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Messages From A Subconscious Mind 10/12/07

“Some times spirit attachments enter into both body and energy field, sometimes just in energy field without entering the cellular level of physical body.  When enter into cellular level it causes more complicated problems.”  

“When a spirit moves into energy field too quickly the energy field changes bringing imbalance.  When sometimes it causes irritation and inflammation, this must be reckoned with to reduce that irritation to the physical body.  Always better to let the physical body learn it’s own lessons and experiences without letting somebody else interfere with it. 

 “Problem with spinal column still needs to be worked on.  This is part of problem of weakness with legs.  Inflammation is part of the problem.  Irritation of the nerves is the outcome.  Emotion is the cause of the inflammation causes the irritation of the nerves.”

 Pamela:  What is the difference between subconscious mind and subconscious self? 

“Well, the mind governs the cells and the activity of the physical form. Subconscious areas are very involved in the day-to-day operations of the body.  So it has a direct relationship with the cells and the physical form.  So when something interferes with that physically or emotionally it struggles with trying to bring balance back or homeostasis to the physical form of the body of the person.  But it also has to try to bring into balance the emotional aspects of that person’s body/mind connection.”

 Message From A Grandfather On The "Other Side" 10/12/07 

“Similar message to the one before, that he needs to tend to his own lessons, not try to fix other people’s lessons or fix their problems.  He’s willing to try to do right but he is driven by the responsibility of helping.  Very confusing.  Very conflicting.  Very irritating to his body.  . . .  Everybody has to do what they have to do to learn their lesson."

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