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 Messages for Pamela and Dr. Hugh  Feb. 2007

 Hugh extremely fatigued, no energy, feeling very ill.  No appetite.

 Higher Self of Hugh:  Body muscles very weak.  Hard to make them move.

Pamela:  Is there a virus causing this weakness?

 Higher Self:  There was.  Body fought it off in 48 hours many days ago, but still has this malaise of energy and weakness of body.  Makes it difficult for him. 

Pamela:  Cause of malaise was fighting off virus, making body weaker? 

Higher Self:  Yes. 

Pamela:  What can be done now for body?

 Higher Self:  Right food and beverages and lots of rest.  And vitamins if he needs to get his body healing again.  His adrenals are pretty well defeated, they canít produce much adrenaline. 

Pamela:  Would the shots he takes for the adrenals help today?

 Higher Self:  Might help them, I donít know. 

Pamela:  What are the right foods?

 Higher Self:  Easily assimilated proteins.  And complex carbohydrates.  

 Pamela:  Something else we can do to help those adrenals?

 Higher Self:  The red light that heís been applying to his body helps in a very subtle but very positive way.  Sunlightís good too. 

 Pamela:  I know this has been difficult Higher Self, thank you.  Could I ask if LIGHT would bring more energy to his body? 

 LIGHT:  You want me to give him energy?

Pamela:  YES!  And me.  Why am I struggling so sitting down to write?

 LIGHT:  You donít realize it, but his health and energy level affect you a great deal.  You tend to worry about him.

 Pamela:  Well then, if you give him energy it lifts me and we can go write on the book.

 LIGHT:  Hmmmm,

 Pamela:  I donít know if this is a good time, but I would like to ask about W. Z.   He wishes to explore his past lives with a therapist.

 LIGHT:   There is an expression, Truth be known:  the guidance system must be in place for all parties.  So if he goes a competent therapist who is able to help him, they should be working together to find those past lives, which he is already aware of [subconsciously] so he can talk to the therapist and the therapist can talk to him. 

Pamela:  How many past lives does he have?

LIGHT:  He has five that have meaning, embodied, many more without bodies.  You know this as a very good therapist and you know this to be true, when people keep looking for a way to escape the reality of their life they are avoiding their life lesson.  So if they want to maximize the use of time in this body they must secure in their mind and belief what their life lesson is, use all the tools they can to help them complete that life lesson.  Once that life lesson is complete they can play all they want to.

Pamela;  Hmmm, I think my life lesson is doubt, donít you?

 LIGHT:  Denial.

 Pamela:  Denial, thatís even worse than doubt!  Oh shoot. 

LIGHT:  You say you Ďknow this to be trueí and yet you donít allow it to be true for you.  Think about that.  You help other people and yet for you - no, no, no.   

Pamela;  You mean like I tell people to get an hourís worth of sunlight and I wonít?

LIGHT:  Well, that would be a physical thing and a lot of emotional things too.  He tries to help you, but you get angry and thatís why itís difficult for him to use his techniques because your little girls are angry at any adult.

Pamela:  So the little girls in me arenít healed and soothed?

 LIGHT:  Well, theyíre healed but have they accepted that theyíre healed?

 Pamela:  Hmmmm, so I have more work to do with them, at least more talking to do with them.  Please bring light into Hugh now, with particular attention to those adrenals.

 LIGHT:  Weíve got the matrix and the cortex working better and better. 

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