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Following is edited material from some of the "Spirit Sessions" we have given others. We are including parts of Readings we feel would be of interest to many. Information comes from The Universal Records through Higher Spirit (which Pamela calls Master of Spirit) and some questions are answered from contacting the Higher Self and subconscious minds of the person for whom we are doing the Reading. Recordings are made of these Readings and sent to the person who has requested it. (The words of the one guiding the session, usually Pamela, are in parenthesis.)

1/16/97 Reading For ______________
Master of Spirit Hugh Channel Pamela Guide

Pamela: Seeking information for _______________. She writes there is an obstruction of bowels, unable to have bowel movements and enemas not working. Wishes to know cause of bowel obstruction?)

Master of Spirit: She has what is commonly referred to as paralysis of the bowel movement - the contraction. This condition is either from drugs, a severed nerve, or emotions. She would do well to check a previous time on that particular place, on that particular island place. It may trigger the emotions paralyzing the peristalsis of the gut. Dates of lifetime 1746. Female. As we have stated before, it is only helpful when one discovers their own source of problem. They then have the option of correcting it or leaving it in place. There have been drugs that exacerbate the condition she experiences, but they are not the primary problem that she experiences as a peristaltic paralysis. She will have other physical conditions that will cause further problems, but they are reversible, as is the paralysis of the peristalsis. (Due to emotional causes?) They are.

1/24/97 Follow Up On Session Above Of 1/16/97

Pamela: Master of Spirit, I asked for information from the records recently in regards to __________. We were advised to look to a past life, which she has done with me via telephone. I am seeking to know if all the emotional trauma of that past life has been cleared, more specifically if the emotional cause for the emotional paralysis of the movement of the bowels has been sufficiently addressed.

Master of Spirit: One sees that there is information that would allow the changes producing a positive effect upon her bowels that you mentioned, but her old programs and resistance and lack of acceptance of that which occurred being applicable to the function of her body today inhibits the healing process that would allow the peristalsis of her intestinal tract. The flora, the fluid, the general healthy function of her bowels to be experienced. She is blocking her healing in other words.

Pamela: Thank you.

Master of Spirit: Is that all

Pamela: Yes, thank you Master of Spirit.

Master of Spirit: Your question was not completed on your own thoughts. You have a question that was not presented?

Pamela: Yes, the spirit that was seeking to intrude in the earlier session. What knowledge have you of that one?

Master of Spirit: One of your own earth spirits.

Pamela: One that is known to us?

Master of Spirit: One that is known to you as the grandfather of this one that I speak through.

Pamela: I see, thank you., Master of Spirit.

Master of Spirit: You are most welcome.

Oct. 4, 1994 Trance Information From Higher Spirit Re Universal Records,

Hugh Channeling. Pamela Conducting

(You have told us that there is an energy level, or an energy field, where the records of the universe are contained. Is this correct?) Yes. (We have on this level called this the Akashic Records or The Book of Life. You name them the Universal Records.) They are the same. (Do the past and present conditions of the earth and each life form upon it exist within these records?) No. The history or information of those incidents living in carnate state, spirit, or in some other element of awareness are recorded. (Human mind when aligned with Spirit can access the UR?) It can. (Doubts, fears, preconceived notions, ego can affect accuracy of information received?) It may block that. One must have no doubt when working on the higher levels, as you have made discovery. One must be totally aware and accepting of the reality and truth so that there is no protective coating, no interlocking, blocking, energies. When one focuses it must be total and complete without any level of question. (Is accuracy greatly increased when individual consciousness removes itself entirely?) Of course, answer is yes. (Is it always Higher Spirit that accesses these records for the human mind?) If the energy is high in the body, then the information can flow through more easily. Again, the energy is a pertinent and consistent part of communication. (I have written that Higher Spirit is a higher vibratory rate than the spirits of those who are or have ever been incarnated in the body. Is this correct statement?) The statement is correct in its substance, but perhaps not in the belief of many. (Would it be better not to state it or would it be better to educate that this is so?) These choices I cannot make for you. I can only tell you what is available. (Is Higher Spirit of a Higher vibratory realm than even the Higher Self.) I believe we have indicated that before. [Pamela note: Answer is yes.] (How would we best describe the Higher Self to teach others about the Higher Self?) It's the Spirit level of intelligence that is a designate part of the universal intelligence. It is not the God or A God, only a spiritual energy that can communicate through the physical being, using Higher Self for the connective process. It can influence many areas of human life form, as well as other animal form. And it does have influence over the world as a vehicle for the existence of the human form and other life forms on the earth. (And how would you name the energy that you are?) I am the spiritual aspect that works through higher self. (Would I call you, in speaking to others, Spirit?) As I have said, I am one of the Spirit energies. I am neither the Highest Spirit, nor do I represent other spiritual energies that are also available. (And when I wish to call you as opposed to other spirits I ask for simply Spirit?) You would ask to speak to Spirit that is appropriate for giving you the answers you are seeking. Just designate that by your needs. Words are only that which you use and we use to communicate with you. (Would it be correct then to state that this communication is a higher vibratory level than Higher Self communication?) When you speak of communication, you are speaking of transmittal of information? (Yes.) And we do exist on a higher vibratory rate than spirit in the human or other animal forms. When Higher Self is in place above the physical being, their vibrations are higher than yours and lesser than mine. (Yours is not an energy that incarnates into form, am I correct?) Never. Oft-times people will ask for and get a thought communication from this level without going through a process. It is sometimes called a flash or intuition or a message from God. It is only they have asked for and received directly the information.

(The one we call Edgar Cayce, a Seer and Prophet, was he too accessing universal records?) The one you speak of used a method of leaving his consciousness and information that he received in this altered state was able to be channeled through his voice. Much of the time he was not aware of what he was doing. He oft-time contacted different spirit levels, not just this level. He contacted many different levels of spiritual knowledge that are available besides the level you seek information from now. ( I question that information brought forth from him on Sarah and Abraham, which differs from the information brought forth from you on Sarah and Abraham.) As I have stated, much information came from other areas than this source. (I understand.) Thank you.


11/9/94 Universal Records Through Higher Spirit/ Hugh Channel/ Pamela Guide

(One for whom you have read before, _________________, seeking guidance and counsel in regards to her career at this time, as a singer. Are there opportunities opening for her now in this field?)

This person has ample opportunity, great talent and ability FAR beyond her belief, far beyond her demonstration, far beyond this life action. She also has many choices and many paths. You might help her see those paths and in your own ability should help her see the paths, that she may choose the path that would satisfy her reason for this incarnation. If you choose to do that. (She is seeking to work now with one named __________________who is associated with the ___________________. Would this organization and this energy be positive for her?)

When one steps on stones, across the lily pond, one must be careful not to step on a lily pad. For they look solid but will give way under pressure and you may plunge in over your head. She might find this a stepping stone, but should step carefully and make sure of her footing across to the other side where she will find her accomplishments through greater knowledge and apply her talents and abilities properly.

11/15/94, Hugh Channeling, Pamela Guide

(Seeking cause of continuous cold sores in ___________________ mouth?) These are caused by a virus. (Medication would be best to use?) Medication only treats the outbreak. The outbreak comes from emotional suppression, not speaking out what he feels he would like to speak. (Is it fear that blocks this?) All blocks are generally fear.

November, 1994 Pamela channeling, Hugh Guide:

(Please tune into the Higher Self of ______________ for guidance for her. Seeking cause of continual cough in throat for ________." Stifled messages. (Why stifling them?) Emotional blocks. Belief that her voice is not wanted, her words not listened to, she chokes them back. (This is from past life, early childhood?) Entire life experience. She speaks with passion. She speaks with knowing. She speaks with an urgency. And the natural human condition of those that hear is to - the vernacular that comes to mind is - "cool it". She is not one to cool it. She is not cool. (Okay, she needs to have more freedom of her speech and freedom is that right?) She needs to speak her messages more. Needs to meet with Spirit more. Needs to speak those messages that come through, whether its to one or twenty or two thousand, whether two thousand mock and two listen, she must speak the words regardless.

December 1994, Higher Spirit Through Hugh/ Pamela Guiding

(We have one seeking knowledge and information from her Universal Records. Her name is ___________ and she was born ________________.) There are two levels of records for this person. (What does this mean?) It would seem they have two different and distinct parts. The observation is she has two sets of records in this life time. I do not know why. Perhaps later I will know. (She asks, "Where was I before I was born?) In Spirit. (What are my life lessons and purposes in this life?) The ones you chose in that Spirit state and form before entering into the egg, which was inseminated and brought into this body. Your lessons were of two parts, and perhaps that is the reason for the two sets of records. The parts are quite different. The one was to be as a very powerful, positive person with great focus and desire to excel in everything. Reaching levels of acclaim from those observing her. The second level seems, the second part seems to be working with the more human side of experiential learning on a level she dislikes but must learn, not having learned in past lives. It is a carry over from past life, which she still has not accomplished it would appear. (And the lessons not accomplished and carried over, what would those be?) Dealing with the humanistic reactions. Interacting with those with whom she disagrees and has opposite views and opposing energies. She still is trying, it would appear, to make them right in her eyes, to make them conform to the other part of her being which wants to create perfection and balance and has a difficult time accepting people without that. It causes great inner stress for her at this time. But she is used to having great inner stress. (She asks, "What keeps me stuck?) Perhaps what I've just said may help to understand. One must let go of others, for it is - we know on the physical plane, when we hang onto something that does not move, we remain immovable also.

(She asks, How can I heal my body?) By healing her thoughts, or more important her emotional aspects that remain deeply buried in her spirit and subconscious mind. She has a complexity of convoluted and opposing thoughts and feelings that she needs to understand before she may make any changes in those. (What is the current physical state of the body?) Adequate, but not excellent. Her emotions, conflicting with thoughts of desire, cause tremendous stress and confusion in the cells and organic functions of her physical being, that body in which she lives now. (How can she best weed out thoughts and emotions that keep her stuck?) I do not correct people.(Are there substances that would be helpful for increasing physical strength of body?) Of course we need to take the fuel and energies into the body that supply it with the material needed. Hmmmmm. She is feeding a duality and therefore her body is in a state of confusion, whether to be one person or the other. She is actually trying to, unsuccessfully trying to balance an impossible situation. She must recognize she has choices. Sometimes, high levels of prayer creating a light state of ecstasy in the person's mind and spiritual connection. There are methods of altered states that allow her to do that. (Would working with sound or light be most helpful to her?) Would allow her to focus which she has difficulty in doing due to the confusion taking place within her. The rhythmic repetition of sound and light at the right degree of repetitions for her would be helpful for her to reach those levels. She may also used altered states such as hypnosis and other therapies similar to that type. Toxic conditions within her body now. Cleansing of the body would be helpful for her to find the best position to heal. (Steps for cleansing?) She is aware there are may different processes and procedures. She must choose and, on her own, apply these processes. She is aware of many processes for cleansing the body. (She asks, do I have Spirit Guides and how can I contact them?) She is in contact with them. She has to allow her conscious questions to become quiet and listen to her Higher Self, which will be available to her when she quiets the conscious mind and opens up the subconscious mind, which tends to be blocked at this time. She is aware of this at many levels, but not perhaps the conscious level which is confusing to her.

(She asks, How can I completely empower myself?)

It would seem we have covered that, excepting the last which is to believe in yourself as part of the Higher Power - completely, and not as a possibility. For when we doubt one tiny portion, we dilute the power we have completely. When we embrace without questions, we are in a state of developing limitless power.

(She wishes to know, How can I increase my material wealth?)

Hmmmm. There are so many possibilities for her. But first she must balance her mind, spiritual aspect with her body, and note then that she has paths, many paths, many options to choose from. She may find that once the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of her being are aligned and in balance, the material things will flow into her life, as you say, as by magic. But the magic is only the acceptance of the truth.

(She wishes to know how she can use her own psychic ability?)

There is one, you are aware of now, who has the ability to help people discern, develop and accept their psychic ability. You know who that person is, do you not?

(Yes that, would be myself.)

You are correct. You provide the vehicle of learning. She must provide the desire to accept her innate, natural, and ever present ability which she has NOT developed at this time.

(Is there any information you can offer if she has a particular or specific psychic gift?)

Perhaps you should answer that questions since you well know the answer.

(She asks, what is my role in improving the world?)

Hmmmm, a subject very close to you and the one with you. Yes. And all the spiritual aspects want the balance to be obtained and maintained. And we will help. We will help. We will always be available to help.

(Request to Master of Lights to bless and fill her with light.)

You have given her already one of the better things to do for her enlightenment, have you not?

(Does she have the Proclamation of Light then?)

Yes, you have told her and she has shared in that knowledge with you. Perhaps she needs to be reminded.

(Would you elaborate now, if possible, on the two sets of records for this one?)

It's a part of a challenge that she finds a compelling energy or drive while experiencing many challenges to success. She will indeed find success in these quests should she find the balance required in her life. And the balances that she needs to require these successes would be the physical balance with the emotional to meet a high level of mental ability. Before she finds the balance she will find many areas of feeling thwarted for she's still has the feeling of controlling or directing those energies outside of her field of influence, when she should concentrate if she wants the area of success on her own balance. She can find that most accessible, of focusing on herself and her achievements and balance in life. There is the other part that she might want to be aware of. SO that she might use the force of greatest direction.

(She asked how she could best contact her Higher Self. Guidance said altered states helpful with right degrees of sound and light. Could further clarification be given on this?)

Finding the balance in her own self would be best achieved through all avenues. One, finding the brain chemistry imbalance that is possible through vibrations of light and sound and other auxiliaries and states that she may stimulate brain chemistry to bring that into balance. Again, her self being the focal point and not directing others.

(The degree of light vibration, would this be something such as a strobe?)

Strobe. Pulsing light. Yes, light repeating itself in a certain vibratory rate stimulates change.

(What degree of vibratory rate would be best for her?)

That she can determine herself.

(She asked about Spirit Guides and best way to contact those.)

Her Spirit Guides, other than her Higher Self?

(Yes. Has she others?)

All may access Spirit Guides. One would think her Higher Self would be a better source for a personal reference of guidance.

(Any further guidance, advice, or counsel at this time?)

Repeating, listening to her own counsel and not seeking other counsel. To make a co-ordination of healing, but from her inner views she would find faster and greater success. Although others are sincere in her efforts, she has the greatest knowledge of her own entity. And finding the balance will create her highest good in all areas.

AUGUST 20, 1995 Hugh Channeling/Pamela Guide

A very unusual request this one. The spirit of Rachel, killed in an automobile accident, has asked for a Reading. Pamela asks for White Light around her, Hugh, and Rachel to aid in protection of all and to aid communication. Instruction given to Hugh to allow for alignment. Instructions given to Rachael to help her align.

"This is Hugh, I feel a sharp pain in my right forefinger."

(Rachel, pull back a little bit from that right forefinger.)

 Hugh: "Now it feels numb."

(Instructions given to Hugh's subconscious to warm right forefinger with healing energy.) (Instructions and aid given Rachel to align. Pamela: "Think the thought Rachael, think the thought, and just like it did when you were in the body, the voice box moves as the body breathes.")

Hugh: "A lot of pain in forefinger."

Pamela: "Rachel, it may be that this is pain you need help with. So what I'm going to do is have you feel in your mind the very healing energy of Master of Light. Master of Light can bring healing to you and to Hugh's body too. Feel that. You know what it feels like, it feels like love. It feels like love pouring into the body. In the body, you felt the warmth of the sun many times Rachel. And even here in Spirit you can feel that feeling by thinking of the Light and feeling from the light that embrace of love. Non-conditional love Rachel. That's it, if you can allow yourself to feel it, just think of the Light. It's presence is very, very strong in this room. Master of Light is a friend of ours, Rachel, we work with Master of Light quite a bit. Master of Light uses light and color to bring wonderful feelings to our mind and our bodies and to our bodies. As a matter of fact, each of us- Hugh and I - leave our body and go with Master of Light to many places. Do you know, Rachel, that there are many places to go when you are in Spirit. I know that you know that there are many places on the earth plane. Maybe, you want to know of other choices beyond the earth plane. I'm not quite sure what you have in your mind. That's what I'd like to find out. Would you like to speak with me Rachel? After all, this is an appointment date that you made and very cleverly I might say. Hello Rachel.) (Finger begins to move.) Yes, I see you moving the finger. Think of the voice box, just like you did when you were in the body and think of a thought and then move the mouth and the words would come out - you can do that. Let's try a sound, like you did before. Hmmmmm, do that Rachael. Hmmmmm.")


(There! You made a sound!)


(Move lips.)


(Can you say your name Rachel?)


(There, say it again.)


(Rachel what?)

Rachel Perry.

(Hello Rachel Perry.)

My name. Rachel Perry is my name.

(I am pleased to hear from you Ms. Perry.)

Hmmmm. It's sad.

(What is sad?)

We're not very comfortable yet, being out of our bodies.

(It seems that way. Why do you think that is?)

Seems we haven't finished what we came to do. We don't even know what we came to do yet.

(Wouldn't it be important to know then what you came to do?)

We've asked. Nobody knows.

(Who have you asked?)

Oh, you suggested we might go to the Spirit. They don't know.

(What Spirit did you go to?)

The Light.

(You went to the Light?)


(They didn't know or they didn't say.)

They didn't know, they said that was our process that we must go through. And here we are.

(Yes, ready to go through the process?)

No, the process they spoke of was in Spirit

(You are in Spirit, Rachel.)

I know, but I'm here in somebody else's body now.

(I know, but, do you know what we do Rachel, when we work with people and they want to know their purpose? I have them go in hypnosis, I take them back - in their mind - to before coming in at birth. And I ask them, the Spirit that they are before they come in at birth, why are you coming in? What is your purpose? And that's how we find it. Now. You're in mind, right? You have a mind still. I can do the same thing with you Rachel. Take you back in mind, in memory, to before you came in to be born - in that awareness - and ask then what is the purpose for this life. And we can find out. Would you like to do that?)

Yes. It would be very difficult I think.


I don't know, nothing seems to be working.

(Can you trust me Rachel? I do a lot of this.)

I like you.

(I like you too.)

But I'm dead and you're not.

(No, but I've been dead. And I talk alot to the dead. And I go in and out of my body Rachel. You know that? I travel in and out of it at night. So does Hugh. Sometimes, even in the day, I'll leave the body. I accompany a lot of people to Spirit and to the light when they are dead. Maybe that's part of your purpose is to find these things out. To know about them. Your boyfriend, is he here with you Rachel?)

My boyfriend?

(The one who was with you when you died. What's his name, do you call him by name?) He may not want to.

(He may not. Maybe he will just go with you. Let's just try this with you first. He can watch.)

Alright, alright, alright.

(Well Rachel, have you ever been hypnotized?)

According to what you said to other people, I have.

(Pamela laughing: You're very smart Rachel. Well, part of the reason for hypnosis is to move into the mind and go in the memory banks.)


(It's going to be very easy for you. All I want you to do is listen to my words and see what comes, alright. I'm going to ask you in mind to just listen and allow yourself - in memory - to begin to drift back. Remember being a little girl. Remember being a little girl when you were in the body, your arms were short, and your legs were short. Go back even further. Remember when you were about four years old. Go back a little more in the memory bank. Remember being three years old. (Yes finger moves) That's good. And two years old and one year old probably about when you were learning to walk and back even more. Yeah, a little tiny baby now, in the crib. A little tiny baby being held. (Yes finger moves.) That's it. See, you're doing very well. And go back even further. Remember now being in the womb, in Mommy's womb, in that small space in there as your body was growing. Let's go back, like a movie moving backwards. Back to when you had no legs and no arms. (Yes finger moves.) Good! You're doing well. And back to being a little egg. Back to the consciousness of being an egg, remembering that. We're going to go back even further Rachael. Back to when before you even were the egg, to when you were out of the body and floating around and floating around in that Spirit state just before coming down into the earth plane. That's it. Be there. What's that feeling like Rachael? What's that feeling like. You can still talk to me. What's it like to be then, free of the body? Can you hear me Rachael? Rachael?) Yes. (Can you hear me?) I hear you. (What's it feel like to be before coming into the body?) Kinda like I do now, but not like that. (A little more?) Not more, but less. (Less what?) Less benigness.. Less awareness. Less body awareness. Like I'm coming in to be body but I'm not body yet and I don't know in this life how to be a body yet, so I'm coming in to be a body. (Is that a pleasant feeling?) No, it's kinda scary. (Well, let's unscare it okay?) Ok. (Alright, in that coming in to be - that's it - there's a connection there Rachel, a feeling, that as you think about it, that you seem to be connected to something greater than yourself. Can you feel that?) (Pause) Yes. (Good. That connection. Focus on that. Feel that. I'll bet that's the connection to your Higher Self, to the part of you that's still in Spirit and will guide you when you go in the body. Let's follow that connection up there. Allow that feeling, that connection of being connected to something greater than yourself to pull you into that awareness.) Yes. (Hello, is this the Higher Self of Rachel?) It's part of the guidance. (Good. Rachel is seeking to know things from the guidance right now.) Yes. Yes. (She would like to know the purpose for this life experience she is about to go into.) Yes. (What is the purpose for the life experience?) Rachel is not to be in body long, but to learn how to be close and let go. How to understand the closeness of human relationship and yet not to try to maintain that through the normal span of life time of the human being, some seventy years, but only for a short time until she becomes physically mature. Experience physical maturity in all the levels she can experience them and then learn to leave that feeling without the void of travail, the hurt and the pain of leaving the physical body when there's such vital energy left and so many things that they want to do. Her life will be short in the body, but move back into the Spirit world. And should she choose to learn the lesson, she will come back in another life in another body. One that she chooses on her own on the advice of other Spirits and entities that help her. But she must complete this process before she comes back. Other life times will require she repeats this and she's not pleased with that. (Rachel?) What? (Did you hear this?) Yes. (Do you know where it came from?) You said something about my Higher Spirit. (Your very own Higher Spirit. Isn't it wise?) I don't know why it makes me want to get angry though. (Let's talk about the angry feelings.) Because I haven't done all the things I wanted to. (What did you want to do?) Well, there's SO many things I want to do. I want to do the things that I'd planned for my life. I want to have my children, have my career. Have the experience of being grown up. Being responsible and being all the things I want to be. I can't do that now. (Rachel, those are wonderful things. Let me ask you something. When you have children, would you like to be able to teach them they are body, mind, AND Spirit?) Yes. (Do you think you would like to teach them a great deal about their own connection to their Higher Self?) I would like them to know that. (I think that would be wonderful. Maybe then you needed to go through this process to truly understand what life and death truly is, so that you could teach it to your own children. You wouldn't want your own children to think this is all there is.) No. It isn't all there is. (Obviously.) Obviously I want more than what I got from this life. (Perhaps, Rachel, what you got from this life makes you a far more evolved mother and guidance for others in the next life.) The feeling is there won't be another one. (What did your Higher Self say?) I know what it said, but I'm...fears and the things...what if ...what if this whole planet blows up and then we're not able to come back and...and what if I never come back to this place and never know these people? (You know, Rachel, one thing you are discovering is that time is far different than what we think in the body. We think there is a beginning, and then a span of time, and then an end. But you're discovering, look what you just did! You went back in the mind to the time before you were born! If something happens to this world, Rachel, and I'm working very hard to keep it from happening...) I know you are. I hear you. (It will come back to this time again. And there are other worlds, Rachel, and other realms.) I don't like that. I don't like that feeling of not knowing and being insecure and I just ...(That's a VERY uncomfortable feeling.) Yes, it is. I like my body. It was nice. (Yes, I hear it was a very nice body. Do you know how you got that body?) Yes. (How?) Through choosing it, my mother and father would give me that body. (And did your own mind do some of the work to create the body you needed?) No, it shows the configuration they call RNA and DNA and that programming that makes the body what it's supposed to be. (Did you have anything to do with choosing that?) Yes. I chose some of that, with my advisors I did that, yes. (Think you might be able to do that again?) But there may not be time. (Time. Again time.) I know. I know. I'm worried about time. I'm worried about those that are still there. They don't understand. (What is it they don't understand?) They are not...they don't really appreciate what's going on. They're not doing what they could be doing. They're wasting their time. They're WASTING their time and the time is a precious thing. They don't REALIZE about the time that they're wasting. (What do you think they could be doing Rachel?) (Big Sigh) Learning about themselves. Knowing more about who they are and what they are and how they can do so many more things. Instead of staying so self-focused. They're just so focused inward, inward, inward. I was, I know. (You could be valuable to me in this, Rachel, you were their age.) I know. I was a little like that, but I don't think I was always like that. (What would reach them?) If they knew how powerful they were and how they, by focusing all their combined energy, would help save our earth, they might be very, VERY excited. It would be something that THEY were doing that other people wouldn't interfere with. Something of their very own. Something that would... (Rachel begins to cry) that we could do with them. (Yes! That's a wonderful plan Rachel.) Yes, I don't know why it makes me sad. I want to be there with them I think. (Rachel, I'm going to ask something. I'm going to ask if you will accompany me to the Light. I want to ask them about this. If, there is something, somehow, some way, they can prepare you in the light to come and be a guidance among the young people.) I will, I will. (You want to do that?) Yes. (Let's go ask together. You may be the one I've been searching for Rachel. I really have a need to reach the young people. I need their energy.) They're strong you know. (Yes, they are. Come with me to the Light. I'm going with you. If we come back together that's fine too. We just need to know what our options are. As I move up to the Light with different people different things happen. What is happening for you?) It's just right there. I've been there, I know. (Let's ask for the wisest guidance we can find in the light to be there for us.) The widest guidance? (The wisest.) (Rachel laughs.) Wisest, oh!. I don't want the widest one! Oh well. (Pamela and Rachel laugh.

 "Oh well, let's have the wisest guidance in this matter. Is there a being there?) I see. Yes. A large glowing energy that has no form. It's just moving larger and it seems to be getting larger and I guess it's getting closer, I don't know. I don't know, I can't, it's just getting larger. (Do you want to speak to this one first or should I?) Maybe you better. (Alright, as we approach it, I bring greetings. And we approach you, two energies from earth. One who is in the body and one who is in spirit. And as you are wise, you know, I who am in the body, have been given instructions to help at this time in earth's need. To save earth. To bring the balance of Light and energies back into earth. And there is with me a spirit, one who is no longer in body, who has expressed a desire to be part of this plan with the young people of earth. We have approached you in your wisdom to ask what would be the most useful, fulfilling, and beneficial part of her in this plan? Now Rachel, the answer will come to you. Tell me what you hear.) (Long pause.) It's like I'm in a garden. A beautiful garden. It's all beautiful and peaceful and it's a joyous feeling. It's like, oh, you know, you've heard that expression, the garden of Eden. It's like that. It's like, Yeah, it's just everything is pure and sweet and simple. And everything's in perfect balance. And there's a joyous, joyous loving, feeling that everybody loves everything else. We don't have special places. Everything is equal. Everything's in balance. I'm feeling, yeah, there's a tugging where my heart used to be. Feeling like it has to be heart felt and totally demonstrated, the focus of balance. Not do it for any other reason. But just to feel the balance. And that would just be the most exciting feeling. Better than any other drug we could use in the body. It will give us such a rushing sensation. If they can feel that, they'll do that. And if we can get them ALL to do that, we'll have a big, big line of energy. (How do we get them to do that?) Yes, by letting them feel that rush. That total, total commitment to the oneness of the balance. Stretching the line longer and longer as thousands and millions of youth and teenage move into the forefront of bringing balance. They can do it faster than anyone else. They have more energy. And they have more excitement about using that energy. Longer, longer, longer. Millions. (What is your part in this Rachel?) I'm telling you everything I'm experiencing. (And it's wonderful. I think that is your part in it. THAT feeling. Good. Rachel. You have found that feeling there in your mind and in spirit. Ask now, deep within your knowing, where your place is to be now.) John, no. Okay. What? What is my place? (Yes. Are you to remain here in the light? And they will prepare you to come down and work with us? What are you to do?)

The alias. The line between the languaging, the line, the communication! The communication between what can be done and how we can do it. How can I tell you? If you'll help me keep the information flowing, I'll throw or flow the information to you and you can do what YOU need to do. And I'll talk to them, but if they don't choose to hear me, they may need to have a better communication like reading or...I don't know....whatever you want me to do.

(What about you personally. Where will you be. How will you exist?) I'm here. I exist because I exist. I don't have a body, remember? (I remember that Rachel.) Thank you. (And that's what I need to think about. ______got very upset about you attaching or being around him.) I just wanted him to see what he could do to make it better. (I know.) He just ...won't didn't ..want to listen. He just wanted to go through all sorts of stuff for himself there. I can't tell anybody what to do. All I can do is show them and suggest to them. You can't TELL them what to do. (How wise of you Rachel. So maybe there is a in-between place in the Astral Realm where you can live.) I'm here, I'm here. (Yes, but I mean a home, like you had here. So you have a place to go yourself when you don't feel like talking or floating around.) (Do you know about the Astral Realm Rachel?) If that's what you call where I am. (In the Astral Realm there are also houses and people and they're in their astral bodies. I guided many there. For my mother, I had her walk down a tree lined street to find a place where she would like to live. Perhaps it is time you find a place to live Rachel. And you can come back and forth from there to do the work that we need to do. But it should be a place, I think, that has a garden. Like that garden you found? And where there are others in astral form that can visit and guide and learn from you and teach you. As I speak of these things, do you begin to find yourself drifting towards such a place Rachel? Remember you said you want to have a home of your home?)

Even rabbits and squirrels have more power than I do. (Why is that?) They have a body. (Well, then, let's find your astral body. Do you remember the body you had in physical form?) Yes. (It still exists in astral form, let's go find it.) I can get back in my body? (In your astral body.) My body?! (It's an exact duplicate of the flesh body Rachel, but it's better.) Better? (Yes.) Well, mine was pretty good. (Yes, but it's better in that it can travel between realms. It can go to the light.) Okay. (It can come here and talk to others.) I see it! I see people. I see people now. (That's it! How does it look?) It looks pretty good! (Alright, draw closer, let's find the right place for you.) I'm in a park. (Alright, I don't think you really want to live in a park.) No, but it's nice here right now. (Good, are other people around.) Hmmm, they're not paying any attention to me we're just sort of...(Strolling there?) Hmmm. (Isn't it nice? Isn't it just like the earth parks?) OHHH! I have a pain in my upper back. Ohhh! My pain, my pain. (What's the pain from Rachel?) I don't know. It hurts. My back hurts. (Then let's move to, there's healers here in the Astral realm Rachel.) Ohh, my back hurts, I don't want to be here. It's getting worse and worse! (Come with me. That's it. Just lift up a little bit. We're going to have to fix that astral body Rachel.) Owww! (Do you remember the accident?) Let me get out of this! Let me get out of this! Help me out! (Out of where Rachel?) My body, my body, my body! (Go into spirit Rachel. Go into spirit.) It's blackness! It's blackness! (Into the light spirit Rachel, that's it, into the light Spirit. Well that showed us something! Go into the light spirit, got that?) Help me. I'm not there yet. I'm stuck, I'm stuck! (Master of Light, please help Rachel move up into her spirit form.) (Rachel sighs.) (Good. thank you Master of Light. Whew, that's better isn't it Rachael?) That hurt a lot. (I think we need to heal the body you left so you don't take those injuries forward. We can do that in mind Rachel.) I don't want to do this anymore. (Not today then if you like. But we can heal that. Let's find a healing temple, here in this astral realm where you stay in spirit form, cause they're going to help us do that.) Any place but there. (Alright, as I speak of the temple of light, you are drawn towards it.) Okay okay. (There are beautiful gardens,) Yeah, yeah, (There are healing baths. Good. And there are healers there that welcome you. Ahhh, I see you found them.) They look nice. (Yes, let's move towards them. I'm going to speak with them. "Healers, as I approach you, here is one in spirit who requires healing of the body she left, that she may find a body that is healed of all injury. I ask you to work with her, here on the astral realm, in a way that is comfortable and peaceful for her. Is this possible? What do they say to you Rachel. Oh, I see.) They're just having me lie down on this little bed thing here. It's like, you know, where people massage you and do that sort of thing. And they put a nice sort of sheet over me and they just say just close your eyes and go to sleep now and when you wake up, you'll have a nice body. (Okay!) I don't know, do I trust these people? I think so. (Are they full of light?) I think so. (Yes. Good. Good Rachel. Then you are in good hands. Is that one with you at the temple also, your boyfriend? His body must need healing too.) I don't see him. Oh yes, he's around some place. (Well, maybe you're the wayshower and when he sees how it works for you, he might be willing to do this too. You seem to be close together. Well, hello, what just happened. Did you want to talk to me too? Rachel's on the table, going into the sleep that would help her heal. I see a change of energy. Who's here now? Hello. The young man who was with Rachel, you, too, may be in that Temple of Healing with Rachel. As I know you are close together, so that your body, too, may be healed. Then you may take up an Astral form that is one that you want and feel what it is you would like to feel. If you have a desire or a need to speak to me now through this one, that is fine. If you prefer to be in the temple, that is fine. Master of Light who is every where, as the young man and Rachel are in that temple of healing, send your energies to them and to those who work with them.

9/1/95 SESSION W/ RACHEL PERRY, Hugh Channel/Pamela Guide

(Dr. Harmon and Pamela become aware of Rachael's presence. Neuro-Muscular Response indicates she is indeed present and wishes to communicate. Communication is through Hugh to Pamela.)

"I'm...kinda...kinda scared." (How?) "What's happening. All the things the things around and I...I...can't seem to do alot. It was nice to be talking to you and you did all the things that helped me feel good. I liked that. That was nice. And when I got up from my little sleep, I felt so good, so free and still that loving, joyous, wonderful feeling in me. Like I was floating, like I was getting high inside, like, this is wonderful, like - excuse the expression - this is like heaven. But, then my thoughts - this is not doing the world any good. I want to help change things. Stop the terrible destruction. They don't KNOW what's going to happen. They don't WANT to know what's going to happen. I try to talk to people and they don't want to listen to me. They act like they don't even know I'm here. And I get scared. If no-body's going to listen to me, and I want to help, how can I do any thing? I can't. How can I help you? How can I help the earth?"

(You know, Rachel, I didn't get a chance to tell you about the Proclamation. There is a Proclamation that we have that's come through from the Spirit levels - from the Higher Spirit Levels - that talks about Light and the power of Light. It talks about what is happening in the earth is an imbalance of energy. That it is meant to be - as you've discovered yourself - Earth, a place of lessons, a place of growth. There are positive and negative energies here to help us grow. But what's happened is we've reached a place where the negative energies far out way the positive ones.)

"Yeah, yeah, I know that!"

(That imbalance is going to cause a great deal of earth changes, because when you have imbalance in the level of thought, physical matter must follow. The imbalance in physical energies will shift the polar caps, will shift the magnetic energy, and there will be massive changes, massive destruction from that. However, the Spirit realm has told us this can be averted by using light to increase the positive energy in the world. So there's kind of plan I've come up with, I called it a five year plan, now it's a four year plan. And that is getting as many minds as we possibly can, to focus on light and to send it out across the planet and to each and every life form on it.)

"Maybe I can get some people in my world now to work on this with their friends too." (Oh Rachel, that would be absolutely wonderful.)

"Wouldn't that be good? That would be good.

(It would be good, so you are going to have to be the Master to do this. Listen to this, this is important. They're not to think what they want the light to do!)

"I thought you said they did."

(They're to focus on the light and send it out. See the world and everything encircled in light.)

"What if it is a black light?"

(It needs to be a white light. That's the positive light, right? So what happens is that positive light goes into each and every being and helps increase their positive energy. It doesn't annihilate the negative one, we need that here in this realm. But it does increase the positive energies. And all they need to do is do that one minute or two minutes or three minutes or four minutes a day. And if we hundreds of millions of minds doing that, Rachel, that's all this earth needs to create the changes that we need. Imagine if we were all doing that, a minute or four minutes every single day, the power that would be here for every one. I also tell people, at the end of that, then they can image the people they love, in that light. Or the places or the organizations, or themselves. NOT thinking what they want it to do. Just seeing them in the light.)

"Kinda a personal thing huh?"

(It's personal and Universal, isn't it?)

"First part's...Universal, is that what you said? And then the second part, you can make it kind of personal."

(You know it is Universal, Rachael, because we've had energies come to us from other realms that have said, this is such an important time - for the WHOLE universe - for earth to make this decision. What's it going to go through? Destruction or...)


(Oh Rachel! My, my my. From the mouth of babes!)

"That was pretty good!"

(That was very good. Yes, if you could line up people where you are. That's a lot of power. And each of them have a connection to people in body that they could be sending thoughts to about this too. And, when people are meditating, Rachel, from the Astral realm, you can, with their mediation, kind of guide, or let's see, use that energy and spread it around the world too. The Light energy.)

"So what is this light? Is it like a flashlight, or sunlight, or daylight? How do you think of light, light? You know. How will I say to myself or anybody else, 'Think of the light and send it around the world!' I don't know. Maybe they'll say, oh well, there's sunlight and there's...what kind of light?" (When you were in that Temple of Healing...) "Yes." (Did they use any light?) "Yes." (What was that like?) "Healing light." (What did it feel or look like?) "Well, different things. It felt like it had energy. You could kind of see it." (When it came inside you, what happened inside of you?) "I guess you could feel things, kinda subtly, but you could feel things." (Do you remember when you and I went up to the light?) "Yes." (What did that light look like?) "Big ball of light remember? It got bigger and bigger and bigger. Then I kind of got scared and you said you were going to talk to it? That light? Yeah." (Would that be a good way to image it? Like a ball of light that begins with you and then each person and it gets bigger and bigger?) "I have to tell them, don't get scared, cause it's kinda scary." (Yes, you do, have to tell them don't get scared. Maybe if they could...you know, Rachael, the no finger is going. What do you think that is about?) "I think that you have to tell them something easier and more...." (How about sunlight?) ...no, sunlight's all over. I mean, how do you send sunlight? And if it's sunlight on this side of the world, it's darkness on the other side of the world. How do you send sunlight all around the world when we know that there's darkness on the other side of the world.?" (Okay, I'll tell you what I do and then we'll ask what Master of Lights does - would tell us. Shall we do that?) "Okay."

(For me, I sit and I center and in the middle of my forehead I imagine there is a little mini sun glowing. Like there's a mini sun right in the middle of my forehead. It begins to glow and it grows and then it surrounds me in that light, fills the room I'm in, then it spreads out from the room I'm in. It goes North, South, East, West and that glows and flows all around the world and then it meets on the other side - from all four corners of the earth - and then it comes through the planet and back to me. Now, do you have a thought or should we ask Master of Light?)

"My thought is, that's going to be too, kinda, I don't think the kids will go for it. They need something else. I'm sure you can ask anybody. I just don't know." (But you're a kid.) "I know, but that didn't turn me on." (Well, shall we ask Master of Lights for some ideas?) "Okay." (After all, he is Master of Light. What you need to do is kinda of step aside so Master of Light can come into Hugh's body. Oh, light's beginning to glow now. Which always tells me Master of Lights is here. And now, shinning around and within Hugh's body. And there, that look tells me I that I may now welcome Master of Lights. Hello.)

Master of Light: "I knew you'd call me." (Did you?) "That's why I wanted to say - there's a way for everyone to use Light. And it's so simple. It's not the Light, like sunlight, and it's not the Light, like flashlights. It's another kind of light that YOU see in this room. And when you see me, when you call me Blue, it's because you see a specific kind of energy that you call Light. And that energy is what you're really focusing and sending. It's not light, which is confusing to people because they see light in so many different ways. But to make it a specific light. A blue light if you would. A green healing light, if they prefer. And they can modify that light to fit what they feel most comfortable with, for it's only an identifiable feature. The energy is what's required. And as we send this light about us, we can send it shooting around the earth. We can welcome it to envelop the earth. We can see it penetrating the layers down to the magma of the earth Out to the a ionosphere and the far reaches of the earth. The influence is universal. If the person feels, perhaps, that it's their OWN focus bringing this energy, this universal energy, that we're pulling into, surrounding, and influencing the earth and all the earth's environs, then we have a specific thing that each and every one can identify with. For really it is ALL energy that provides the entities of the earth to find their own balance. It is not a specific thing, but it is, in effect, omnipresent. We only have the person THINK of sending it, for that makes it an individual effort. And the individual effort is their thought. And as they THINK, the thought goes out. The thought is the light that's then become a part of the substance which provides the energy to bring the balance. Do you understand now what I am describing?" (Trying to get it into words for us. Are there certain colors that should not be sent?) "The color is only what you make it. It is the THOUGHT ENERGY that really is the light. For as you THINK the light, the light becomes the light, and when it becomes the light, it becomes the energy of a specific vibratory rate which makes it colorful. And if it's full of color, it becomes the vibration of your thought form." (How do we do this Master of Lights, do we just think?) "You don't have to do it, it does it itself." (So it's just the sitting.) The thought, you see, if I just said to THINK something, so you think (laughs) do you think they would think it was a thought? I don't think so. We have to be more specific so giving them a color, light, a specific job, which is the human's mind focus, they can then think they are sending the light as a focal point - and indeed they are - only it is really a thought form that creates the light. Let me see, the brain in the human body is a generator of electricity and a manufacturer of chemicals. Do you understand that? (Yes.) If we were to try to tell people all about it, we would be dumbfounded if we were humans, for we don't know - as humans - what it is and how it does. We observe that it does. This simplifies it for human mind in sending energy and light around the world by giving them something specific. YOU, I believe, are known as a creative person and writer, communicator. If you can find a better way, that's fine. The light was merely to get them to focus on a specific and powerful energy that translates from thought into a useable energy or substance - light. Is Rachel here? (Rachel, are you here listening?)

Master of Light: Rachel's here. Rachel, you're a very bright young lady, and I know you can feel me and see my energy, and as I am sending energy into your energy field now, as you felt before in a healing process, perhaps you can be the Creator of an explanation and a delineation for the young mind to use in the process of disseminating thought for a healing process through a substance we might call light.

Rachel, sighing: I don't know. It sounds exciting. And I can FEEL it. And I know it's there. And I'm excited, hmmm. I don't know if I can do all this. Whew! Well, can I think about this a little bit?

Pamela: (Yes, because what you say is going to be very important to communicate to the young people.) I know, I know. (Now you know what it feels like. You think about what to tell the young people about how to get this feeling. And when you're ready to let us know, let us know and we'll continue with this okay?) Okay. Don't go away. (Maybe you can think about it as we're talking to Spirit. You move, what, the thumb on the right hand when you're ready, okay?) Oh, Okay. (Well, Master of Lights....) (Tape ends here as Hugh came up from hypnosis. Three days later we meet with Rachel again.

(Suggestions given to Hugh for incoming of Rachel.)

(Hello Rachel. When we met you last you were so excited. Master of Lights got you so enthused and excited. Now, I'm interested in YOUR wording, what you would say, how you would put it. How do you excite the young people, the youth, about this plan of light to save this planet and our better way of life. Rachel, you remember how to speak.)

Yes, yes, yes, making different sounds, yes. (How are you feeling Rachel?) Oh, I feel fine. (Good. Are you staying in the Astral Plane, is that where you stay?) Well, I'm here now. (Well, I mean in between, when you're not here.) Oh I was, yes. (Well good! You must have found a place for yourself there.) I kinda visited around a little bit with some of my friends who are still here. I tried to communicate what we're doing with them. (And?) Some of them got it and some of them didn't. And didn't understand. (Well you know Rachel, I've recording what you've been saying on this tape.) Yeah? (They might make the rounds and get it from them. You know some people pick up mind thought more easily than others.) That's true. Some people block it terribly. I guess fearful, seems like they're fearful but fear on a different level than what we call scared, fear is like resistance. To new things and different experiences. And fear of losing control and fear of this...you know, we're always looking for a new way to find control of ourselves and defy other people so we can demonstrate that control, I guess you would call it huh? So kids are kinda fearful of doing anything to lose control, but I've been trying to tell them they're GAINING control of the life and the power that they have. It's exciting for them. It's exciting for me, I don't know what it wouldn't be for them. (Rachel, if young people are so interested in gaining control, why the use of drugs, and alcohol?) It's a feeling of escape. We get out. We get a part of a different dimension. Why do you use it, why do adults use it. I think it's the same. (I agree with you. Kind of an interesting paradox isn't it? Wanting to hold onto control and escape all at the same time. Well, the use of altered states is a good controlled use of escape. Also moving into knowledge. Rachel, what have you been thinking about what Master of Lights told you?)

Well, so many things go through my thoughts. My mind just goes whirling. It's exciting you know. ALL of the things that we have! All the things that we can DO! And we're not even beginning to use that! If we want power than all we have to do is use it. (How?) How would you use it? How would YOU use It? I use it to the best of my advantage and to the best of everybody. The more we do good for ourselves, the more we do good for others and the more we help others, the more we help ourselves isn't that true? (That's true. How would you advise them to start?) By seeing the power that they have to be happy, to change their feelings, their attitude. Many, many, many young people, kids, have depression. Oft times feeling so depressed they become suicidal. You think it's...with the power of their minds, they could have anything practical that they wanted. Anything! They can get high inside their own minds. They can create new worlds, new ventures, new excitement. New relationship with themselves. How's that sound? (That sounds wonderful Rachael.) You're in a new relationship with yourself. Why are you laughing? (Because it sounds very exciting and wonderful. I'm also thinking because I think you're the perfect one to guide that. Here you're in quite a brand new relationship with yourself.) Well yeah. (How can they find that inner state of mind Rachel?) How do you find yours? (Daily, I sit and quiet my body and my mind and go inward.) You don't have to get out of your body like I did. (No, you don't.) But, you know the exciting thing is that since I found this, my body doesn't seem to make that much difference. It's nice to have, it's nice to enjoy, but this is SO much more exciting. So much more satisfying, so much more of everything. It's like getting a piece of God, or getting a piece of the Universe.

(Do you think that kind of feeling would come to a soul if they left their body before it was their time, Rachel?) That feeling? (That feeling that you're feeling?) What? (The reason I bring this up, is that I have talked to the souls - like you - Spirit entities - of people who have taken their own lives, Rachel. Who have been very deeply depressed and have wanted that feeling you have now and so have taken their lives. Do you know what I've discovered. That the Higher Self and the soul have a plan. And that the time of leaving this world is kind of known at that inner level and if someone takes their own life before that time, then they do not have this feeling you have now right away. It takes them a lot longer find it. They leave their body and they find they have the same anxieties and depressions and upsets and fears that they had IN the body. And then they need to take a long, long period to accomplish without the body a few things they were supposed to IN the body, or go to prepare to come back to another body to finish up what was undone. I think it's important for them to know that. That when your time IS done and you HAVE accomplished what you came in the body to do, THEN you leave the body and you are guided to find this feeling you have now. A wondrous feeling. And you expressed it very well Rachel. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the young people could feel this feeling while they're in their body too?

They can! (Yes, that's GOOD news! That plan of light to save the world Rachel, how would you excite the young people about that?) Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Light and I - you call him Blue and I call him Light, the Spirit of that energy of Light - says to me, IF you can get ALL of the young energies, all of them working together, or a large percentage of them, they will over-rule, they will create a balance of energy - I think is the way he put it - create a balance of energy that will eliminate the tyranny and the suffering and the wars and the greed and the control that we're experiencing all over the world. And even at the women's convention, they're fighting like men! What's WRONG with everyone? Light says what's wrong is that they're out of balance! And light says, if we provide them with all they need for balance, everything in the universe is seeking balance, now that's the simple part of the whole solution. If we create balance within ourselves and demonstrate balance, if we knock off all this petty stuff - depression and hurting and random killing and violence with teenagers and show the older people, which we're going to be pretty soon. How? Just allowing balance into their lives, everything begins to run smoothly. You take away the big bumps and the hurts and the bruises. The problem is getting them to take a moment of time to just see how it works and they'd do it, I know they would. At least, a lot of them would start, and then the rest of them would be jealous and they'll go out and do it too. (How would you advise them to do that, to start and do what?)

We talked about that. I think the best way to do it is demonstrate it and show them how easy it is to do it. I could try to talk to them and get them to try it. If they would try it, if they would just try it, if they would get all that old fear out of the way. See fear is the other end of this energy. Love and peace and harmony and balance come with the other end of the thing, the energy is fear, so like love and fear are the far points and the energy towards the center is the balance we're seeking so they're going to have SOME fear and some love and when they find the balance - they'll know the have choices and can do what they want. They won't be driven by trying to make themselves seem like everybody else. I guess that's alot of what we do. And then, we can be our own individual selves, all heading toward that enlightenment of balance! That's so exciting from this point of view anyway. Of course there's those who don't want to try it. And that's okay. Light says we're not here to force anybody to do anything, but merely to show them. We're way showers, I think the way, we're way showers. We show the way and they'll see how easy and great it is and how good it feels and how powerful it makes you, and they'll want to do the same thing. Even those that are, you know, like fighting and pushing away and saying oh, you're full of it. Even those people will begin to want to do it pretty soon. But I think the thing they have to demonstrate....I know enough kids, so I can get a few of them to start, everybody will want to try it. That's what's going to happen. Light says it will happen. (Okay, if you're going to get them how to start. If you were in your body again Rachel, with what you know now, what would you do? You would sit down and become quiet and what would you do then?)

Hugh's arm lifts and his hand scratches his nose.]

Rachel: His nose itched to I scratched his nose for him!

(That was very nice of you, I noted that.) I've never scratched an old man's nose before. [Pamela and Rachel laugh and Pamela says: Rachel! He's not so old!]

Ah well, so...well, those that don't want to try it just can watch, they don't have to get involved. They don't have to do anything, they can just watch. Or if they don't want to watch, they can go do whatever they want, I don't care. But just, let themselves be open to it, and there's a few - I've talked to a few, in their sleep - and I think they're beginning to get the idea that it works. And how it works is so easy. They don't have to be nerds, they don't have to be, you know, just do whatever they want to do, but just do it for themselves and the rest are going to see it. Everybody watches everybody else. You know how kids are. You can't hide anything. And even if they want to hide it, they couldn't. But just be out in the open, say, this is what I do. Like, hey, meditation is good, people talk about that. This is just a thousand percent better than meditation, that's all.

(So they sit?)

Well, you could walk or sit or do anything, you know. I think that's a mistake that people have, they get this stereotype stuff like, you know, people talk about hypnosis and they don't even know what they're talking about. (That's true, they don't.) But to know you could reach this state or level wherever you are and whatever you're doing. All you have to do is focus on the inner, higher light of balance of energy. It happens just like that. (They just think of an image of inner higher light or energy?)

Yes. And they look right through that - what do you call it, the third eye - and their eyes go UP to their forehead, right inside their skull, right inside their head, they can see a light, a glow, a glowing light. (Tape ends and Pamela turns over tape.)

Why are you making a tape, can't you remember it?

(Well, I'm going to give this tape to your friends.)

Well, you didn't ask me.

(Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry, I thought you knew. You see, we think because people are out of the body they know so much. I'm going to ask now, would you like them to hear this tape?)

Well, I would have liked you to ask me before.

(Rachel, I apologize.)

It's alright, it's alright, but you know, I thought we were having a private conversation here.

(Oh Rachel, we can make it private. I'll keep this tape.)

No, I want them to know anyway, but I just, you know, like to know if you're going to do things like that. (I absolutely agree.) Okay. Now where were we, oh yeah. Well, there's a few of them I've talked to, you know, and some of them listen in their dreams and their sleep. Some of them I talk to even when they're awake and they don't even know it. They think they're thinking these thoughts. But, if they would look up, inside their skull, or inside their head, a beautiful light, kinda like a light, its kinda like energy, maybe that's better, energy that glows. And if they would do that, they become so focused on that, they move right into the light. What they have to remember is you can't do this when you're driving or when you're doing things that require your CONSCIOUS attention. Because you'll lose a lot of your conscious attention if you really go with it. Sometimes you're half in and half out, sometimes you're all the way there. You know, it's different, maybe, for me 'cause I don't have a body like you do, but I still have a body. You know, it's different. It's just different, that's all. But the light's the same way. And, when I move into that light, I forget everything else and it feels like I'm floating in the most peaceful, perfect place. And that's what light says balance is. Where you have the perfect center between love and fear. And you're centered. That's where that word comes from huh? Centered. And in the center of that energy is this balance and it feels SO good. Tried to get Eric to try it. Hmmm. He's one of those, you know, he kinda like, well maybe, maybe not, I don't know why. (Who is Eric?) You know Eric. So, it's up to anybody and everybody to do what they want to do. But once you try it, once you really do it, and once you feel that, you want to get there all the time. It's like, it's kinda like the thrill you have when your bodies are touching and you're feeling all that energy exchange. It's a high, you know, you get high? Well, you get 10 times higher, maybe even a 100 times higher with this. You can get SO high that you lose every other sensation except that one focus. THAT, that is WONDERFUL! (You put it very well Rachel.) That is what we're all after, but nobody seems to want to try the simple, simple way to do that. It's a way. It IS a way. We try drugs, we try sex. We try thrills. Doing crazy things. But, that's the simple way to do it. I do it. And I like it. And I want everybody else to try it that wants to and pretty soon everybody will want to and everybody will try it. It'll work!

(Rachel, there were some other young people killed here in Palm Springs and Indio recently, in a car crash, much like yourself. Are you aware of that?)

Yes. They're okay. They were, you know, like I was. Knocked out of their body. Wham, wham. In a few seconds you're not in your body anymore. You look around, where am I? What's going on? What's happening? You see, and feel, and know, and nobody seems to, you know, act like you're there. So I...I think they're okay now. They know they're not going back in their bodies. And in fact, they don't want to. In fact, one of them wanted to get out of her body. She could have gone back, but she decided it was so peaceful, so blissful that she didn't want to go back and go through any more of what she was going through. And they realized that they were very threatened and in a dangerous situation, but you know, we don't think about that in the beginning, and then it gets crazy. And you try to stop it and sometimes it stops and sometimes it doesn't stop. But, there is no need to use drugs like, anything, alcohol too. There's no need for that when you can get so high and so wonderfully balanced. It feels great. (Do you think when they're that wonderfully balanced it will affect others around them Rachel?) Yes! (Even the ones doing negative things towards them?) It's not, you know, Spirit says it's not up to us to make people do anything, but to show them what they can do. And if they want to, they'll do it, and if they don't, they'll just keep doing their old stuff and just keep tearing themselves up. Pretty soon, if they keep tearing themselves up, there won't be any left. They'll all be over here where I am wondering, why did I do that!? But I like it. I like it. And I'm going to tell everybody I can they can do, in the body or out of the body - either way - the same thing. They can find that perfect balance just by going into that energy kind of thing. It's like a glowing energy, it's like a glowing, yeah, yeah, bright light. But it's cool, not hot. It's like, like a different light. (You're moving up into that light right now, aren't you, Rachel, as you think about it.) Yeah. (Then I'll say my good-byes for now.) Thank you. (Enjoy the light.) Come on Eric. Yeah, well, good-bye. (Good-bye.)

9/21/95 Hugh Channel/Pamela Guide

Master of Spirit:

Who wants the information? (It is a man whose name is____________, date of birth______ and he resides at (Midwest/USA). He begins his quest by asking to know what is his highest purpose in this life experience?) As you would say to others, he has several life paths available - quite diverse paths. Some he feels obliged to follow, and others he desires to follow. He would do well to find what he agreed to learn when he came into this life. To determine what would satisfy the need of experiencing that learning now. (He does ask of these life paths that are available to him; he did wish to know the number, but most importantly, what are the guide posts most connected to his higher purpose.) Could you rephrase that in a simpler form? (I can indeed. He wishes to know the guide posts for the life path most connected to his higher purpose.) Did we not just say, he needs to determine what his life path is in this life. He wants the information from the records versus determining that himself, is that correct? (Yes.) He would do well to see that the three major life paths (are) to include, in public service, which he will already have experienced certain feelings of being thwarted, but he should take a very long look at what that experience will teach him, in his life quest experience and learning. That path need not be selfish or completely devoted to public service, but may involve several aspects of both and satisfy his human feelings and needs, as well as provide the course and path for his experiential learning in this life. The other two paths are more focused on profession or semi-professional interests that would NOT supply and provide him very little experience in his life course. (The path of being involved in the buying and selling, or the selling of Real Estate, would be one of those two paths of business?) Correct. (I see. Then perhaps the question what are the keys to continued success and prosperity with his career is answered. Is there a line of public service....) We did not state he would not be successful. The records shows he has choices. Nothing of success was mentioned. (And the road of public service seemed to be foremost in line with his life purposes?) As stated. (Is there a line of public service seen that is most beneficial to him?) There is no specific detail directing him specifically to a course, other than a life devoted to teaching and showing and sharing his great ability to understand others and they to like and appreciate him. Is there more? (Yes, he wishes to know if there are imbalances in his physical body at this time.) One moment please. Our records show he has some imbalance in his abdominal area. He needs to correct some of his habits, his life habits, to optimize his state of health, which would enhance his ability to carry on the role of teaching and sharing with the public, as an exemplary person to demonstrate the values he is talking to them about. (Are there specifics that can be given, as to his habits that must be changed?) He is aware of those habits and has thought of them, but not taken the action necessary to correct that condition. Enhancing his health will enhance his ability to communicate with others better, than had he not taken the action to correct them. (In this line, he wishes to know if there are allergies to any foods or anything in his environment that are bothering him or that he should correct or avoid.) Citrus is one of the things he needs to limit. Citrus, limiting the use of wheat products, and eat a high percentage of vegetables with fiber material available will help correct his abdominal problems. He should avoid, of course, the fats that are unable to be useful in his body and put all the food he takes in to building the energies he can use to demonstrate his good health. (He would also like to know of imbalances in his emotional/mental being.) Some of his emotional state of turmoil suggests it might also be reflected in occasional experiences of air-borne allergens that normally do not affect him. Should he take a half hour a day to devote to meditation, quieting his body and mind and opening to his spiritual being, he would find a great change in his state of health on all levels of his personal being as he opens up to his Higher Self and Spiritual Self. You may inform him of your information of Higher Self for he would be able to use this, properly instructed, for a very positive benefit for himself as well as others. (Is it seen there is a manner best for him to align with his Higher Self?) He has a very active conscious mind, which serves him well, but needs to be quiet, very quiet, to allow the meditation, to maximize his experience of quieting the inner self and connecting with the Higher Self. (As he asks for the names of his spirit guides and how best to communicate with them...) Higher Self would be his best source of communication. He may invite the spirit guides, but he knows not how to differentiate. At this time, he would do well to access and communicate with his Higher Self to avoid the communications with spirit not meant to be his guides. (He next asks, what would be the best way for him to heal old wounds from this life and the past.) ALL benefit from knowing what they play in the goal completion of any lifetime. Once the discovery of the goal is made, and one applies the knowledge gained towards reaching that goal, the goal then gives the person the reason for the action and the action becomes a positive beneficial goal seeking product, versus something of pain and discomfort. He will find that is true for him also. (He wishes to know why he had a mental block during a past life regression session recently done with ______. He considered this an unsuccessful regression, and if he blocked it, for what reason?) As previously stated, his mental activity and consciousness is very, very strong and is very difficult to allow that consciousness for a moment: as he allows his subconscious and other parts of his mental levels to access that which he seeks in this, or any other life time. He needs to go into a deeper state of hypnosis, as you say, allowing his conscious mind to move further into the state of observing the events of the past, versus patrolling and continuing to control his life. He is one fearful of losing control. (He asks what information about his past lives would be of benefit for him to know at this time.) One moment please. 1700's are strong and around time in the last quarter of the 18th century would be important for him to know as well as the 14th, 11th, and more recently one at the turn of the century - between the 19th and 20th century. All will give him information of understanding his reason for being and relate directly with the first question asked today. (The Higher Purpose, thank you. He does wish to know if he and his wife________were together in a previous life experience.) 1600's. But not in the form that he thinks he knew her, as he was in spirit form and she was in human body. (This was the only association from the past?) As 14th century, 11th century?, hmmmm, perhaps. Perhaps the 11th century. (He has two daughters and wishes to know if he was associated in the past with each daughter. First one's name is ____________.) Yes, I see in the records he has previous experience with her and the other daughter, but the knowledge of his experience with his first would give him knowledge as to what is occurring in the relationship today. (What time in the past would be best for him to find this information?) Given the right instructions, his subconscious will take him directly there. Or that may found through the method you teach of Neuro-Muscular Response. In all cases this is very beneficial for the human being, to see exactly what they may want to experience in an altered state. Especially if they are fearful of losing control, as this one is. (Is there any further knowledge in regards to the second daughter _______ that would be important?) That, too, will be discovered, but not as important as first knowledge of first daughter. (Thank you. He states that less than two years ago, a red-tailed hawk crashed into his screened-in porch uninjured. He wishes to know if this was a message, or had a meaning or message for him. (There is nothing discernible, but in the case of direct and immediate action, his Higher Self would know the answer. His Higher Self does know the answer. He does know the reason for the hawk. (He asks is there an area of the country that would be most beneficial for him to live and raise his family.) Interesting. Should he follow the path that will give him the highest benefits and rewards in this life, it will lead him to a very appropriate place. In fact, he will go several places. It is an exciting adventure for him, and not one to be previously announced, for part of the learning process is the discovery method. He will apply in this search for his goal - very, very pleasing - should he follow that appropriate path. (He asks if studying and learning of hypnosis would be of benefit to him.) As stated, the path of teaching and sharing in the service of others, as well as himself, he will find that that WILL be incorporated, as well as other methods of communicating and teaching self communication. He will understand this if he allows himself to access that Higher Self, and the knowledge of that, whether shared immediately or not, will be of great benefit to him. (Is it seen where he lived in his most recent past life and what his name was then?) The name John becomes clear. North America. And a death very early in that life. (Is the year seen?) 29. (And the year of the century?) 1929. (Was he of European, American, Indian?) North American. United States. Middle. Northern. Around the Great Lakes of the United States and Canada. Hmmmm. (He wishes to thank you and bless you for helping him and asks if there is further information or guidance you would offer at this time.) We're always grateful to be recognized and blessing others blesses ourselves. He is a blessed one also. When he sees the path that will lead him to his ultimate goal and the greatest and highest good for all, he will realize the blessing, and the blessing is knowing who he is and his purpose for being here in this moment in time. He then will know what that blessing means. (Is it possible Master Spirit for us to access his Higher Self now, through this channel, this body?) No. This is not appropriate at this time, for he will ask for more accessing instead of finding the access himself, which is of great importance to his goal, should he choose that goal now. (I thank you.)

10/7/94 Hugh Channel/Pamela Guide

(This woman is seeking to have information about her childhood. She wishes to know if there was a relationship of a sexual nature between herself and her step father in her growing years.) There was. (She seeks to know what would be the steps she can take to bring it to conscious awareness.) When people in their bodies suffer great confusion about the role they play in learning of life, the confusion would lock away that which is untenable and unacceptable, allowing the person to function in their state without the uncomfortable or painful feelings that are normal to physical and emotional abuse. Often when great guilt is involved, the person withdraws from the feeling to allow a more functional life and that is why we have shown the ability to shut off from your consciousness those most painful areas that are a part of learning process of that physical life. When people learn faster than they can accept, they often put those parts away and later uncover them to whatever extent they feel they can accept. That is what they will learn in that lifetime. (She seems quite torn between addressing these issues and wanting to push them down. What would be most beneficial for her at this time.) That is her lifetime and her options are there for her decision not to be made by another. Soul spirit mind or body, for it would be totally ineffectual were it to be made by another. (She is seeking guidance from me in regards to the use of chemical tranquilizers or drugs that she may cope. I feel inadequate to advise her on this Spirit.) You may advise her, but the level of advice she seeks comes from herself not others. She is fearful, therefore resistant to making definitive decisions that would require her to accept opposition and challenge. This she will find is a part of her life lesson and involves many other things besides the physical, emotional, that she seeks to recall on a conscious level now. (The stepfather with whom these acts occurred, is it known if he is consciously aware of this or not?) Let it be known that he was aware as his person acted upon another, but only with that personality which is one of several he is exhibiting and using and functioning in from time to time. His life has many faces. (She has been seeking guidance from many psychics and getting many different responses. In such a case, are psychics tuning into our many faceted wishes, desires, denials?) You're asking for a comment on an un-stipulated and definitive statement. (She went to see a psychic recently, a well known man, who told her this man, her step father was innocent of what she had accused him of. I wonder, this level of information, would it come from her own denial system?) Harken back to what was given you before and you will know the answer to that statement. Which persona, which mask, is being addressed at the moment of statement?

Universal Records Reading For ____________, Hugh Channel/Pamela Guide

(I would ask for another. This name is ___________, birthdate________)

The name, I know the person you speak, the name is not correct. But I know who you're asking for. What is your question? (I would like to know the current state of physical health and causes of imbalance.) As you have noted in others, created by emotional and, perhaps, spiritual need, people create illness to give them challenge or, perhaps, hinder help, or mask life journey and lesson. When people demonstrate for themselves the healing power that they recognize and use, creating other illnesses should be evidence of creating other needs to heal. Is that understood? Do you need more information that I can give you? (Yes. She is creating illnesses?) She is creating illnesses, but that is not your concern, that is her choice for her own life lessons. (Is there more work I should, could, advise her to do on her childhood that would help her?) The work she chooses to accept has been presented in several different ways. And you may choose to continue helping her to see them from different aspects, but she must recognize the goal and she must take the action, for it is her life alone that is being affected. (Thank you Spirit, are there any words or guidance from your level that can be offered at this time, beyond what you have said.) We do not give advice. But it is known that when life goal is identified, people move more swiftly to complete that, if they choose to. For the known to the physical life expression is another part of the journey to complete the lesson.

Oct. 29, 1995 Hugh has a major sneezing fit. NMR says an entity wishing to speak. NMR indicates: 1) Entity known to Hugh. 2) An aquaintance, not friend 3. Recently left the body. 4) Man Hugh visited him in hospital day he died at family's request. 5) Want to speak through Hugh now. Hugh Channel/ Pamela Guide

(We welcome ______to use the mind and voice box of Hugh for communication.).

"Thank you." (Is this _____?) "Yes." (My, I'm impressed. You did that very well indeed.) "Thank you." (How did you know how to do that?) "He told me, yesterday, he could let me do this. [Note: Hugh saw this man in the hospital day he died.) I want everyone to know how nice it is and it's okay to be here and there's no waiting in between. And if [his wife]wants to stay, it's okay. She's got some things she wants to do, and I love her and I'm sorry I took up so much of her time and made her feel so unhappy. And don't be angry. It's worth the wait." (NOTE: Bob laughs softly.) "It's worth the waiting, 'cause I'll be here when you get here. And, the business will be okay dear. You do a good job. And everything feels so much lighter. I still have kinda like my body, but it's not so dense, it's not so solid, it's not so physical. But it looks kinda like me. When I see others like me it looks like they were in their body, but not so solid you can't move through it, or see through it even. And, it sure felt good to get out of that old body that didn't work anymore and it felt awful good to be free." (I'm so glad. What are your plans now?) "Well, I'm going to wait and see if [his wife]] needs me. And if she does, I'll try to help the best I can. And if she doesn't, I'll go on and wait for her further up the line." (That would be wonderful. We'll be certain to give your message to your friends.) "I''ll appreciate that. They were very nice to came by. But they just...sometimes it was a bother, to try to be nice. And I didn't have to be nice with some of the people. My grumpy old self could come out when _____ was there. And a few of the other ones, but I wasn't really feeling very good. And I didn't want to have to deal with people I wasn't feeling comfortable with." (You were having to use a lot of energy for this major, important part of your life.) "Well, I should'av done it easier, but I guess I didn't know how. And I'm finding out that you do everything for a reason, so maybe I'll find out why I had all that time and money and pain. When I really didn't want it. Didn't have to have it I guess. I don't know, I'm going to find out about it." (And you will! Won't it be exciting to find out?) "Well, I don't know. I hope it is." (It will.) "Well. I hope [his wife] is okay. I love that little lady. She's Okay! She's good! And I'll be here. For awhile. Hmm." (May the light surround and be with you, too. It will help you help [your wife]. Yes, just think of and feel that light and allow Master of Light to fill you with light. It will lighten your way and the way of those you have left behind. That's it. Think of that light and be filled with it. Thank you Master of Light for helping this soul and being with this soul. And thank you Hugh's Higher Self for allowing and affording that opportunity. Is there a message you would give Hugh at this time as well, Higher Self?) Yes. The sneezing was two fold: To let you know the allergy method is good and it can teach others how to use that to alleviate a lot of discomfort and disabling problems for people. And ____ thought it would be funny to watch Hugh go into a paroxysm of sneezing. He thought that was very funny, so he wanted to come and talk.

NOV. 8, 1995. Hugh Channel/ Pamela Guide

(Seeking information from the Records through Master of Spirit for _________ born on __________. another. I ask that Higher Self of Hugh align with his body and his mind, that this connection may be true and direct. I ask that the subconscious mind keep attentive to my voice. Are you listening subconscious mind of Hugh? (Yes finger moves.) Good. As you breathe in deeply, Hugh, I will remind the subconscious mind to take Hugh to that level of trance, that perfect level that allows for the incoming of Spirit. I remind the subconscious mind to keep the body energies viable and strong. To allow for the easy flow of oxygen to the brain cells. As you breathe in and out, that's it, Spirit begins to align. I call upon the Higher Spirit to align with the body and the inward mind. And Hugh, you allow your conscious mind to just float, to just go to that space and place where you know allows for no interference from there. That's it, just let it go, 100, 99. And 98, please - "yes" indicator finger move when that conscious mind is sufficiently gone, relaxed. Let it go. That's it. And when Higher Spirit is here to begin communicating, that "yes" finger will again move, indicating that the alignment is complete. That's it. With coming of Higher Spirit I ask also for the Protection and Guidance of Master of Light - that White Light - that there are no interfering energies here. Good. In the presence of Spirit now. Higher Spirit aligning through the Higher Self. The superconscious and the subconscious mind. Hello, I welcome you.)

Hello. (Hello. We have one who is seeking information from her Universal Records.) Yes. (Her name is ______________, her birthdate ______. She is seeking to know her life purpose for this life incarnation and she can best fulfill it.)

This person has a path that is following an unfinished path from before and she will have this path available to finish in this life, if she directs her attention to the realities of life and not what she would desire to have from another concept in another lifetime. She has need to look to her OWN learning process and re-direct some of her energies from creating what she believes the best life for others, for herself. For once she realizes her potential in this path, others will benefit from her own energies and vitality, without her expending the energies to try to make their lives something that she has NO power over. Is there more?

(Yes. She has a daughter whose birthday was_____. The daughter was killed in a ski accident at age 8, and her mother is seeking to know, what was her daughter's purpose and what was the need for her to leave at so young an age?)

The Spirit that came to experience her life as the daughter, completed her life path for this incarnation. Her Spirit completed the learning process and moved out of the body and back into the Spirit form where she is now learning more about her future from the experience of the past.

(IS she ever in contact with her mother from that Spirit world?)

She has tried , but her mother is so closed and fearful, so focused on others, that she is not allowing herself to available to this Spirit that left her body as her daughter.

(This Spirit that was her daughter, and the Spirit that she is, have they been associated in a previous...) Yes. (On more than one occasion?) Yes. (Which life was the last occasion?) 1340. (And their relationship then?) They were comrades in a military situation. (Of what nationality were they?) Spanish. Or the Iberian Peninsula. (The Spirit that was her daughter, has it a soul connection with baby that the mother is carrying now? The fetus, the embryo?)

No. The soul is still in a Spirit form. And will not re-incarnate soon.

(The fetus in the mother now, is there a connection from the past with the mother?)

Yes. 1576. They were sea faring people. (And their relationship?) Both male sailors. (Was there a connection with the daughter named _____, who is now 7 years old?) The question is unanswerable as you pose it. (The mother now has a third daughter, named Megan who is 7 years old, and the mother would like to know if she has a connection with this one?)

The mother has no connection with this one. (With the Spirit that is this one and the spirit of the mother.)

One moment. There seems to be no connection in a previous incarnation between the daughter and the mother you speak of now. There is a learning bond between them in this life. The daughter that is with her at 7 years of age knew the daughter who left her body, in a previous life that did not involve the mother now.

(The mother asks how she can best help the daughter, ____ and the new daughter coming in to find and fulfill their life purpose and protect them from harm.)

I shall repeat once more. This woman, the mother, may try to understand, she has no control over her children's life, for they are Spirits as she is, and they chose this life that they will learn, from experience, as they chose. She is neither their guide nor their Creator, nor is she able to interfere significantly in their life path. She only provides the mother for the child to be born. Giving it shelter and direction, for its formative stage in body.

(The mother asks how can she best find her way to God?)

She has that connection, should she choose to recognize it, as all spiritual and living creatures and all substance of the Creator's Creation have total and complete access to the Creator at all times. She limits herself as a part of her path learning in this lifetime. Should she become tired of this process, she may be given help and direction toward the goal of this learning process, so that she will move out of her state of stuckness, and as it would appear, self-recrimination and responsibility for others.

(Is it seen from your level the best way, method for this Spirit to meditate?) Are you asking for advice? (Perhaps I should ask from Higher Self to Higher Self. She did ask for the best way for her to meditate.) The best way for anyone to reach an altered state, one of which is called meditation, is to allow themselves the freedom that she seldom does at this point in her life. Should she choose to be kind and gentle for herself, she would find that she has the freedom to leave the body as a healthy state of physical being and become more aware of her spiritual self, in that which she calls meditation. If she keeps trying to control everything around her through a state of fear, she will find it difficult to reach that level. But she has already experienced that. This is not news to her.

(She asks for information on the man to whom she is married and asks if this relationship is beneficial and positive to each, and meant to be as a husband and wife union.)

I would again repeat, she has a path to follow and if she chooses to follow that path openly, easily, and willingly, she will find a much better relationship with all those with whom she is closely related and living now. There are many differences where there could be many understandings. But the communication system has become almost non-existent in some areas and very difficult in others. She is the only one that controls her focused path and state of being. She cannot, let me emphasize, she cannot control others' lives, whether she does it gently, lovingly, kindly, or with fierce determination. Nor do they have the power to control her, unless she gives them that power as a part of her learning process.

(Are there abilities, interests that she has that she could express to guide her more fully on her true life path and purpose?)

Hmmm. Since you are recording this for her information, my suggestion, which should not be necessary, would be to listen and read very openly, clearly, what she can do to shorten this learning process, which once learned will be a past and completed experiential process, allowing her to move on IN the state of freedom, and not in the state of control. When we seek to make everything in a direction, confinement, and/or manipulate others for what we perceive to be their highest good, we are not looking at our own path, and are failing to optimize the learning process that is always available to us. She will benefit greatly from finding her TRUE self, recognizing her value and allowing the Light, the energy of Light, to - perhaps, if she is willing - create a sense of balance if that is a part of her life path. I cannot give you direction other than that.

(IN the direction of her career, she is currently working in Real Estate field, which she calls stressful. Is this field a positive endeavor for her?)

I must ask you to listen to what I just have said, and understand that SHE determines her life, that SHE makes of HER life what SHE chooses for her learning process. I cannot live her life nor can I tell her how, for she has already before entering this body, CHOSEN her life path, CHOSEN her learning process, and as she moves through that and LEARNS from the process, she will find a feeling of completeness. A feeling of satisfaction. A feeling, perhaps, of accomplishment as she finishes her path and allows herself freedom to move on to other learning experiences. I cannot tell her how.

(Is the purpose chosen at that time written and seen?) You're thinking the purpose of her life path learning process? (Yes.) If she will listen to what she has had answered, she will know that part of that is letting go of directing others and being as great as she can be, for when she realizes her greatness, others whom she touches in this life, will benefit by that association.

(She asks for the status of her physical health. If it could be seen, on the health of her physical organism, body.)

We do not diagnose, nor can I tell her what action must be taken, but as I see she has the possibility of organic dysfunction should she keep the pressures bottled, emotional pressures put into her pressure system. She is causing a shutting down of the natural state of being you see the body constantly seeks, which is balance and health. With her rigid and fearful building of pressures, and not communicating, she is suppressing her own natural immune system, and risking physical dysfunction, which if she chooses to let go, would balance itself quickly and easily to maintain homeostasis - perfect balance in the physical body.

(She has a recurring dream or vision of a knife appearing. Sometimes next to herself, sometimes next to her daughter. Is it known what this meaning is?)

Hmmm. You could answer that for her. Would you rather I did?

(Yes, I would rather you did.) Symbolically cutting through the very thing we spoke of earlier. Cutting loose and allowing her and the others to be themselves in their own learning process. Cutting through the well intended control it might be to allow the freedom to be as great as it can be. For each must learn their own lessons.

(Would it be appropriate Spirit, for the Spirit of that daughter who is in the Spirit Realms, to communicate a message now to the mother of whom we speak?)

Are you asking me to have the daughter speak through this person's voice? (Yes, if that would be appropriate.) I have not connection that feels urgency to speak at this time. No feeling. Ahhh, one moment. Hmmm. There's no voice, but the thought pattern that comes from her daughter repeats the word, as thought it were spiraling higher and higher, as in an inverted triangle or pyramid upward, the word Freedom Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom keeps repeating over and over. If that is any help.

(Thank you. And the mother would send on that spiral, in the thought form back to that Spirit and Soul - love.)

That is noted.

(Would there be any further guidance or words for this one,?)

We do not give explicit advice, but would remind this woman to listen to her daughter's powerful words. The words repeating still, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. When we truly love, when we truly love, for ourselves or others, we allow that which we love the freedom to be what it needs to be ,to grow, to know, and share with others as the growth takes it's normal path of learning. And allow every living creature to be it's own free spirit, finding it's process through many lives of many states of being, the freedom of learning. Is there more?

(No, we thank you Spirit.) You are welcome.

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