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 Pamela:  Want to find out what happened to my daughter's dog Matt Hughes.  That special doggie whom I did not expect to like and I liked a lot.  Is he a doggie I’ve ever known before?

 LIGHT:  He was a doggie your mother knew before too.”

 Pamela:  “He was, which one?”

 LIGHT:  Your favorite dog.

 Pamela:  Shougie?

 LIGHT:  Yes. 

 Pamela:  That was Shougie!!!   Wow.  How in the world did he find his way to Bambi??

 LIGHT:  This is the Spirit World you’re talking about.

 Pamela:  So Shougie made his way to Bambi as Matt Hughes.  So, what caused his death?

LIGHT:  Hmmm, an infusion of a chemical that breaks down the blood vessels and causes the organs to begin leaking blood into the system.”

 Pamela:  “So this chemical is a poison?”

 LIGHT:  “Well, it certainly is toxic to the human body as well as any other animal body.

 Pamela:  Where did he get this toxin?

  LIGHT:  Meat was tossed, ground meat, with several of these pellets – the rat poison they call Warfrin.

 Pamela:  Was it tossed from an adjoining yard?” 

LIGHT:  “Looks like the dogs were at the front of the yard and these people threw something into the side yard.”

 Pamela:  You mean over their front gate?

 LIGHT    Yes.

 Pamela:   At the front of the house?

 LIGHT:  No, the gate by the driveway.

 Pamela:   More than one person?

 LIGHT:  I see two adult figures.   Two males.

 Pamela:  Did they have it in mind to rob the house or they just wanted to kill the dogs.

 LIGHT:  I think the dogs were barking.  They were maybe looking at the house and the dogs were barking and they left and came back and tried to silence the dogs but the other dog, the female, didn’t eat.  The other dog ate up all the meat with the toxic substance in it.   [Note:  I asked later why Zoe had toxin in her blood too:  Entered through blood stream when Matt Hughes snapped at her and bit her – just reacting – and when she licked his blood trying to calm him.]

 Pamela:  Matt Hughes had such a short life. 

LIGHT:  He’ll be back.  He wants to come back and have some more fun.  He was very energetic dog. 

 Pamela:  Mr. B [my daughter's Great Dane who died ] hasn’t come back yet?

 LIGHT:  No, he’s in a good place.  Here’s something for your daughter who is a very kind and loving lady.  This would help her advance her belief mechanisms in coping with life.  If I may be so forward as to present this idea.  If she would go through her Higher Self which has a total ability to connect with the beyond – your term, not mine – she could talk to Matt Hughes directly and have him tell her what happened.    As HE experienced his leaving his corporeal state.  It would be beneficial for her to see the power she has and use that for her highest good.  Would that not be a powerful demonstration for her?

 Pamela:  Steve saw in a dream that these two men involved in Matt’s death came to the house on Halloween Eve.

 LIGHT:  The ones he barked at.

 Pamela:  Is that true then?

 LIGHT:  I did not say that.  Sometimes it is better not to attack the people involved because your life and their life and the dog’s life are all learning their life lessons.  

Pamela:    I understand.   I’m always grateful for the advice and guidance you give for Bambi and for Tyson.  I’m worried about Tyson right now since he is about to move again.

 LIGHT:  Tyson’s right in the middle of his life lesson.  When he gets too comfortable he makes things less comfortable for himself again. 

NOVEMBER 2006:  

 Pamela:  How many people are presently sending light in an effective way that helps the Earth on a general daily basis.

LIGHT:   Just over a million.  When the book comes out will be many more.  I am desirous of getting that book out there for people to read.   

 Pamela:  You are God’s Consciousness right?  But not GOD.

 LIGHT   I am a part of GOD.  Before I was, GOD was, but not as complete until I came along. 

Pamela:  Is there a spirit hanging around the house of ______________.

Light:  It’s very difficult to get an angry vengeful person to let go of their attachment to the angry, vengeful situation and until they do they are not going to move on. 

 Pamela:  Is Mike still around talking to Melanie?

 LIGHT:  He seems to be making his presence known there.  You could probably help him move into the Light.  He’s very inquisitive and very scientific and his approach to things , his inquisitiveness, you might be able to show him he can know all the new things he’s never known when he goes into the Light: 

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