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Date: December 28, 1999

Hugh Channeling Light Through Written Word

The Millennium

A dot or date in the time line of one society may well be an exciting event for them to behold. For that construct of or focus on a specific moment is contrived to hold the attention of the members of that society as any other man made event. Let me assure you, it has nothing to do with the reality of Light, The Creator of Earth or Earth itself.

It is humorous to see a problem made manifest only to provide the focus of solving that problem when the truth for all to see is omnipresent.

The number of datelines depicted by social structures is many. The truth of earth's reaction to the social structures is one - one with the Light, one with the Creator, and one with the Universe. As I have told you previously, this I the thirteenth attempt of highly creative intelligence to create and control the actions, reaction, and basic functions of Earth - Garden of the Universe. It would seem to those observing this most perplexing phenomena, that the omniscience of Nature can neither be created nor destroyed. Yes, we observe the experiments devoted to control change the natural balance. We observe the seeming "destruction" of one part of Nature as it turns itself into another dimension, but are "creative/destructive" creatures so blind to the truth they see naught but the challenge to control the power of the universe represented by Earth.

Even now, as before, these noble, intelligent creatures seek to discover how, for their empowerment, they can conquer the extenuating parts of their galaxy...and further dream of far distant parts of the Universe.

First the Philosophers, then the Thinkers, now comes the Scientists, who while agreeing with the nature of spirit, yield to the barons of industry who have always controlled governing entities.

But the Observers always see the lack of recognition in this whole process. Simply put, no creator can improve on Nature or on the natural phenomenon of The Creators Universal Balance More easily seen, perhaps, in the "Newly Discovered" distant galaxies as the display, for all to see, that "balance" is the main ingredient to the continued health of any entity or should I say entities.

Light, as one of the Observers, has said in many ways, "To bring balance to our World, Galaxy, and Universe, we must send the thought of "Light" without any direction of purpose. Letting Earth, Galaxy, and Universe contrive the art of Balance created by The Creator, as I have explained in Chapter Eight of "Apocatastasis", Book One of "Odyssey of the Soul", my chapter for your enlightenment.

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