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Reading On March, 2008     

 Pamela:  Higher Self [of Dr. Hugh] please make contact with Higher Self  of _________.

Higher Self:  Yes.  Her Higher Self is stressed.  Giving information [to her] that is not acted upon. 

 Pamela:  What is causing her shortness of breath and inability to get breath at all?

 Higher Self:  She has extreme tension, constricting energy in her body and her chest, which I am sure her subconscious is aware of, but as the subconscious is trying to do its job, her conscious mind contributes a great deal of stress to the subconscious emotions.  And the emotional state she has created for herself is causing the subconscious to tighten everything up, including her chest, so she needs to try relaxing techniques that will stretch her muscles.  Do deep breathing exercises.  Put herself in a more relaxed state, them most relaxed mind and body she can put herself into for entering into sleep at night, thus allowing her body to try to normalize itself – circulation, energy flows through her body, they are all very restricted.  As her Higher Self we try to make these things change, but she’s very resistant to change.  The stress feeds her anxiety level and of course the anxiety causes aches and pains as well as shortness of breath.

 Pamela:  The condition of what she calls the clustered veins in her frontal lobes?

 Higher Spirit:  Again, stress does terrible things to the human body.  Her cardiovascular system, her veins, her arteries are all affected by her very tense, very inflexible position in life.  We try to get her to take time to breathe, to stretch, to exercise, to do the things that would make her body happier, more comfortable for her.

 Pamela:  Condition of the cyst in her shoulder?  Is it benign?

 Higher Self:  Yes.

 Pamela: And the tentacles?

 Higher Self:  Are part of the growth.  If the growth continues might interfere in the joint or nerve tissue.  Could interfere with flow of energy through the blood flow into her shoulder.  She needs to visualize that shrinking and disappearing.  She abuses her body and by abusing her body she’s caused more dysfunction in her body.

 Pamela:  The two breast implants she had, are they silicone or another substance?

 Higher Self:  Well, they are saline solution of fluid encapsulated in a plastic container.

 Pamela:  Is there an infection?

 Higher Self:  Irritation which could be caused an ‘ittis’ or inflammation area, but not an infection.  If she would, again, love herself, her body, her breast – touch them, say, “I love you, you’re wonderful.  I like my body, I love my body, I like my ability to have a strong, healthy, woman’s body” – perhaps it would do more to help us heal that body than anything else she could do.  But when she is constantly rejected other things around her as well as her own body we begin to break down and the tissue becomes dysfunctional.  Do you understand what I mean?  As her Higher Self I know she could do many, many things to make herself, her body, her emotions, her mind stronger.  She is very inflexible, thus causing the body’s systems to become inflexible, thus causing her body to become irritated, inflamed, dysfunctional. 

 Pamela:  She would like to ask, I am sure, if she is safe.

 Higher Self:  f you are talking about her being safe in her body, no.  The more tension she creates, the more dysfunctional the body becomes.  If you are speaking of the structure she is living in, she knows the condition of the structure and the infestation therein.  

Pamela:  If I could speak to Higher Spirit now please. 

 Higher Spirit:  How may I serve you?

 Pamela:  Oh Higher Spirit, I do appreciate you so much.

 Higher Spirit:  Indeed.  Light and I appreciate you also.

 Pamela.  Looking for information for ______________.  Oh, I forgot to get his birthday.

 Higher Spirit.  I know of whom you speak.

 Pamela:  He says he is quite sure this life time is only his second birth ever, the first in what he refers to a the “Super Universe.”  His informal name was _________ of a race pronounced _______________. 

Higher Spirit:  We know nothing like that. 

 Pamela:  Where did this information come from for him?

 Higher Spirit:  Those who like to control peoples’ lives. 

 Pamela:  He’s been incarnated on this planet before, in body?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  How Many?

 Higher Spirit:  Three.

 Pamela:  Is this his third or forth?

 Higher Spirit:  You asked how many, this is three.

Pamela:   Was he associated with Rahma and Rahmet? 

Higher Spirit:  No record of that.

 Pamela:  Has he been incarnated on other planets?

 Higher Spirit:  That is possible. 

Pamela:  In this lifetime, his purpose or life lesson?

 Higher Spirit:  Perhaps he could ask his own Higher Self and he will get a firmer foundation of his responsibility when he comes into the carnal state. 

 Pamela:  Has he spirit attachments? 

Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  They are feeding him information he believes is coming from his Higher Self?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.  That is why I made the suggestion I made.

 Pamela:  So he needs to make his way to his Higher Self and get a real contact with his Higher Self. 

Higher Spirit.  Most helpful.

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