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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
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akashic records
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Higher Self
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How To Channel Your Higher Self  Yourself


Option 1: Read about hypnosis - what it is and isn't.  There are many places on the Internet to find this information such as:  Questions and Answers About Hypnosis" in the Treasure Chest on our website below.  Find a good hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Session 1. In the first Ĺ hour, this person and you choose the wording and induction for self-hypnosis that sounds/feels comfortable to you. Second Ĺ hour this person records this on a tape for you while you relax and listen to what is being recorded. Practice being hypnotized with this tape at home until you have experienced one or more of the following: Body feels heavy, limbs feel like cement, you feel so lethargic it would take more effort to move your body and/or limbs than you want to expend right then, body or limbs feel like it/they are in a different position than you know they are (you may open your eyes to check on this without disturbing the hypnosis), sense of your body disappears, eyes water, eyelids flicker rapidly, body or limbs feel very light, a floating feeling, a body limb lifts from the chair seemingly of its own accord, a sinking feeling - like the body or limbs are sinking into the chair or sofa or bed - if you sit in the bed prop yourself up with pillows into a semi reclining or sitting position, a spiraling or sinking feeling, you tell yourself you canít open your eyelids and you canít or it is difficult to do so for a moment or two, you have a "mask like" feeling around your face or eyes or sinus areas, you feel like you are out of your body (rare). Once you have experienced one or more of these signs of hypnosis - write out the suggestions that worked for you and return for your second session. Session 2: First Ĺ hour. Give hypnotist list of suggestions that worked for you and discuss if you want same or different induction for this tape. Agree when you feel yourself entering hypnosis, you will move a finger to indicate this. At that point or shortly thereafter, the hypnotist will say, "That is your "yes" finger that the subconscious can use for a yes response.  Should I say anything with which your subconscious disagrees, it will want to move a different finger or thumb for a "no" response.  Move that "no" response finger or thumb now. 

This tape that you and the hypnotist are making will run about 20 minutes or so. 

Second Ĺ hour. Hypnotist and you discuss what suggestions will help move you into a "higher mental and spiritual vibration". Suggestions: Lifting higher and higher. Floating like spirit. Floating above your body. Floating or drifting in a cloud higher and higher.  Floating higher into the light. Climbing a mountain to the top and entering a sacred grove or a circle of light. Hypnotist agrees to give you this suggestion during the induction: "Your "yes" indicator finger will move when you are entering hypnosis." Hypnotist makes 15 -20 minute tape on the other side of the tape giving the suggestions for shifting into your higher mental and spiritual vibration. When your "yes" indicator finger moves, hypnotist makes following suggestions: Your Higher Self draws near now and surrounds you with its presence. As this occurs, you feel a coolness around you and the air you breathe feels different. You feel different. As your Higher Self aligns with your body and your mind, your Higher Self and your subconscious block all thoughts, energies, and entities from interfering with the Higher Self communication.   Should such interference occur, your "no" response indicator will move.  Your brain receives sufficient oxygen for this channeling and the moisture in your mouth remains perfect for speech. When your Higher Self is sufficiently aligned for communication and speech, your yes finger will move again. This becomes automatic for you. When your Higher Self is present and aligned for channeling, your yes finger will indicate this. (Whether your yes finger does or does not move this first time, the hypnotist says - "Very good and this will happen each time your Higher Self is present and aligned for channeling.)

Practice with your tapes at home until you are 1) Very familiar and comfortable with being in a hypnotic trance state.  2)  You feel your Higher Self presence and your "yes" response finger indicates this readily.   

Session Three: You and hypnotist refine the induction you want for Higher Self alignment or agree on the same. Session then proceeds, with tape being made of session. When your "yes" finger indicates Higher Self is aligned hypnotist speaks with Higher Self. Suggested Questions:  " Higher Self please communicate verbally now. Welcome. You are the spiritual essence, that which we call the Higher Self of (your name)? Is there a name other than Higher Self you or this person would prefer when communicating with you? Is meditation recommended and if so how often? What method of quieting the body and the mind is most beneficial to this person for meditation? When asking to channel your verbal communication would the method used today be the most effective for the higher good? Is there additional guidance you would offer at this time? " Take tape home and listen to it as often as desired. Follow its guidance.

When you feel you are ready, write out for yourself the induction you want for Higher Self alignment (you probably will take this almost verbatim from your tape). End the induction with "As the Higher Self aligns for speaking, I welcome you. Higher Self, please answer verbally the questions asked of you, giving as detailed and specific an answer as is possible at this time. The Higher Self of (state your name) speaks now." Next, write out a second induction of about 3-5 minutes, ending it the same as the first induction. Record the first induction on one side of your tape - pressing the pause button first when you are done so there is not such a loud click end you press the stop button. Record the second induction on the other side of your tape, doing the same. OR ask your hypnotist to record the induction with or without your presence. Either way, be prepared to pay hypnotist for his/her time (which should be no more than 20 minutes with both inductions though you may have to pay for 30 minutes.  You might pay for a full session, have hypnotist make both tapes, then proceed on to ask more questions of your Higher Self while you are in a trance state.  Such as:  Give the life lessons for this incarnation.  Give the Higher Self purpose for this incarnation

Now you are ready to channel your Higher Self. You will need two tape players. One to record your channeling and one to play your induction tape. Be sure to punch out the little tabs at the top of your induction tape in case you accidentally put it in your record player. When you punch out these tabs, you canít record over the tape. Before you begin, read aloud the question or questions you wish to ask your Higher Self. Start with one question, you will soon discover how many you can ask in a session. Then, push the play button for the induction tape and the record button for the tape on which you are recording your channeling. Yes, both tapes will be playing simultaneously.  Eventually, you will become so practiced at this, you will be able to enter a state for channeling without the induction tape, simply by saying or thinking what works for you.  ALWAYS channel THROUGH your Higher Self.  ALWAYS surround yourself with protective light and make it very clear to your subconscious that it is to indicate when a spirit other than the Higher Self is speaking and that your Higher Self is to identify this spirit as well as whether its communication is or is not to your Higher Good.  If this does not happen at the time the spirit speaks, ask your Higher Self in your next channeling.  

Remember, daily meditation will improve your channeling, as will clearing yourself of subconscious and conscious thoughts/programs that block or lower your consciousness. Such as: I am afraid of spirit. I am closed to spirit. I am not psychic. I cannot communicate with spirit. Spirit cannot communicate with me. Trying to clear these programs/beliefs/thoughts yourself will NOT work, unless you make a tape of this so you can be in hypnosis while doing it. See Erase and Replace Negative Subconscious Programs on our website below or go to a hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

Option Two: Make your own self-hypnosis tape as well as your own Higher Self induction tape. Get induction ideas from hypnosis tapes, hypnosis books or in Erase and Replace Negative Subconscious Programs, our website.

Option Three: Get a good general self-hypnosis tape. Tell yourself each time you play it you will move a "yes" indicator finger as soon you begin to enter hypnosis. When ready, use this induction plus suggestions given here for Higher Self alignment when making your Higher Self induction tapes.

Option Four: Buy the tapes from us. Each tape $20, both tapes $35. Prices include tax, handling, postage within USA, Mexico and Canada. Other locations, contact us for prices. Individualized tapes contact us for prices. Our phone: 760-772-6628.

E-mail:  odyssey at (Replace the at with @.) .


Dr. Hugh & Pamela

LIGHT THE EARTH, YOU & LOVED ONES: Thought has power. Ten minds focused on a single thought magnify the power of that thought tenfold. A hundred minds focused on a single thought increase the power of that thought a hundred fold. A thousand minds focused on a single thought have the power to move mountains. A hundred thousand minds and more focused on a single thought have the power to restore the balance of the Earth and enlighten humankind. There is no human mind that knows the thought that could do this. Only the mind that created the balance in the first place would know how to right it. Whatever that higher power, most agree Light is part of it. A hundred thousand minds and more focused as one on the Light of that Higher Power surrounding the Earth could heal the planet while bringing greater enlightenment to human kind. Words of any kind added to this thought would be defeating for there are no words on which humans of many differing languages and beliefs could agree. The act of channeling the Light is to be united and without words or prayers. Simply focus on the thought of white light flowing from your third eye to surround and fill the Earth with Light. Why the third eye? It is the center of spiritual thought. For How To Light The Earth, Self, & Loved Ones click on the link below.

Lighten Up



This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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