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A Message From The Light

{God's Light, Allah's Light, Light of Elohim/ Jehovah/Yahweh
Light of Brahman, Light of Buddha, Light of The Source}

How humans can use their spiritual power to more quickly stop climate change by restoring global balance

and in doing so save not only themselves but all of the life forms on planet Earth

from generations of global warming and global suffering.

When Lighting The Earth Visualize or Imagine,


Words are divisive. As quantum physics teaches ~ thought must be singular

to affect physical matter. Thus the thought of many must be the same,

exact thought, which is impossible to do with words.

Just image, or imagine, or visualize Lighting The Earth with The Light

~The Plan of Light is Simple~

Be Channels of Light

To Light The Earth

Several times daily, take a moment to focus

on THE LIGHT  being funneled through

the crown (top) of your head filling you with Light.

Then beam this Light through the center of the brain area

- the pineal - also called the 'third eye' to an image

(visualization or thought you imagine) of The Light

beaming like a laser to Light Planet Earth, and you will

send this wonderful power of The Light all around the globe,

so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. As The Light flows it will

fill the atmosphere, the surface, the mantle, the magma, the core

of the Earth and then beam out into the stratosphere.

Hundreds of Millions Lighting The Earth Daily without words will

restore planetary balance to stop climate change and global warming.

To Light Others

As you visualize each specific person, place, being

you care to send Light to,

 always start with Self.

As the Light flows through you,

let it flow throughout every cell,

every organ, every function of your body.

Let it be the beacon for the balance

between love and fear that keeps you in perfect balance here.

Now imagine/think of The Light Lighting those you care about,

beaming directly from The Light above them, lighting them for their highest good.

But not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives,

 but merely to take this energy for their

greatest good and greatest creation,

the balance and the completion

of their venture in this particular incarnation.

And when you are finished, as you enjoy the Light, you might,

if you desire words, think this one simple little mantra:

Joy! Joy! Joy!

I Celebrate The Balance That Light Brings

To All That Is Created With Light.


What Color Light?

Light Says: 

The tendency that people have is to send all the positive thoughts and feelings. We remind you as you might remind them, the positive and the negative must be there in balance. The balance of the two is what we're seeking. So sending something you consider only positive to reflect and work against the negative works against the concept. The light is the light. Be it bright or be it dull. Be it white or another color. Light is the energy that allows the balance to be created equally. Light and love are not always synonymous. Nor are light and enlightenment synonymous. For light can lead to the darkness, or the lack of the light, as well as to the brightest of lights. And that is that balance that we seek.

Send ONLY the energy of Light.


 However, if you cannot help but visualize or imagine color

Light has also said all colors are frequencies of light.

All frequencies and all colors are in white creator light.

All that receive white creator light take from it

what is needed to restore or maintain balance

and thus perfect form and function

in that moment in time.

Where Is The Third Eye?

On your lower forehead, just above the space between your eyebrows.

Rachael's Story

Rachael is a young teenager who died, with her boyfriend, in an automobile accident. The friends riding with them survived. Rachael s spirit appeared to one of those friends, telling him she had liked the woman, Pamela, he had gone to see about his grief and anger at the accident. Rachael said she would, herself, be seeing Pamela on a certain date. He informed Pamela of this and on that date Pamela guided Dr. Harmon into a trance state so she could speak with Rachael.

Rachael wanted to know why she had lost her young body. Pamela suggested she guide Rachael into the Light to ask why. To Pamela s shock, Rachael was told in the Light to return to earth to find out why for herself. Pamela next suggested maybe going back, in Rachael s mind, to before she was born would answer her questions.

Rachael discovered she d never been meant to live out a full life span and she was to investigate why. Pamela suggested Rachael move into the astral levels and ask for Healers of Light who could help her. Pamela asked her to report back the next week on what had happened.

The next week, as Rachael spoke again through Dr. Harmon, the light around him was radiant. "I found how to use Light!" she announced, laughing. "No offense, but the way you guys teach it is so boring!" (Rachael s words in how to use the Light are below.)

A few years later, as Master of Light wrote, through Pamela, Chapter Eight in Book One of Odyssey of The Soul, Rachael announced she was present. "Good," said Master of Light, "I have something to tell you both. The hope of the world is in the young people. They have the life force that is very important to my plan to save the world by changing the future through Light. You, Pamela, know this and you have been gathering on the astral levels many spirits who died young to help guide those in the body in their part in this plan. These young spirits lack only a leader. A central Light that coordinates their energies. This Light and leader is Rachael. It is why she died young, why she was sent back, and why she has been with me, learning and growing in my Light."

Rachael was stunned. Laughing, Master of Light teased, "I ve never known you to be speechless, Rachael. "Speak to the young. Speak in their language. Speak through their music and their bodies. Speak in their minds when they open them to you. Lead your legions of the young. Teach them, as I have taught you. Be with them as they center in the Light. Quicken their Light to meet with mine as I return the Balance to the Planet. Help them to take back their futures."

Rachael Explains How To Use The Light
There is a way for everyone to use Light. AND IT S SO SIMPLE!
Raise your eyes up to your third eye, or up the middle of your forehead, as though you were looking right inside your skull.
There you will find a kind of glowing energy, like a light, but it is cool, not hot.
Focus on that energy and move right into it.
You will feel centered and wonderful. So wonderful you will lose every sensation except that one focus.
It s a feeling like bodies touching with all that energy exchange.
It s better than meditation and better than feeling high.
This feeling is BALANCE! In that balance is POWER to create ANYTHING! New Worlds! New Ventures! New Excitement! A new relationship with yourself.
It s like getting a piece of God or getting a piece of the Universe.
Now, send that energy shooting around the earth, enveloping the earth, penetrating the layers down to the magma, and out to the ionosphere, and the far reaches of the earth
The influence is universal, but it is YOUR FOCUS that makes it happen
You may see or sense colors or hear sounds
You may feel like you are floating
You may be filled with love or peace
Such an energy magnified by many minds around the world will eliminate the tyranny and the suffering and the wars and the greed and the desire to control others
Everything in the universe is seeking balance
If you create balance within yourself, everything around you begins to run smoothly
Take just a moment of time DAILY to see how it works, how easy it is to do
Just be careful not to do this when you re driving or doing things that require your conscious attention, because you ll lose a lot of your conscious focus if you really go with it
Sometimes you re half in and half out, sometimes you re all the way there
When you re all the way there, you will know it.



Excerpt From Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, | LIGHT ~ THE ACT OF CREATION

Pamela: Ah, now that is another thing to worry me in chapter 8 of Book I, (Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis) I got the sending of light to the earth wrong.

LIGHT: The information given is correct in its essence. Higher vibrations of light do cause one s energy field to beam with light. The explanation was more elaborate than it needed to be, which I shall rectify in this book.

Pamela: Why did you not call my attention to the part I missed about light beaming from the third eye to light the earth?

LIGHT: I did, which is why you included it in the illustration. A picture is, as humans like to say, worth a thousand words.

FROM BOOK II: Light The Earth

LIGHT SELF FIRST ~ Think of, imagine, or visualize a ray of light flowing directly from The Creator to fill you and surround you with white light. Why white light? It holds all colors; thus, it is best for restoring balance. If your eyeballs are flexible enough and by exercising them they can become more flexible roll your eyeballs upwards, look inward toward the top inside center of your skull, and you will see a flash or flashes as the light enters your body through the crown of your head. Gold has a magnetic appeal for humans. You might use the power of that thought to also surround yourself with a golden shield of light and think of it magnetically attracting your highest good to you and magnetically repelling from you all that is not to your highest good.

LIGHT THE EARTH ~ Think of the Earth as the pristine, beautiful planet it was created to be as white light beams through your third eye to the Earth. Just send light. No words. Nature Mind and LIGHT know where the light is most needed at each moment for restoring planetary balance. Why the third eye? It is the energy center for transmitting thoughts and visualizations.

LIGHT OTHERS ~ When you have a moment more, light the people, pets and places that are important to you. Just think of them and send them white light for their highest good. Now imagine a goal that is important to you. Imagine yourself having already achieved that goal and feel the fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy of that success.


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