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Light Your Goals

Light has said not to ‘direct’ the light you send to The Earth.  This means not to ‘tell’ the light what to do.  You do not know where or how the light you send is most needed at the moment you send it.  Nor do you have a right to tell others what to do with the light you send them.  Light says you DO have the right to ‘direct’ the light for yourself.  So . . . .

~ When You Have The Time & The Inclination ~

After You Light Self, The Earth, & Others

Think of A Goal You Have.

Imagine Yourself As Having Already Achieved Your Goal.

Imagine The Feeling.  Feel The Feeling.

Imagine It As Though It Is Really Happening NOW.


You can do this for many goals each time or one goal each time. It’s up to you.
Doing only one goal each time helps you gauge your reaction when you imagine achieving it.
If you can’t seem to imagine reaching your goal or if imagining achieving it leaves you
feeling upset, frustrated,out-sorts, distressed, sad, angry, or rebellious afterwards,
you have resistance to achieving your goal or to taking the necessary steps to achieving it.

This resistance might be conscious – in which case you can find and work through the resistance
consciously. You might be able to do this yourself by examining how achieving your goal
will affect you or your life and how you and the people important to you will handle
these changes. Or you might need help with this by talking about it with a trusted friend
or professional counselor, coach or therapist.

If your resistance is subconscious – this means your resistance is ‘hidden’ from your
conscious awareness - you will need hypnosis or NMR to find it and possibly
hypnotherapy to work through it. You can read about blocks, resistance,
subconscious, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NMR in our treasure chest.


Help Spread The Light

Hundreds of Millions of Minds are Needed To Light The Earth Daily.

This Is Why YOU Are Important.

Ask Your Inner Light For Ways To Tell Others.

Ann who lives in the "Bible Belt" shared with us

what she does:   


"I have no problem asking friends and family

to "light the Earth with God's Light" -

and that it can be done when they are

praying or in meditation. I also add that

it is being passed around and could they

please keep it going. I also say could they

please do it from now until forever and to

put little sticky notes up in places that they

may find it easy to. . . like when doing makeup

in the morning or sitting at their desk."


We might add:

When speaking to those who use a term other than God, use their term.

If you feel comfortable directing them to this website, do so.

If not, share as much as seems comfortable and right to you

of Light’s Message of Light for Lighting the Earth.

Proclamation of Spirit

This is the original.

There are others proliferating on the web that

have inserted changes into the text.

Some changes seem to be intended to ‘explain it’.

Or make it clearer.  Or to add personal agendas.

We prefer to present it word-for-word as Higher Spirit spoke it.

(Through Dr. Hugh While He Was In An Unconscious Trance State)

(For a detailed transscript of this channeling look here )

This Proclamation was given in 1993

To The Peoples of The Earth From Higher Spirit


"You must learn to embrace your wonderful power and abilities.

And avoid the defeatism and idea your responsibility is nil or nothing.

You ALL are responsible.

Many peoples are choosing to leave the earth.

For they have no faith. We give you faith.  We provide you with power.

You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us.

 We need your power with our power.

We need all to spread this message to any gathering where

there are ears to listen, minds to think, bodies to take action

to carry this message forward.

And this is how it will work to save this planet earth.

 Earth is a very important link in the chain

of development of the Universe.

Your scientists are recognizing with their Quantum Theory,

 a truth your Spiritual Masters have long taught - thoughts affect Matter.

 We tell you that your thoughts affect more than matter,

your thoughts affect EVERYTHING.

We tell you that there is present now an imbalance

of energies in the earth.

This is due to the focus of many on the negative aspects

of your experiences in this plane of existence.

This focus can be, must be, changed.

It is possible with the use of the vibrations of Light.

How can we tell you more of the energy

and the power you have with Light?

Is not laser surgery a powerful demonstration of

what Light can do when it is focused and concentrated?

And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy.

Such energy can raise the vibrations

of this planet and of every life form upon it.

If all on planet earth want to live a happy and healthy life

and if planet earth is to remain hospitable to human life,

Focus On The Light.

It is so simple and it is so powerful.

Do NOT imagine what you wish the Light to do.

Do NOT focus it on the evil or the darkness.


Let the Light’s healing vibrations lift the planet,

and the life forms upon it, to their proper balance.

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