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 Soul Records, Dreams, Channeling, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Jesus  8/19/07

Pamela:  Can the Higher Self of a person become confused in accessing information from the Records?

Higher Spirit:   Can become confused because they are not as pure in knowledge as we are.  And thus old programs and old experiences of their memory can have an influence on they expect or perceive to be their truth.   They are individual to the person, are they not? 

Pamela:  When Higher Self does not have the knowledge asked for does it automatically ask Higher Spirit or must it learn to ask Higher Spirit? 

Higher Spirit:  If it recognizes the fact that it does not have the knowledge the person is seeking then it would be beholden to that Higher Self to ask for the information.  But again, you have the individual who may be influenced by its life in the present or past that would prevent it from recognizing it does not have the information.  In other words, if you can use the word think Ė it Ďthinksí it has the information.

Pamela:  Are individual dreams in the Records?

Higher Spirit:  Yes, and they would also influence the person.

Pamela:  Is there more information you would offer of what we presented in our seminar today?

Higher Spirit:  You have already stated this but you might reinforce this statement to the people that listen to you Ė that they need to work diligently to develop and discern the development and level of communication that they recognize with their Higher Self.    Because they really donít understand what you are saying to them; it would be as expected, so perceived, because there is nothing they have prepared or conditioned to counter that and say, Ďno, that is not correctí.  And since they are eager and wanting to be recognized as a much higher level than they have achieved, which is natural for the human animal to do, they want to perceive themselves to be much more knowledgeable than in reality they have ever been. 

Pamela:  As you know, many people are channeling.

Higher Spirit:   Many people think they are channeling. 

Pamela:  Is there an archangel named Michael?

 Higher Spirit:  What is an archangel in your mind?

Pamela:  In my mind an archangel is a messenger.  I see no difference between angels and archangels.  But in a lot of peopleís mind archangels are ÖÖ

 Higher Spirit:  It would be perceived as a higher level with angelic recognition, which in itself is amusing.  No. We donít have any Michaelís around in the archangel category. 

Pamela:  No Luciferís?  Or Raphaelís?

Higher Spirit:  No, we donít have any of those names on our roster either.

 Pamela:  And ascended masters.  I think they mean people like Jesus.  People that have become masters and so are no longer embodying so are teaching and giving information.

Higher Spirit:  When an identified entity leaves a learning process at one level and moves to another level, it does not return.  Thatís true. 

Pamela:  Does it give messages from that higher level?

Higher Spirit:  Messages?  To whom or what?

 Pamela:  Well letís say, I think Jesus has ascended from this realm, but when people ask Jesus for knowledge does Jesus communicate with them?

 Higher Self:  Let me say that the information, the knowledge that Jesus and many other entities who have demonstrated the ability of the human and the spirit far greater than the masses have perceived leave that information available but they themselves are not there, handing it out if you would.

 Pamela:  Are there souls that have ascended beyond being souls anymore, that they do not incarnate anymore?

 Higher Self:  That was my meaning of moving onto a higher level.

 Pamela:  re there higher levels Ė when done in body in physical form at all Ė do they return to Higher Spirit or where?

 Higher Spirit:  They return to a higher level that no longer embodies but learns as you might refer to a higher level of the learning of the Light.  When you ask confused spirits to go to the Light to continue their process of learning, they are visualizing, creating an identification they can go to to increase their knowledge and complete their level of learning that they started in the body.  When spirits no longer are going to incarnate, they would go to a higher level of learning such as the Light would be for those who are no longer earth bound.

 Pamela:  Is it alright to ask you about Jesus?

Higher Spirit:   Oh, you donít have to ask if itís alright.  It is a part of imparting knowledge for those who would try to understand it and maybe successfully understanding it.  The problem is that even when the teacher [Jesus] was here teaching he was trying to tell people you can do this but you have to understand what I am doing to do it.  Try.  But they would sit back and say oh far too complicated, far to great for us.  So he became rather discouraged with his efforts and sought to demonstrate them one more time in his departure from the physical form Ė from the animal form Ė the physical embodiment he was in to show them that it did not have to suffer, it looked to be suffering.  But he was able to stop the pain recognition of the animal during the process.  And after the body ceased to be animated he came back and demonstrated as you spoke of today.  I think you used the word hologram Ė to appear as if it were a physical form.  That can be done in your society today.  That is done.  And that is no different.  So when you ascend to another level of learning, you would have to slow down that process to back up and be involved in the past process when you no longer have anything to learn there.  

 Pamela:  One of the people asked, when Jesus was born did wise men come from the East bearing gifts?  (HS chuckles.)  Was there a special star?

 Higher Spirit:  Well your astrologers can tell you of that alignment when stars are aligned and large stars appear to be in the sky.  Yes, itís been seen before and itís been seen since.

 Pamela:  So it didnít have any particular significance with Jesus nor did Jesusí soul choose that for a particular or higher reason? 

 Higher Spirit:  No, and when you think how many years that person known as Jesus studied all the different periods of knowledge available to him to gain the ability to transmit that information gained, garnered and solidified for the teaching you understand he spent many, many years.  Not being born with the wisdom of the Ďgodsí. 

Pamela:  How many lifetimes of earth embodiment did Jesus have?

 Higher Spirit:  Iím getting that information for you.  The number 13 is given me.

 Pamela:  That his embodiment as Jesus being the 13th?

 Higher Spirit:  Prior to his appearance.  He has not returned in the physical form since the so called Biblical times. 

 Pamela:   May we ask what did Jesus look like physically? 

 Higher Spirit:  You may.  He looked much like other tribe members.  They were rather tall, fairly muscular.  Lighter complexion than many of the other tribes.  Some had blue eyes.  But you recall he belonged to a religious sect that the ruling Jews did not like very much.  They are called today the Essenes.  If you will note many of the Essenes had blue eyes, light complexion, fair skin.  Jesus had blue eyes.  Reddish brown hair and light colored skin.  Which, of course, tanned as he exposed it to the rays of the sun.  Which were much different in those days  - without the pollution Ė they had much pollution as the earth was growing and developing.  Nothing could have lived as it does today.  And there was a great many thousands of years of clearing of the skies and the earthís atmosphere.  And now it is being polluted with particulate matter again. 

Pamela:  Some people say Jesusí name was other than Jesus. 

Higher Spirit:  He was called Rabbi by the Jews as he was a teacher.

 Pamela:  But his name, did they call him Jesus?

Higher Spirit:  In their enunciation it would be different than yours.  ďShu Shee.í  Well, your pronunciation, you see, has to do with your mouth, your tongue, your movement.   And their whole language would be very foreign for you to enunciate, just as it is to try to do it through this body [Dr. Hugh, the channel] that Iím trying to do it through.

 Pamela:  So the spelling would be in what, Aramaic? 

Higher Spirit:  Yes, it would be.

 Pamela:  And the Essenes, would was Aramaic their language?

Higher Spirit:  Yes it was a form of Aramaic.  There were more than one.

 Pamela:  Mary, mother of Jesus, was there a kind of experience in which a messenger told her she would be carrying Ė you know, our Biblical story of an angel announcing an impending birth.

 Higher Spirit:  You must remember what you call parables or stories of things that are developed for historical continuance have different tales and characterizations that people can remember.  Just as you would have a dream.  Just as you would have a thought in meditation.  Just as you would have perceived message of any source, people had messages in those days.  Young girls were taught and the belief system was if those who were of the purest heart and body could perceive having a master that they would give birth to. And that, of course, would help in the leadership of their tribe, their group of people called the Essenes.  There were certain practices that they practiced to conceive a child that would lead to its purity if you understand what I mean.

 Pamela:  Light wrote about that. [In Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation, due soon.]

 Higher Spirit:  Well, donít doubt Light.

 Pamela:   I donít.  Did Mary have the same kind of conception?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, she had that same kind of conception.

 Pamela:  And Mary and Joseph, did they live together for awhile after the birth of Jesus for Joseph to participate in the raising of Jesus?

Higher Spirit:  Yes, he was a much older person.  But kind and gentle and schooled in the same tribal customs of the Essenes.  He was a good husband Ė a good caretaker and father to the boy called Jesus.  Joseph remained with Mary in Ė your time Ė eight to ten years.  They were part of a small group, yes, they were of that extended family.  Many there in that group. 

Pamela:   Mary and Joseph raised Jesus for 8 to ten years, is that right?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  Were there others they raised in that time together?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

Pamela:  And who were they?

 Higher Spirit:  You already know.  

 Pamela:  The first one to come was a male, correct?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes

 Pamela:  Was that a cousin or a child that Mary bore?

 Higher Spirit:  That was his brother, who was spoken of as John.

 Pamela:  John?  Oh, I thought he was the youngest brother!  Mary is still with Joseph when John is conceived and born.  But Joseph is not the biological father.  Correct?

 Higher Spirit:  Correct.

 Pamela:  This was acceptable to Joseph?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, he was not able to keep an erection for penetration to conceive.  They tried the other method [used to conceive Jesus] but it was not successful. 

Pamela:  Did the one who fathered John have any involvement in raising him?

Higher Spirit:  No, he was one of the family Ė involved in that group. 

Pamela:  After John, what was the next child born to Mary. 

Higher Spirit:  You know who that was.  It's who you were then.

Pamela:  Judith.  And was her biological father the same as Johnís?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes. 

 Pamela:   Was Joseph still with Mary when Judith was born?

 Higher Spirit:  He was part of the group but not so much participating.  He was older and frail and in ill health you would say today.  So kept in some kind of seclusion.

Pamela:  As he withdrew more did the biological father of Maryís other children bond more with Mary?

 Higher Spirit:  He became a more active part of the family, yes.

 Pamela:  At this period, with John and Judith, were there cousins being raised with them by Mary and Joseph.

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, all part of the family as I mentioned.  You are aware of all of this. 

 Pamela:  Yes, not clear on it [consciously].  Seeking further information.  Were there other children born to Mary?

 Higher Spirit:  Unto Mary the mother of Jesus and Judith?  Yes, another child, a male child. 

 Pamela:  Named?

Higher Spirit:  Just a moment, not clear on this.  There are two words.  Mathew and Madison.  But Madison doesnít seemÖ.was there a Mathew?  Thatís what Iím getting. 

Pamela:  Was he the apostle Mathew?

 Higher Spirit:  No, he was the caretaker of family affairs, but not what you regard as an apostle.

 Pamela:  Now, with John and Judith and Mathew.  They had cousins raised as siblings with them?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, they did. 

 Pamela:  How many?

 Higher Spirit:  More than two but two that were with the family as an immediate family.

 Higher Spirit:  Their names?

 Higher Spirit:  Hmmmm, one moment.  Hmmm.  Iím getting more than two so I am confused.  Just a moment please.  Thereís some confusion and Iím unable to clarify it.  Is there another question and I will try to bring this back?

 Pamela:  Did Mary, the mother of Jesus, remarry?

 Higher Spirit:  No, no formal marriage.  Whole family as a group raised the children.  Lucius, one was Lucius.  

 Pamela:  A male?

Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  And the other?

 Higher Spirit:  donít understand why itís not clear.  Go on.

 Pamela:  Yes,  Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a marriage that was not sanctified by the government or temple, is that correct?  But was recognized by theÖ

Higher Spirit:  By the Essenes.

Pamela:  But this marriage was not common knowledge outside the Essenes, correct?  Did the apostles know?

Higher Spirit:  They all lived together so they would be aware of that.

 Pamela:  Jesus and Mary had two sons, is that correct?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

Pamela:  What was their names?

 Higher Spirit:  The word Joshua - , Jeshuwa Ė itís difficult sometimes to bring them into an Anglo word.  You are familiar with the name Jeshuwa Ė the name Jessie comes from?  All these words are very difficult.

 Pamela:  Yes, perhaps that is were the idea Jesusí name was Jeshua came from.  What was the other sonís name?

 Higher Spirit:  Oh, what was the son you [as Judith] took care of?

 Pamela:  I believe it was the first one. 

 Higher Spirit:  Which was?  

Pamela:  I believe that was Jeshua.

 Higher Spirit:  You donít remember in your recall of that time

 Pamela:  No, I know the second son was born after the death of Jesus, correct?

 Higher Spirit:  Issac would be a word you would relate to that name.

 Pamela:  Have you further guidance for us?

 LIGHT [laughing]  I have guidance for you.  You are tiring my associate out.  Well, that was a good program, I listened myself.  I bless you for the good work you are doing.  As the news spreads, so will the number listening.

 Pamela:  I recognize with the responses we are getting how important your book is.  That it is the priority.

 LIGHT:  Well, thatís good news.  For this one really wants to get that book out there.  Iím trying different avenues, but theyíre not too successful either. 

 Pamela:  Trying some other avenues?

 LIGHT:  Well, yes, we have to get the information out there.

 Pamela:  Then letís get the book out there.  How many people are lighting the earth in an effective way at this time?

 LIGHT:  We have over a million that are effectively lighting the Earth, but they are not all because of your direction.  They are because other believers and followers of this line is active and is working with their own groups and individuals.  Itís well over a million and thatís good because the more we can focus on this the more people will resist being enslaved or used as they were not designed to be used.

 Pamela:  Thank You.

 LIGHT:  Thank you and we will provide for you as you move the book into completion.

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