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 Messages From Light   8/21/06

 Light:  You donít trust your own [NMR]testing?

 Pamela:  Well, when I get uptight about it I trust it somewhat less.

 LIGHT:  Why get up tight about it?  Family, responsibility Ė your focus should be on what you came to do.    And the rest of it has to follow you. 

Pamela:   And finishing the book is what I came to do, and should be my number one priority.

 LIGHT:  I would say so Pamela.  Of course, Iím slightly prejudiced. 

 Pamela:   And the resentment Iím feeling, what is the physical condition it is causing?  Is it gall bladder stones?

 LIGHT:  Stones?  Well, irritation, could be what they call sand or gravely things, the nerves there at that opening into the duodenum are very, very sensitive and thatís why when they get sensitized with a small amount of oil, or a type of substance that needs more bile to break down and digest, that very sensitivity says pour in a little bile and break up this oil, break it down so we can digest it further into the body or dump it out.  And then, if there is a tiny bit of substance there that blocks that, those same nerves that are so sensitive begin to pain and build up more pressure. 

 Pamela:  Liver flush would be good?

 LIGHT:  Any thing that flushes out that refuse, or gravel or sand, whatever you want to call it.  Cleansing it out so everything flows freely.  Cleans part of the liver and part of the bile duct and part of the bladder that holds that bile.

 Pamela:  __________ asked if there is more of a message regarding her car which was in an accident, then stopped.  Something more in this message?

 LIGHT:  I could tell you that, then what would that do? 

 Pamela:   We have been working on it.  Message is about being guided, being protected, continuing her focus.

 LIGHT:  And moving ahead.  Much of her block to moving ahead is fear.  She is very fearful.  She puts on a big front as you may have noticed.  The fear is of making a mistake, being criticized, not being good enough, being abandoned.  Lot of fear.  Needs to move through those fears to move forward in her life. 

 Pamela:   So we arenít done with the therapy?

 LIGHT:  Oh no. 

Pamela:   Oh dear. 

LIGHT:  She can do her own, Iím not telling anybody about what to do.  But she has those challenges,  Part of her life lesson is to learn how to move out of  other peoplesí opinions, actions and causative effects of the emotions so she is free to be whoever she came to be.

 Pamela:   ________ and I did a past life.

LIGHT:  That was a good one!

 Pamela:  Yes, I thought Iíd see if we could get his name, date of birth and death and she can research it.

 LIGHT:  Most important part of therapy is the person learning how to deal with their own inner workings and not have someone else try to tell them what to do with that this information or that experience, like your friend [radio personality I like to listen to ]  - the woman on the radio who is always chastising people.  Scolding them.  Well, that makes them feel, ďYeah, thatís my mother, thatís my fatherĒ.  But itís not you see, itís them saying oh yeah, okay, okay. And sometimes people go against Ė like teenagers Ė they know their parents are right, they like to rebel.  And many times people do that, they rebel. So this voice of hers is the voice of chastisement, ďNow you know better than that!  Do what youíre supposed to do.Ē  Maybe thatís reassuring for them.  If I spent my time doing for all these people what they want someone to do for them, they arenít putting in the effort to learn about this are they?  Why donít you, in your own wonderful, magnificent way work with __________ and help her move into the connective communication with whatever she needs to know.  That will help her learn what sheís already blocked.  Sheís stuck in her place.  Sheís trying to get out, thatís commendable.  But the very thing thatís keeping her stuck is not doing for herself what she wants other people to do for her.  Am I making myself clear?  Iím not resisting you, but this is what people need to learn to do.  Asking for information is okay but it doesnít really serve much purpose.  I would like to see you convince _______ that she does indeed need to ask for this from her Higher Self, ask for it, demand it, say I know you can give me this information and when you do I will accept it, I will applaud you for giving it.  I will embrace you.  I will accept, use it in a positive way for my own self. 

 Pamela:   Okay, next question - are cell phones dangerous to our ears?

 LIGHT:  Not your ears, your brain sensitivity.  You have radiation going out with those cell phones.  Just as you do with your computer, your television, anything that radiates high density waves of energy will do and always have an effect on the brain because thatís what itís sensitized to.  So if you transcend the sensitizing of its own brain signals Ė the neurons, the brain tissue Ė and you interfere with that, it only interferes with the brain function and other areas of the brain tissue such as ears, eyes, and very sensitive neurons in the head, the brain.  Yes, it's going to have an adverse effect.  Just like sound does, just like light does Ė if you pardon the expression - when used adversely. 

 Pamela:   So writing on the computer?

 LIGHT:  Youíve done quite a bit of work on that.  Youíve tried to angle it so it doesnít glare right at you.  You might buy another one of those screens to siphon off some of those waves that come in there.  There are a lot of things you can do to protect your brains. 

 Pamela:   What about cell phones?  How do we protect our brains from those?

LIGHT:  I believe with every cell phone manufactured in the last decade there is a little hole on the side for earphones set.  You sit on the phone talking to your sister, thatís very lovely, very nice, very appreciated by her, but when you sit that long you should be aware there is a lot of radiation going into the phones at that time.  Iím not going to tell you any more about what youíre thinking about your trip to Hawaii, but until youíre happy and satisfied and totally, totally, totally release resentment Ė you can express angry, you can express love, you can express disappointment - when you maintain resentment of all these pressures building up youíre not able to do very good work in any of them.  I say very good work as a comparative thing to your very great abilities, which is why you were chosen.  No scolding, just information. 

 Pamela:  Please shine light on Hughís book.   

LIGHT:   Yes, he wrote another chapter, thatís good.  Heíd got a lot of good things to put out there.  If you recall this is what started the whole relationship of seeing each other Ė writing, designing a book together.  Itís always a pleasure to speak through this voice.  One last word  .  You remember?  Long ago, it said this is your job, do you accept this job.  And you said, Yes!  You were so enthused and excited about it.  Thereís nobody in Hawaii thatís going to write this book for you.  Or the rest of the populace.  They admire you for your work.  

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