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Edgar Cayce died in 1945. Many still call him "America’s Greatest Psychic & Seer". He was also called "The Sleeping Prophet" because the information that came through him did so when he was in a "sleep like" hypnotic state.

This information became popularly known as "readings" and books about the Edgar Cayce "readings" line book store and library shelves. Cayce himself did not know, at the time he lived, where the answers came from, although he sometimes had visions of himself leaving his body and visiting a library in which he would find the information he was seeking in books.

We know today this "library" and the "books" in it were symbolic of what are often called "soul records" or "Akashic Records". (See Soul Records in index.) These are not actual physical records, but information stored as thought in the realms of mind and spirit.

We also know today that Mr. Cayce had many "spirit helpers" who would help him gain the information he was seeking by tuning into the minds and spirits of those for whom the "readings" were given. Cayce himself had no medical training or background, yet while in this "trance state" he was able to diagnose medical conditions and give highly accurate details on how to cure them, including step by step instructions for surgery.

Mr. Cayce was a religious man who taught Sunday School and Bible studies. He was himself uncertain what to make of his abilities and chose to use them only because they helped so many. Disturbed by the answer given to the first "metaphysical" question asked in a "reading" as it "conflicted with his own views, he refused to give any more "readings". He prayed and pondered for months on what he should do. It was the extraordinary accuracy of the "physical readings" that convinced him he must consider the possibility that information with which he did not personally agree might prove as accurate as well. The "readings" began again.

The more metaphysical "readings" became known as "life readings" and in them the meaning of dreams was given as well as missing parts of the dream supplied. Past lives of those seeking this information were explored and through this information came much information about Abraham, Jesus, and other figures of Biblical times. Ultimately, the "life readings" served to strengthen Cayce’s spiritual faith, not detract from it.

At times, during the course of a "reading", Cayce would have visions of the future. In these visions, he saw massive upheavals of the Earth. His information said these changes would be caused by a shift of the Earth on its rotational axis which causes a corresponding shift in the magnetic poles. This has happened before and will happen again. It is Nature’s way of making the corrections necessary to keep the Earth’s orbit around the sun as it should be. Of course, such a shift causes the Earth’s mantle to shift as well. As the crusts of the Earth shift there is a great increase in volcanic activity and earth quakes. Lands and seas rise in some places, sink in others. Water currents shift. Weather patterns change. Hurricanes, tornadoes and violent storms increase. Climates change.

The Cayce predictions of such an event became known as Earth Changes. There are others, scientists and seers, who have predicted such Earth Changes before and since Cayce. There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe these predictions.

The problem with "tuning into" the future is the information one receives is often overlaid with information about the past. This happened to Cayce and has no doubt happened with all who predict the future. In the psychic realms, the boundaries of time are very faint, if they are there at all. Nevertheless, the predictions of a shift of the Earth on its axis are correct and the Earth changes have begun. However, as Cayce foresaw, the Earth Changes will occur over decades. Also as Cayce foresaw, human ingenuity is capable of coping with and surviving these events.

The danger is that the future Cayce foresaw is changing and the irony is that the change is due in part to the Cayce predictions.

The human future is created by the thoughts and the actions of humans. The mind is an extraordinary computer that is far more sophisticated than any computer humans have yet been able to devise. By calculating the events of the past with unfolding events of the present, the mind is capable of making highly accurate predictions of the future. Of course, predictions are also frequently inaccurate because the future changes as the thoughts and actions of humans change.

Prophecies differ from predictions in that prophecies do not come from the mind. They come from spirit and they foretell what will be. There are two types of prophecies: That which warns those who will listen to prepare for what will be and that which warns those who will listen what will be unless changes are made.

Hundreds of thousands of people know of the Earth Changes predictions and hundreds of thousands of people know of the Biblical prophecies of "End Days". Fear of these predictions and fear of these prophecies affects how people think and act. Frightened people share many behaviors with frightened animals. They strike out without provocation and when there is provocation they strike to kill. They become greedy and coveting of the resources of others, even as they hoard their own. They war with one another. They squander their reasonableness, lashing out at all perceived threats. When threatened by extinction, a species will respond with increased breeding, seeking to increase their numbers as rapidly as possible. This leads to greater stress as overpopulation fouls the nest and lowers the food supply. Stress overwhelms immune systems and an overly stressed species becomes beset with allergies, sickness, and disease. As resistance to pestilence lowers, germs and bacteria mutate and grow stronger. The future becomes very bleak indeed. This need not be.

Humans have been fearful for a very long time and as the Earth Changes become so evident that denial is no longer possible, this fear is escalating to a degree that the thoughts and behavior of humans are creating a cataclysmic future. This need not be.

The planet is stressed. Human pollution and over-population are stressing the planet. The Earth Changes are stressing the planet. Fear is an energy that stresses living organisms. The planet is a living organism. As the fear of humans and animals increase, this stress added to the stress already on the planet is rapidly overwhelming the planet. This will ultimately cause the Earth’s crusts to shift more than is attributable to the shifting of the Earth on its rotational axis and will escalate the Earth Changes to the point of cataclysmic catastrophe.

This need not be.

Biblical prophecies foretell this time of choice. They warn of a time when humans must change their thinking and their actions if they are to avoid an age of "end days" for many species, including humans. The "rapture" spoken of in Revelations is not a physical lifting of humans to spirit but a lifting of the human spirit in the rapture of enlightenment.

Millions of prayers asking for deliverance and intervention in the presently unfolding course of human events have not gone unanswered. Human beings are spiritual beings and the will of spiritual beings cannot be over-ridden even by the higher spiritual forces. Humans can be delivered from the events of their making, but humans must do this themselves. Higher spiritual forces have intervened in human events in the past as a result of prayers seeking such intervention and this intervention has been offered once again. Humans have been given a means of lightening the stress on the planet. By lightening the stress on the planet, the shifting of the Earth’s crusts will remain tolerable to the survival of many species, including humans.

Through this means of lightening the stress on the planet, humans will not only lighten their own stress, they will gradually accelerate their own enlightenment. The Omega Point is a time period designating the ending of one Age and the beginning of another in the cycle of human evolution. These are the days of Omega and Alpha. These are the "end days" that point to the beginning of a new age of Enlightenment - if we make it so.

Higher spiritual forces have intervened by sending the consciousness of Light to lighten our planet and to enlighten us. All we have to do is follow Light’s simple steps to Lighten-Up. It is so simple, it is challenging to the human ego. We would say to the human ego - what if?

What if this is all true? What if taking a few seconds several times a day to Light the Earth will make all the difference in the world? What if it truly matters how you Light the Earth? What would it cost you to unite with others in sending Light in the same way? It does not take the place of your own prayers, meditations, visualizations, and affirmations. There is no doctrine to espouse, no leaders to profit. It costs you nothing. It takes a few seconds and by doing it several times daily you are likely, at the very least, to lighten your own fears and stress. What is there to lose by focusing your thought, several times daily, on holding the Earth between your loving, caring palms while your spiritual light shines from your third eye on the Earth, surrounding it and filling it with Light. We shall tell you.


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