, I couldnít put it down. I feel determined to get to know my potential and get in touch with my own inner guides so they can, well, guide me. And yes, I have begun sending Light to the earth every day.


Traik M., email, England

Just read your book. Itís just what I needed to know about what Iím blocking. I prayed for help and I found your book. Obviously, an answer to my prayer. Thank you.

Jerry B. Letter, California

I always thought spirituality and religion were the same thing. Boy, was I wrong. The Light and enlightenment have made all the difference for me. Light has brought me to know The Creator. The world should be your class. I thank The Creator for your words. I send Light daily to all, with my gratitude.

Marie L., Iowa, Letter

"I was so happy to find your book. I think it is so important for our times I am buying and giving away as many as I can and urging people to read the last chapter first, then the rest at their leisure. I, for one, am so (underlined several times) grateful to find something I can do to help the world in my own small way, which can be a very big way if enough people join in.

Dear authors of Odyssey of the Soul,

I believe we are greater than we are led to believe and I have a deep desire to know more. Thank you for your free posting of your book. See, I am domicile challenged in San Diego aka homeless. I am in a shelter that is closing and I have two weeks to find a job. If you have techniques that will enable me to access states of consciousness that will help me get OUT of this rut forever, I am OPEN. I thank you in advance for your help.


Michael R., Email

I am astounded you answered me personally. As soon as I finished reading your book on your website I ordered five through amazon. One is for me. I want it on my night stand. I think it is that important to my life. Thank you from my heart


Carol Preisach, Mensa Parapsychology SIG

I am reviewing your book in my newsletter The Tamulet, which goes out to SIG members. They have read my accounts of proposed earth changes, but I feel an urgency to continue to write more. Is there anything else I can do to help?

BVS - Email

Enjoyed participating in the worldwide prayer on New Yearís eve. I saw and felt the intensity of the Light, the greatest power of combined focus of thought I have ever experienced. The planet was lit like a giant, brilliant candelabra and the light was reading places I have always found difficult to penetrate. The Middle-East was the most significant and profound location for me - for the first time I felt no resistance from that part of the world to receiving the light. it was very bright. There must have been many minds at work that night. Keep up the exciting work.

Maliik email

I have spend the morning reading your entire book. I am always desperately seeking this kind of knowledge. The answers have always seemed so elusive and I realize now it is because I have to look within for the answers. I joined the Silva method of mind control course and that was a big help in this direction, but not enough. I managed to manifest many things I had wanted, like moving to America and ending a restrictive relationship (I am a trained physician and my husband would not allow me to work). Would you share with me an in depth method to continually explore along this route of self-improvement. I want my daughter and I to feel complete within our selves and not need someone elseís presence to make us complete. Thank you.

Kevin Bohnert Seattle

Your book The Odyssey of the Soul is incredible. The saying, when the student is ready the teacher will appear applies here. I have learned so much. Thank you.

Louise L., New York, New York

I am deeply grateful for your remarkable guidance and knowing. I have started to put this extraordinary wisdom to work in my life already. I am re-energized and enlightened by our wise and uplifting words and by your wisdom. Enclosed, an order for several books as gifts to others.

Beatriz M., Spain

I have read your book Odyssey of the Soul and it has been very enlightening to me. Many times I have the feeling of running backwards. This is very sad because I feel urgently not to waste this life. Reading your book I have realized this might be due to blockings with an old origin. Maybe you can help me. I will be calling.

Leslynne Jamaica

Thank you for providing yet another key to my healing. Last night I had a nightmare I have had off and on for most of my adult life. This time there was so much more clarity and I finally understood what I was afraid off. It was the first time in all those years I had a good cry over what happened to me. I also knew without a doubt that you helped me to this revelation. Now I know what needs attention, although it has always been something I have always known inside myself. Never doubt that your book works. Without even trying, I have begun to open up to new possibilities and less worry. Thank you.


Adriana K., Age 15, Brazil, South America

Help! All my friends on the internet are speaking of apocatastasis and I donít know what is it. Can you put a translator on your website so I know? Excuse my English.

Adriana K., Brazil, South America

I be very glad to hear from you! I have visited that website and already made the translations and printed it. Now itís more easy to me to read your book. I have to thank you for this great help. Now I will take more time to read your book. Be sure that I will have something to say about it or questions to do!

NOTE: Adriana DID have something to sayÖ..for almost 3 years now. We correspond with her regularly and she has become our "Light of the Southern Hemisphere". She is incredibly fluent in English now, and is becoming quite the linguist through her studies of Spanish and Italian, and, of course, is an expert in her own Portuguese. She is a THINKER and a FEELER. She is fascinating and wonderful. If she is an example of the "young minds and old souls" among us, the world has nothing to fearÖ..and much to celebrate..


Joe R. Email, Florida

I have not finished reading all of Apocatastasis, but what I have read certainly explains a lot. Some of these things have baffled Scientists, Behavior Specialists, convention Psychiatrists and Church people alike for ages. It may not seem so now, but I think Apocatastasis will become very big and wide spread as the years go by.

L.M., West Indies

Your book is very inspiring first because of the courage both of you have in being able to show for all to see, with no judgment, your many life experiences as painful or difficult as they have been. That is why I feel compelled to write you. The other thing thatís good about your book is you describe situations and techniques which anyone can apply to their own situation to gain a better insight and sometimes solutions. On Friday, I shall be 40 and I am beginning to remember the joyous person I once was and to claim my many gifts. Your book has triggered many things in me and I can only thank you again and again.

S. H. Arizona

Such dynamic teachers! You have so much to give to people. You will go far. Thank you.

Brett J., email

Thank you so much for your response. These have been the most healing words I have heard since the death of each of my parents. I have forwarded your message to each of my sisters.

David C., Email

Powerful! Inspiring. Your book has touched the hearts of others. I truly believe in you and your book. I know the impact it is making on the planet is extremely powerful and its effects have only just begun. The power of light is more than just a theory, it is a reality. Light will in fact affect change in the vibrations of each element in our universe. Thank you for making it possible for many to bring it from theory to practice reality in the lives and hearts of all who live on this planet. Thank you for the magnificent souls you are.

Randy W., Email

Iíve completely read the book. Twice. It was the beginning of a new way of life for me. I now have the best meditations ever. I can see the Light getting brighter each time I meditate. It seems the more I meditate and work with Light the better my life is getting.

Tarik O. Email England

Thought youíd be interested to know I managed to get a hold of your book even though I live in the UK. I just finished reading it. Took me 4 days. Great book by the way, couldnít stop reading it.

Ishaka G. London

I very much enjoyed your first book, Apocatastasis, - a wonderful message of hope and light brought to the world. Is Book II ready? As you an imagine I just canít wait to get started on it.

R. C., North Carolina

I am really inspired reading your book. Your work with cell consciousness is extremely fascinating. Iím soaking it in like a sponge. Itís so exciting I can feel psyche resonating with the affirmation of this truth. Does the wisdom channel know about you?

Tracy S., Email

I asked God to help me find the truth. Since then I have read the Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God, and your gook. I know this has been the answer to my prayer. Thank you for the book that you wrote.

Gregory K. South Africa

Your first book is fascinating and exciting. I cannot wait to read the second one.

M.M.K. Asenbauer, Email

Some time ago I was moved to do "Light Therapy" for this planet. Imagine my joy (and relief) to see the instructions for this technique listed on the web. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. Now I do not feel the task is quite so impossible.

Matthew Stein, Posted On The Web

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes: Start somewhere, anywhere, with just the smallest gesture of compassion, and you have made a dent against the evil of the world. The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon and Rupert Sheldrakeís Bio Morphic field indicate that we are all connected and we donít have to change the whole world, just a critical mass chunk of it, for the whole world to take a leap in consciousness. Here is a simple Light Meditation that may help to influence the world in a positive way. Read about it in a book I just found on the web: Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis.

Also from Mathew Stein, Author of "When Technology Fails, A Handbook For Survival"

Thank you for your book. It completely supports this story that I have tried to live my life by: An old Grandfather, an Indian, said to his grandson, who came to him with anger at a schoolmate who had done to him an injustice: "Let me tell you a story. I, too, at times, have felt great hate for those that have taken so much, with no sorrow for what they do. But hate wears you down and does not hurt your enemy. It is like taking poison and wishing your enemy would die. I have struggled against these feelings many times." He continued, " It is as though there are 2 wolves inside of me; one is good and does no harm. He lives in harmony with all around him and does not take offense when no offense was intended. He will only fight when it is right to do so, and in the right way. But the other wolf, ah! He is full of anger. The littlest thing will set him into a fit of temper. He fights everyone, all the time, for no reason. He cannot think because his anger and hate are so great. It is helpless anger, for his anger will change nothing. Sometimes it is hard to live with these 2 wolves inside me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit." The boy looked intently into his Grandfatherís eyes and asked, "Which one wins Grandfather? The Grandfather smiled and said, "The one I feed."


My name is Umeka Padayachee. I stay in South Africa. I find your book very enchanting and fascinating. Thank you.

Deborah B., California

I have been involved in personal growth work and therapy/counseling since I was 18 years old. In all those years I have never been able to obtain the type of clarity and understanding (on so many levels) that I have found in your inspiring book. Thank you.


I am a 15 year old Muslim student. While I was doing your meditation of Light I could feel a sense of peace. I would like to learn more about the Light. I would like my whole life to be filled with enlightenment.

Elaine . Email

I love your site on the internet. It is my favorite. I go there nearly every day. Thank you.


Love your website. Been viisting it daily and feel tremendous energy while Iím there.

Tammy C. Email

Iím getting back in touch with my spiritual roots and I very much enjoy your website. It is so wonderful. Iím trying to find what my purpose is so I can help others and all the information you give is pointing me in the right direction.

R.R. Email

Iíve been a guest speaker a number of times at a local church. I recently spoke shortly after reading your book. I was so moved by the need for healing the planet as explained in Chapter 8, I led the congregation through the sending of healing Light to and through the earth. I explained how we all need to take part during these times of change and took the liberty of copying the meditation and passing it out for those who wanted to include it in their daily times of reflection. I felt it my duty to pass along this beautiful information.

Jack C.

The insights in your book made me stop and reflect on my life up to this point. As I read the rest of the book, there was little, if anything, I could not believe or accept. This flies in the face of my belief that I am a born skeptic. I DID question the information concerning Cesarean births. Then this morning, in our local paper the enclosed article: STUDY LINKS CAESAREAN BIRTH, SCHIZOPHRENIA (The News Tribune, Canada, Sunday, Nov. 22, 1998) Your book is very important. I felt compelled to write this, to let you know that your message is being received and appreciated.

Jackie C. email

Thank you for the weekly e-mails via FREOMM! I find them so very inspirational and enlightening. Every week I share them with my email group and I always receive positive and uplifting replies and feedback. I feel magnificent encompassing energy when I read your post or visiting your site! I feel the work you are doing is to the benefit of us all and carries with it a very noble and urgent message to all of us. Keep shinning and sharing your beautiful light.

Reg O. email

Elated and blown away to find the wealth of informative and elegantly presented information on your website!

Janet Starwalker email

I canít tell you how much I relate to Master of Light. Guess Iíll have to sing a songÖ."You LIGHT up my lifeÖyou make me wholeÖand it seems so right, Ďcause you, you LIGHT up my life!!!

Jenni J. Nambibia, South Africa Email

I got a hold of your book in the Net when I was looking for something to help me with my counseling work. I have read up to the half of chapter 6. I am convinced that my whole life is changing and the answers which I have been looking for many years are coming to me in leaps and bounds. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Umeka P., South Africa, Email

I stay in South Africa. I read what was up on your webs site and I am very interested about people and their abilities. I find this subject very enchanting and fascinating.

Debbie, Email

I just finished the book and I have so many thoughts in my head that I donít know what to say - but I feel the need to say "Something". I am, in many ways, very skeptical, but I found this book brought out many childhood memories of beliefs I used to have. Has this happened to anyone else? Also the part about speaking to the body and the cells made me cry. I have been so mean to mind and I suddenly felt so bad for them. Iím wondering, did any of you stumble upon this book "accidentally" and find it to be just what your thoughts were trying to tell you, but you couldnít quite find the words? Well, happy days!

Suzie, email

I love your website. Been visiting it daily. And feel a tremendous energy while Iím there. I will order your books and read them with my children. Namaste. Peace. Love. Light.

Najad D. email Feb. 18, 2000

Iím 15 year old student and I wanted to know about sending light? I know how is done, but I donít see the point of doing it. I donít see myself changing and coming to the world of enlightenment. It all seems weird and my mother thinks Iím absolutely losing my mind. And as a Muslim person, is this Meditation of light harming me and doing something to my religion or what? I have tried doing meditation of light, but I donít know if it actually leading me the right way. Email me if you have any helping hints?

Najad D. email March 6, 2000.

I have been doing the mediation of light this weekend. And while I was doing this, all I could feel is sense of peace which all of sudden drives me to sleep. I also read your email which sounds so useful to me. There are so many things I would like to learn more about light and also thank you so much for it. I would like my entire life to be filled with enlightenment, thanks to you.

Tracy S. email

I want to do what you do. I want to spread the message of Love to people. I want to help people wake up like I have. That we can all do what Jesus did as we call these Miracles. It has been very slow for me. I am 31 now and in the last 2 years have woke up out of my stupor. A lot of things have just popped into my mind. I trust those thoughts. Then I read a book and most of what it says is not a surprise at all. When I read the Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God, your book and many more, I am thankful for the information that I know. It all started by saying what simple prayer that I read in a book. "Ask God to help you find the truth in your heart." It worked. Thank you for your time and the book that you wrote. Full of great information.


Laura email

Thank you. Your advice is probably the very best advice and help I have ever received. I am starting it today and I know it will help me. It is exactly what I have been searching for and I know once I am able to help lessen the distraction, amazing things will begin to happen in my life. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I am so very grateful.

M.M.K. A, email

Some time ago I was moved to do Light Therapy for this planet and try to link consciousness with others who were (I was hoping) doing the same. Imagine my joy and relieve to see the instruction for this technique listed on the web. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I do not feel that the task is quite so impossible.

Karsten. G., South Africa, email

I have read the first book and found it fascinating and exciting. I cannot wait to read the second one.

Joani M. Belize Central America email

I have contacted friends in Maryland and southern Miami regarding your book and work, and they have ordered it or are looking for it. This is wonderful work you are doing. Our planet needs the Light and Love you so clearly share. I am determined that we (humanity) will not "go down" again - that we will use our knowledge, love and assistance from Others to save us repeating the Atlantis experience. There are groups and individuals all over this planet consciously working to bring in the Light, to heal and help Earth/humanity to move into the Golden Age - or whatever it is being called. So, I am heartened and encouraged. I am here to do my part and I am grateful to "meet" you who are doing such a wonderful "part".

Ishaka G., United Kingdom email

I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed reading your first book, Apocatastasis, and wondered whether you have any idea as to when Book II will be available. As you can imagine, I canít wait to get started on it. I offer my sincerest thanks to you both for the wonderful message of hope and light BOOK I brought to the world.

Randy W. email

Iíve completely read the book TWICE : ) It was the beginning of a New way of life for Me. I now have the best mediations ever. I talk with my inner child. I can see the light getting brighter in my brow chakra every time I meditate. I have a little story for you that just happened this past Sunday. I was sitting outside at my favorite coffee bar. I started doing a light meditation and was just looking around at the subtle beauty that surrounds me every day, if I take the time to see it. A small bird flew near by and was sitting on a wire. It seemed as if he was looking at me. I smiled and thought to him, not speaking out loud, I asked, "And how are you today?" He fluttered and jumped around and looked at me as if to say, "Iím doing great". I smiled more. So I asked him, "Whatís it like to fly?" He looked backed at me and said, "Donít you remember?" I really heard him answer me! I was so tickled I smiled the whole day. : )

David C. email

Powerful. I truly believe in you and your book. I know that the impact it is making on this planet is extremely powerful and the effects it is producing have yet only begun. The power of light is more than just theory, as you know, it is a reality. Light will in fact affect change in the vibrational structure of each element of our universe. Thank you Pamela, Hugh, and Master of Light for dedicating the time necessary to affect this happeneing. Thank you for making it possible for many to bring it from theory to practical reality in the lives and hearts of this planet. Thank you for being the magnificent souls that you are. And thank you for being my friends.

Brett J. email

Thank you so much for your response. These have been the most healing words I heard since the death of each of my parents. I have forwarded your message to each of my sisters.

Joe R. email

I have not finished reading all of Apocatastasis yet, but what I have read certainly explains a lot. Some of these things have baffled Scientists, Behavior Specialists, conventional Psychiatrists and Church people alike for ages. To anybody who says the ideas presented in Apocatastasis are unbelievable, wild or whatever, I ask, "Well, any other theories?" HellOOOO, any OTHER theories? Hmmmm, I thought not. Allah sends messengers, minor ones, major ones, to various ages, various cultures. I heard it was the Angel Gabriel who instructed Mohammad what to include in the "Quran". Maybe Apocatastasis is the latest and greatest "Quran" for our age and culture! It may not seem so now, but I think Apocatastasis will become very big and wide-spread as the years go by.

Dr. Beatriz M. Spain, email

I have read your book and it has been very enlightening to me. For some years I have been trying to study metaphysics. Although I feel much better and my understanding has increases a lot, I have many times the feeling of running backwards and coming again and again to the same points. I have thought frequently that this might be due to my own incapacity to reach spiritual growth. This is very sad because I feel urgently not to waste this life. Reading your book, I have realized this might be due to blockings with an old origin. Thank you for your time, with my best wishes.

Tammy C., email

What is the best exercise for me to start with to become stronger with my psychic senses?

Hello Tammy -Start with, anchor with, communicate with your Higher Self. read Meditation Guidance on our bulletin board. On home page, click on Treasure Chest, then go to How To Connect with Higher Self. When you have questions, before you mediate, ask the question of your Higher Self. Then as you meditate, go into the deeper levels. Youíll think you are asleep. You are not. When you "awake" you may recall what you were shown or told in regards to your answer. Or you will recall it later in the day, or at night when you dream. At times, you may be guided to the person or the written material that "gives" your answer, perhaps not knowingly. Begin working closely with dream interpretation with you Higher Self. Ask for Higher Self to give the message of the dream. Take three deep breaths. Relax your body. Hold a pen or pencil (or sit in front of a keyboard) and write what comes into your head. Do some self NMR (see NMR pages) to see if dream interpretation was correct, or ask this at your next meditation. Pamela

Miss Pamela - I wanted to take the time to thank you for your response and also for the wonderful work that you are doing. Iím getting back in touch with my spiritual roots and I enjoy your website. Iíve been taught the things you teach since I was very young. A family member of mine had the chance to pass over when I was 3 or 4, but spirit sent them back to teach me about them. Our psychic abilities werenít something to discuss as a youngster, people thought we were weird. Anyone, I wonít bore you with all the details, but wanted you to know how wonderful I think the website is. Iím trying to get to my purpose so I can help others and all the information you give is pointing me in the right direction. Thank you.


Judy B. email

I would like to make contact with my recently deceased parents. They both died within 6 months of each other and I know their spirits are connected close to the living. They were not perfect ying/yang connection but they loved each other and their 4 daughters. If only I could make some type of meaningful contactÖto know they are okÖItís a real mystery to enter the other sideÖthey know their daughters love themÖ.can they let us know they are okay?

Dear Judy B. - Yes, your parents can contact you - together or separately. What is so very frustrating for those who have crossed over is how simple it is for them to contact us and how difficult it is for us to GET IT!! We think it is wishful thinking on our part when we think of them in our minds and think how much they meant to us. We donít realize it is THEM telling US how much we meant to them and that they know we love them and miss them. They donít miss us. They can see us and "check" on us any time. You see, in the Light, they receive a kind of wonderful opportunity to choose whatever it is they want for their next phase of life. Do they want to prepare to have physical bodies again? Do they want to train to be spirit guides for their loved ones? (It does require training.) Do they want to go to the spirit world that is right next to and parallel with the physical world, where all looks and feels pretty much the same, but they can fulfill their unfulfilled dreams and wishes? Do they want to travel to other planets? What would they like? No matter where they are, we can contact them mentally. The message remains, in a kind of record place that lets them know of our contact and when they can Ďget back to us" THEY DO! Of course, all human beings want "signs". Real physical signs. Just ask for one. It may be a subtle one - something that had meaning just for you and them. Like someone wearing your motherís perfume walks by and you smell it. Or a favorite movie of your dadís comes on. This is how it works. They hear you ask for a sign. So they make you aware of something that has meaning to them and to you. They also come to you in dreams. Remember, their voices will sound to you like the thought sin your head. They can communicate mind to mind now. People seem to think all the thoughts they think are their own thoughts. Not so. Listen for your parentsí thoughts. They want you to know they are ok. The Light is there for any spirit. In the Light they have no aches or pains - not even heart aches. They are very safe and very happy. They watch over you. They will be there when you cross over. Live your life in joy. They WANT that for you.

From Judy: Thank you so much for your response. These have been the most healing words since the death of each of my parents. I have forwarded your message to each of my sisters. In sincere thankfulness. Judy B.

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